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TMCNet:  SalesNexus CRM and Email Marketing partners with SalesScripter.com to Improve Sales Results

[February 26, 2013]

SalesNexus CRM and Email Marketing partners with SalesScripter.com to Improve Sales Results

Houston, Texas, Feb 26, 2013 (PRWeb.com via COMTEX) -- SalesNexus, provider of Customer Relationship Management and Email Marketing solutions for sales teams, today announced a strategic partnership with SalesScripter.com.

SalesNexus has partnered SalesScripter.com to help sales people be more effective and successful in sales calls on the phone, in meetings and in their email marketing efforts.

SalesScripter.com allows sales people to communicate with prospects more effectively in phone calls, sales meetings, presentations and emails by supplying unique and customized value statements, elevator pitches, qualifying questions and more for the user's specific business.

"SalesScripter.com works by guiding sales people through a series of questions that extract key details about the products and services they offer, the prospects they sell to, and the company they represent. SalesScripter.com then uses our proprietary system to tie all of the valuable data collected to an extensive library of scripts, email templates, and sales tools that are immediately available for use," said Michael Halper, CEO and Founder of SalesScripter.com.

"Sales people typically get a few days training, a territory and some collateral and it's sink or swim from there," said Craig Klein, Founder and CEO of SalesNexus.com. "SalesScripter.com let's sales people be at their best. There is a lot of turnover in the sales profession and SalesScripter.com addresses one of the key reasons, just not knowing what to say in sales lead generation campaigns." SalesScripter.com provides calling scripts as well as pre-call and post-call emails that are easily transferred to SalesNexus for sending to multiple customers day in and day out.

"SalesScripter.com also provides a Content Marketing Outline that we think SalesNexus users will love!" said Klein. "We try to focus on helping our customers know how to get started with sending content based email marketing campaigns that their customers will look forward to. With SalesScripter.com, they'll know specifically what to write about." A beta version of SalesScripter.com is available free today. SalesScripter.com Pro will be officially released in April 2013 with pricing and options to be announced soon. As a result of this strategic partnership, SalesNexus users will receive special access to the SalesScripter.

SalesScripter.com beta can be access by SalesNexus customers via the Self Guided Quick Start available at no charge to all new SalesNexus users. SalesScripter.com will also be the first step for all new SalesNexus customers taking advantage of the 12 and 16 Quick Start packages.

"We're excited about our partnership with SalesNexus and the opportunity to work with SalesNexus users. We expect to more tightly integrate the two systems in the future,"said Halper.

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