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Comings & Goings: Prime Design Appoints Seven Territory Managers to Improve Customer Service

March 12, 2014

Prime Design announced the appointment of seven full-time territory managers, a strategic move that will look to balance its dealer network after its recent realignment of it’s Safe Fleet business. Prime Design also announced the appointment of an internal Distribution Coordinator to provide additional support to the newly hired Territory Managers.

In a release, Don Fishel, vice president of sales and marketing for Safe Fleet at Prime Design, said, “Territory Managers in our Safe Fleet Utility division are on the ground to provide a familiar face and full support for our entire portfolio of products. Adding seven territory managers will enhance the customer experience, from the first hello to service after the sale. We're committed to making it easier for customers to engage with our products and brands. We want the customer experience to be seamless, whether they work face-to-face with our territory managers, or over the phone or internet with our internal customer service team, we are constantly looking for ways to improve.”

The company also announced that a new interactive website featuring redesigned capabilities will be operational during the summer of 2014. Prime Design demonstrated many of its innovative solutions at the 2014 Work Truck Show and was able to garner the interest of many dealers and distributors, which is expected to strengthen the company’s distribution network.

Prime Design is engaged in the manufacture of ladder racks to better enable the general contractors, utility/telecom workers, insurance estimators, and other vehicle-based occupations to deal with stress, strain and injury associated with the job. ErgoRack, the flagship product from the company, is a unique product that ensures feet of the worker remains on the ground irrespective of the roof height of the vehicle.

Safe Fleet was established in 2013 by Sterling Group combining the newly acquired R.O.M and Specialty Manufacturing (SMI) businesses. Safe Fleet is the holding company for a range of innovative solutions to provide safety for fleet vehicles. The brands held by the company include Prime Design, Bustin, FRC, R.O.M, SMI, Transpec, SpecFlor, FoamPro, and Pretoria.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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