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Points.com Call Center Program Helps Virgin Atlantic Customers Buy Extra Miles

October 15, 2012

Points.com, a management platform for loyalty reward programs, has revealed its expanded partnership with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. Points International owns and operates the Points.com reward currency management provider that specializes in providing multiple eCommerce and technology solutions to loyalty brands.

This initiative will enable Virgin Atlantic Flying Club members to acquire more flying club miles as well as top up their account by contacting a Buy Miles call center. Even more, customers will be able to purchase additional miles over the telephone while they are shopping for flights.

“Virgin Atlantic’s new Buy Miles Call Centre is a great complement to our online Buy Miles, Gift Miles, and Transfer Miles options,” said Rob MacLean, CEO of Points.com.

According to officials, most travel booking and award redemption are done via customer service call centers, although online services facilities abound. Some loyalty program members seem to prefer talking to a service representative rather than using online means.

 “The Virgin Atlantic Flying Club has been a great partner of Points.com. We are now widening and deepening our relationship with them by offering another innovative product. We are excited to be able to provide Virgin Atlantic and the global loyalty marketplace even more ways to help members get immediate value from their programs,” MacLean added.

Points.com will enable call center staff to guide members to buy additional miles that may be required while shopping for reward travel. Customers need to make a single call to select rewards and purchase miles.

Members will significantly benefit from this, as they can easily get a reward flight when they need it and redeem enough miles to save on the flight ticket charges. For members with limited Internet access, this method will be very useful. Points.com plans to add four call center solutions in partnership with its loyalty partners.

Alan Lias, head of Loyalty and Ancillary Revenue Development for Virgin Atlantic, said, “We are expanding our affiliation with Points.com with this unique opportunity, and we will continue to partner together and find more ways to make the Flying Club the best loyalty program for our customers.”

Recently, Points International expanded its partnership with Scandinavian Airlines to provide SAS (News - Alert) EuroBonus members the ability to transfer their Extra Points between family and friends, helping those who need more points to get the travel rewards they want.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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