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Sound Telecom Significantly Increasing Lead Generation with New Strategy

February 01, 2013

For the last three months, Sound Telecom has been leveraging a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) solution so that its qualified leads could be better secured as well as to see an increased return On investment (ROI). The company provides personalized, cost-effective solutions that achieve one’s specific call center or answering service needs. 

After Sound Telecom became much more closely acquainted with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it began to increase its specified targeted traffic, and the next step was to figure out how to maximize sales from all the new traffic it was getting. That’s when Sound Telecom and its Seattle-based Internet marketing firm, Bonsai Media Group worked together in the execution of an exclusive CRO strategy called Operation BRO.

Zadra from Bonsai Media Group stated, ““Working with Sound Telecom we identified the people typically responsible for purchasing call-center services”.

Within three months of getting Operation BRO up and running, first page natural research was produced in addition to a 450 percent growth percentage in Sound Telecom’s qualified leads were seen. Further, the business was able to create a site that really hit home with the types of people it was targeting.

 “We can now directly engage our customers socially and genuinely. This has improved our customer relationships in general and responsiveness to their comments and suggestions,” Founder of Sound Telecom, Michael LaBaw added.

LaBaw went on to say that these incredible findings from the testing completed with the CRO strategy in tow did not happen all at once for his organization, but only after much experimentation was it able to reach these new goals. These goals are touted as an increased number of the quality leads now continuously coming in and making it to the first page on major search sites for its robust call center services.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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