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expressDecor.com Equalizes Customer Relevance and Language Compatibility

February 22, 2013

Foreign languages have made an entry into call centers and BPOs and it's only a matter of time before they make a strong movement in other directions. expressDecor.com, the home remodeling e-retailer, bears this out as it seeks greener pastures in the Hispanic market.

Surveys and studies have all shown that the Spanish language is gaining momentum alongside English underscoring the fact that the Hispanic consumer is becoming more important. That's why expressDecor.com, well known in the kitchen and bathroom fixtures industry, took the opportunity and launched its Spanish e-commerce site.

While shopping for products and services, there's nothing equal to being able to feel completely at home, and expressDecor.com has made an effort in that direction by enabling Spanish-speaking customers to speak with representatives in their native language.

Reportedly the first to do so in this space, the New York-based retailer was bent on becoming the customer's first choice when it came to providing remodeling services. By wooing Hispanic consumers in their own language, the company was ensuring that this section also received the same great service that expressDecor.com is so well known for.

 The Spanish store is expected to be no different from the English one and will reportedly include all the fine products and reputed brands found on its usual website. It will provide excellent value, selection and service in the Spanish language.

For almost 10 years, expressDecor.com has been providing an easy and enjoyable shopping experience right from the living room. With the launching of the Spanish e-commerce site, things are expected to start looking up even more.

U.S. Hispanics are regarded as an important segment of the e-commerce marketplace and providing customer, sales and technical support by speaking English and Spanish is essential to enhancing customer and brand loyalty and winning new customers as well.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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