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Five9 Brings in Kimberly Alexy to Supplement Board of Directors

December 09, 2013

Some say that companies don't make a lot of big moves in terms of hiring and firing in December, but don't tell that to Kimberly Alexy, who just made a big move onto Five9 (News - Alert)'s board of directors. Five9 put out the word about Alexy's new position earlier today, and the move looks like a big one for both Alexy and for Five9 itself.

Alexy has experience and expertise alike in a wide array of fields, which should make her a fine fit for Five9's board.  She has been the assistant vice president of corporate finance for Wachovia Bank, the vice president of equity research at Lehman Brothers (News - Alert) and the senior vice president and managing director for equity research at Prudential Securities, as well as being its lead technology hardware analyst. Alexy is also a board member with CalAmp (News - Alert) and was previously a board member with an array of other companies, including Dot Hill Systems, Maxtor, Southwest Water Company, and several others.

Essentially, not only has Alexy been involved in the boards of several technology companies, she's also been a major presence within several large-scale financial firms, giving her expertise in two sectors that are very important to Five9: finance and technology. Given that Five9 is already regarded as one of the biggest firms around when it comes to cloud-based contact center software, having a handle on both technology and finance is the kind of thing that would serve a board member very well.

Since Alexy was focused on computer hardware and storage during her time at Lehman Brothers, technology hardware at Prudential Securities, and private placements and structured finance transactions at Wachovia, this puts her in a very good position to offer advice in terms of what potential customers want to see in the product and what current customers would like to see in terms of updates to current products.

Indeed, Alexy herself remarked, “I am thrilled to join the Five9 board. The company's track record of success coupled with its market opportunity makes this a very exciting opportunity.”

Seeing as Five9 also recently acquired SoCoCare, it's clear that Five9 is looking to build on previous successes and make some new gains where ever those gains can be found. That's just a standard response, particularly in terms of an economy like the one we're facing these days. But, these two items together suggests something a bit clearer: Since Five9 focuses on cloud-based customer service, it has a terrific value proposition to offer other companies, specifically on the hosted-services front.

When a company can offer a tool, device or service that offers a potential to improve the bottom line, businesses sit up and take notice. With Alexy now on the board, meanwhile, Five9 can leverage some new insight on ways to augment its value proposition even further and make it a better choice all the way around.  This is a move that should prove very fruitful for Five9 in the end.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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