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Deal Finder Launches Showroom WatchDog Service for Auto Dealers

December 31, 2013

CAR-Research XRM, Inc., also known as Deal Finder, announced the launch of its innovative Showroom WatchDog Service for auto dealers to attempt a conversation with ‘unsold customers’ and convert the discussion into a sale. Showroom WatchDog service makes a next-day phone call to auto showroom visitors who did not make a purchase. The phone call is targeted at determining the reasons for the visitor not making a purchase.

Showroom WatchDog aims at determining three aspects from the potential customer’s visit to the showroom including the reason for not making a purchase which may include the price, the payment method and other similar aspects. The second aspect is to check whether the salesperson has followed the complete procedure such as product presentation and offering a test drive. The third aspect is to identify the specific advertisement which led the potential customer to visit the dealer’s showroom. This information will enable auto dealers to analyze the issues and devise strategies to address the concerns in an attempt to get the visitor to make the purchase.

As per the data available with Deal Finder, only 20 percent of showroom visits are converted into sales while around 80 percent constitute the category of ‘unsold customers’. Showroom WatchDog provides critical metrics that enables auto dealers to convert many ‘unsold customers’ into actual customers. Further, dealers may not have the time to make a follow-up call and that the visitor may also detest speaking to a representative from the auto dealer. Showroom WatchDog offers a good alternative to this issue as potential customers may want to voice their concerns with an independent party such as Deal Finder.

CAR-Research XRM is a single-source customer relationship management service provider catering to the needs of the automotive industry. The company offers a full-fledged Business Development Center, integrated Internet Lead Manager, daily database refining, real time enterprise reporting and single click view of historical data related to sales and service. CAR-Research XRM offers one of the extensive call center services for the automotive industry with a special focus on dealership outlets.

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