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XACT Telesolutions Helps Not-for-profits Assist the Needy with Discounted Call Solutions

January 06, 2014

XACT Telesolutions, a provider of customized and integrated telecommunications services, is delivering services at discounted rates to not-for-profit organizations across the United States during this winter season. The complimentary services will benefit not-for-profit initiatives like Meals on Wheels, Operation Stephens Touch and The National Kidney Foundation.

Lynn Fick, President of XACT Telesolutions, said, “In addition to helping not-for-profits year-round we’re also showing people that we’re capable of offering the genuine support other call centers lack. While our main mission here is to help these amazing organizations, XACT benefits in the process by displaying its well-roundedness and sincere approach.”

The services offered by XACT Telesolutions enable not-for-profit organizations to reach a wider audience either at discounted rates or free of charge. Not-for-profits will be able to leverage inbound and outbound telephone services provided by XACT call center solution and can focus its resources on its services and outreach initiatives.

Meals on Wheels in Texas benefits a lot from the telephone support offered by XACT Telesolutions. Also the services are helping residents to contact Meals on Wheels through XACT to ensure the delivery of hot meals to the disabled, ill and elderly who live in the Greater Houston area.

XACT is serving the Operation Stephens Touch of Arlington, Texas. The service is actually enhancing the lives of grief-stricken individuals, said Kathy Gray, Director of Business Development at XACT Telesolutions.

Operation Stephens Touch is a free, listening service that is offered to members of grieving military families. The service links spouses, parents and siblings of military personnel with trained listeners called Stephen Ministers who help them deal with emotions in an appropriate way.

XACT Telesolutions will also be providing outbound dialing for the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland’s Baltimore Kidney Walk in 2014 besides others. To assist these initiatives, XACT Telesolutions will get confirmation from participants of similar events in 2013 for their participation in 2014 also, besides providing clarifications.

With its crisis solution XACT Telesolutions believes that companies can maintain their brand and loyal customer base in case of unanticipated events without investing on more resources than necessary. XACT has the capabilities to meet the needs of companies facing sudden crises.

Pairing these new capabilities with its time-tested employee awareness process – the process that allows service representatives to fully understand a company’s unique offer and branding strategy – XACT’s crisis solutions are now more effective than ever, said officials. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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