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iPass Unity Network New Wi-Fi Platform to Help Marketers

January 13, 2014

Customer expectations are evolving and customer journeys are becoming more important, as they reveal customer purchasing patterns and end-user information that could be valuable to marketers. iPass (News - Alert) Unity Network Services is gearing up to help them improve customer marketing opportunities by launching an end-to-end Wi-Fi experience for guest  users across the hospitality, healthcare and retail industries.

"We are very excited about adding this advanced Wi-Fi platform to our Wi-Fi enablement portfolio," said Chris Linden, vice president and general manager, iPass Unity Network Services.

The new Wi-Fi platform, iPass Unity Advanced Managed Wi-Fi, is expected to enable marketers to seamlessly brand their guest access networks in an effort to help brand promotion and direct marketing campaigns.  As it integrates well with social media, it can enhance loyalty and increase awareness of customer shopping and purchasing patterns.

Today, social media is not merely about connecting and staying in touch, but extends beyond those contours to include how people collaborate, make decisions and share information. It’s good for both merchants and customers as both can connect easily with each other.

When customers login through social media to use Wi-Fi, they indirectly provide marketers with email addresses and names which can then be used for email marketing campaigns. Likewise, marketers can enable the development of geo-marketing campaigns for venues and sponsors, promote offerings and create specific coupons and offers to end-users so that they will come back for more.

In addition, customers can be asked to provide feedback through surveys and this gives rise to instant, actionable intelligence from end-users. Presence analytics will also help marketing programs to become better and understand customer behavior better.

All this information will have far-reaching impacts for marketing teams across the retail, healthcare and hospitality industry.

There’s no doubt that the customer is the core of every industry strategy, and with changing shopping expectations  raising the bar for customer experience,  iPass with its new Wi-Fi platform may well deliver on brand awareness and customer service.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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