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Updox Platform to Include CRM Solutions

January 15, 2014

Updox recently announced that its physician connectivity platform will soon be equipped with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, which should serve to help independent physicians and medical practices better streamline their interactions.

Michael Morgan, chief executive officer at Updox commented, “CRM is not a term commonly used by physicians. They might think of communicating with patients and other providers as two separate actions but that’s no longer the case. Independent practitioners have to operate their practices in a more efficient, business-oriented manner in order to thrive. The CRM resources offered through Updox help physicians manage these critical relationships more effectively.”

Updox now bills itself as the only fully-integrated customer relationship management (CRM) platform for independent physician practices. It offers several features designed to help its users increase revenues and patient satisfaction while bringing down costs.

The Updox platform is the first to utilize ONC Direct messaging in a system that combines patient and physician communications and integrates them with electronic health records (EHRs). The CRM option lets users put all their physician-to-physician and physician-to-patient interactions into a single universal inbox, from which they can manage every care process. The new CRM features also offer referral management and patient marketing capabilities.

Morgan added, “What makes Updox effective is we already have thousands of physicians on our platform and more than 30 EHR partners, representing 120,000 independent physicians, are using our platform for the ONC Direct messaging that will connect healthcare. With our new CRM capabilities, our independent physician customers can better manage their relationships with patients and providers.”

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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