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DAE Makes Localized Customer Service a Priority

January 16, 2014

DAE (Dial an Exchange) recently announced that it will be providing locally based customer services across individual regions that the company currently serves. DAE is keen on expanding its services to leading timeshare markets across the globe and recognizes that delivering localized customer service is the best way to enhance its customer experience. DAE specializes in providing its global clientele with both international and domestic timeshare exchange services.

“As a company that listens to what our customers want above all else, DAE has always understood that our members want simple, quick service that delivers results in one phone call,” said company CEO Francis Taylor. “The opposition to centralized call centers has grown stronger in recent years, which is why DAE is committed to a decentralized approach to customer service. In 2013, our capacity expanded to 12 locations around the globe – providing locally based customer service to individual regions.”

DAE at present is the largest independently-owned vacation exchange company in the world. The company operates offices in the United States, Australia, Italy, Germany New Zealand, Bulgaria, India, South Africa, United Kingdom, China, Thailand and Egypt, as of last year.

“This is particularly important for servicing our members in their own region, where different nationalities and languages are present, Taylor noted. “Our localized service providers can cater to the cultural needs of members in their region and are sensitive to how different cultures prefer to travel. DAE’s local customer service professionals also understand the local travel market they work in, making them an asset to our members all over the globe who can now travel to new and exciting regions with the help of our local DAE experts.”

To address the growing demand, Taylor said the company is expanding and enhancing its capacity to deliver service across individual markets. The company has a team of multi-skilled consultants serving across its global locations. These consultants are highly trained and can manage individual member requests, which means members can directly deal with one consultant and have all their concerns and issues addressed. He also said that these were just some of the ways in which the company is expanding its business value to customers. 

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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