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XOP Networks Deploys Call Center Service Package for Virtual Call Centers

January 17, 2014

XOP Networks a specialist in developing value added service (VAS) software based platforms and audio conference bridges has successfully deployed its call center service package for a  virtual call center organization.

Products from the company are deployed widely by cellular operators, fortune 100 companies, CLEC/IOC customers, government organizations, call centers and DOD networks like that of the air force, army and the navy.

Sudhir Gupta, CEO of XOP Networks said, “The call center service package puts a virtual call center’s supervisory control at par or better than that of the legacy call centers. This will allow virtual call centers to fully realize and exploit their cost advantages.”

Automatic call distributors (ACDs) are employed to route incoming calls to serving agents by legacy call centers which are supervised by on-site supervisors. Supervision of agents is a difficult task for virtual call centers also as the agents and supervisors are located in different physical locations.

This difficulty can be eliminated now as virtual call centers can deploy XOP Networks’ conference bridges that come along with the call center service package.

The capabilities delivered by the virtual call center operation include optimum voice communication between the caller and the agent. The communication now involves a two party conference that is easily monitored and recorded by a supervisor. This gives better results compared to a phone call.

The solution allows the agent to dial into the conference and also the system can automatically dial out to the agent. In addition the provisions enable a supervisor to unobtrusively monitor the agent’s interaction with the caller.

Officials added that the supervisor will be able to intervene and also support the agent when he/ she encounters a problem. Technically the supervisor can ‘whisper’ to the agent and send chat messages to the agent. Also the system is equipped to make accurate call recordings which can be used to measure the agent’s productivity in terms of time.

XOP products are designed to help customers enhance employee productivity, business efficiency and emergency communications. The presence of TDM and VoIP interfaces help customers to seamlessly transition their legacy circuit switched networks to VoIP based packet switched networks, explained officials.

The Ringdown firebar conference system (RFCS) from XOP Networks serves as a functional equivalent of Tellabs (News - Alert) 291/292 system. XOP Networks has deployed numerous RFCSs at a number of independent phone companies, utilities, manufacturing plants, air force bases and government organizations.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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