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Clutch and RetailNext Collaborate to Improve Customer's In-store Experience

January 17, 2014

Clutch has joined hands with RetailNext a specialist in in-store analytics. This integration between the two platforms is expected to provide a fully integrated and personalized in-store experience. The Clutch platform is used by consumer-focused retailers and brands to power their loyalty, rewards, gifting and mobile commerce applications.

Ned Moore, CEO of Clutch said, “Data has been around for online shopping since inception. With the combination of Clutch and RetailNext, we can bring to bear a multitude of data elements such as spending, shopping comparison, demographic, mobile and social graph information in real-time to create an extremely rich and personal experience to in-store shoppers in way that was not possible before.”

RetailNext serves as a comprehensive in-store analytics platform for retailers. Retailers use RetailNext products to understand in-store behavior of customers such as path followed, areas of interest and engagement with products and the brand. Recently RetailNext launched its enterprise APIs and its personalization APIs.

Similarly retailers use the Clutch platform to power loyalty and engagement programs so that they can get real-time and historical data. These provide insights into the response of customers towards promotions across various channels including in-store, online, mobile, and social.

The Clutch suite of modular customer lifecycle success solutions offer consumer analytics capabilities in addition to social and promotional engagement, and mobility capabilities. These are used by retailers like Godiva Chocolatier, Pandora (News - Alert) Jewelry, The Body Shop and many others.

The combination of the in-store behavior data from RetailNext and the data about how customers respond to loyalty program promotions from Clutch will enable retailers to engage consumers in a more sensitive manner when they are actively browsing in-store.

Maria Fernandez Guajardo, VP of product management at RetailNext remarked, “This real-time, personalized communication takes loyalty and engagement programs to the next level and blurs the line between in-store, online and social experiences. Our partnership with Clutch is a perfect example of how our API enables such a powerful solution.”

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