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AT&T Delivers Aces, Customers Salute, J.D. Power Nods

February 06, 2014

AT&T did it again. It stole a march over all other full-service wireless providers and deservedly made it to the top for its unswerving focus on customer service experience measured across it online, retail and call centers. In the 2014 Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Study Volume 1, J.D. Power ranked it highest in that category for the second consecutive year.

“Our goal is to provide the best possible wireless experience. Receiving this honor a second consecutive time speaks volumes about our focus on the customer,” Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO, AT&T (News - Alert) Mobility stated.

Although all companies profess that customer satisfaction is their first priority, many a time it stops just there, and is never taken forward. But AT&T delivers what it claims, for it believes that customer service is the backbone of every successful business. Listening to customers and responding to their queries has always been a top priority.

But good customer service goes beyond responding to feedback and making the customer feel important. The customer should receive good value for his money, and AT&T often exceeded customer expectations. A fast, reliable network, superior device selection and plans that offered amazing value,  hooked customers. There's nothing like an excellent wireless experience to set customers drooling.

And, of course there's nothing equal to continue giving customers something that props them up and keeps them happy. AT&T played its cards right. Not only did it add enhancements to its free mobile app  but increased self-service capabilities with 24/7 support and also introduced more online chat representatives to help customers.

Just knowing that someone is out there willing to help is comforting, and actually getting  support quickly and on the 'first contact' is reassuring.

There's more to come. Convenience, comfort and ease is something that today's customer looks for. AT&T delivered. Quick and efficient retail transactions, interactive environment at retail stores that is in keeping with their mobile lifestyles, and an appointment tool that allows customers to choose when they want to schedule visits to the store, gives them just what they want, how they want.

That the study is based on responses from 7,195 consumers measuring four full service wireless providers and opinions of consumers who contacted customer care within the past year, reinforces the fact that customers did indeed think highly of the carrier to vote it right to the top. And perhaps rightly so.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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