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Outbound Call Center Week in Review

February 08, 2014

The weekend is here, but before we settle down in front of the television to watch the Olympics, let’s take a look at the week’s events in the outbound call center marketplace.

CallScripter, a provider of agent guidance and call scripting technology, has appointed a new professional services consultant to join the professional services division. Matt Lawrence, formerly account manager at 24/7/365 contact center, Ansaback, is joining the company. He brings five years of product experience and a wealth of real-world contact center know-how to the team.

Here To Serve Holding Corp. has announced that it has released the beta version of its cConnects app to a Fortune 100 business services company to complete testing. The cConnects app is a cloud-based mobile application designed to help organizations close the gap between their customers and operations, thereby enhancing and improving the overall customer service experience. Here To Servce has an estimated monthly recurring user base of 20,000,000. Operating under a mutual NDA, the Fortune 100 company will perform testing on the cConnects beta version and then provide valuable feedback on the results.

Unibet has selected Sabio to implement a multi-channel contact solution to fully transform and enhance its international customer service capability. Sabio’s multi-channel contact solution is equipped with features like unified voice, email and text chat contact channels, a consolidated agent desktop approach, streamlined workflow management and optimized workforce management and it helps Unibet to deliver a consistently high quality customer experience regardless of the channel being used.

EarthBend, a provider of telephony peripherals and IT solutions to telecommunications resellers, has recently included Red Box (News - Alert) call recording solutions to its portfolio. By adding the Red Box call recording solutions to its stream, EarthBend is now able to offer solutions for compliance, coaching & training, service quality control, evidence gathering, dispute & complaint resolution, staff protection, and verification.

Outbound telemarketers are up in arms this week in South Korea, where new government legislation is temporarily preventing the outbound telephone sales of financial and insurance products. The Financial Services Commission (FSC), an arm of the South Korean government, put the ban on the sale of financial products via telemarketing into effect in an effort to crack down on scams; specifically in response to large-scale theft of personal customer data stolen from three major credit card companies. The ban is expected to remain in place through the end of March.

Infinity CCS (News - Alert), a provider of contact center technology solutions, announced Teleperformance UK has won the Contact Center QA Competition for its innovative, hi-tech and multi-channel solution with special focus on social media. Social media is becoming more relevant in modern contact centers as it helps connect with customers in new ways and provide timely and proactive customer service. However there are potential pitfalls as social media conversations are public and all it takes to get bad press is for a single agent to make one misjudged comment.

Jabra (News - Alert), a provider of audio solutions, announced a new headset for the contact center, the Jabra BIZ 2300.  This was launched to address the needs of the evolving contact center landscape. The product is announced with the contact center agent in mind. Contact centers have an important role as the customer's first point of contact and thus it becomes important that each call is handled as professionally as possible and with no background noise.

Mitel (News - Alert) Networks Corporation recently confirmed that it has successfully completed its Merger with Aastra (News - Alert) Technologies Limited. Mitel has firmly established its presence across the world to be one of the leaders in business communications. This merger will further strengthen Mitel’s global customer base as well as its annual revenue, which is estimated to be over $1 billion. Mitel currently dominates the market in Western Europe and is overall position fifth globally in the business communications market. The company has strategic plans to use this merger to further expand and strengthen its position in this $18 billion dollar business communications market.

That’s all for this week in the outbound call center marketplace. Enjoy the weekend!

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