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Memorable Vanity Number 1-800-Dial-Now Up For Grabs

March 06, 2014

Which is easier to remember, a string of numbers or a short relevant phrase? Most people would say the phrase, which is something that many businesses are aware of when deciding on a phone number for their business. Vanity numbers are local or toll free numbers that businesses personally select, with the hopes that customers will remember the number the next time they need the service. One such number, 1-800-Dial-Now, holds as coveted place as an easily marketed vanity number. News is, 1800DialNow, Inc., the company that owns this vanity number alongside website 1800Dialnow.com and 800DialNow.com, has opened itself to receiving acquisition offers.

For some time now, 1800DialNow, Inc. has been dealing in the wireless phone industry. Their website, which is not fully functioning,  claims to be the wireless superstore. Condensed onto both websites are advertisements for deals on phones, though clicking on those links will lead nowhere. Nick Osborn, a member of 1800DialNow, Inc.’s business relations department hints that the property should stay in such a field with his comments, “this is an amazing opportunity for one of the big players in the wireless industry, particular in my view in the prepaid sector.”

Osborn also pointed out just how important vanity numbers are, using statistics from the website 800Response (News - Alert). According to 800Response, “companies that have unforgettable vanity numbers and Call Tracking services in their advertising and marketing materials increase response by 25-50 percent.”

While the websites themselves may only be useful to those involved in the wireless industry, the phone number 1-800-Dial-Now can most definitely be considered an unforgettable vanity number, which would be useful for a wide range of businesses. The phone number has also not been actively marketed for over 20 years. This means that the number would receive no residual calls from its previous owner. 1800DialNow Inc,. may be a smaller corporation, but the high value of its assets for the purpose of marketing will make this an excellent acquisition for another company.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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