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Marketron Partners with Efficio

March 20, 2014

Marketron, a provider of business software solutions for the media industry, recently announced that it has integrated the Marketron Traffic and Mediascape solutions with Efficio's CRM and Yield Management solutions. As the result of the integration, the Marketron Traffic clients will now be able to use Efficio's CRM and Yield Management solutions to increase overall operational efficiencies.

Mediascape is a web-based platform that streamlines previously disconnected systems and brings data that was historically a function of the back office to the forefront of a broadcaster’s business. The platform provides account management and master data management capabilities which enable media organizations to control key reporting information at the group level across multiple market-based systems. Marketron Traffic combines the critical functionality required by radio professionals to negotiate and schedule advertising at maximum value. The radio traffic and billing software solutions streamline and automate workflow and provide real-time access to consolidated sales, inventory and billing data.

On other hand, Efficio’s yield management system integrates seamlessly with the traffic system and supports minutes, units or special groupings of your inventory (spots, sponsorships or promos) and displays AUR’s, rates, sold/unsold units and more.

"The integration of Efficio Solutions with the Mediascape platform is a testament to radio sales professionals' need for interconnectivity between business systems and the value of automating the process," said Jeff Haley, President and CEO, Marketron. "As our list of Mediascape platform partners grows, Marketron continues to increase operational efficiencies and propel the industry forward by providing a streamlined open architecture solution for media companies."

"Our integration with Marketron's Mediascape strengthens the media industry by bridging a gap between two industry-standard solutions," said David Einstein, Co-President of Efficio. "We are proud to announce a partnership that streamlines business processes that were previously manual, ultimately making them instantaneous and completely accurate."

In related news, Marketron recently signed a contract with EdgeCast Networks to accelerate the delivery of dynamic content on the radio customer websites, while also benefiting the new division's financials via the boot in network performance.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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