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Outbound Call Center Week in Review

March 29, 2014

Security, supply chain communications, and a host of new jobs all popped up as outbound call center topics this week. Cloudmark announced this week that it will be partnering with an alliance of U.K. companies in an effort to battle spam. 8x8 (News - Alert) said it will provide services for the KC Integrated Services transportation and supply chain company, and Verizon confirmed the opening of 250 new jobs in the New York metropolitan area.

The U.K. Information Commissioner's Office has had enough with spam, and it has joined with cell carriers EE, O2 (News - Alert), Three, and Vodafone to try to stop spam within the mobile phone industry. The ICO and mobile carriers are working with Cloudmark, which specializes in messaging security software. Cloudmark (News - Alert) will provide a service that allows customers to easily report spam by sending text messages to a short code, “7726,” or S-P-A-M. The ICO and carriers can analyze spam reports in real time and attempt to get a handle on phishing, payday loan offers, and other threats.

8x8, a provider of cloud-based communications services, said this week that it will be working with KC Integrated Services. It will provide a suite of communications services to 14 KC sites in North America that are intended to be a cost effective solution for the company's mobile device, business continuity, and IT systems management. The 8x8 software will provide employees with a mobile app that allows for internal chat and works with Microsoft (News - Alert) Outlook so managers can better schedule meetings. The system also gives employees the power to set up their own call routing rules.

Verizon (News - Alert) appears to be rebounding within the tail end of the latest national recession. The company just announced the creation of 100 new call center jobs it hopes to fill by the end of May. In addition, it also hopes to fill an additional 150 positions by the end of July. All positions will be located in the New York metropolitan area and are a direct response to Verizon's expansion in the area and in New Jersey.

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