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Outbound Call Center Week in Review

April 05, 2014

A range of topics passed over the desks of TMC (News - Alert) writers this week as they tackled issues related to outbound call centers. To begin the week, TMC sat down with social and mobile cloud solutions provider Five9 (News - Alert) to discuss how businesses can bring meaning to their customer relationships, and mobile advertising company Marchex weighed in later this week, insisting that consumers have a vested interests beyond the face of the products they buy. Australian systems integration company Southern Cross is now managing service desk functions for Vietnamese utility company Service Stream, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is working to protect the privacy of its country's citizens, and Triplefin announced that it will construct a new reimbursement services call center in Fairfield, Ohio.

Lance Fried, the senior vice president of social and mobile at Five9, stated directly to TMC that he believes the key to reaching customers is through engagement led by social media. He said social analytics tools can filter out non-actionable material so customer service representatives can perform social media actions that relate to what customers care about. Businesses must first determine what material is actionable, and then customer service groups like Five9 can apply analytics filters to better reach customers.

Marchex was a bit more specific, saying that it learned, within greater than 20,000 phone calls about storage facility sales, that customers did not see storage facilities as just places to dump their stuff. They wanted to talk about facility security and personal privacy, as well. And Marchex believes companies will do best if they discuss the issues that surround the products they are trying to sell. They must connect to their customers by discussing the issues they truly care about.

Southern Cross will now provide help desk, network, and security services for Service Stream, which believes that placing all those operations in a central location will improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Systems integrators working for Southern Cross will bring together those service desk functions with the help of six service professionals based in Ho Chi Minh City.

The CRTC is maintaining its rules about how telemarketers in Canada can contact citizens. It blocked the Canadian Marketing Association's proposal that telemarketers should be able to contact citizens, without their express consent, with whom they have had a previous business relationship. Existing rules, CRTC says, do not go far enough to protect people from being inconvenienced, so it has modified the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules. Now, Canadians can request that they be placed on a national “do not call” list, a request to which telemarketers will have 14 days to comply. Automated dialers will also now have to identify the nature of the call in a brief statement at the beginning of every outbound message.

Finally, Triplefin announced this week that it will be establishing a call center in Fairfield that will deal with patient assistance, reimbursement, pharmacy services, and other medical-based issues. The center will include the latest in call center technology, including real-time digital monitors that can actively display call metrics and other data related to business operations.

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