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Texas Windstorm Insurer Sets Up New 24-hour Call Center

April 21, 2014

While most people only see call centers as facilities that are built to help a company achieve a good bottom line, there are plenty that also work to serve the greater good. Insurance companies often employ call centers as a way to make sure their clients are getting the customer service solutions they need. Texas Windstorm Insurance Association has jumped into that role with the establishment of a claims call center that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Some insurance companies haven’t been all that successful when it comes to setting up their call centers. AllState recently announced it was closing down its own call center in Wisconsin and that was leading to quite a few people losing their jobs.

TWIA is backing up the launch of the call center by encouraging its many agents to tell clients about the 24-hour assistance. This call center will be where people can call to get questions answered and also report any claims they may have. In order to get the satisfaction the customer is looking for they will need to have their policy number and contact information at the ready.

Those who contact the center will also need to be ready to discuss the details of their claim, the description of the damage they’ve incurred and an accurate date of when the damage occurred. It doesn’t appear that TWIA is asking for much else from their clients than other insurance companies are asking with their contact center. These kinds of contact centers, even ones that deal with things other than insurance, such as ones that deal with Veterans’ experiences and problems need this kind of info in order to service the client to the best of its ability.

In the call, the company will also be asking for a detailed list of any personal property that has been damaged. The TWIA call center will notify specific agents when a claim has been submitted so the agents can easily track claims.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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