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Outbound Call Center Week In Review

April 26, 2014

National electricity distributor Erongo RED made outbound call center headlines this week when news organizations took note of its new call center opening up in Walvis Bay, Namibia. The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association also grabbed for its share of media attention with news of its 24-hour call center reaching the online printed pages. Finally, TMC (News - Alert) discussed the nature of call centers, in general, and informed readers about the reasons businesses might want to outsource their call center needs to professionals.

The new Erongo RED customer care facility in Namibia is reportedly not overly large, nor will it cost millions of dollars to operate. It will not house a record number of employees, either. It is impressive because of the way the company is handling its business. The center cost $850,000 to build, and it will have six trained staff members on hand to deal with callers' issues. The few staff members reportedly went through a rigorous training phase that lasted from the beginning on January to the end of February. They will be fielding phone calls, responding to emails, and answering customer concerns through a webchat service. The company will also be logging the calls and chats to detail how fast its employees are servicing customer requests.

The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association is supposedly operating a 24-hour call center not just to meet the needs of its business but to serve the greater good. Employees will be around to answer the insurance company's customers' concerns at all hours of every day, requiring their respective policy numbers and pieces of contact information to answer questions and sort out insurance claims. Employees will reportedly be ready to discuss claim details with callers and address any related needs their clients may have.

Not every business is prepared to run its own call center. Sometimes, firms need to outsource inbound and outbound calling needs to professionals. TMC says it can be time to outsource when businesses realize that they need 24-hour support, when they find a call center that can provide domestic calling at affordable rates (for which there are many), when in-house IT costs become too much to bear, and when product complaints become too complex to manage and a host of specialists would better handle their vast ranges of customer concerns.

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