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IfByPhone Adds Automated Outbound Agent Dialing Feature

May 05, 2014

Running a contact center isn’t easy, but the process is considerably easier and cheaper when the workflow simply works. Call center agents have hundreds of tasks they must accomplish during the day – particularly when they do both inbound and outbound work. While many of them are automated from the desktop, others stop the natural flow of work and require manual tasks that can lead to errors and lost time. Outbound calling is one of those tasks that is traditionally done manually. Pulling the process into a better workflow automation can save agent time and increase productivity, particularly in a scenario where agents are making outbound calls for more than one client.

Marketing and call center automation solutions provider ifbyphone is offering a fix for this time-killing chore: outbound agent dialing. The new feature has been added to the company’s call distributor solution; according to a video the company has produced to highlight the addition.

“Once you’ve configured everything properly…you can control outbound settings and train your call center on how to make outbound calls right from their agent panel,” according to the company.

The call distributor drop-down allows the agent to toggle between all call distributors that they are associated with and each of their corresponding settings.

“Take, for example, an agent that manages an answering service for multiple unrelated clients. In returning a missed call, the agent would want to select the call distributor that the call came in on originally and dial out so that they can display the correct caller ID associated with that specific client,” according to a new video produced by ifbyphone. “Labeling the call distributors intuitively can make this selection process much easier for your agents.”

Agents can initiate outbound calls either from a call keypad on their desktop, or using the number keys on their computer keyboard. Once the button is clicked, the ifbyphone system will first generate a call directly to the clicking agent. After that, and the agent has picked up the phone, the system will automatically begin calling out to the dialed number.

The call distributor solution also offers customizable outbound call recording directly from the agent desktop as well as configuration for outbound caller ID display. The company offers an informative video here that describes the new features. 

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