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Could Automation Help Your Outbound Call Center Succeed?
In the world of customer connections, there are a number of different channels and methods by which companies and customers connect. When the customer has an issue that needs attention, it's not uncommon to send a request directly to the company by way of the inbound call center. When the company wants to reach out to the customer directly, the outbound call center is often the chosen vehicle. The challenge today is blending this important strategy in a world where self-service is the preferred choice.

TCN Partners with ClickDebt to Improve Debt Collection Software
TCN, the provider of its Platform 3.0 call center suite, recently announced that it has partnered with ClickDebt, a developer of financial management software, to improve the state of debt collection.

Study Finds Cloud Contact Center Solutions Are More Secure Than Premise-based Systems
As more companies migrate their contact centers to the cloud for a variety of reasons - better flexibility, multichannel integration, advanced feature set, reduced costs - there are still a number of holdouts. Some companies have adequate premise-based systems they are still amortizing. Others don't want to add confusion by requiring their employees to learn a new system. But many companies continue to reject cloud-based solutions because there is a perception that security is inadequate and customer information will be put at risk when it's hosted by a third party.

Avaya Announces new Customer Service Solution for Google Platform
Avaya recently announced that it had developed a contact center solution that would run on the Google platform. Customer Engagement OnAvaya Powered by Google Cloud Platform (CEOPGCP) will be offered as a service and be accessible from Chrome-based devices like the Chromebook. It is expected to be available this spring.

Multichannel Customer Support Still Has a Long Way to Go in the UK
The state of customer service today seems to be in a bit of a flux. While certain companies are doing amazing things for customers - think of Amazon with its live help "May Day" button, or Zappos, that has practically turned customer service into a religion - a majority of companies are still lagging. Organizations in certain verticals (telecommunications!) have become punchlines thanks to their abysmal customer service. This is a problem, because in a commoditized global marketplace, customer service excellence may be some companies' only differentiating point.

Five9 is Looking For a Few Good Partners in its New Cloud Alliance
Of course, success is never as simple as having the right tools; it also depends on how the tools are used, and the overall environment. But not having the right tools can hurt just as much as not using the right tools correctly, so having a system like Five9's on hand-with its new partners-should be a step in the right direction of improving service and realizing the benefits accordingly.

5 Predictions for the Hosted Contact Center
In the customer service industry, advancements in technology have opened a number of doors to tighter competition, greater customer expectations and new business models. The hosted contact center today looks very different from the traditional call center of the last generation. Take a look ahead to the future and that look is likely to change again.

Mobile Customer Care: This Decade's Biggest Challenge and Opportunity
There truly is no rest for today's customer-facing companies and their support infrastructure. Just about the time most companies built a robust Web presence and began tentatively dabbling with social media, along comes mobile, which has utterly disrupted the way customers interact with companies. There is truly no rest for the weary.

Gulf Coast Collection Bureau to use Noble Enterprise Cloud Contact Center Solution
Noble Enterprise Cloud is another example of a solution that any call center worth its salt should consider. Sophisticated call management is something that a business can no longer manage entirely on its own. Compliance issues and DNC list management alone are an unwieldy task and the laws are unsympathetic to violators.

CloudFactory Receives $2 Million From Rockefeller Foundation to Hire Kenyan Workers
SpeakerText is a cloud-based application that provides audio and video transcription, splitting files into 10-second clips that can be distributed to online workers, similar to Amazon's Mechanical Turk service. It provides captioning services for an impressive list of clients including ESPN, Deloitte and the University of North Carolina.

Sonus & Numonix Get Together to Drive Contact Center Improvements
The idea that real time communications can prove valuable in the contact center isn't exactly a new idea, but many new products and services are emerging to offer this technology into the field. Call centers now have many more such tools to choose from than ever, and one tool looking to be the best in a growing field is the combined effort of Sonus Networks and Numonix. The combined effort looks to take the best of both companies' technologies and bring same together into a powerful new package.

7 Ways the Hosted Contact Center Can Improve the Customer Experience in eCommerce
How do you truly affect the quality of customer experience? Is it in your products, your hosted contact center or simply in the way you treat each individual with which you do business? These questions were easier to answer when the only way you communicated with your customer was in person, at the point of purchase. In the age of eCommerce, the stakes and the rules have changed.

Making the Right Decisions for the Call Center on Demand
Still, advancements generally lead to better outcomes in the end. The important point, however, is that the strategy you put in place for embracing these advancements must support your overarching goals for better service, improved outcomes and happy customers. Dell Computers may have forgotten this reality when it moved its technical support services offshore.

Contact Centers: Prepare for Millennials
Attempts to integrate channels piecemeal will likely lead to failure. For this reason, many companies are turning to hosted contact center solutions that offer ready-made channel integration, including social media and mobile support that will allow them to ensure that the customer is at the heart of each transaction and not the communications media. These solutions bring all contact options together in one place on one unified platform, wrote O'Brien, allowing agents to "keep talking, typing and conversing with customers through the channels that are most convenient for them."

Vodafone New Zealand Selects CounterPath's Bria UC for its South East Asia Call Centers
As organizations continue to rely on the data they receive across many different touch points with their customers, having a UC platform that is able to integrate all of the communication solutions of an organization ensures aggregated data can be used to gain actionable insights which can then be used to improve customer service across the board.

Hosted Contact Center Solutions Boost Omnichannel Engagement and Self-Service
Many analysts and solutions providers are adopting the phrase "omnichannel" to avoid confusion. Omnichannel means what multichannel should mean: that the channels are properly integrated with one another so customers can begin a transaction in one channel and continue it in another with no loss of knowledge, according to a recent blog post by Liz Osborne of hosted contact center solutions provider Five9.

NewVoiceMedia to Improve Colloquy's Student Engagement
Online learning is making it possible for students to get educated from virtually anywhere at very affordable price points. The fact that companies are beginning to recognize degrees obtained online also validates the long term viability of getting an education using this platform. As more schools begin to offer this option to students, they are looking for solutions to help them increase student engagement and retention. Colloquy, a provider of online education strategy, consulting, and delivery to higher education, serves more than 20 top universities and it announced the deployment of NewVoiceMedia's Cloud Contact Center technology to give its partners and students a better online experience.

What to Expect for the Hosted Contact Center and Beyond in 2015
Analytics will be a key focus for all players, especially when the information is captured in real-time. Customer expectations are intensifying and those customer service centers unable or unwilling to keep up will be left behind. Such information will allow leaders to remove barriers to service and hone in on those elements that drive the best outcomes.

Turning to Contact Center Outsourcers for Best Practices
Cloud contact center solutions provider Five9 recently surveyed several leading, U.S.-based contact center outsourcers, revealing interesting insight into how outsourcers compete, manage staff and work with clients. Five9 has turned the knowledge into an informative infographic. Some of the highlights of the survey include:

TELUS Brings More Cloud Solutions to Canada
Businesses looking for a competitive edge are turning to cloud services more and more. Not only is it possible to cut costs, but having solutions hosted also means more time to focus on customers, and other business needs.

Vocantas Further Improves Utilities OnCall Solution, Intros Version 3.1
Utilities are typically in the spotlight when it comes to customer care, as the need to provide speedy response and resolution is expected.

Canadian Cancer Society Increases Fundraising with NewVoiceMedia's Cloud Contact Center Technology
The season of giving is upon us. Now more than ever we find ourselves reflecting on things we are thankful for, and hopefully, seeking ways we can spread cheer and help to others.

Rsupport Intros Visual Pack: Brings Video to the Customer Experience
Customer support channels have long been plagued by the need to deliver quality services with each interaction. Part of the problem - especially for tech support agents, is trying to figure out what the exact problem a caller is having in the first place.

Dixons Carphone Partners with Conversocial for Better Social Care
As customers use social more, customer service solutions developed specifically for addressing their needs are also being brought to market.

City of San Antonio Takes Customer Service Mobile
More and more people today are using their mobile devices for everything. From work, to personal communications and even downtime - mobile devices have become the go-to tool to get things done.

TCN Improves Call Center Agent Efficiency in the Cloud
Cloud call center solutions have been praised for their ability to reduce costs, make operations more productive and even improve the efficiency of agents using solutions available to them.

Seal Software Helps Telogis with Contract Discovery and Analytics
Keeping this in mind, Telogis, a developer of cloud-based software products and services focused on mobile, turned to Seal Software to help with improving how contracts were stored, located and used across the enterprise.

LiveVox Now in Canada: Ups the Ante for Cloud Contact Centers
Contact centers that operate via the cloud continue to be an important focus in today's marketplace thanks to cost savings, efficiency and even improved security.

Cloud Contact Centers Offer a Path to a Better Customer Experience
The quality of the customer experience being offered is more important than ever today. One study found that after a bad customer experience, it takes about 12 positive customer experiences to make up for it in a customer's eyes…that's presuming the customer hasn't bolted for a competitor first. It's an oft-cited fact that it costs many times more to win a new customer than to keep an existing one. Yet so many companies are still struggling to hold onto their customers. Why is this?

RichRelevance Partners with SoftBank to Deliver Omnichannel Personalization to Japanese Retailers
RichRelevance, the global leader in omnichannel personalization, and SoftBank Telecom, a Japanese telecommunications and ICT services provider, made a joint announcement that the two companies have entered an agreement to partner up and offer cloud-based eCommerce solutions to corporate clients in Japan.

Hosted Contact Center Creates More Home-based Jobs for Veterans, Disabled
The ability to work from home and earn a living is a positive direction that technology has afforded many. Not only for businesses who can expand the possible talent pool, but also for those who have returned from war, work from home capabilities can be very rewarding.

Hosted, Cloud-based UC Makes Head Way in Australia
The UC market has seen exponential growth as it allows users to efficiently and effectively communicate and conduct business. Together with the ability to collaborate better, business also favor UC for its cost savings.

Zingtree Makes Tech Support Easier
Zingtree has announced that it has introduced a new way for technical support call centers to create interactive decision trees and troubleshooters.

Que Paso? Spanish Speaking Work-from-Home Call Center Agents on the Rise
The United States, the proverbial melting pot, has brought numerous nationalities to the U.S. and along with it, a wave of customers who still want to be serviced and cared for - even if they aren't speaking the native tongue.

Noble CallTech Total Contact Determines Best Times to Call
Noble Systems Corporation, a global leader in the customer communications industry known for its contact center technology solutions, has launched the new Total Contact module for its esteemed CallTech software. The new addition aims to help callers contact customers at the times that are most likely to be convenient and well-received while differentiating between mobile and landline numbers.

LiveVox to Hold Panel on TCPA/CFPB Compliance
LiveVox, a provider of cloud contact center solutions, will be holding a panel featuring its inside counsel on TCPA/CFPB compliance and best practices in the ARM/financial services industry at FSCOR 2014 in Las Vegas.

Teradata Expands Integrated Marketing, Adds Partnerships
Teradata, a big data analytics and marketing applications provider, has announced the expansion of its Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud ecosystem with new partners and its Teradata Interactive service.

Five9 Showcases Hosted Contact Center Software and Integration
This past week, the company hosted a lunchtime table talk at's Dreamforce 2014 event where Five9 product managers explored how to connect Salesforce to the contact center. Attendees were allowed to stop by the Five9 booth and enter to win a space along with four friends on the Five9 Party Trolley.

Heads-Up: The Cloud Is Here to Stay
The cloud is getting some serious press. Whether you're running a small business or a high volume call center, the cloud can offer a lot of benefits, but not everyone fully understands to what extent or, really, why. A hosted model for a lot of functions and processes can mean a lot of things, but let's break it down and delve a little deeper as to what this means for the call center on demands.

Hosted Contact Centers Offer Cost, Convenience and Multichannel Advantages
There are many contact centers in the world, from tiny one- or two-person operations to huge companies with thousands of workers located all over the world. At some point, all of them need to make a decision: what type of platform will we build our call center operation on?

Creative Virtual New Customer Install includes Integration with Leading Cloud-based CRM System
One of the leading areas of customer experience solutions automation efforts is self-service. When done correctly, self-service can not only reduce the stress on contact center agents by off-loading mundane requests that take up valuable time needed for more challenging interactions, but also improve customer satisfaction. In short, it can create a win/win for contact centers and customers, especially when such capabilities are integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

3CLogic and IntelaCloud Combine on Integrated Hosted PBX and Cloud-based Contact Center Solution
3CLogic and IntelaCloud offer single cloud-based solution combining hosted PBX and contact center capabilities.

Demandbase to Expand Headquarters and Infrastructure, Hire Two New Executives
Demandbase provides enterprises with cloud-based software that can allow them to track how they market products to other businesses. Its B2B Marketing Cloud is a set of tools that helps businesses gain deeper insight into their marketing programs, and the flagship software that conducts the operation, Performance Manager, can provide business officials with a unified view of how all their operations are functioning.

More Contact Centers Embracing the Cloud for its Huge Benefits and Savings
Cloud technologies offer huge benefits, cost savings and operational efficiencies across the board. But some markets are migrating to the cloud at a faster pace than others, and that largely has to do with what the cloud can do for them.

Georgia Town Getting New Tandem Call Center
With the trend continuing of more and more call center jobs coming backto the United States, more and more states are reaping the benefit. One particular state seeing an increase in new jobs is Georgia. Late last week, the Americus Times Recorder reported that the Americus-Sumter Payroll Development Authority (PDA) is opening a new call center. The new center is housed in a freshly remodeled building located on the town's Industrial Drive. The center will have a number of different companies sharing the space, including PharmaCentra, ConCentra Solutions and PetCareRx.

APIs Offer a Smooth Migration Path to the Cloud for Contact Centers
For contact centers, the cloud offers massive opportunities along with cost savings and efficiencies. But those nagging questions remain, and some companies have come up with ways to put organizations at ease and ensure migration to the cloud is a smooth one.

Five9 Gives NexRep a Boost in Power Cancer Research Telethon
While for most people, the idea of a telethon in early September focuses on thoughts of Jerry Lewis and the Labor Day telethon, another one has also emerged in recent days, the Stand Up 2 Cancer Telethon. This year, the event reportedly brought in $109 million for cancer research, and the folks who put a lot of drive into that telethon, NexRep, reportedly got a little extra help in pursuing cancer research dollars from Five9, who allowed NexRep to scale its contact center upward and help keep the flow of donations coming in.

Data Exchange Looking to Add Tulsa Workers to Local Call Center
With the news that call centers are coming back to the United States at a near record pace, more and more U.S. communities are taking advantage. Tulsa is one such market taking advantage of the need for more U.S. based call center workers with the announcement of 250 new jobs being created in the town by Data Exchange. Data Exchange announced, according to Tulsa World that it needs the new employees in order to handle an increased volume of calls as well as new products.

Report: Cloud-based Contact Center Services to Increase Over the Next Five Years
The cloud-based contact center market is likely to grow from $4.15 billion in 2014 to $10.9 billion in 2019, says a new research study, a projected compound annual growth of 21.3 percent.

Philippines Social Security System Launching New Contact Center
While the United States appears to be heading back to being the undisputed king of the call center, the Philippines is making a real run as a challenger outside the U.S. One way the country is trying to make sure its call center employees are well cared for, another is a new initiative that will start this October. When the initiative goes into effect, nearly one million overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) will have easier access to benefits from programs and services administered by that country's Social Security System (SSS).

What to Demand in Hosted Communications
In the communications space, there is often talk of the hosted environment. At the same time, the cloud is getting a lot of attention. These buzzwords tend to proliferate to the point that sitcoms like to poke fun and decision makers find themselves with more options than answers.

3C Contact Services Announces New Client Wins
Keeping with this phenomenon, 3C Contact Services, a North American provider of outsourced contact center services has reportedly been experiencing rapid growth over the past few years. The recent win of two new clients has added to the momentum.

Pindrop Security Highlights the Threat of Call Center Fraud
The Fraud Detection System (FDS) uses a patent-pending Phoneprinting technology to analyze call audio by identifying anomalies that indicate fraud, including Caller ID/ANI spoofing, call forwarding, and voice distortion. Additionally it produces a unique Phoneprint for every call to identify repeat offenders using voice biometric signatures to track known fraudsters and score risk factors such as the ANI location, telco, and call velocity.

Report: Government Spending on Cloud Services to Rise in 2015
A research group that informs government entities about global technologies released a new report this week that predicts continued government spending on cloud-based initiatives through the coming fiscal year.

Five9 Goes Multichannel with Summer Release Update to Cloud Contact Center Software
Other new features include a consumer-to-agent chat app that works from mobile or web devices. This provides agents with a variety of ways to respond, record and manage multiple chat interactions. The Five9 Mobile app also offers mobile customer care using IVR scripts to deploy on multiple touch points. Customers have the option of selecting email, chat or callback as a way to connect to agents or otherwise ask questions and offer feedback.

The Cloud is Playing an Integral Role in the Transformation of the Contact Center
Automatic call-backs are also becoming standard for contact centers and the technology has been polished to the point of mainstream usage. Customers need not sit on hold waiting for an agent to come on the line any longer, and get an automated call-back when a service representative is available. This saves time and money for customers and contact centers alike and is a win-win for everyone.

Missouri Call Center Looking To Fix Call-Waiting Problems
In the call center world, the number one factor when it comes to success is making sure a company understands its customer service metrics.

S&P Data LLC Bringing New Call Center Jobs to New Mexico
S&P Data LLC with operations in four cities in Canada and the United States, is adding another city by bringing 425 jobs over the next several years to a new Rio Rancho call center in New Mexico.

West Recognized as a Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant Leader
For the third consecutive year, Gartner, Inc. the world's premier information technology research and advisory company, placed West Corporation in the Leaders Quadrant of its August 28, 2014, "Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service, Multiregional"

New Cloud Solution Delivers Higher Capabilities for the Blended Call Center
In today's customer-centric business landscape, blended call center technology can play a crucial role in delivering exemplary customer support. Ytel, a cloud communications software vendor has recently come up with a new contact center communication platform that aims to address the loopholes in the existing blended call center solutions.

Florida Town Weighing Cost, Convenience of Own 911 Call Center
When it comes to running a 911-emergency call center, the costs and the needs for better technology can be almost overwhelming.

Comings & Goings: Five9 Expands Leadership Team
One company that continues to demonstrate the value it brings to the market is Five9. Recently, this hosted contact center solutions provider announced an expansion to its leadership team, including naming Nick Delis as regional vice present of enterprise sales.

Indian Contact Centers Saving Big on International Calls
Today's call centers are the far cry from the ones that existed a decade ago. With the increasing emphasis on customer satisfaction, call centers have ceased to be cost centers for the companies. Businesses are investing in state of the art contact centers to enhance the customer satisfaction quotient, ultimately leading to brand enhancement and revenue generation.

Call Center IVR Can Help You Capture the Voice of the Customer
It's not uncommon for a company to employ IVR technology to streamline common interactions or to launch a survey. If a consumer can easily answer a few questions before they end a call, you may be more likely to capture the actual voice.

Five9 Discusses Increasing Importance of How Social Media is Integrated into the Broader Contact Center
At the recent ITEXPO 2014 event held in Las Vegas, TMC's Rich Tehrani caught up with Lance Fried, senior vice president of social and mobile at cloud contact center solutions provider Five9. Fried joined Five9 with the company's 2013 acquisition of SoCoCare, a social engagement and mobile customer care solution provider.

Cloud Contact Center Market to Grow by 21.3 By 2019
Another reason for the growing popularity of cloud-based systems is their centralized management, often through Web-based portals. The centralization is a key selling point for cloud communications systems, as technicians don't have to come down and install new wires, disrupting operations the way traditional on-premises systems typically do.

Bolder Thinking's Cloud Hosted Contact Center Offers Savings and Reduced Complexity
When it comes to operating and maintaining an efficient, low-cost contact center that can offer the highest levels of service and be easily scaled, sometimes a bolder way of thinking is required. Ohio-based company Bolder Thinking decided to do just that, and the company provides a completely cloud-based software platform for operating a contact center.

Report: Cloud-based Contact Center Market to Reach $10.9 Billion by 2019
A recent report shows that the cloud-based contact center market is currently worth about $4.15 billion, and it predicts that number to grow to $10.9 billion by 2019.

Cloud Contact Center Myths and Truths Exposed
Cloud communications isn't just another buzz tech word used in the industry. Cloud communications is a real thing, not just a catchphrase, which has helped a lot of organizations when it comes to using data and keeping costs down. Even though it's kind of the "thing" right now, it's still a rather new concept, especially for those in the contact center space. Much like anything new "in" technology, the rumor mill has run the gamut with facts and myths surrounding cloud usage, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to reality versus untruths. What's real and what isn't?

Salesforce Expands on Community Cloud
Salesforce today revealed it has enhanced its Salesforce1 Community Cloud, and also plans to make it easier for organizations to spin up or alter online communities based on the platform at will.

Calabrio ONE is Now Part of Avaya DevConnect Select Product Program
Calabrio One is said to be strategically selected from among the hundreds of DevConnect Compliance-tested solutions available Avaya's technology partners in order to be certified as a DevConnect Select Product. Also ordering through the Select Product Program is available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the EU, select countries in EMEA and Asia Pacific for now and will soon be expanded to other countries as well.

Choosing the Right Metrics to Measure Customer Service
Customer service is constantly evolving due to technological advancements and changes in the needs and expectations of customers. To meet these changing preferences, it is important for call centers to stay on top of the performance of its employees and one of the ways to do so is use the right metrics for evaluating performance. Unfortunately, many managers today choose the wrong metrics to evaluate employee performance and to measure customer service, so they end up incurring more cost for the company without any major improvement in customer satisfaction.

ECT to Deliver Products to Call Center Service Providers
Companies that resell services like ECT's on third-party platforms want to increase their margin and offer customers the highest-quality services at the most reasonable prices.

Telstra Planning to Do Away with Call Center Jobs
While more call center jobs are popping up all the time, one company believes the business model will be obsolete in a matter of years. Telstra's CEO, David Thodey recently talked to about his company's future. During that talk, Thodey said that he has put a five year clock on thousands of Australian-based call center jobs. Thodey said he believes online services are the wave of the future, and his company will be leading the charge.

Deported Mexican Workers Finding Call Center Work In New Home
The call center industry is only getting bigger in the United States, but that's far from the only place where jobs are popping up in impressive numbers. In Tijuana, Mexican workers that have been deported from the United States still get to reap some benefits from that country by working in call centers that have American clients. Even more than that, the Associated Press reports that Call Center Services International are blazing a new trail in Mexico by offering jobs to those who were deported late in life. Some of these people feel more at home being greeted as they come to work, in English.

Personalization Impacts Customer Loyalty
Eighty-four percent of marketers find personalization impacts customer loyalty and retention, according to a new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

Wheelings & Dealings: Infor to Acquire Saleslogix in a Bid to Unseat Salesforce in the CRM Arena
The Saleslogix acquisition is expected to be particularly attractive once it is effectively tied to Infor's existing enterprise resource planning solution. The company says it expects to extend CRM with industry-specific attributes and processes integrated with Infor ERP applications beginning with Infor CRM Automotive, CRM Healthcare, CRM Public Sector, and CRM Manufacturing.

Positions Being Added to Expanding Guatemalan Call Center
While most of the more recent call center jobs are coming back to the United States, there are other parts of the world that are seeing a boom as well.

Horry County Implements New Marine Rescue Contact Center
While most people think of call centers as only being tools of big business, there are plenty of call centers like the one in Horry county, specifically geared towards taking emergency and rescue calls. The Horry County Fire Rescue team is going through a number of steps that are all geared towards making sure their response time is that much better and that much faster.

How the Hosted Contact Center Helped the Shipyard Improve Customer Satisfaction
How satisfied is your customer base? If you can't answer this question, there's work to be done. Complete satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every business that wants to dominate the market. The ability to meet higher levels of expectation is often the only thing that sets one provider apart from another. It is often the leading differentiator from one hosted contact center to the next.
8/13/2014 Introduces Salesforce Support Center has introduced the next generation Salesforce Support Center, saying that it will empower fast-growing companies to transform customer service with video.

Promero CTI Connector for Oracle Contact Center Anywhere Now Available for Salesforce CRM and Zoho CRM Users
Contact center solutions provider Promero announced that it is now ready to provide its Oracle Contact Center Anywhere hosted call center software CTI connector for free to Salesforce CRM and Zoho CRM users.

Engage Mobility Enhances Mobile Click-to-Call Service
Engage Mobility is a company that specializes in mobile technology, marketing and data solutions. Through the proprietary Mobile Engagement System, businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes can connect with new customers and stay engaged with existing clients. The company recently announced new and featured advertisers on its mobile click-to-call platform.

Contact Center Systems Market to Grow in Latin America
In a new research report, entitled, "Latin American Contact Center Systems Market 2014", Frost & Sullivan analysts maintained that the contact center system vendors in the region will continue to enjoy significant market opportunities, thanks to the existence of legacy infrastructure in a number of large enterprises.

Contact Center Solutions Provider Five9 Announces Impressive Second Quarter Growth
As companies look for ways to save money, improve customer support and make administration of their contact center solutions easier, they have taken to cloud-based solutions - which allow them to accomplish all three goals - in droves. The cloud-based contact center solution industry's growth is a testament to this, and some of its more important players have demonstrated strong demand for their solutions.

Residential Programs, Inc. Brings Call Center Jobs to Athens, OH
Residential Programs, Inc.(RPI), provider of multiple marketing solutions, has announced it is opening a call center in Athens, Ohio, bringing 100 new jobs to the community.

The Shipyard and Five9 to Host Webinar, Discuss Cloud Contact Center
Cloud contact center provider Five9 announced this week that it will host a live webinar this coming Thursday about how The Shipyard runs its multi-channel contact center.

Israel HFC Call Center Fields Citizen Concerns Amidst Rocket Fire
The Home Front Command call center is a bastion of safety and information for Israeli residents in this current time of fighting with groups such as Hamas and the rocket fire pummeling the country.

Kallfly Allows Call Center Employees to Work at Home
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the most successful industries in the Philippines, and has traditionally been dominated by large companies running massive brick-and-mortar facilities.

Trend Micro Announces Newly Enhanced Capabilities for Microsoft Office 365 Customers
Cloud computing is quickly becoming a staple in the business world thanks to its efficiency and usefulness to cater to the needs of modern businesses. Cloud computing gives companies access to resources (data storage space, services and applications) when they need them, at a fraction of the cost. However, this type of IT infrastructure, which can boost productivity, poses security risks; this is one (the main) inhibitor to cloud adoption.

Digital Lead Management Begins with an Effective Contact Center
Companies live and die by leads. This has been true from the very beginning of commerce. What has changed, however, is the channels through which the leads arrive. Old-fashioned channels such as door-to-door and direct mail have largely disappeared, and even e-mail marketing has become a mature channel. Newer ways to uncover and follow up with leads such as social media and mobile apps have meant that technological demands on the average sales organization today are very high. While the telephone remains an effective tool in lead generation, it's often necessary to supplement the phone with other channels, which must be actively integrated - and integrated seamlessly - with the digital channels.

TeleTech to Open Call Center in Jonesboro, Ark.
A recent news report indicates that business process outsourcing company, TeleTech, will open up its second Arkansas operation in the state's town of Jonesboro.

S&P Data LLC Brings 420 Call Center Jobs to Michigan
The city of Troy, a suburb of Detroit, is adding 420 new call center jobs with the opening of a new center by S&P Data Michigan LLC, a subsidiary of California based S&P Data LLC.

What Do You Need from Call Center Software?
If call centers are to function efficiently and save businesses money, they need good software and quality products that will help them do that. Vocalcom prides itself on having the state-of-the-art software that monitors contact centers in real-time, a multi-channel desktop for omnichannel customers and other innovative products that will keep call centers ticking. According to, customers have rated it highly, and in the long run, that's what counts.

Siemens Convergence Bringing Oracle Service Cloud to Central and East European Markets
With each passing year, the world is becoming a bit more digitized. In this digital age, fast communication and easy sharing have revolutionized the way businesses are done, the way modern nomads juggle between home and work and the way students are taught in the classrooms. Companies like Siemens Convergence Creators (Siemens CVC) are making this happen all over the world with their innovative, intelligent communication solutions. Siemens CVC's turn key communication solutions are used in diverse sectors, including communication networks, service and customer management, public safety and security, multimedia infotainment, as well as space technology.

Cloud Technology, Gamification and Social Media Headline Current Trends in Call Center Technology
DATAMARK recently published a paper summarizing the latest trends in call center technology in response to Call Center Week, an industry trade show held in June in Las Vegas. It probably comes as no surprise that in 2014, cloud computing would be at the top of that list, but also included were things like gamification, security and social media.

Building Customer Loyalty: Not as Easy as it Seems
Customer loyalty is becoming increasingly difficult to keep for a number of brands in the United States. While it's easy to deliver a single pleasant experience, maintaining a consistently satisfying relationship with customers is no simple task.

Lyris' Digital Marketing Application Enhances Customer Communications
Lyris announced a set of mini applications which will ensure optimized data integration, engagement analytics, and email sender reputation monitoring for marketers.

Call Center Employee Accidentally Causes Security Breach
In early June, Access Health CT, the state health exchange created by the Affordable Care Act, almost suffered a bad security breach, when an employee of Maximus, the exchange's call center vendor, walked out of the office with a backpack containing sensitive customer information.

Easy Office Phone Dispels Common Misconceptions about Cloud-Based Phone Services
It is imperative that businesses move to cloud-based communication systems, as the FCC is already discussing the end to using a traditional public phone network. Cloud-based phone services are the solution of the future and it is recommended that businesses should make the change now and not postpone.

Call Center Headsets: an Absolute Must
It's a pain in the neck to have to work in a noisy environment, and with people's voices having a rather unnerving effect, call centers can become 'places of woe', but for those great head-sets that help to effectively drown the different colored noises - which answers the question -headsets-a boon or a bane?

InterCloud Announces Contract with Harbortouch
InterCloud Systems, Inc., a single-source provider of end-to-end information technology (IT) and next-generation network solutions to the telecommunications service provider (carrier) and corporate enterprise markets through cloud platforms and professional services, announced a contract valued at $400,000 with Harbortouch to provide a total migration from its legacy voice system to next-generation unified communications (UC) and contact center (CC) architectures.

Five9 Heats Things up This Summer with Latest Cloud Contact Center Release
Fun on the beach and poolside drinks aren't the only things that are exciting this summer. If you're in the contact center space, Five9 has released a treat that is sure to make you melt.

Powering Your Fast-Growing Company With Just A Phone
Having a mobile-first approach to your business is table stakes. According to Gartner, there were nearly 1 billion smartphones sold to end-users in 2013 alone. That means there are 1 billion opportunities for companies to use the mobile experience to get new customers.

Customers Like Hosted Call Centers Better
Understanding what clients want out of the interaction is a good first step towards success. The next step includes selecting the solutions necessary to support the customer service strategy. In many cases, the solution may be the hosted contact center. Such a deployment can empower the smaller business or the large enterprise to connect with clients through strategic processes that produce desired outcomes.

UK BPO Adopts LiveOps to Enhance Customer Service
LiveOps, an early mover in the area of cloud-based enterprise services and focusing specifically on contact center and customer service, has been selected by United Kingdom financial services Business Process Outsourcer (BPO).

QGate Unveils New Version of intelli-CTi for Saleslogix
QGate Software, a company specializing in Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and CRM, unveiled a new version of its CTI solution - intelli-CTi for Saleslogix.

Five9 CEO Talks Hosted Call Center Benefits with NASDAQ
While many contact centers are finding that hosted solutions are providing multiple benefits - both financial and organizational - the change-over to the cloud has been a little less transparent to the overall business world and to the customers that contact centers service. Customers don't care (on the surface) whether the agent they are speaking with is using a premises-based system or a cloud-based system, but they might if they need the advantages the cloud can offer regarding the quality of customer service they're being offered.

The Long Term Risks of Not Supporting Social Customer Service
Social media is becoming one of the primary ways people communicate online. More than one billion people use Facebook - that's more than one in seven people on Planet Earth - and about 500 million Tweets are sent each day. If the goal of marketing is to present products and services where people live, it's pretty clear that savvy marketers should have mastered social media by now, or at the very least be high on the learning curve.

Outbound Call Center Week in Review
As Spring finally makes its way to the East Coast here in the U.S., call center news related to outbound communications is shining a light on how important it is for companies to understand the technology they need, use, and how to keep it secure.

Arador Introduces CloudPatrol Service
Fraud and identity theft are growing today and it is not just limited to individual users' but also to businesses, call centers and their networks and business processes. Not only are hackers gaining access to the sensitive information from the outside, but there have also been cases where an insider has stolen valuable email lists from their employer and set-up a competing online business for example.

Customer Perception of Foreign Call Center Outsourcing is a Hidden Disadvantage
On paper, moving a call center to an offshore location looks like a great choice. After all, popular offshore outsourcing locations such as India and the Philippines have highly educated workforces, people who speak English well (albeit with accents) and labor costs that are lower than the U.S. Internet telephony makes the whole thing affordable from a telecom standpoint.

Desire for Multichannel Increases Spending on Hosted Contact Center Services
There is, however, still plenty of room to grow in the hosted and cloud-based contact center industry. The IDC research finds that 39 percent of companies today say they are using hosted or on-demand contact center services, and another 38 percent are evaluating such a service. As the marketplace becomes more crowded, companies have more choices than ever before, so it's critical they evaluate carefully before choosing a solution that will meet their needs.

Canadian Tire Financial Services recognized by Service Quality Measurement Group
Canadian Tire Financial Services Limited (CTFS), a company primarily engaged in marketing and promoting Canadian Tire branded financial products and services, recently announced in a press release that Service Quality Measurement Group (SQM) has recognized the company with Call Center of the Year for 2013 for its customer service contact centers in Welland and St. Catharines, Ontario.

Noble Systems: Automate Sales or Pay the Price
It's the era of automation, and without it businesses won't survive. Automation not only takes away the pain from repetitive tasks, but reduces labor costs and helps to complete tasks better and faster. Strangely, however, a survey by Noble Systems Corporation revealed that sales teams in most organisations still relied on the traditional, time consuming, manual processes (prone to errors) in order to contact with prospects.

A Busy 2014 for a Cloud-based Contact Center Services Provider
Growth in the cloud contact center industry is booming, and the companies that offer these solutions - particularly the well-established ones - are watching their businesses grow at lightning speed. Customers far beyond their traditional base of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are onboarding their solutions to take advantage of multitude of advantages the cloud can offer the contact center such as low upfront capital, multichannel capabilities, usage flexibility, remote administration and functionality across physical sites and even home agents.

Dialsmith offers Slidermetrix, a Software as a Service (SaaS) application for publishers
A Portland, Oregon-based technology company, Dialsmith announced the general availability of Slidermetrix, a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that eases one's ability to share online content. Slidermetrix also offers a fast, cost-effective approach to market test recorded video content for marketing and media researchers.

3CLogic Announces Enhancements in Version 5.0 of Cloud Contact Center Software
Cloud contact center solutions specialists 3CLogic have unveiled version 5.0 of its software, featuring the Athena Reporting framework, the Iris scripting engine and a number of upgrades. The new release offers data insight and tools as well as flexibility to help contact centers migrate to the cloud as well as improve customer experience, upselling and first call resolution functionality.

MediaCom Uses BrightTag to Deliver Real-Time Tag Management
After choosing BrightTag to streamline and centralize the tag management process, MediaCom can deploy new tags on the automaker's site enables the agency to instantly launch digital campaigns for increased marketing agility. MediaCom can see Improvements in the automaker's website performance that shaved page-load times by nearly a full second, enhancing the customer experience online.

Callaway Golf Company Deploys Kronos Cloud to Stabilize Workforce Management Processes
Callaway Golf Company, a manufacturer of premium golf equipment, was looking for an alternative solution to replace the payroll system it used. After a thorough study, the company has finalized on Kronos solutions arrayed in the Kronos Cloud, to comprehensively standardize its workforce management processes.

NeuStar Debuts PlatformOne
The new PlatformOne from NeuStar is a single interface which leverages real-time customer and media insights to centralize marketing solutions and optimize campaigns.

Integrated Voice Solutions Joins Aspect Software's North America Channel Partner Program
Integrated Voice Solutions (IVS), an innovative contact center solutions provider of "right-fit" technology, will be joining Aspect Software's North America channel partner program. The announcement came from Aspect Software, a provider of fully-integrated customer interaction management, workforce optimization, back-office solutions, and award-winning cloud solutions.

Five9 Makes IPO Debut
Cloud-based contact center provider Five9 went public today on the NASDAQ (under the symbol FIVN) with a starting per share price of $7.95, which reports indicate values the company at about $322 million. That's a bit lower than the original $10 per share initially expected.

Kaon Interactive Launches New Cloud-based Digital Marketing Platform
Using the newly launched cloud-based digital marketing platform, one can seamlessly deliver new B2B marketing and sales enablement applications to any place, any time and over any device.

Elixir's Tango SaaS Correspondence Applications Streamline Communications for Healthcare Providers
Elixir unveiled its Tango SaaS offerings for Health Insurance, which is expected to help healthcare providers leverage subscription-based portals to simplify the creation, management, and delivery of business communications.

Star2Star Gives Partners More Opportunities with Expanded Partner Program
Marketing is a complex task and partner programs are aimed at helping resellers extend their reach and increase their sales opportunity. Star2Star Communications has hence decided to expand its digital marketing program for reseller partners and thus expand opportunities for them.

Sharing of Cloud Telephony Resources Could Cause Headaches in Telemarketing Non-Compliance
While most of us still receive unwanted calls, whether they're illegally placed robocalls by "card services" or legal political calls extolling us to vote for the best candidate, these nuisance communications aren't sticking to the telephone.

GM CEO Spends Time in Call Centers in Response to Recalls
CBS's popular television show Undercover Boss has been treating viewers to a fun exploration of how company executives handle discovering just how their businesses run on the ground level. CEOs and other bosses have been getting into disguises and working as frontline employees, experiencing the difficulties of being a retail employee, or just how poorly a factory worker may be performing. The show has its ups and downs, with some employees being rewarded for their loyalty upon finding out the new trainee was actually their boss, while others find themselves suddenly out of a job after confiding in the boss that they have been going to work inebriated.

Wheelings & Dealings: ClickSoftware Acquires Xora
ClickSoftware, a proven leader in automated mobile workforce management and service optimization solutions, has announced that it will merge with Xora Inc., a cloud-based market leader in mobile workforce management. Under the terms of the merger agreement, the consideration for the transaction is approximately $14.7 million in cash, plus working capital and cash adjustments.

RevitasNOW Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace
Revitas is taking a large step closer to achieving their business goals by having their RevitasNOW Contract Manager software available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. They can now use the relationship they have developed with Oracle to sell their software to customers as an integrated package with Oracle sales software to help improve its overall CRM capabilities. Customers will gain ability to write, implement future control of agreements which will help to speed the process for bringing a product to market.

3CLogic Attains High Marks in Independent Customer Satisfaction Survey by DMG Consulting
DMG Consulting, a diversified management consulting and research firm, has ranked 3CLogic as number one in 10 customer satisfaction categories in its annual 2013-2014 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report.

Westcon Signs Distribution Agreement with Collab9
Westcon Group, a value-added distributor of unified communications, network infrastructure, data center, and security solutions with a global network of specialty resellers, recently announced its Comstor business unit has signed a distribution agreement with collab9, for FedRAMP and FISMA-certified, Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions (HCS).

OneReach's SMS Call Center Platform Provides Agent Chat Capabilities That Are Convenient for the Customer
Nowadays, call centers are becoming more popular for business success. Companies have adopted various communication technologies in their contact centers to ensure customers always have quick and easy access to call center representatives. For example, the use of email, self-service automated menu options or interactive voice response (IVR) systems to find answers to customers' problems/issues are often offered as an alternative to speaking to a live agent by phone. Technology clearly has a key role here to provide a service that is able to decrease call volume and, perhaps, increase customer satisfaction.

Five9 Talks Cloud Adoption, Personalized Customer Service and Proactive Care
Customer expectations and demands are growing, especially as accessibility to businesses becomes easier and more transparent. Social media has become a critical part of multichannel service, just as chat, email and voice contextual integration have become necessary for companies to meet customer demands - once customer agents interact with customers, they should know their previous behavior and interactions with the company.

Firstsource Solutions Closing Centerpiece Colorado Call Center
A large call center owned by international call center titan Firstsource Solutions Ltd. will be closing in September 2014, leaving its 300 employees without jobs.

Zimbra Unveils Free Edition of Zimbra Community 8.0
Zimbra announced the launch of the free edition of Zimbra Community 8.0, the highly popular community software solution for widespread adoption of online communities. The new version is customized for small business owners and individual users who wish to explore the power of social engagement for business enhancement. The free edition is one of the first in the industry encompassing a full suite of applications aimed at driving customer engagement, enhancing customer satisfaction, and building employee loyalty.

Synergistix Launches CATS Express for Smartphones
Synergistix announced the launch of the smartphone version of its highly popular CRM solution at its 10th Annual Users Conference held in Florida during the first week of March 2014. The new solution, CATS Express, is the latest addition to the company's Customer Analysis and Targeting System (CATS) Software Suite. The company had a record-breaking number of participants at the event, giving a major boost to the company's efforts in capturing the interests of the target customers through its innovative product line.

SaaS Sales Lead Management CRM Solution Provider LeadMaster Turns 16
LeadMaster has been providing SaaS-enabled Sales force CRM and Lead Management Tracking solutions since 1998. The easy to use, web based solution has been designed for sales and marketing teams. Thanks to its global network of value-added resellers, consultants, and system integrators, LeadMaster has expanded its presence in some of the world's key markets. The company is celebrating 16 years of its presence in the cloud computing CRM sector by introducing a series of product enhancements.

Serco Partners With Hull City Council to Create New Jobs for Contact Center
Serco Global Services announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with the Hull City Council to create 17 new job opportunities for its contact center. Continuing to witness a huge inflow of calls, the city council decided to create more city center jobs to effectively meet the call influx. The call center recorded a near 40 percent increase in the number of calls over the recent seven weeks as compared to the call volume during the last seven weeks of 2013.

Comings & Goings: Prime Design Appoints Seven Territory Managers to Improve Customer Service
Prime Design announced the appointment of seven full-time territory managers, a strategic move that will look to balance its dealer network after its recent realignment of it's Safe Fleet business. Prime Design also announced the appointment of an internal Distribution Coordinator to provide additional support to the newly hired Territory Managers.

New Version of IXACT Contact Realtor CRM Unveiled
IXACT Contact Solutions, a division of Morris Real Estate Marketing Group, is a developer of real estate CRM software. The company's IXACT Contact is an easy-to-use, web-based real estate contact management system that helps realtors stay organized and build lasting relationships with past clients, hot prospects, and important referral sources.

3C Now a Member of ATSI and CAM-X
3C Contact Services is a provider of tailored inbound and outbound solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses. Positioned in North America, 3C constantly strives to move forward, use the latest innovations in the industry, improve processes, and most importantly, focus to work as a team.

OurHelix CRM Agency Provides Complimentary Services to Small Businesses
As a business owner, how does it feel when you see that high traffic of your website is not turning to business lead? In this competitive business environment, getting qualified lead that could be converted into customer is the most challenging task. OurHelix, a Chicago-based CRM and marketing agency, is offering a free custom 5-minute video audit that help businesses get found online, obtain more leads, manage their relationships, and grow their revenue. A free 5-minute video audit allows Ourhelix's expert to go through your site and giving recommendations to convert visitors to leads and then leads to customers.

Social Customer Service Platform Conversocial Debuts Solution for the Customer Service Agents on Social Media
Customer service has acquired a social angle in the age of social media, with more and more customers turning to brands' social media channels to get their issues resolved quickly. A new breed of customer service agents are born out of this trend, creating the need for a new age solution to measure the performance and efficiency of these agents responding to customers via social media.

3CLogic Lands New Funding, Fostering Rapid Growth in Call Center SaaS
3CLogic has announced its plans to foster significant growth in its call center software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings for businesses following the closure of $4.2 million in series B funding. The funding initiative was led by Blu Venture Investors and will be a significant capital at disposal for 3CLogic to enhance their contact center offerings with the stupendous growth in demand for cloud-based solutions in the industry.

TeleVoice to Project New Image with New Website
How many chances do you get to make a 'good first impression?' - Just one-and what's true for people-is also true for companies: their websites proclaim to the whole world who and what they are. That's why TeleVoice, a provider of customized call center solutions, launched a new website to support its mission of enhanced customer service and compliance with new regulations.

FTC Cracks Down on Debt Collectors Using Names That Imply They Are Government Agencies
Consumers today are grappling with amounts of household debt that is only slightly lower than the record highs seen several years ago after the Great Recession began. Total U.S. household debt is estimated to be $11.5 trillion, which means that Americans are far from strangers with debt. They're also increasingly far from strangers with collection agencies, as a result.

Cloud Contact Center Leader Five9 Files for IPO
The cloud contact center industry has been a thing to behold in recent years. Its technologies have provided opportunities for companies of all sizes, from small organizations that were formerly unable to afford expensive premise-based solutions all the way up to large enterprises that wished to adopt a true omnichannel strategy for customer support. The model has found favor with companies that wished to save money by allowing their contact center workers to work from home, and from organizations with geographically distributed human resources that wished to tie multiple locations together into a single customer support entity.

Synthetix Moves to a New Address to Accommodate Its Ramped Up Workforce
Worldwide companies are expanding their marketing budgets to establish a presence and deliver customer service through multiple channels. UK-based Synthetix, which is focused on developing multi-channel customer service and knowledge-based software for customer engagement on the web and mobile, capitalized on the trend and came up with a series of innovative solutions. The efforts have been rewarded with a bevy of client wins.

Red Box Recorders Updates its Corporate Positioning and Logo
Red Box Recorders, a global provider of voice and data recording solutions recently announced a change in its corporate positioning and logo. The new designs support the company's increased international growth, and the tagline has been changed from 'Simpler smarter voice' to 'the smart choice,' to represent that the company is an acknowledged market leader.

Full Circle CRM Gives Powerful Campaign Attribution to Marketers
Full Circle CRM is accelerating business transformation for the connected world with the release of Full Circle Response Management for the Salesforce1 Mobile App on Salesforce1 AppExchange.

comScore, Acxiom Partner to Offer Real-time Multi-channel Marketing
comScore, a data analytics company, and Acxiom, a data analytics and SaaS provider, have announced a partnership to improve their audience reporting and multi-channel marketing abilities.

California Health Exchange Adds Call Center Staff to Reduce Hold Times
With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment deadline looming, Covered California-the state's health exchange-is training an additional 250 customer service representatives for its phone lines and plans to hire another 100 people to begin training within a few weeks.

Wheelings & Dealings: Iowa Network Services Acquires Domestic In-state Call Center Company
More often than not, call centers are operating overseas since labor is cheaper and people are still able to speak intelligible English abroad. However, there are still a few companies that choose to provide call center services in the United States, such as Caleris. Iowa Network Services has just recently announced the acquisition of this company, which offers outsourced call center services to telecommunications providers and other technology firms.

Insurance Company Enhances Service and Sales Operation with NewVoiceMedia Cloud Contact Center Technology
NewVoiceMedia has claimed that its cloud contact center technology has helped a nationally-operating car insurance specialist to transform its service and sales operation.

Confirmit Unveils SODA 3.0 Version
Confirmit, global software provider for market research, customer experience and employee engagement, has announced the release of version 3.0 of its innovative mobile App, SODA.

CounterPath's Bria Softphone to Revolutionize Call Center Communications
CounterPath Corp. recently announced that the company's Bria softphone is being deployed by a number of operators in the industry aiming to revamp their call center communication systems.

Bandit uses AccountMate CRM to Support Continued Growth
Bandit Industries, a manufacturer and suppliers of hand-fed brush and wood chippers is using AccountMate financial system to improve sales and business. AccountMate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is equipped with new technology and new businesses processes to find attract and secure new clients and retain existing customers.

Penton's Public Infrastructure Debuts Govalytics
The Penton's Public Infrastructure group, which represents a network of customers in targeted public service markets, stated that its newly released Govalytics is a SaaS tool that is designed to offer dynamic intelligence to city and county governments across the country.

Datel Acquires Sage 200 Customer Base from Pythagoras Communications
Datel, Sage Business Partner of the Year, has acquired the Sage 200 customer base from Pythagoras Communications Ltd.

Congress Tries Again with Another Anti-Offshore Call Center Outsourcing Bill
While it sounds like a great idea in theory, legislation of this nature has been tried before - New Jersey has been on the forefront of it - and it has failed to become law every time. The most recent attempt, H.R.3596, or the "United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act" was proposed in 2011 but died in the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade, likely due to industry lobbying against it. There is little reason to believe that S. 1565 isn't destined for the same fate.

Report Finds the EMEA Region Ripe for Hosted Contact Center Growth
As contact centers worldwide seek to become more nimble, more responsive and more multichannel, yet at the same time more efficient and cost-effective, they are increasingly turning to hosted solutions to accomplish these (sometimes seemingly) contradictory goals. The EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) is no exception, according to new research from analyst group Frost & Sullivan.

Indosoft Expands Partner Program to Help Cloud Service Providers Launch Cloud Call Centers
Indosoft, a provider of cloud call center solutions, announced updates for its partner program for cloud service providers. The new program focuses on the needs of cloud providers who are pursuing opportunities in cloud contact center as a service.

TargetX CRM Breaks Enrollment Record for the University of Nevada
The University of Nevada has broken its enrollment record by using a cloud-based CRM from TargetX that has led to the enrollment of a freshman class of more than 3,000 for the first time in its history.

ChannelNet Appoints New Executive for Customer Support and Services
ChannelNet, a provider of customer acquisition, customer retention and conquest services via web-based solutions, has announced the appointment of Molly Smith as the vice president of its customer support and services division. Smith will lead all the support services for ChannelNet's brand and channel partnership programs.

CATS Applicant Tracking System Now Integrated with 3CLogic's Contact Center Solutions
CATS Software delivers CATS Applicant Tracking System offering all the services a company needs while hiring an employee. The company has just announced integration with 3CLogic's contact center software.

MAXIMUS New York Medicaid Earns Certification as a Call Center of Excellence
BenchmarkPortal is a custodian of the largest database of contact center metrics in the world and provides call center certification, training, consulting and research for the customer contact center industry. The top 10 percent of call centers benchmarked in the company's annual list are awarded the "Center of Excellence" certification.

PLDT Unit Starts New Cloud-based Contact Center Service
Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) and its corporate enterprise arm PLDT ALPHA Enterprise, have announced the introduction of its new cloud-based contact service, which would cater to the needs of clients from financial services and business process outsourcing sectors.

Five9's Purchase of SoCoCare Part of the Recent M&A Craze in Customer Experience
In addition to Echopass and Angel, Genesys in the past 12 months has acquired SoundBite, which is known for its outbound solutions. Angel, meanwhile, was a leading inbound provider targeting medium and large enterprise customers with inbound IVR solutions and offering mid-market contact center solutions. Genesys is the inbound leader with the pending acquisition of Echopass and No. 2 in outbound with the acquisition of SoundBite.

Medallia Hires Chief Customer Officer to Lead Expansions and Renewals
Medallia, a provider of SaaS CEM solutions, has announced it appointed Ken Fine chief customer officer, to handle the company's entire product and services organization - including product design, program definition, scoping and implementation, customer support, expansions and renewals.

X2Engine Introduces X2CRM Version 3.5
X2Engine, Inc., a provider of software and cloud hosting services for X2CRM, has rolled out X2CRM Version 3.5, a sales and marketing application ideal for companies that need a securely focused customer information system. With a special emphasis on salesforce speed and process optimization, X2CRM is compact and easy to use, yet incredibly flexible and cost-efficient.

SandSIV AG Teams with IMB, Unveils Enhanced VoC Analytics Solution
SandSIV AG, a Swiss-based provider of Voice of the Customer (VoC) technologies and customer experience management (CXM) consulting, collaborated with IMD, a Swiss-based business school and global enabler of executive education, to launch VoC Classify.

Sound Telecom Helps Trepoint Boost Seminar Attendance
When it comes to marketing a successful event, you have to push for a maximum number of attendees. So it stands to reason the registration process represents one of the most crucial parts of the event.

XO Communications Recognized by CUSTOMER Magazine
XO Communications, a provider of advanced IP communications, intelligent networking and cloud computing services, was recently recognized by CUSTOMER magazine with a 2013 IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award. The officials from the XO said that company has been recognized for its integrated XO Hosted PBX and Contact Center on Demand solution.

blinkbox Selects Akamai's Viewer Diagnostics to Enhance Customer Care Experience
Akamai Technologies, Inc. recently announced that blinkbox has selected Akamai Viewer Diagnostics in an effort to improve its customer care experience. Viewer Diagnostics will provide blinkbox with access to information regarding quality of service and experience for each individual account, allowing it to deliver effective online support for each customer.

Secure Telephone Payments with Secured by Semafone
Semafone, a provider of secure voice transactions for contact centers and retailers taking Cardholder Not Present (CNP) payments, recently launched a new trustmark called Secured by Semafone.

VoIP Supply Unveils Cisco-powered Virtual Receptionist
VoIP Supply and Cisco are working together to power a virtual receptionist. By utilizing the Cisco EX60 TelePresence System, VoIP Supply enables organizations to leverage the virtual receptionist and avoid the requirement for a permanent receptionist, thereby allowing employees to remotely track the front door.

Milestone Internet Marketing Releases MediaConnet360
Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc., a provider of Internet marketing solutions for the lodging industry, recently released MediaConnet360, a social media marketing management tool designed for the hospitality and travel market. This new online tool enables users to reach new audiences across all marketing channels, provide locally relevant marketing ideas, enable team collaboration and facilitate execution of marketing plans.

Car Research Releases Auto Dealer CRM Software Program
Selling cars starts with attracting leads to the dealership outlet, advertising online, converting leads to sales and the actual sale process. Although the strategy followed by different companies is different, in order to enhance the process, many dealerships leverage the benefits of customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Accelerate Lead Conversions with Advantly, HighriseHQ
Let's say you get a lot of phone calls, talk to many people, make notes about conversations and promise yourself that you'd remember everything about everybody you've spoken to- do you think that you can really keep track of the zillion dialogues and convert your leads into sales? Sadly, the human brain, though prodigious in its capacity to remember, cannot soak it all in. You need help.

Verint Impact 360 Chosen by International Insurance Organization for Back-office Operations
Verint Systems, a company helping organizations improve everything that impacts the customer experience, has announced that a leading international insurance organization is using its Impact 360, for back-office operations.

FTC's 'Robocall Challenge' Winning Solution Nomorobo Will Go Live Sept. 30
If fraudulent robocalls are the bane of your existence - and for many people, they are - there may be a solution coming soon, thanks to last year's Federal Trade Commission (FTC) "Robocall Challenge," a crowdsourcing appeal for solutions to the problem.

Cadient Group Gets Bigger with New Strategy Team
Digital marketing agency Cadient Group has been serving a diverse range of industry markets and stakeholders, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, hospital and healthcare systems, institutions and associations. For over a decade, Cadient Group has been actively innovating in the digital space.

LanguageLine's Interpreting Services Facilitates Nationwide Real Estate Transactions
Ordinarily, selling a house can be very difficult and frustrating even when all those involved are on the same page. Imagine then what it would be like if the owners don't speak English. Over the past decade, the number of limited English proficient U.S. homeowners has grown dramatically. That then would put them in the same boat, but for LanguageLine Solutions, the fifth largest interpreting and translations company in the world.

Banks Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Modernize Business Operations
Microsoft Corp recently announced that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is being utilized by a number of global financial institutions. An increasing number of banks around the world are using the solution to modernize their business operations while also making use of the platform to adopt customer-centric businesses.

Award-Winning Author Aaron Ross to Assist with Pipelinersales' Expansion Plans
Pipelinersales Inc. recently announced that it will be aided in its expansion strategy by the award winning author of "Predictable Revenue," Aaron Ross. By contracting with Ross, Pipelinersales is further building on its mission to deliver necessary tools and knowledge to sales people, which will help them in optimizing their selling process.

Altitude Software Strengthens Executive Leadership to Support Market Expansion
Altitude Software recently announced that it has introduced changes in its core executive leadership team with the aim of supporting and supplementing its ongoing market expansion.

IBM Promotes Digital Marketing Network in the Cloud
IBM and more than 100 of its business partners have launched the IBM Digital Marketing Network in the cloud.

English Cloud Admin Introduces BPO Services in the UK
English Cloud Administrative Services, a Delaware-based company that provides virtual employees to small businesses and large corporations around the world, has said that it is expanding BPO services in the United Kingdom to offers assistance to companies in the UK that are struggling to resolve issues related to staffing and recruitment, such as potential lawsuits for hiring practices, work-related injuries, unlawful termination, poor employee performance, and trade unions.

HootSuite Implements Marketo's Cloud-based Marketing Software
Marketo recently announced that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with HootSuite. By leveraging Marketo, HootSuite hopes to boost the conversion of its over seven million free users into premium users. The social relationship platform adds over 10,000 free users each day, and was looking for a platform that could foster potential premium users at scale.

Australian Call Centers to Face a Shortage of Skilled Workers
With layoffs and call center closings not being uncommon in Australia, some might be surprised to hear that Australian contact centers are actually expected to face a shortage of skilled staff in the coming years. According to a study from FuturePeople CEO Linda Simonsen, a quarter of call center managers already claim to have a dearth of workers with certain skills.

Enghouse Interactive Releases Cloud Contact Center Solution Update
Enghouse Interactive has announced the release of version 6.1.1 of its Contact Center: Service Provider solution. The updated release promises to deliver a range of operational efficiency and productivity improvements for service providers.

Unisys Unveils SaaS Variant of InfoImage ECM Solution
Unisys Corporation has unveiled a software-as-a-service or SaaS variant of InfoImage enterprise content management or ECM offering. The organization has also unveiled a novel industry-specific InfoImage Mortgage Application, which can be used for computerizing the processing and servicing of mortgage loans.

Black Box and Mitel Expand Relationship to Target Cloud Growth
Mitel and Black Box Corporation (BBOX) recently announced that they were extending the reach of their existing relationship in order to offer cloud-based communications, collaboration and customer care services to a bigger market segment. Both companies have been in a long term partnership and this new agreement will enable Black Box to promote, sell and support cloud communications services across the nation. All of these cloud communications services are powered by Mitel.

[24]7's Vivid Speech Wins Star Performer Award
[24]7, a provider of customer experience solutions, recently announced that it has been recognized for its Vivid Speech solution. The company has won the Star Performer Award from Speech Technology magazine for its solution enabling speech, touch, and visual display in customer interactions. Officials from Speech Technology Magazine said that [24]7 has been recognized for its technological achievements following the acquisition of Voxify and its partnership with Microsoft.

Florida-based TradeWinds Beach Resort Picks NAVIS Solution
Today, many high-value leisure properties are relying on the reservation sales system to successfully track incoming or outgoing calls or proactively contact leads, and mainly to boost their revenue.

Jama Raises $13M to Bring Its SaaS-Based Product Delivery Platform to Enterprises
Product development managers around the world are struggling to develop their products within the stipulated time and budget. This is partly due to poor management of time, money and resources. A lot of time is also wasted on communications within and between different departments in an organization.

Verizon Terremark Cloud Supports Thinaire's Mobile Marketing Platform
In order to support growing near field communications (NFC) technology, Thinaire has selected Verizon Terremark's Enterprise Cloud, which allows for seamless scaling based upon traffic, need and demand.

Scribe Spearheads Development of Cloud-based Customer Data Integration
Scribe Software has released the financial results for the second quarter of 2013. The organization has reported strong development of its cloud-based integration service portfolio in this quarter. Scribe continues to be one of the major organizations in the customer data integration market.

eVoice Turns Clicks into Sales with New Click to Call Feature
eVoice has introduced the new click to call feature that allows business owners to place a "Click to Call" button on a web page, blog post or email that, when clicked, prompts the customer to enter their phone number. The eVoice system then calls the customer's number and connects him/her directly to the business.

Yello Hires Multilingual Operators to Extend Service Globally
Yello, a customer contact center located in Isle of Man, recently confirmed that it has initiated a hiring program for operators who have multilingual skills. The organization aims to extend its service across the globe by delivering services to companies requiring a multilingual customer service offering.

Boosting Customer Engagement and Satisfaction with Cloud-based Solutions
While many companies use total cost of ownership (TCO) to compare and contrast solutions before a purchase, when it comes to evaluating a switch to a cloud-based contact center solution from a premise-based installation, it becomes tricky. Using TCO as a tool becomes a bit like comparing apples to giraffes.

Strategy Meets Action Report Reveals that More Insurance Companies are Outsourcing CCM
Strategy Meets Action or SMA published a recent report which examines the growing trend among insurance companies to outsource their customer communications management (CCM).

karmaCRM Intros New API
Helping developers create tools that adapt to a company's evolving needs, KarmaCRM recently announced the introduction of a new API. This new API springs beyond the karmaCRM web app and enters its knowledge ecosystem, allowing users to integrate karmaCRM with existing business process applications to obtain a seamless workflow.

Five Tips from Mindshare Technologies to Help Companies Retain Customers
For a company seeking to increase profits, retaining existing customers is as important as winning new ones. An expert in Voice of the Customer (VoC) technologies, Mindshare Technologies is engaged in gathering and analyzing customer feedback to help companies do just that.

Survive or Thrive: Beacon Investment Properties Takes on the Recession
If you're trying to strengthen your company's standing during tough times don't squirrel cash away, be the guy investing in great opportunities. (NOTE: In no way should this be interpreted as actual investment advice.)

NewVoiceMedia Appoints Technical Sales Director in APAC
Aspden has a rich experience in the contact center industry and has served as Operations Manager at National Australia Bank (NAB). In this position, he managed the contact centre technology for the bank's 3,000-seat virtual contact center. Before that, he has worked in many senior positions in various contact center companies and has more than 18 years of experience in this field.

Imenso to Empower Businesses with Customized CRM Solutions
Imenso Software, a provider of software development services, will be offering customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to businesses for enhancing their interactions with customers, clients and business prospects.

Zurmo Integrates Three Apps to Its Open Source CRM System
Zurmo is a next-generation, open source customer relationship management (CRM) application that is mobile, social and gamified. It allows companies to create and maintain a custom-built CRM system that is forward compatible.

ProTrak International Debuts a New Internet-based CRM Solution
Internet-based CRM solutions are gaining popularity because of their easy usability. Many companies are looking to capture this emerging market by releasing new products.

Audit: Workers at Costly VA Job Center Take Only 2 Calls a Day
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is apparently suffering, but not from lack of funding, which is a common problem among many similar departments. In fact, its problem is that it is overfunded.

Altitude uCI Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps Global Service Automation Software Company Increase Productivity
A global service automation software company reportedly deployed the Altitude uCI customer interaction management solution and integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to maximize the productivity of its sales team and enhance customer experience.

C5 Insight Compares Top Two CRM Systems
Customer relationship management (CRM) can assist companies in decreasing expenses and enhancing profitability. They can achieve this by organizing and automating business processes that encourage customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ITX's New Customer Support Center Will Open Its Doors Next Month
On its way to break all its past revenue records this year, the Web hosting and website development firm ITX Design decided to open a new customer service facility for its growing customer base. The new facility will open its door on July 4 in a coastal Oregon location.

Isle of Man Gets New Full-Service Contact Center for Its Thriving Betting and Gaming Sector
Betting and gaming is a flourishing industry in the Isle of Man, a small island located in the Irish Sea between Ireland and Great Britain; and the launch of a new call center exclusively dedicated to these two sectors reinforces the industry's success. The new Isle of Man call center called "Yello" is a government initiative that draws its support from the island's Department of Economic Development.

Keeping up with EU Telemarketing, Consumer Privacy Laws - Not for the Faint of Heart
Is your call center organization fully compliant with the laws governing personal information, do-not-call lists and call abandon regulations? Chances are that it is, unless you're keen to rack up tens of thousands of dollars in fees from the federal and state governments.

Yahoo to Hire 125 New Employees in Expanded Lockport Call Center Facility
Yahoo is undergoing a massive transformation in an effort to shake off its Web 1.0 identity in a Web 2.0 world, under its new, vivacious CEO Marisa Mayer. One of its strategies involves the fast, ambitious, aggressive hiring of new talent. Hiring is what's happening in every area of the company's operations and recently it revealed it will hire an additional 125 people to fill a call center that is currently being constructed near its data center in the Town of Lockport. N.Y. industrial park.

HOSTING's Brian Raboin Presented at IQPC Call Center Event
Brian Raboin, chief customer officer at HOSTING, presented Oracle at the 14th Annual Call Center Week hosted by IQPC in Las Vegas. Oracle offers complete customer experience solution and enables companies to differentiate themselves across all channels, touchpoints and interactions. Raboin spoke about the course the leading provider charted to create a customer-focused service. He leads Product Development, Service Transition and Training at Hosting.

Transcosmos, CBN Open Outbound Call Center Joint Venture in Indonesia
Southeast Asia is emerging as a hub of call center outsourcing. Countries like the Philippines and Malaysia have already got a prominent position in the outbound call center business, while regions like Indonesia are emerging as new markets.

JP Morgan Chase Closes Call Center in Albion, NY, Upsetting Community
JP Morgan Chase will close its call center in Albion, New York, this September, the company announced and the closure will result in the cut of the center's 413 employees.

Content Guru, Northgate Public Services to Provide Cloud Communications for UK Councils
Information technology touches all kinds of local government, and one of the biggest adopters in cloud technology is the United Kingdom. The cloud communications provider Content Guru has partnered with Northgate Public Services to offer a range of services to councils in the U.K.

Is The Future of Call Centers Free of Live Human Agents?
Will there ever be such thing as a fully automated contact center that uses no human workers whatsoever? Sure, we have the technology. Self-service technologies such as interactive voice response (IVR), speech recognition and VXML, Web-based self-service, mobile apps and in-store kiosks have gone a long way toward allowing customers to help themselves. They can do price and stock checks, look at account balances and histories, peruse frequently asked questions and query databases. They can "talk" to virtual agents that capture their voices, interpret their requests and direct them toward the answers.

Confirmit Integrates Sytel Predictive Dialer into Platform
In an effort to boost sales in a dull economy, many contact centers are turning to outbound telemarketing or customer outreach in order to keep sales in the black. While making it easy to do outbound calling once required an enormous technology investment in dialers, today, it's much easier for even small call centers to gain the benefits of predictive and preview dialers without the hardware, thanks to cloud-based solutions that turn the dialer into (essentially) just another element of call center software.

IntelaCloud Enhances National Partner Alliance Program
IntelaCloud has unveiled a high-tech data center especially for Smart Hosted Solutionsthat will be accessible by Interconnects across the United States. The web-based partner portal from IntelaCloud allows associates to access their customers' billing history and service records.
5/22/2013 Offers Comprehensive Call Center Management Services has said that it now offers comprehensive call center management services at reasonable prices. The company offers a wide range of services, including real-time reports and regulating the number of call center contacts made per minute. Additional services include assisting in changing scheduled broadcasting hours and more.

LeadFerret Adds Specialized Search Page to View Contacts Employed by MSPs
LeadFerret, a free business-to-business database with complete information, stated that by using the specialized search page integrated into its directory, one can query about and view the complete information of contacts employed by managed services providers (MSP).

UniCredit Bank Leverages SAS Data Management to Strengthen Data Warehouse
UniCredit Bank, one of Europe's largest commercial banks, stated that it leveraged SAS's powerful and scalable technology to improve and strengthen its data warehouse. The bank quickened and shortened the time involved in generating reports for the finance department, customer relationship management and anti-money laundering initiatives by implementing SAS data management solutions.

LogFire to Discuss Utilizing the Cloud to Increase Operational Efficiency
At the conference, LogFire executives will be present to explain to attendees about the ways which consumer goods manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, ecommerce companies and logistics service providers (3PLs/4PLs) are leveraging its own solutions and the cloud to increase operational efficiency and maximize supply chain performance.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts to Set Up New Customer Contact Center in Kansas
To give more convenience to its guests in booking reservations and provide Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) member services, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. plans to open a new customer contact center in Wichita, Kan. in late 2013.The staff added in the new contact center will allow Starwood to support innovative customer programs, including the Ambassador Program, and to offer personalized experiences to guests.

Thinxtream Selects Corent's SurPaaS to Launch New Channel-Ready SaaS Business
Thinxtream Technologies, a software company that delivers products and services for media, print and device management applications, announced its partnership with Corent Technology, an enabler of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, to deliver new channel-ready SaaS business.

Princeton Financial Systems Publishes SaaS SOC2SM, Type 2 Controls Report
Financial institutions often have to comply with various rules and regulations in their day to day operations. Although this is the case with companies in every sector, this is more so the case with companies in the financial sector.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra Selects Evolve IP's Unified Communications and IP Phone System
The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, hailed as one of the greatest orchestras in the world, has selected Evolve IP's unified communications / IP phone system and hosted call center services.

Insurance Giant Gains 360-degree Customer View with NoSQL Implementation
If contact centers have a kind of Holy Grail, it's this: developing a 360-degree customer view. This means that regardless of which channel the customer chooses to contact a company, whether it's telephone, Web, paper or electronic bill payment, mobile app or even social media, the customer support organization can track, analyze and utilize the information to provide better customer service.

Intelliverse, Cincom Combine Solutions to Offer Exceptional Customer Service
Intelliverse, a provider of cloud based collaboration and CRM applications, and Cincom Systems, a provider of customer experience management (CEM) solutions, have announced a partnership under which Intelliverse's Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) will be integrated with Cincom's Synchrony intelligent agent desktop. This integration will enable both companies to provide a cloud-based, multi-channel contact center solution to customers.

Servant Systems Adds New Modules to Molly Maid Franchise Management Software
Franchise software developer Servant Systems has implemented an upgraded version of Molly Maid Customer Care System (CCS). The original version of the software was developed by the company back in 1992 for Molly Maid, a well-known home cleaning franchise.

OAISYS Honored with TMC's CRM Excellence Award
OAISYS, a provider of business call recording and contact center management solutions, recently announce that it has won a 2013 CRM Excellence Award from TMC, as presented by CUSTOMER magazine. TMC, a global, integrated media company, recognized OAISYS for its Tracer call recording solution that delivers highly affordable, enterprise-class call recording and contact center management feature functionality.

Parature Wins 2013 CRM Excellence Award from TMC
Parature, a company that develops cloud-based customer service software, recently has received the 2013 CRM Excellence Award from TMC, presented by CUSTOMER magazine. The company has been recognized for its multi-channel customer engagement solution being used by more than 3,000 customers across the globe.

MetricNet Releases Results of Its 2013 Canada Benchmarks for Customer Service Contact Centers
MetricNet, a provider of IT service and support benchmarking, published its 2013 Canada Benchmarks for Customer Service Contact Center, Service Desk and Desktop Support. The publication is available for purchase and immediate download via the MetricNet website and includes benchmarks for insourced and outsourced Canada based Call Centers, Service Desks, and Desktop Support functions.

Key ICT Players in Philippines Spreading the Word on Cloud Communications
Two of Asia's biggest info-tech industry events are scheduled to take place in Singapore next month. The biggest players in the Philippine's ICT sector have come together and are working to choose the delegation that will represent the country at the events.

CallidusCloud Releases Quota and Territory Planning Solution
Callidus Software, a specialist in cloud software, unveiled a new solution for managing sales quotas and territories. The company works under the name CallidusCloud and it works to help client organizations improve their performance and productivity.

Restaurateurs - Be more Productive and Feel More in Control with Avero's Mobile App
When Avero LLC released the Avero Slingshot app, it revolutionized how restaurants, hotels, casinos and other hospitality establishments gained insights into their operations, helping in daily decision making. The company took another step forward in that direction to augment the working of Slingshot by releasing its companion- the Avero Mobile app.

BenchmarkPortal Certifies TrialCard as a Center of Excellence
TrialCard, said to be the largest provider of patient access programs in the industry, processing over $1 billion in patient benefits per year, has been tirelessly helping brand manufacturers achieve their goals with prescribers, patients and pharmacists.

Panviva Supports Call Center Growth at Health First Health Plans
Panviva, which has developed a business process guidance system that assists businesses with navigating through complex processes and systems in real-time, has revealed that Health First Health Plans has selected the Panviva SupportPoint Business Process Guidance system to scale its call center for growth.

Gamification : Effective Tool or Wasted Effort?
The technology used in the contact center today has evolved to a point that it's hard to imagine the hardware and software used by contact center agents being any more helpful than it already is. And yet, contact centers continue to struggle with the same issues - high employee turnover, efficiency and productivity, ensuring a quality customer experience - time and again. Perhaps, the weak link in the call center chain isn't technology, but the people who use it every day.

j2Global Acquires Backup Connect BV
The acquisition will enable j2 Global to expand its services across Europe and now have a presence in areas of the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the Netherlands. These localized support teams and data centers help to obtain customer confidence and continued sales.

Companies Finding Cost Savings and Better Employees in the Work-at-Home Model
During a time of economic stagnation, it's no surprise that forward-thinking companies have turned to some unique options when it comes to saving money without affecting the quality of operations. In the case of customer service organizations, it's a matter of keeping costs down without killing customer relationships.

Presence Technology Wins 2012 Unified Communications Award
Presence Web Agent and the existing web browser work on any operating system to save time, expenses and make it easy to achieve customer service goals.

Verian Releases New Version of Purchase-to-Pay Software Suite
Verian claims its purchase-to-pay solutions meet the various requirements of different organizations with a suite of software that is flexible enough to satisfy unique and immediate needs and robust enough to evolve along with growth and expansion.

Study Says SaaS is Not Preferred by Execs for ERP Deployment
Interestingly, these same benefits are defied when it comes to implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. According to a recent IFS-sponsored study, despite the general interest for SaaS solutions, most companies still prefer more traditional delivery methods for ERP.

Complete Service Contact Center Unveiled on Isle of Man
Yello, a contact center that will address the exclusive requirements of the betting and gaming sector, has started operations in the Isle of Man. An assortment of tailored outsourced CRM and sales solutions will be provided by Yello to customers on the island and away.

Synacor Cloud ID Social Login Allows Customers to Access Online Pay-TV Content through Social Accounts
Recently, Midcontinent, one of the first customers of Synacor has offered its subscribers Social Login as a means to simultaneously authenticate for TV Everywhere content when logging in on Facebook, Twitter or Google.
4/10/2013 Expands Windows System Care Application, a provider of cloud-based technology and services, has released the latest version of Cosmos, its all-in-one system care application designed to maintain and optimize the performance of Windows PCs and Windows 8 tablet devices. The new Cosmos 3.0 is enhanced with 24 system optimization and maintenance tools to keep Windows-based devices healthy, protected and free of clutter, the company said.
4/9/2013 Releases Mobile App Development Tools in its Cloud is set to engage its customers and partners in the development of mobile apps from its cloud. The company is offering new tools and services that will allow developers to combine mobile tools and frameworks with real-time customer data to deliver engaging mobile experiences anywhere, on any device, according to the company.

Reducing Contact Center Turnover Starts at Home
Of the many expenses involved in running a contact center, by far the greatest is labor costs. This is to be expected, and is the case in most businesses. But contact centers suffer from an ill that most other companies don't feel quite as acutely: high turnover. Turnover rates in the contact center industry, which can exceed 100 percent a year - cost contact centers a great deal of money.

TSYS and Nationwide Building Society Score High on Bright Index Contact Center Benchmark
When the goods or services a company sells have little to differentiate themselves with from those of competitors, customer service - always important - becomes critical. The quality of the services offered by the call center literally becomes the only differentiator between companies. This is true in a number of industries - pay television, wireless services, book and music sales - but it particularly applies to financial services.

Orange Business Services Chosen as Asian Contact Center Leader by Research Group
Orange Business Services, a division of France Telecom-Orange, is announcing this week that it has been named the leader among cloud contact center providers in the Asia Pacific by research firm, Current Analysis. Orange was ranked as the leader for its overall cloud contact center strategy, portfolio of core and value-added services, global service availability, and strong customer references.

Arkadin Partners with AMG Systems as Part of Its Global Partner and Reseller Program
Arkadin, a collaboration services provider, stated that as part of its global Partner and Reseller Program it partnered with AMG Systems, a provider of audio, video, and Web conferencing solutions.

Transcom Philippines Predicts Good Things to Come for BPO this Year
According to Transcom Philippines, a part of business process outsourcing (BPO) provider Transcom with four locations inside the country, the future looks very bright for BPO. Their estimates for this year include $16 billion in revenue and almost three quarters of a million (720,000, more precisely) jobs generated.

There's More to an Outsourcing Operation Than You Think
When companies outsource, they want the same results that they would otherwise have with an in-house team. This means that you have to mold into your partner's culture and ensure that they're getting the work they asked for. There are a number of things you can do to go in the right direction.

Tadiran Telecom Broadens Aeonix Portfolio
Multimedia contact centers allow customers to choose a form of communication they are comfortable with and hence, such contact centers improve customer satisfaction. For this alone; a growing number of companies are opting for multimedia contact centers.

Marketing Automation SaaS Company Marketo to File for IPO
Marketing automation company Marketo, Inc. is announcing plans this week to file a $75 million IPO in an effort to expand both the business and the company's flagship product. San Mateo, California-based Marketo is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) revenue performance management company specializing in marketing automation and sales effectiveness solutions aimed at mid-size and enterprise business-to-business companies. The company also offers social marketing products following the 2011 acquisition of social campaign management company Crowd Factory. Marketo also offers Spark, marketing automation software tailored specifically for small businesses

Important Call Center Metrics You're Probably Not Measuring
While you'd think it impossible that any contact center would operate without knowing precisely who was doing what when, and whether the schedule and scripts were being adhered to, the truth is that far too many contact centers still operate on a catch-as-catch-can basis, muddling through the day in the hopes that they'll come close to targets for schedule, adherence, service levels and other metrics.

RedHorse Releases New CRM
RedHorse announced that one of the new CRMs the company has come up with comes with a built-in document editor among other features that someone using a remote desktop would find highly useful. This particular document editor can be used as a high-class alternative to external word processing. These features help in a wide variety of ways including getting rid of extra licensing costs.

Alpha Rae Personnel Concludes Six-Year Call Center Project
Alpha Rae Personnel, Inc. has triumphantly concluded a call center project, in which the firm has employed and appointed at least 2,680 call center employees across the State of Indiana in the past six years. The recruited call center employees had to assist in establishing Hoosier's entitlements for insurance coverage and other gains.

Aspect Social Positioned as Leader in Hypatia Galaxy of 2013 Social Customer Service, Support Vendors
Aspect Software, a provider of fully-integrated customer interaction management workforce optimization and back-office solutions, claimed that the research firm, Hypatia Research Group, has named Aspect Social a leader in the Hypatia Galaxy of 2013 Social Customer Service & Support Vendors. Hypatia's Galaxy is a vendor evaluation and ranking methodology.

Comcast to Open New Customer Support Center in Susquehanna Township, Dauphin County
Comcast Cable recently announced that it will be opening a new customer support center in Susquehanna Township, Dauphin County. Recruitment for the new customer support center, which will create 425 new positions, will begin immediately from across Central Pennsylvania. The 500-seat facility will be designed over an area of 110,000 square-feet and will take the total number of Comcast employees in the state to 12, 000.

onthenetOffice Experiences Growth in Sales, Company Size
onthenetOffice, a provider of hosted services that delivers customized solutions to businesses of all sizes, is reportedly experiencing growth in both sales and company size, which is a testament to the increasing popularity of hosted solutions and cloud computing. onthenetOffice is stated to be an enterprise business platform designed to host one's servers, desktops and data on a dedicated, private cloud.

Hey Yahoo! It's About Leadership, Not Telecommuting
Yahoo! appears to have chosen a radical short-term plan that addresses a surface-level issue, rather than the underlying cause. Reaction to Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer's decision to end telecommuting came quickly and critically.

Healthcare in Abu Dhabi: UAE Becomes More Like the Western World
Ambulatory Health Services is a part of the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company in the United Arab Emirates (SEHA). The AHS call center serves five clinics in the area by booking appointments, providing location and patient information and handling complaints against both clinics and disease prevention and screening centers.

NewVoiceMedia Called an 'Outstanding' Workplace
Typically when something gets a two-star review, it indicates mediocrity - if not downright failure. We think of a film Roger Ebert could barely sit through, or a restaurant that serves so-so food and whose waitstaff is in space. But that's not what two stars means in the vocabulary of Best Companies, the workplace engagement company who has given NewVoiceMedia, the U.K. provider of the cloud-based contact center solution, ContactWorld, a two-star ranking.

Informatica Enhances its Support Offerings for Superior Customer Experience
The reputable data integration software provider, Informatica Corporation, has announced a number of initiatives, all aimed at improving the customer experience. In addition to expanding the Informatica Global Customer Support offerings, Informatica has also reportedly enhanced its award-winning MySupport portal.

Wood County Telecommunications Center Picks Tiburon Solutions
Central County Telecommunications Center for Wood County, West Virginia has employed a set of Tiburon Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) solutions. Tiburon automated public safety and security solutions help law enforcement, fire and rescue and corrections agencies.

Adobe Unveils Mobile Capabilities for Marketing Cloud
Adobe Systems Inc. has introduced promotional capabilities via mobile for all its five offerings in the Adobe Marketing Cloud. The latest mobile competences for analytics and social app development are available to Adobe customers. It has also made available capabilities for marking data on smartphones and tablets, marketing along with administration and delivery of mobile data.

Virtual Bridges Intros Desktop Cloud Solution
Virtual Bridges, Inc. has introduced a desktop cloud solution capable of supporting fully-integrated multi-tenant operations available for enterprise customers and Managed Service Providers.

Clearwire Analyzes Customer Interactions, Measures Agent Performance with CallMiner's Eureka
Clearwire, a provider of 4G broadband mobile services in the U.S., reportedly deployed CallMiner's cloud-based Eureka solution for analyzing customer interactions and measuring agent performance in its contact center. By using the network-based solution, CallMiner was able to enhance its customer service and contact center productivity with more accurate analytics.

Altitude Software Wins CUSTOMER 2012 Product of the Year Award
TMC, a global, integrated media company, recently recognized Altitude uCI 8, a customer interaction management suite, with the prestigious CUSTOMER 2012 Product of the Year Award. Altitude Software is a major player in unified customer interaction solutions.

OAISYS' Call Recording, Speech Search Solutions to be Showcased at Unified Communications Expo
Contact center management has increasingly become a sector that demands continuous innovation and development to address the rapidly changing needs of the market. OAISYS, a provider of call recording and contact center management solutions for organizations of all sizes, will be demonstrating the new advancements introduced within its Talkument and Tracer call recording software solutions, at the Unified Communications Expo.

AVOXI Unveils US 800 Geographic Call Blocking Feature
AVOXI has unveiled a U.S. 800 geographic call blocking feature, which blocks calls on the basis of states. The latest offering ensures that U.S.-based 800 numbers can be dialed only from predefined, states as per the needs of the customers.

Magellan Solutions Announces Plans to Expand Business Space to Accommodate New Customers
Philippine-based inbound call center provider, Magellan Solutions Outsourcing, has announced its plans to extend its spaces to attract more international businesses that consider the Philippines the right location for their front- and back-office operations.

ReachLocal Drives Online Marketing for SMBs via New SaaS Products and New Consumer Service
ReachLocal, Inc recently announced that it will be releasing three new initiatives this year that will support online processes for local commerce for both merchants and consumers.

RedPoint, Teradata Collaborate for Multichannel Marketing Campaign Management
RedPoint Global Inc. is now a member of the Teradata Partner Program. RedPoint will offer multichannel marketing campaign administration competence to customers of both, RedPoint and Teradata, in the Teradata National Accounts market.

Avaya Improves Virtual Learning Campus
Avaya has always made it easy for partners and customers to learn, train, and earn credentials for Avaya solutions, but now it's an even better experience. The Avaya Learning Virtual Campus has received new additions, providing a collaborative and effective method of learning with easy access to expert content.

Germany's Wincor Nixdorf Builds New Polish Contact Center on BT Cloud Platform
Wincor Nixdorf, a German company that provides retail and retail banking hardware, software and services, recently outfitted a new contact center in Poland, and the Paderborn-based company chose a cloud-based contact center solution from BT, Wincor Nixdorf's provider of international voice and data communications.

Michael Southworth Joins Contact Solutions as Chief Financial Officer
Specializing in providing cloud-based customer self-service solutions, Contact Solutions has recently appointed industry veteran Michael Southworth as CFO.

Bright Pattern Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution Scalable from Five to 5,000 Agents
Bright Pattern's ServicePattern, a cloud-based contact center solution, has been successful in scaling for tenants with five to 5,000 concurrent agents at a full load. This ensures that the cloud is capable of supporting sales and customer service for small business as well as large enterprises.

Bob's Stores Selects Cloud-Based Voice Broadcast Solution from CallFire
In these days of intense competition, companies cannot afford to lose their communication with their customers and employees. Even in face of natural disasters, these companies need to keep working, and for that, they need specialized solutions.

Contact Center Outsourcing on the Rise in Brazil as Companies Struggle with Multichannel and Social Customer Service
The broadening use of social media is challenging many companies. These are organizations that struggled with providing excellent multichannel customer support even before the advent and widespread use of social media. Now, many of these companies are simply over their heads.

Main Virtual Office Unveils Innovative Phone Answering Service
Main Virtual Office recently announced that it has released innovative phone answering services that have been especially designed to benefit freelancers, individual workers and solopreneurs. The United States is witnessing rapid growth in one man organizations, termed as solopreneurs, with nearly one third of people working on their own.

Is Average Call Time a Useful Call Center Metric?
Many call centers evaluate their agents using average call time as a metric. Traditional thinking says that if an agent spends too much time on a call, increased wait times keep other customers from getting the service they need.

Qualfon Expands with Second Dumaguete Call Center Facility
Qualfon, a global business process outsourcing (BPO) provider, announced that it has inaugurated its second Dumaguete Qualfon facility.

KANA Enterprise Positioned as Leader in Gartner's 2012 Magic Quadrant
KANA Software, specializing in cloud-based and on-premise customer service solutions, announced that KANA Enterprise its CRM Web customer service application has been positioned as a leader by Gartner in its 2012 Magic Quadrant for CRM Web Customer Service Applications report.

Florida's Community Organizations Give Support to Smart911
Dixie County was the first county in Florida to announce the availability of Smart911 during 2011. The Smart911 service allows residents to create a free Safety Profile online that will provide 9-1-1 operators the critical information they require during emergency situations.

CITS to Redistribute Indosoft's Q-Suite in Tanzania
Corporate Information Technology Solutions has been named as the Certified Reseller for Tanzania by Indosoft. CITS will now redistribute and implement Indosoft's Q-Suite driven contact center solutions in Tanzania.

Ventrica Chooses Salesforce for Improving Multi-Media Contact Services
Ventrica has selected Salesforce with an aim to improve its outsourced web-chat, social media and e-mail marketing services. Ventrica's current assets in premium technology from vendors like Avaya and Altitude will be harmonized by Salesforce. The outsourced contact center, Ventrica believes in using ground-breaking technology for offering improved services to its customers.

Parseq Ltd Announces Acquisition of UK-based Contact Center Services Company - The Panther Group
Parseq Ltd recently announced that it has acquired UK-based contact center services company - The Panther Group. Ownership of TPG's two core businesses - Pell & Bales and Spokenfor, will now be with Parseq.

NAVIS Expands Sales Team with New Hire
NAVIS is a reputable name in North America's hospitality sector. The company's unique reservation sales system is designed to automate the process of call reservation for the lodging providers across North America.

Auxilion's Virtual Service Desk Power by AltiGen MaxACD
Auxilion, an innovative virtual support services provider, is now an AltiGen customer. The company recently deployed AltiGen's MaxACD contact center solution for Microsoft Lync, gaining advanced features for its Virtual Service Desk.

Wyoming's Historic Plains Hotel Partners with Travel Outlook to Provide Superior Customer Service
The Historic Plains Hotel of Wyoming is known for its proximity to the who's who of business, entertainment and politics. The hotel recently selected Travel Outlook, a provider of Premium Reservations service, as its customer service partner. Thanks to the partnership, booking a guest room in this historic property is lot easier for its loyal customers.

How to Properly Move Your Call Center to the Cloud
Call center's today and the very nature of customer care have changed drastically over the years. What was once a place where people could voice their concerns or requests to an agent, is now a whole new dynamic that includes multiple contact methods, a connected and social user base and cloud services that do not require a call center to be located in just one brick and mortar location.

ShoreTel Unveils ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center 8
ShoreTel has recently released its ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center 8 offering. It is filed with enhancements related to e-mail and chat channels within the contact center, allowing enterprises to meet the needs of today's multi-device, multi-channel consumer by removing barriers and offering more avenues for communication.

SaaS Solutions On the Rise, But Vendor Support Lags
The good news for the enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry is that businesses increasingly value SaaS applications and more and more companies are adopting them. The bad news is that many enterprises report facing significant customer support challenges with their SaaS vendors, and this is leading to low customer satisfaction and poor retention rates.

TapSense Launches The M3 Cloud Marketing Platform For Retail Apps
TapSense recently announced the introduction of the M3 cloud marketing platform for retailer apps. M3 Cloud has been designed to help improve mobile ad campaign's revenue via cohort analysis, thus making it easier for marketers to view those creative units with the most revenue generating potential. The marketer can then compare the quality of users from across all major mobile marketing channels. TapSense's M3 Cloud offering can be used by retail, real estate, and agency app marketers.

Action Packed Media Puts More Muscle In Mad Mimi Marketing With Managed For Mimi
Managed for Mimi takes an already robust offering in Mad Mimi and advances it to the next level by offering a fuller set of managed services. While Mad Mimi offers a sound package in itself, allowing users to send out E-mail newsletters and the ability promote their goods and services; Managed for Mimi offers a more complete array of marketing capability, including full E-mail campaigns, as well as the ability to have content generated for these e-mail newsletters and the like.

Time Warner Announces New Round Of Call Center Hires
Time Warner is one of the biggest employers in the country, and the company seems to have figured out how to best maximize its assets, such as its contact centers and outbound call centers. Time Warner has maximized its assets so completely that the firm has announced it is getting set to hire 35 more employees for its Zanesville, Ohio call center.

CallFire Compiles GOTV Organization Guide for Political Campaigns Based on 2012 Election
Online voice broadcasting company CallFire has announced its new telecom best practice guidelines for political GOTV campaigns. By combining its portfolio of political clients, CallFire has created a 2012 "Post Mortem Guide" for organizing campaigns for the GOTV circuit.

Arizona's Economy Shows Signs of Improvement with Unemployment Call Center Closing
As the nation's unemployment rate stays steady at 7.9 percent, people are struggling to stay employed as companies continue to tighten their budgets by slashing jobs. Ironically, an unemployment insurance call center, located in Phoenix, Arizona, recently had to close its doors due to a lack of funding.

Service Desk Experience Reaches a New High with SAManages' SaaS Tool Integration
SAManage empowers companies of all sizes with IT management capabilities, automating and simplifying daily tasks of IT control, compliance and user satisfaction. It has expanded its service desk to a whole new level of functionality and ease of use by integrating with 140+ SaaS tools

UK-based Cloud Call Center Company NewVoiceMedia Raises $20 Million
Launching a call center was a very expensive and involved business once upon a time. Phone systems had to be installed, as did premise-based solutions that routed the calls and supported operations. The cloud has changed all that: cloud-based contact center solutions today allow even the smallest companies to be up and running quickly with a full-featured call center that is flexible and can be operated from anywhere in the world, all at minimum up-front cost.

Altitude Software Helps Manage and Improve Customer Relationships
Today, customers have a variety of options when it comes to contacting a company. They can turn to websites, live chat, calling, social media or e-mail to get in touch with a business for any reason and have come to expect a response in almost real-time from any channel. Altitude Software, a contact center vendor for unified interaction solutions, offers a suite to help organizations manage, measure and improve relationships with customers.

Voxware and LogFire Help Leverage Voice Along with Warehouse Management Solutions
When companies innovate along with evolving trends, business models change and warehouse operations, an integral part of the supply chain, take on a different hue, leaving customers hard pressed to achieve their warehouse and supply chain initiatives.

Center Partners Certified by J.D. Power and Associates for Call Center Program for Outsourcers
Center Partners, a provider of contact center services and solutions, has just earned a certification from J.D. Power and Associates in the Certified Call Center Program for Outsourcers.

Fonolo Improves Customer Experience on
Fonolo has revealed its association with, thereby extending its collection of best-in-class collaborations. Fonolo has been enhancing the call center experience by substituting hold times with a call back.

Really Simple Systems Extends Free Edition CRM
Really Simple Systems, a U.K. vendor of cloud CRM systems, is including mobile CRM and integration to Kashflow accounting as part of its Free Edition CRM solution.

TMCnet Outbound Call Center Week in Review
Many believe that 2013 will be the year of the customers, so companies that run outbound call centers should take note of this trend. More and more often, call centers are becoming the major contact point between customers and companies. Therefore, a lot of news takes place in the outbound call center space. Let's take a look at some of the top stories from the past few days.

IVR Payments Simplified and Secured by SpeechStorm
The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council has authenticated SpeechStorm's Payment Capture application against the Payment Application Data Security Standard, or PA-DSS. With credit and debit card fraud across the European Union crossing US$1.99 billion annually, this is a crucial accomplishment for SpeechStorm.

Xerox Highlighted as Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant
Recently, business process and document management provider Xerox has been placed in the Leaders Quadrant of Gartner's 2012 Global Customer Management Contact Centers Report.

EPMU Plans to Oppose Air NZ Outsourcing Move
The proposal to shift Air New Zealand' s call center duties to software giant IBM may face opposition from the airline's Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU).

Defence Bank Begins Video Conferencing
Let's picture a hypothetical situation: You need to speak to an agent for your bank, but you can't be there in person. This is a common occurrence, so it's not hard to imagine.

Trillium Software Publishes Insurance Claims Survey
Insurance companies often have to deal with a high number of claims. While processing these claims, the associated costs can skyrocket and present a significant challenge to insurance companies who are struggling to stay afloat in a competitive market. Factors such as increased litigation and medical expenses contribute to these high costs.

Call Center Trends for 2013
Business changes fast, but some departments change faster (and slower) than others. While operations may change from month to month in accounting and legal departments, and from day to day in research and development departments, the call center usually had a solid reputation as the part of the business that remained unchanged: some might say "boring."

Cloud Extend Hits Home Run for Customer Service Level
Cloud Extend, a customization add-on software solution for various management designs, has hit a home run when it announced last week that it was successfully used to improve customer service levels by 90 percent.

SaaS Leads Enterprise Cloud Deployments, Security Remains Biggest Obstacle
While cloud services are opening up new opportunities for vendors, they also introduce major risks, along with the need to develop and sell new solutions, and the need to target new buyers. Meanwhile for enterprises, security concerns remain the biggest obstacle to deployment, as well as the biggest criteria in choosing a provider, and Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) leads enterprise deployments, according to a new study.

First Bank of Highland Park Picks Adapt Telephony Services to Install New Communications Platform
First Bank of Highland Park has been searching for an all-encompassing communications system that could handle a multichannel customer service call center. This week, the bank announced it has chosen Adapt Telephony Services, LLC to help upgrade its out of date phone system.

PayLease Provides Toll-Free Call Center
PayLease is encouraging residents to call its toll-free call center 24/7 to pay rent or HOA dues over the phone using a credit card or an e-check.

Total Communicator Solutions Presents Cloud-Based Mobile Marketing Communication Platform at CES
In recent years, cloud computing has emerged as a very promising technology. With the exponential growth of cloud computing and mobile technology, mobile cloud computing has obviously evolved.

Enghouse Interactive Delivers Cloud Deployment Options for Contact Center: Enterprise
Enghouse Interactive's flagship interaction solution, Contact Center: Enterprise, has just been enhanced with options for cloud deployment. Clients can choose between private cloud, virtual private cloud and hybrid cloud options.

Aspect in Partnership with Lithium Unveils Cloud-Based Social Tool for Customer Care
Aspect Software has unveiled Aspect Social, a cloud-based offering that aligns social networking interactions the organizations have with their overall customer contact operations. The company has partnered with Lithium Technologies to deliver an innovative new social care solution.

Debt Collector That Refused to Take Calls from Hearing-Impaired Callers Settles Suit
Another debt collection firm is in trouble, but this time it's not for harassing a caller: it's for refusing to take their calls. The U.S. Justice Department recently approved a settlement by a company called Peroutka and Peroutka, a law firm that represents creditors. The company was sued for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Hoke County Call Center Revived at New Location Following Chemical Leak
The Hoke County emergency communications call center is finally nearing completion after the devastating ammonia leak in a nearby area that drove people from the region. About the same time last year, as reported by Nancy McCleary from, the leak at a poultry processing plant on East Central Avenue caused a serious problem for the director of Hoke County's Emergency Communications, Jimmy Stewart.

A New Year's Resolution: Reduce the Clutter in Your Call Center
While a call center may be the first line of interaction a customer faces when contacting a company, it hasn't always been a pleasant process for customers. While many companies do customer service well, many more do it poorly.

Top 3 Secrets to Maintaining Business Continuity
Learn What Major Companies Know About Delivering Seamless Operations during Planned and Unplanned Events

3CLogic, SugarCRM Partner to Offer Advanced Customer Engagement Solutions
Cloud-based contact center company 3CLogic has entered into a strategic partnership with SugarCRM, a market-leading customer relationship management (CRM) company. This new partnership - 3CSugarCRM - offers seamless integration between SugarCRM and 3CLogic's inbound, outbound and blended contact center applications.

Biostar Adds New Dimension to its Sales with Opening of Call Center
A few months ago, Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a PRC-based manufacturer and marketer of pharmaceutical and health supplement products in China, made a decision to open a call center in Xianyang to respond to customer queries regarding its health products and also accept new orders.

MSP Birch Communications to Acquire Portions of Telecom Provider Covista Communications
Managed service provider (MSP) Birch Communications has signed a definitive agreement to acquire select customer and network assets from Covista Communications, Inc. Covista is a facilities-based telecommunications service provider offering solutions for business, wholesale and residential customers in 48 states.

WUN on Demand Gives Customers What they Need, When They Need it
Take just a few steps back and look at what businesses required yesterday. Fast forward to today, and look at the difference. Everything's changing: the technology we use, the work environment, our attitudes and concepts of workspaces - all pushing to change the contours of corporate productivity.

Shore Solutions Buys Rainmaker Systems' Manila Call Center
Rainmaker Systems, Inc. has make it known that its Manila call center has been bought by Shore Solutions, Inc., a Philippines-based provider of highly-flexible BPO business solutions for addressing complex business environments.

Transcosmos Extends MCM Center Fukuoka
transcosmos inc. has extended its call center base also known as the MCM Center Fukuoka with an aim to fulfill its rising business requirements. The call center officially became operational beginning on December 17, 2012.

Best Prices, Best Service, High Savings Earns Delta Another Award
No matter how hard you try, there are some people you can never please. If that's the state of the individual, imagine what the service industry must be going through every day, having to cater to the needs of different specimens of humanity, 365 days a year! The elite travel club, reportedly awarded the top travel agent by the TCA, apparently lives up to its commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints and provide excellent service.

Clarity Consulting Releases Latest Version of its Native Lync Contact Center Product
Clarity Consulting, Inc. recently introduced the latest version of its native Lync contact center product, Clarity Connect 2.5. Designed to work with both Lync Server 2010 and the latest Lync Server 2013, the update from Clarity Consulting comes with a self-installation package and includes improved management and reporting capabilities.

LiveOps Joins IntelePeer's Fluent Federation-as-a-Service
LiveOps a specialist in cloud contact center and customer service solutions joined IntelePeer's Fluent Federation-as-a-Service (FaaS).

Crimescene Information Selects Metropolis Technologies
Crimescene Information, a national organization that specializes in receiving tips from community members on local crimes, recently opted for Metropolis Technologies' OfficeWatch telemanagement solution. With the help of OfficeWatch, Crimescene Information will be able to improve its call tracking and national segmentation as well as increase the efficiency of its billing operations.

Uptick in ASI Index Augurs Well for Auto Manufacturers
It's December, which means people across the world are on a buying and spending spree. Intelligent businesses exploit this to the full and smile at the increase in its coffers. This buying or spending pattern spreads good humoredly across all sectors of industry, as indicated by Dataium, the largest aggregator of online automotive shopper behavior.

Evolve IP Forms Strategic Alliance with Telegration
Evolve IP, a cloud services company, has announced a new strategic business partnership with Telegration, a telecommunications solution provider. The company provides its own private-branded long-distance services for voice, video and data applications using the Verizon and Sprint networks.

Zurmo CRM Version 1.0 Now Available
Zurmo is an open-source customer relationship management application, claimed to be an easy-to-use, easy-to-customize CRM application that can be adapted to any business use case. Developers of this application confirmed on the general audience release of Zurmo Version 1.0.

Reportlinker.Com Adds a New Report, Global Call Centers Industry, to Its Catalogue, a professional search engine offering an access to a vast online collection of industry, company and country reports, recently expanded its catalogue with the addition of Global Call Centers Industry report.

Increased Customer Services Investments Reported by Asia-Pacific Contact Centers
Frost & Sullivan has released the findings of its latest report, "Asia-Pacific Contact Center Applications Market, 2011." According to the study, though Asia-Pacific is one of the ideal off-shore destinations for contact centers, business from domestic organizations across the region has been on the rise due to the first-rate quality customer service being offered.

Facebook is the Preferred Customer Service Channel, Reports Conversocial
Conversocial has released the results of its latest research, which measured the customer comments to major U.S. retailers on Facebook. The report titled, "Facebook and Social Customer Service: A Retailers Year End Review" has evaluated the volume of customer service-related posts to the top 10 ranked U.S. retailers' Facebook during the period of Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday for 2011 with 2012.

Artesian Solutions Honored with CRM Idol 2012 Award
It was tough going for Artesian Solutions when it had to compete with other social CRM companies within the industry for the CRM Idol 2012 award for EMEA, Asia and Australia, but its highly experienced team - and the impact Artesian made within the CRM space - together ensured that the company emerged a winner.

Get Notified by Akken
Notifications are a wonderful thing. Ever since the phone first rang, notifications became a necessity for letting people know when they're needed as soon as possible. Knowing this, Akken has released a new cloud-based notifications platform, providing unlimited notifications.

Product Information Important for 'Great Customer Experience'
Some 79 percent of recently questioned U.S. consumers say "high-quality" content gives a better impression of a brand or specific product, according to recent SDL survey.

EarthLink and Payrolling Collaborate on Hosted Data Center
The Mexico City-based payroll and human resourcing giant, Payrolling, has enlisted EarthLink to create a comprehensive virtual data center for the company. Payrolling provides services for many of the largest financial institutions, airlines and other major corporations from around the globe.

Responda Releases Customer Interaction Platform Based on Indosoft's Q-Suite
Provider of customer and answering services, Responda, recently launched its new Customer Integration Platform, based on Indosoft's contact center suite. This Agent-Customer interaction system has actually been integrated into the Indosoft Q-Suite ACD, resulting in a powerful multichannel contact center platform capable of fulfilling complex answering machine requirements.

iCore Networks Completes Acquisition of Always on Call, Expands Cloud Offerings
With the recent acquisition of cloud provider, Always on Call, iCore, cloud-based hosted services provider, has now extended its cloud based services to include Applications on Demand through Unified Communications- as- a -Service to its growing installed customer base of more than 65,000 users.

Contact Center Support Company Genesys Launches Genesys One Platform
In the world of small and medium sized businesses, there really is nothing more important than making sure your customers are being taken care of on a day to day basis. For a growing number of companies, this means opening up their own call centers as a way to make sure that they have enough people to answer their customer contacts.

CallidusCloud's MySalesGame Transform Sales Performance Management Systems
CallidusCloud has released the maiden Sales Performance Management or SPM system, MySalesGame for commercial purposes. A gamification platform has been used as the core for this SPM system. Organizations are offered a calculated incentive platform by MySalesGame, ensuring implementation of winning selling patterns.

BBB Industries Recognized for its Product Fill Rates, Customer Service
BBB Industries has received two awards by the Alliance group, one for its outstanding product fill rates and one for outstanding service as a supplier of rotating electrical products. The Fill Rate award was based on achieving at least a 95-percent fill rate.

Moxie Software Releases Social Chat Application that Integrates with Facebook's API
Moxie Software Inc., a specialist in customer-centric enterprise social software, has rolled out its new social chat application for customer sales and service that leverages Facebook's API. The new chat app helps customer sales and service representatives leverage public and shared information on a consumer's Facebook profile to deliver personalized offers and more informed interactions.

transcosmos Unveils Fourth Call Center in Sapporo City
Transcosmos, Inc. had launched a call center known as "Marketing Chain Management Center Sapporo Odori-Kita" in the city of Sapporo on September 1 this year. The site, which is the fourth one unveiled by the organization in the city, is now ready for operations.

Cirrus Tech, Infratel Team to Offer MightyCall Receptionist to Small Business Customers
Cloud telephony provider, Infratel, recently inked a new partnership agreement with Cirrus Tech Ltd. to offer MightyCall Receptionist to small business subscribers in Canada and the U.S. This new partnership enables Infratel to incorporate its MightyCall platform into the Web hosting provider's ordering and provisioning system Parallels Automation, to offer cost-effective virtual phone applications.

Hawker Beechcraft Selects Callcap's Callsurance to Enhance Aftermarket Customer Service
Callcap has been selected by Hawker Beechcraft Corporation to continually enhance its aftermarket customer service. As per the contract, Callcap will focus on the enhancement of the aircraft manufacturer's customer experience, including aftermarket care for its customers.

Transcosmos' 23rd Call Center Launches in Sapporo City with 300 Work Stations, Provisions for 400 More
One of Japan's largest call center services providers, transcosmos, recently announced the opening of its next call center facility at the city of Sapporo in Hokkaido Prefecture. The 979.63-square-meter facility, with 300 workstations, has now formally opened its doors.

TelAssistant Allied Offices Announces its Expansion
Locally owned and operated, TelAssistant Allied Offices had a few locations, but expanded fast to over 130 internationally in just two years. Within this time revenue has increased by 260 percent. The expansion is due to the increasing demand for both virtual office solutions and call answering services.

Promero Announces New Business Process Solution
Contact center solutions specialist, Promero announced that they have incorporated its cloud based call center software, Oracle Contact Center Anywhere, with RiverStar's CE suite to introduce a new business process solution to the market.

Drishti's Ameyo Improves Customer Interactions for
Healthkart.Com has formed a partnership with Ameyo to strengthen its operational and technical performance of customer-facing functions.

Outbound Call Centers are Well Positioned to Pick Up Credit Collections Business
Let's face it: the call center is changing, and changing fast. There has been a need for change: consumers have matured in the last few decades and are more aware of what they want. (And what they want isn't cold calls at the dinner hour.) Technology has evolved and tripled the amount of channels through which companies can contact customers. Finally, a more demographically diverse U.S. population means understanding each group. Servicing and reaching out to them in ways that are likely to get the best response is important. Call it the "smart" call center to set it apart from the large, old-fashioned boiler rooms of decades ago.

New Callback Solutions from VHT and Concentric Cloud Solutions Eliminate Hold Time
Concentric Cloud Solutions, a provider of advanced cloud-based computing, content acceleration and cloud voice solutions, announced its partnership with Virtual Hold Technology, a provider of conversation strategies, to offer voice and Web cloud-based callback solutions.

Turn Holiday Hassles into Opportunities with a Flexible, Virtual Workforce
How a service provider with access to a virtual network can help maintain high quality customer service before, during and after the holidays
12/4/2012 Ranks XACT Telesolutions as the Top Call Center Service Provider
XACT Telesolutions recently announced that has ranked it as the top call center service provider having secured the first place in various categories, which include inbound calls, outbound calls, features, and support options. The company was ranked as the overall leader based on its perfect "10 out of 10" ranking for each area of the business which was reviewed.

Sitel Celebrates the First Anniversary of Belgrade Contact Center
With over 26 years of industry experience delivering market-leading customer service to clients, Sitel has been touted to be a top notch customer care outsourcing provider. It added another feather to its cap when its first non-domestic outsourced contact center in Belgrade completed one year of successful existence.

AltiGen Partners with Insource Technology
AltiGen Communications, Inc., a provider of software-based Unified Communications solutions, recently announced that its MaxACD Contact Center for Microsoft Lync has been selected by Insource Technology Corporation.

University of Creative Arts Uses Bomgar's Remote Support Solution
The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) with five campuses spread throughout the southeastern region of England has recently selected Bomgar's remote support solution to offer remote tech support to a geographically diverse user base. This new deployment is helping UCA IT support technicians to support approximately 800 full-time and 1000 part-time staff members and even the geographically-dispersed users using a wide variety of IT systems.

Mediacom Communications Inks Deal with Synchronoss to Activate Mobile Customer Care Application
Mediacom Communications recently signed an agreement with Synchronoss Technologies, a company that provides software-based activation and mobile content management solutions for connected devices across the globe. Service providers are quickly realizing the value of adding a mobile self-service application as a way to improve customer relationships.

Lattice Engines Receives $20 Million in Series C Funding
Big data company, Lattice Engines recently raised $20 million in Series C venture funding as led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), while Sequoia Capital, an existing investor, also participated in the round. The money is to be used to accelerate the company's growth and extend its leadership in providing cloud-based big data applications for sales and marketing.

Aditya Birla Minacs Partners with Qualfon to Setup New Data Center in Mexico City
Aditya Birla Minacs, a business solutions company, reportedly partnered with Qualfon, a provider of services to BPO clients, to set up a new data center in Mexico City, Mexico that is set to deliver customer support services to Minacs' clients in North America.

Bomgar 12.3: A Remote Support Solution to Improve Support Collaboration and Efficiency
Bomgar 12.3 is the latest version of secure remote support solutions developed by Bomgar, a provider of remote support solutions for easily and securely supporting computing systems and mobile devices.

Nordic Telecom and Cisco Sign Technology Cooperation Agreement
Nordic TeleCom, a Finnish company specializing in unified communication services, has recently agreed to sign a technology cooperation agreement with Cisco Systems Finland, which will connect new value-added solutions with Cisco collaboration products via Nordic TeleCom's cloud services and enhance business operations.

U.K.-Based mplsystems Recognized by Gartner as Original European Cloud Contact Center
A recent report published by the premium analyst firm Gartner reflects on the expansion of the Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) provider in Europe. The firm documented four diverse styles of CCaaS providers - communication service providers, infrastructure technology providers, system integrators and application specialists.

STELLAService Unveils STELLA Monthly Benchmarks
STELLAService has unveiled STELLA Monthly Benchmarks, a unique ranking on a monthly basis of the top performing customer service providers nationwide. With the start of the holiday shopping season, STELLAService aims to improve the Web-based shopping experience for consumers and retailers through this ranking.

Squeaky Wheel Gets Nexus 4 Grease from Google Customer Support
The Nexus 4 launch hasn't exactly been what anyone would call smooth. Mixed signals, crossed wires and a sellout so rapid it left some wondering just how many of the devices LG and Google had on hand in the first place, all added up to make for plenty of hurt feelings and potential disloyalty among Android device buyers. But for one lone customer who decided that enough was enough, he took matters into his own hands, and this was one squeaky wheel that got some serious grease in the form of a free Nexus 4 of his own.

Jacada Automates Sales Process for Latin American Telecom Provider
Jacada is providing integration and automation of sales process for a well-known telecom provider in Latin America. Products from Jacada, a global provider of customer service solutions designed to improve the customer experience, will be used to improve the efficiency of systems and automate manual processes for the client.

InterMune Selects Veeva CRM and iRep to Launch European Operations and New Orphan Drug
To expand its operations in Europe and launch its orphan drug, Esbriet, InterMune has decided to go with cloud-based Veeva CRM and iRep. InterMune selected VIVA after evaluating three leading CRM vendors. VIVA offers an integrated CRM and Closed Loop Marketing application designed for the Apple iPad.

Atos Wins Customer Contact Association's Global Standard Accreditation Award
The Customer Contact Association (CCA) has recognized IT and consulting firm, Atos with its CCA Global Standard accreditation for its work in handling customer service requests. The CCA, which has been around for over a decade, uses research, analysis, and expertise to judge customer contact strategies and operations during a two-day rigorous process.

The Warranty Group Announces New Call Center Facility for Increased Opportunities
Earlier this week, in Champaign, Illinois, the opening of a new call center facility was announced by The Warranty Group. In July of this year, the building was opened and the company continues to increase its operating staff.

Transact Global Chooses the Drishti Solution for Increases in Call Center Productivity
By leveraging the right technologies to meet their business needs, Transact Global provides solutions to its customers. In the domestic BPO circuit, the company prides itself as bringing a rich vein of expertise and cost optimization. To streamline multiple campaigns and increase productivity, the outsourcing firm has now deployed AMEYO as its technology solution .

UpToDate Receives NorthFace ScoreBoard AwardSM for Excellence in Customer Service and Support
A few days ago, Wolters Kluwer Health, a global provider of information for healthcare professionals and students, announced that part of Wolters Kluwer Health, UpToDate, has received the NorthFace ScoreBoard AwardSM from Omega Management Group Corp., in recognition of achieving excellence in customer service and support in 2011.

Enghouse Interactive Unveils iAgent Contact Center Agent Application
Serious time and resources are devoted to continually improving contact center technology, which is at the heart of many companies nowadays. Enghouse Interactive, a specialist in interaction management solutions, unveiled iAgent, the next-generation agent application for contact centers.

SalesFUSION Inks Partnership Agreement with Demandbase
SalesFUSION has entered into a strategic partnership with Demandbase, a technology company that enables B2B marketers to improve marketing conversions and turn Web traffic into sales. This agreement calls on Demandbase to enrich SalesFUSION's website tracking tool with real-time business information about SalesFusion client website visitors via Demandbase's Real-Time Identification Service.

IXACT Contact Launches Powerful, Simple Real Estate CRM on iPad Mini
The term CRM has been around for quite a while, and it's not surprising that it keeps surfacing in most sectors of industry - including real estate. This is because CRM is all about "people, building relationships, retaining customers, selling products and much, much more."

Medical Practice Solutions Acquired by 1-800 We Answer
Medical Practice Solutions, Inc, a Los Angeles area healthcare answering service, recently announced that it has been acquired by 1-800 We Answer, a nationwide call center. The details of the transaction are not disclosed.

Junxure to Launch Cloud CRM Platform for Financial Advisors
Practice improvement firm Junxure will soon launch an updated version of its hosted CRM solution, Junxure Cloud, for financial advisory firms. Junxure already offers CRM technology, consulting and training for financial advisors.

Splunk Selects Opscode Hosted Chef to Deliver its Splunk Storm SaaS Platform
Splunk, a provider of software for real-time operational intelligence, has selected and deployed Opscode Hosted Chef to deliver its Splunk Storm SaaS platform. Splunk Storm is the new Splunk service for analyzing and troubleshooting cloud applications.

Spam-Related Lawsuit Against Pizza Chain Papa John's May Lead to Damages that Top $250M
A class-action lawsuit was filed against pizza chain Papa John's after the company sent some half-million unwanted texts to customers' mobile phones in 2010.

200 Call Center Vacancies Available with Convergys in Texas
200 professionals are being hired by Convergys Corp. (NYSE: CVG) for their Laredo Texas call center. Under chief executive officer, Andrea Ayers, Cincinnati -based Convergys is investing in this new space and technology call center in Texas. Apart from the United States, Convergys operates a number of call centers in different countries like Canada, Philippines and India.

Appulate Launches Appulate Agent Marketing 3.0
Appulate, Inc., a provider of submission management automation for the property and casualty sector of the insurance industry, has unveiled Appulate Agent Marketing 3.0.

FEMA Cancels Plans to Contract Sandy Relief Call Center in Maine
Last week, the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced that it had tapped the call center outsourcing company NexxLinx of Georgia to set up a call center as part of the ongoing Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.

SimpleSignal Adopts Shango's PaaS to Boost Efficiency of Sales Channels
Hosted PBX and cloud-based unified communications (UC) provider SimpleSignal has adopted the Shango platform for its various cloud-based IP service offerings. Using Shango's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is intended to boost the efficiency of SimpleSignal's sales channels by using the common APIs available in the cloud-based Shango fulfillment platform.

BluIP Joins EchoPlace Partner Network
Echopass Corp. has announced that BluIP has become the latest member of the EchoPlace Partner Network. BluIP is a source of enhanced cloud-based hosted applications to all sizes of enterprise businesses through a network of white-label/private-label partners, agents and VARs.

Innovative Insurance Partners Deploys CallidusCloud's ICM
Cloud-based hiring, learning, marketing and selling are helping organizations to drive performance and productivity across their business. One example of this can be found in cloud software maker Callidus Software Inc., which announced that Innovative Insurance Partners has selected CallidusCloud's incentive compensation management (ICM) solution for the insurance industry.

Call Center Corporation's NexInteractive Optimizes Hosted Dialing for Clients
The Call Center Corporation, a provider of call center technology solutions, announced that its NexInteractive optimized dialing technology software is saving serious money for call centers, contact centers, outsourcers and telemarketers. Steve Bederman, CEO at The Call Center, said this platform offers a fully featured and high-quality Hosted Dialer product which comes at an affordable price.

UK's Vanquis Bank Sends New Call Center into the Cloud
The UK's Vanquis Bank is sending its newest call center into the cloud, and it has chosen systems integrator Azzurri Communications to implement and manage its new 550 seat, cloud-based contact center.

BluIP Joins EchoPlace to Improve Working Efficiency and Boost Customer Experience
A company specializing in cloud-based contact centers, Echopass Corporation, announced that enterprise BluIP has joined the program of EchoPlace Partnership. While improving working efficiency, facilitating time and promoting the corporate legacy assets, Echopass and its partnership network aim at providing solutions that boost customer experience and retention rates.

Arcaris on a Mission to Resolve Contact Center Problems with
People are invaluable assets of any organization and need to be managed with kid gloves, as they can easily dictate a company's failure or success. What is also true, though, is that people management is difficult, and managers, supervisors and directors constantly face problems in this space.

Frost & Sullivan Predicts Rise of Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions in Australia
Cloud-based solutions are transforming the contact center industry, and Australia is no different. In fact, the contact center market in Australia is expected to experience a major transformation as cloud based solutions and mobile devices change the way organizations provide customer service. Cloud based contact center solutions are expected to gain momentum in the next three to five years.

Sage Strengthens Online Portfolio with Sage CRM Cloud
As mid-market organizations are increasingly looking for ways to manage every aspect of customer interactions, transform levels of accessibility, information management and customer insight, there's no doubt the future of business computing lies in the cloud. But with this transition come the allied challenges of data security, compliance, scalability and reliability - all of which have seemingly been addressed by Sage Business Solutions with its new launch, Sage CRM Cloud.

UTOPY Releases Contact Center Workforce Optimization Suite
UTOPY, a provider of Voice of the Customer and Performance Optimization solutions, unveiled a complete Contact Center Workforce Optimization (WFO) suite powered by Customer Interaction Analytics.

Bomgar Introduces New Intelligent Collaboration Feature to Remote Support Solution
Bomgar, a provider of secure remote support solutions, debuted a new Intelligent Collaboration feature that enables support representatives to broadcast a request for help with a remote support session to other representatives who have the necessary skills.

Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions Provider Reports No Downtime from Storm Sandy
In the wake of the disastrous Hurricane Sandy, which wreaked havoc last week up and down the mid-Atlantic and New England coast, many companies are discovering that they were simply unprepared. Days-long power outages, in addition to storm damage, will likely cost U.S. businesses billions of dollars.

Liberty University Introduces New Mass Notification System Based on AtHoc IWSAlerts Platform
Liberty University, the world's largest Christian university and the largest university in Virginia, has integrated the AtHoc emergency mass notification system into campus life.
11/6/2012 Sales Rep Software Improves Salespeople Success by Three Times delivers a useful sales activity app to Android devices and the iPhone, connecting businesses with experienced Activity Coaches for better sales results. These coaches use the app to encourage sales staff to perform the necessary sales activities to reach their goals.

Sitel Expands Customer Care Call Center
Sitel recently announced that it has further extended its business with the inclusion of a prize-winning organization. With an aim to support this latest customer, Sitel will be expanding its Albuquerque-based customer care call center. The organization plans to hire nearly 200 executives as part of its recent enrollment program. Sitel will offer first-class customer support through inbound calls and dispatch to the new client, who in turn offers protection, safety, equanimity and unmatched service to its customers.

Bederman Helps Reduce Cost in Call Centers with Hosted Dialer
The Call Center Corporation, a Bederman company, has a customer-centric approach and offers solutions that help customers implement technology to improve efficiency, effectiveness and realize a higher ROI. Call centers are currently paying too much toward dialing, and customers have brought this fact to the notice of Steve Bederman, CEO for the Call Center Corporation.

ThinkForex Named Best Forex Customer Service at UK Forex Broker Awards 2012
ThinkForex, an international Forex broker, has won "Best Forex Customer Service" at the U.K. Forex Broker Awards 2012. The awards present a clear representation of the best performing Forex brokers in the industry.

WeQ4U 4 Business Introduces Free Service to Eliminate Queues and Lower Caller Abandonment
WeQ4U 4 Business recently announced the introduction of a new free service for businesses that will help in eliminating queues and bring down caller abandonment rate by about 90 percent. WeQ4U 4 Business specializes in call center monitoring and statistics and performance optimization solutions.

New Report Says EMEA Contact Center Outsourcing Growth Will Remain Slow
Contact center business is booming outside of North America, right? Maybe not, according to the results of a new study, and it may be new business models for contact centers to blame.

Aspect Releases Workforce Management 7.5
Aspect Software's latest Workforce Management platform is out, and version 7.5 provides an improved and streamlined environment for contact center agents, as well as better control for supervisors. Companies can improve the experience their customers receive by creating a better work environment and customer interaction, which helps both the agents and the consumers alike.

Callidus' CPQ Selected by AMS Cloud Solutions
Callidus Software Inc., a provider of hiring, learning, marketing and selling cloud software, recently announced that its CPQ solution has been selected by AMS Cloud Solutions, a long established IT consulting firm servicing Hong Kong and Mainland China. The CPQ helps sales professionals understand customer needs, narrow down the product list, collaborate to propose the right products and services, and deliver an accurate quotation to the customer rapidly in the office or on the go.

Sangoma AMD for Asterisk, a Cost-Effective, High Performance Solution for Call Center Solutions
Sangoma Technologies Corporation, a provider of solutions that enables the interworking of a wide variety of disparate TDM and IP networks, clouds, protocols, services, devices, and applications, launched the Sangoma Answering Machine Detection (AMD) for Asterisk software solution.

Reducing Customer Effort with a Predictive Dialer
A big part of customer service in a call center is reducing customer effort, which can be achieved by utilizing a predictive dialer. By using a predictive dialer, such as the one offered by Vioteck, you can increase loyalty among your customers.

EpiAnalytics and Salesforce Collaborate to Improve Social Sentiment Analytics
Every day large amounts of data is created through social media networks, and this data has information that can be analyzed to give organizations the tools to offer better customer service and make their organization more efficient. EpiAnalytics and Salesforce are two organizations that process data from different sources for real-time analytics of customer comments and feedbacks to provide insight that is valuable for an organization. By joining Salesforce, EpiAnalytics will provide its real-time text and sentiment analytics called EpiInsights.

Noble Systems Completes Acquisition of Telstar Hosted
The focus of Noble Systems Corporation, a global provider of innovative contact center services, has always been on investing significant resources in anticipating changing customer needs and evolving market conditions, and providing them with solutions that are a perfect fit. In an effort to continue providing best-in-class solutions and services, it completed the acquisition of assets from TelStar Hosted Services, Inc., touted as the only multi-vendor hosted call center solutions provider to offer a full product line of best-of-breed call center software solutions as a service to its clients.

Voxware's Cloud VMS Selected by Wagner SprayTech
Voxware, a company that provides voice solutions, recently announced that its Cloud Voice Management Suite (Cloud VMS) has been selected by Wagner SprayTech, a provider of commercial painting and industrial fine finishing solutions, to further improve Wagner's productivity, shipping times and overall customer experience.

Everbridge Expands with New UK-Based Office Serving the EMEA Region
In its effort to continuously innovate communication and incident management, Everbridge, a provider of interactive communication and mass notification solutions expanded its international presence with a London, UK-based office serving the European, Middle Eastern and African regions of the globe. The company has developed a unique approach to data protection and communication for internationally distributed environments, Globally Local.

Choice Hotels Plans to Close Mesa County, Colorado Call Center
Hotel chain Choice Hotels will soon be about 120 call center agents lighter. Call center agents at the Choice Hotels call center in Grand Junction, CO, located in Mesa County, were recently informed that the company plans to close the facility in which they work and move the center to Phoenix, Arizona.

SAS to Provide Localized Hosting Services to Global Customers
In a charged economic IT climate, where reduced budgets and staff are the norm and demand for new business applications is unabated, organizations desperately seek to reduce cost without compromising security of data. SaaS (Software -as - a Service) has seen a rapid uptake and this in turn has given an impetus to business analytics.

Noble Systems Acquires TelStar Hosted Services
Noble Systems Corporation, a company that provides unified contact center technology solutions, recently announced that it has completed the acquisition of assets from TelStar Hosted Services, Inc, a CaaS contact center technology multi-vendor provider offering blended services, predictive dialer capabilities, automated voice messaging and more.

Colt to Offer Hosted Contact Center Solution in Europe
Colt, a European telecommunications, IT managed services and data center services company, recently announced the launch of a new hosted contact center solution that was designed to enable resellers to build and manage their own contact center services for their customers.
10/4/2012 Becomes Silver Partner of Oracle, Integrates with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service has become a Silver-level member in the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). Being Oracle's Silver partner, can reinforce its business and increase its sales opportunities.

Circe Improves Social Services with a Cloud Based Platform
Social service providers work under a huge amount of pressure to provide services with limited amount of resources. Whether it is a private organization or a public entity, they face some of the same problems.

Plymouth Rock Energy Chooses Active Endpoints' Cloud Extend Solution for Salesforce
Active Endpoints is announcing this week that its Cloud Extend solution has been deployed by Plymouth Rock Energy via's AppExchange. Plymouth Rock, an independent energy provider in the Northeast U.S., hopes to accelerate its ability to connect with customers in new ways and improve call center efficiency.

Study Suggests Contact Centers Benefit from Choice with Cloud-based Solutions
At this point, everyone who runs, manages or is even tangential to the call center knows the upside of cloud-based contact center solutions: they offer flexibility, pay-for-what-you-use pricing, little upfront capital requirements, less IT administration, mobile and remote management, home-agent working, disaster recovery and more. But there may be another benefit to some call center organizations: they offer choices when it comes to vendors.
9/20/2012 Appoints Tom Milligan as Vice President of Clients Services, a provider of sales automation platform, stated that its SaaS customer operations executive, Tom Milligan, is now the company's vice president of client services. Milligan will reportedly preside over' client services, sales engineering and customer implementation.

Genesys and Telekom Deutschland Announce New Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution
Genesys and Deutsche Telekom have expanded their strategic partnership. The relationship will deliver an integrated, cloud-based contact center solution to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME), and manage any customer interaction channel including voice, web, mobile and social media.

Appature Nexus Brings Marketing to the Cloud
While much has been made of cloud-based services that help with sales and communications functions, there hasn't been quite so much emerging around ways for the cloud to help with marketing and promotional efforts. That's about to change, thanks to a recent patent awarded to Appature Nexus, Appature's marketing cloud product.

Infosys Debuts SpeedSolve, Accelerates Communication Through Call Centers
Infosys, in joint collaboration with AT&T, has rolled out a next-generation product named SpeedSolve, which reportedly makes communication faster and more efficient for call centers and related operations. SpeedSolve offers real-time collaboration between customer service representatives and subject matter experts using state-of-the-art technologies for messaging, multimedia, reporting and smart device integration.

Echopass Wins Market Leadership Recognition from Frost & Sullivan
With more than 50 solution providers cramming the space, North America's hosted contact center industry represents diversity and tough competition. Echopass, a provider of customized, cloud-based contact center solutions to large enterprises, has been consistent in preserving its distinct identity in this fiercely competitive vendor landscape.

PerspecSys Partners with Xactly
These days, various companies face considerable data residency problems when they are thinking of moving to the cloud. Apart from the rules that govern the treatment of data at the locations where the cloud service provider(s) provision their services (e.g., their data centers), privacy and data protection requirements vary by country and users of cloud services need to consider the data privacy rules that cover each of the jurisdictions they operate in.

Virginia's 211 Call Centers Unfazed by Destructive Wind Tsunami
Over the summer, Virginia and parts of neighboring states were hit with a massive thunderstorm and wind tsunami called a "derecho" that left almost 2.5 million people without power and some without shelter for almost two weeks. The weather conditions were then exacerbated when it was followed by an intense heat wave, leaving those affected stewing in temperatures over a hundred degrees.

Davinci Virtual Continues as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Utah
Davinci Virtual, a provider of turnkey virtual communications and virtual office solutions, has been selected as the 26th fastest growing company for the fifth consecutive year. This decision was made by the Utah Business 2012 Fast 50 Awards.

Rimhub Teams Up with Hy.Ly to Enhance Its Managed Service Offering
In an effort to enable its customers to enhance their social media marketing strategy and maximize marketing ROI, Rimhub, Inc., a leading global managed services provider, has teamed up with renowned social media marketing, lead generation, and conversions firm

Prudent Publishing Selects Evolve IP to Provider Hosted Call Center Solutions
Call centers of all sizes and types are considering moving to the cloud. In fact, many industry analysts predict that more than 70 percent of call centers will use a hosted platform by 2014.

PlaceIQ Chooses Kognitio Cloud to Support its 'Hyper Local' Marketing Platform
Big data, memory analytics and cloud computing company, Kognitio, announced Wednesday that its analytical platform Kognitio Cloud has been selected by PlaceIQ to help marketer in effectively targeting messaging to smartphone users, based on such factors as location and time of day.

CallidusCloud's LeadFormix Integrates with Platform to Improve Lead Quality and Speed Conversion
CallidusCloud has integrated its Lead Management and Marketing Automation solution, LeadFormix, with,'s social enterprise cloud platform for building employee-facing social apps. The integrated solution will enable LeadFormix customers to increase the benefits of sales force automation by improving both the quality and quantity of leads.

New Mandatory Dialing Procedure for San Jose and South Bay Area Consumers
On Oct. 20, 2011, the CPUC sanctioned a services overlay in order to provide additional telephone numbers to cope up with the increasing consumer demand.

Reynolds' Virtual Customer Care Center for Dealerships Gets New Services
Reynolds Consulting Services is a comprehensive and thorough consulting practice in the automotive industry. The company provides dealers a fresh perspective on common challenges irrespective of the dealership management system (DMS). As the average member has approximately 25 years of in-dealership management, ownership experience and Reynolds systems experience, Reynolds consultants provide practical industry knowledge and best practice solutions.

BluIP Debuts Cloud Self-Service Portal
Making it easier for an SMB customer or a large enterprise organization to use its internal IT as its own telephone company, BluIP, Inc., a provider of cloud communications services, has introduced its cloud-based self-service-portal for customers.

Torsion Mobile Announces Integration with Constant Contact Suite of Online Marketing Tools
Torsion Mobile recently announced that through its integration with the Constant Contact suite of online marketing tools, customers will now benefit from the creation of mobile-formatted mailing list signup forms without the need for any coding or programming. The joint offering will be available on Constant Contact's MarketPlace - a online resource connecting small organizations with tools and services that drive business expansions.

ExpeData Picks CallidusCloud's LeadFormix
Software company, ExpeData has picked CallidusCloud's LeadFormix marketing automation solution to deliver more sales opportunities.

CallidusCloud's LeadFormix Helps Galley, Inc. Maximize Sales Opportunities
Galley Inc., a designer and manufacturer of custom serving lines, reportedly increased its sales opportunities by 420 percent by employing the CallidusCloud's LeadFormix marketing automation solution. "Since Galley, Inc. selected CallidusCloud's marketing automation solution, they have experienced record numbers of leads and sales opportunities.

Galley Deploys CallidusCloud's LeadFormix Marketing Automation Solution
Callidus Software, a provider of sales effectiveness and cloud computing solutions signed an agreement with Galley Inc., a company specializing in designing and manufacturing custom serving lines, to use CallidusCloud's LeadFormix marketing automation solution.

TIME dotCom Berhad Implements CallidusCloud's CPQ and Sales Enablement Platform
TIME dotCom Berhad (TIME), a Malaysian provider of fixed-line telecommunications network and solutions, deployed CallidusCloud's Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and Sales Enablement Platform solutions to maximize its sales success and drive performance across all channels.

Continuum's Service Desk now Features 24 x 7 End-User Support and CRM Integration
This expanded Service Desk offering features a number of high-touch services that address increasing demand from the MSP community to provide their clients with a unified Service Desk experience, according to company officials.

Echopass Corporation Expands its Partner Network
Echopass, a SaaS provider of cloud-based contact center solutions, reportedly inducted two new members into its EchoPlace partner network - Empirix and SimpliCTI. There are over 30 certified EchoPlace partners in the program, and the newly added partners should address robust growth of cloud-based contact center marketplace.

Voxeo and Presence Technology Partner on Blended Contact Center Business
Voxeo has made a name for itself as a company that is one of the leading firms when it comes to Unlocked Communications. Presence Technology is an international software provider of Contact Center Solutions. The two companies have recently formed a partnership that will put both firms at the top of their industries with the announcement that they now have the ability to offer a hosted contact center solution that is able to evolve to the needs of today's blended contact centers.
8/15/2012 Recognized for its Sales Automation Solutions, a cloud-based sales automation technologies provider, ranks among the top global innovator companies in 2012. Like, many on-demand and mobile application developers are delivering disruptive skills to the corporate and enterprise world.

Knowlagent and NexxPhase Partner for Solution to Cut Between-Call Intervals
Call center workforce management solutions provider, Knowlagent is announcing a new partnership with NexxPhase, a cloud-based contact center outsourcer. The two companies have partnered to help improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction by reducing agent idle time. The partnership allows NexxPhase to promote and market Knowlagent's intraday management solution, RightTime, in conjunction with its full-service multichannel contact centers, said the two companies.

Stellar Delivering Call Center Services for TransLink
Stellar, the global call center and telemarketing firm, has recently won a customer service outsourcing contract from one of the largest transport networks, TransLink.

Autodesk Names CAI as the Autodesk July Inventor of the Month
Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software products provide a comprehensive, flexible set of software for 3D mechanical design, product simulation, tooling creation, engineer to order, and design communication. By allowing it to produce an accurate 3D model that can help it design, visualize, and simulate user's products before they are built, Inventor takes users beyond 3D to Digital Prototyping.

National Australia Bank (NAB) Going Virtual with Contact Center
If you're a customer with National Australia Bank Limited (NAB), you might be able to expect better customer service in the future. NAB has reportedly spent AUS $30 million to upgrade its call center operations.

Contact Monkey Cloud-Based Solution Integrated into Imogo Suite of Products
Imogo Mobile Technologies signed a strategic alliance with Contact Monkey a developer and marketer of a cloud solution that is seamless, secure and easy-to-use.

8x8 Launches New Virtual Receptionist and Group Intercom Multicast Paging
Convenience and ease are essential to achieve higher productivity and responsiveness from unified communications (UC), video calling and cloud-based PBXs. Responding to these needs, 8x8, Inc. has launched Virtual Receptionist and Group Intercom Multicast Paging, two new Virtual Office cloud PBX services that will make internal and external communication with business partners and customers more efficient and productive.

Port Authority Debuts their Newest Employee, Ava
It is often said that good help doesn't come cheap. For Port Authority, good help comes at the price of $360,000 per year. Florida-based aviation marketing company, Airus Media, has developed an avatar that LaGuardia, Kennedy and Newark airports believe will attract more people to the customer service counter and will help to ease the busy season of travelling with an "employee" who works around the clock without a lunch or bathroom break.

Illinois' Consolidation of State Police Call Centers Resulted in Missed Emergency Calls
A state police call center in DuQuoin is reporting that "glitches" are causing it to miss some emergency calls. The call center serves all of South Central Illinois. Officials attribute the problem to trouble with telephone lines. Earlier this month, the State of Illinois reduced the number of call centers statewide that handle emergency calls to four, per the direction of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.

Australia's Telstra to Launch Virtual Contact Center Service
Australian telecom giant, Telstra Global will soon be offering a new virtual contact center service, at least as far as customers in Asia are concerned. Telstra has chosen Australian hosted contact center solutions provider, IPscape for the technology behind the new virtual contact center system, backed up by a $5 million investment from Telstra's venture capital subsidiary, Telstra Application and Ventures Group (AVG).

Clarity Consulting Unveils Connect 2.4 with Self-Management Capabilities for Microsoft Lync Customers
Clarity Consulting Inc. recently unveiled Clarity Connect 2.4, an enterprise-enabled contact center solution for Microsoft Lync customers. Users of Connect 2.4 can deploy and maintain the contact center solution at a much faster rate while the latest upgrades introduced in the solution, make it ideal for enterprise clients who want to include contact center functionality within their Lync environments.

ZON Chooses Genesys for CRM Solution
Today, ZON Multimedia announced they will be using the Genesys SIP Server as a replacement for their current contact center platform. The company is hoping that this move will increase customer satisfaction and reduce the wait times that customers experience when they call for service or support.

Direct Response Technologies Adds Infrastructure, Technology Improvements to DirectTrack Platform
Direct Response Technologies recently announced it is focussing on enhancing the performance, reliability and scalability of its DirectTrack affiliate marketing platform based on increasing customer demand. The company will introduce infrastructure and technology enhancements as well as capital investments to drive these improvements in the platform.

ReadyTalk's Enhanced Eloqua App Boosts Revenue Generation Prospects
ReadyTalk has released an enhanced version of ReadyTalk App on the Eloqua AppCloud. Marketers can progress leads in a rapid manner through the marketing and sales pipeline with the ReadyTalk App, ensuring greater conversion rates for webinar programs. Eloqua had launched the successful AppCloud, a Web-based marketplace for B2B marketing applications, one year ago.

Content Guru and KPN Enter into Partnership
Content Guru, a UK cloud specialists, and KPN, a telecommunications and IT service provider in the Netherlands, have entered into a partnership to deliver communications services in mainland Europe, launching with Cloud Contact Center, a cloud-based contact center infrastructure offering.

TelStrat Officially Launches Engage Cloud Offering
TelStrat has officially released its latest Engage Cloud offering specifically for contact center outsourcers, multi-tenant surroundings and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosted providers. A key group of call recording and WFO capabilities are offered by Engage Cloud and have been optimized for public or private cloud implementations.

Kaspersky Lab Launches Sasha, an IVA Powered by VirtuOz
Kaspersky Lab with the launch of Sasha, an Intelligent Virtual Agent powered by VirtuOz, is hoping to expand the usage of virtual agent support into the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Momentum Rolls Out Virtual Call Center Service
A virtual call center simplifies high volume call centers with the use of cloud-based technology, allowing for improved customer service, maximized profits and quality communication tools to businesses of all sizes.

Lextech's Bratton: Mobile Forces Focus and Simplicity in Interactions with Customers
TMC this year celebrates 30 years of covering customer interaction, which means it couldn't be a better time to look at where we've been with customer service and where we're going. We're also rebranding and retooling our customer effort. In this installment of our CUSTOMER coverage, we talk with Alex Bratton, CEO and chief geek of Lextech Global Services. Established in 2001, Lextech helps organizations figure out how mobile is going to support their business strategy, identifying what suites of mobile apps are going to provide the highest return.

Telax Hosted Call Center Partners with Fibernetics
Telax Hosted Call Center, a leader in contact center technology, recently announced in a press release that it has entered a partnership agreement with Fibernetics Corporation, a competitive local exchange carrier that focuses on VoIP products and services. According to the agreement, Telax will help Fibernetics replace its Automatic Call Distribution System (ACD).

Telstra Global Chooses IPscape to Underpin New Virtual Contact Center Offering
Australian telecom giant, Telstra Global will soon be offering a new virtual contact center service, at least as far as customers in Asia are concerned. Australian hosted contact center solutions provider, IPscape and its technologies will underpin the new virtual contact center system, backed by a $5 million investment from Telstra's venture capital subsidiary, Telstra Application and Ventures Group (AVG). Telstra Global will be launching and branding the resulting product as Telstra Global Virtual Contact Centre (VCC). It will be hosted in Telstra data centers and marketed initially to corporates in South East Asia.

MuleSoft Expands its Cloud Ecosystem
MulesSoft, a source of cloud computing integration platform services, has announced the expansion of its cloud ecosystem. MuleSoft, which provides Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), has partnered with more than 60 cloud providers in a move intended to put up and deploy integration applications at reduced costs while enhancing the ease of business to move their data to cloud.

The Evolution of the Contact Center Leads to At-Home Agents
A majority of decision makers in the IT department would prefer a well-oiled machine rather than cut costs. According to a recent Enghouse Interactive Customer Interaction Index survey, 78 percent of North American IT executives said just that, suggesting that making the right decisions on effective day-to-day operations will affect the bottom line anyway.

LiveOps and Concentric Cloud Solutions Announce Partnership
LiveOps, Inc recently announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Concentric Cloud Solutions, which is an XO Communications company that offers businesses advanced cloud-based computing, content acceleration and cloud voice solutions. Concentric Cloud Solutions has now added the LiveOps Platform to its Cloud Voice service offerings targeting small and medium businesses.

South African Based Fusion Outsourcing Services Acquired By WNS
WNS (Holdings) Limited recently confirmed the acquisition of Fusion Outsourcing Services (Pty) Ltd., a South African BPO provider. Fusion offers a number of outsourcing services such as customer care, business continuity and contact center services to a host of South African and international clients. WNS is a provider of global business process solutions and will use this strategic acquisition to further enhance its portfolio of services.

TigerText Helps Hospices Stay in Touch 24/7 with Mobile Messaging
TigerText, a provider of secure, real-time messaging, announced today that its solutions now can be used by hospice providers, and seven new hospice organizations have already signed up.

Call Center Shift to the Cloud Will Bring the Need for Better Scheduling Solutions
Gartner Research is predicting that with 75 percent of call centers predicted to incorporate cloud technology into their operations by 2013, this will give rise to another trend. With cloud technology comes the ability to better manage call queues by scheduling in advance customer service appointments and callbacks. As more companies begin to use callbacks, a need will rise for better solutions to manage customer service appointments and callbacks.

IDC Releases Results of Worldwide Semiannual CRM Applications Tracker
IDC's Semiannual CRM Applications Tracker offers detailed market statistics, trends and forecasts to uncover the ongoing opportunity in this market. With this, vendors can measure their performance in a given period.

Seven Colleges and Universities Incorporate TargetX's CRM Solution
TargetX's Student Recruitment Manager has been chosen by an additional seven colleges and universities, thereby strengthening its position as a major CRM organization in higher education. Admission offices at these colleges and universities will benefit from this cloud-based, powerful and flexible CRM system.

StoneRiver's Portfolio of Solutions Deployed by Plymouth Rock
StoneRiver Inc.'s Claims Stream and Customer Stream solutions are currently being deployed by Plymouth Rock Group of Companies. Plymouth Rock is steadily accomplishing its goal of renovating its main processing environment by advantageously utilizing the latest technologies and a Service Oriented Architecture, or SOA, incorporated by StoneRiver's Claims Stream and Customer Stream solutions. Plymouth Rock is therefore able to reorganize operations for its several different types of companies located at several locations.

Mancx Raises $3 Million in Financing Round
Mancx, a trusted community for business answers that allows for private individuals to securely buy and sell their knowledge with others, recently announced that it has raised $3 million in financing led by Almi Invest and Chalmers Innovation Seed Fund. The officials from Mancx said that the funds will be used to expand the company's operations.

Easy Office Phone Launches New Virtual Call Center Solution
Easy Office Phone released its newest enhanced communication system called, Virtual Call Center solution. The new cloud-based platform allows employees to work from anywhere in the world, while being monitored. The management system collects data to allow for reporting, monitoring, and tracking of any web-based work and VoIP services.

Easy Office Phone Unveils New Virtual Call Center Solution
Easy Office Phone recently unveiled its new Virtual Call Center solution. The cloud-based product from the business Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service provider has been designed to help businesses run their operations smoothly.

BMPonline Launches Custom CRM Solution for Real Estate Industry
Boston-based CRM and business process management solutions provider, BPMonline, announced this week the launch of BPMonline CRM Realty, a new Web-based CRM solution created for real estate agencies, brokerages, developers and property management companies that wish to facilitate better customer relationships and customized industry-related business processes.

eVoice Offers Tips to Help Construction Professionals
A missed call is a lost opportunity, and where can this be more applicable than in the construction industry? The market now appears to be shaking off the recession shackles and emerging a little more strongly than other businesses.

VHT Receives U.S. Patent for Establishing Automated Call Back Using a Mobile Communication Device
Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) announced that its 'A System & Method for Establishing Automated Call Back Using a Mobile Communication Device' was awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This expands the company's portfolio to include apps for mobile devices such as smartphones.

Birst Gives Real Estate Brokers Detailed Performance Analysis
Recently, Birst Inc announced that the Realtors Property Resource group has brought Birst's business intelligence systems to their current software setup. This addition allows realtors to reveal deep-level intelligence about their firms' performance in the market, and also provide an eye toward improvement.

Optus Wins Customer Experience Leadership Award at Nuance's Summit
The Nuance's bi-annual Customer Experience Summit in San Francisco saw industry peers presenting the Customer Experience Leadership Award to Optus, an Australian provider of communications and digital services.

SeeWhy Unveils eCommerce Analytics Hub Using Latest Socially Savvy Techniques
SeeWhy, a Boston-based provider of real-time ecommerce shopping cart recovery solutions, announced the launch of their first analytics hub for ecommerce.

Self-Service Technology Provider Contact Solutions Saves Clients Millions in a Day
As self-service solutions have improved to actually help customers (instead of simply annoying them as they did in the early days), more and more companies and organizations have deployed them in order to take some of the strain off the contact center by allowing customers to serve themselves in place of a live agent. Over the years, these solutions have saved companies significant amounts of money.

DOW Networks Announces MPLS
Recently, DOW Networks announced MPLS (multiprotocol label switching), as part of its continuous effort to offer improved call quality and decrease latency for its call center clients.

Wells Fargo Expands its Salem Call Center, Hires 200 Employees
Salem economic growth seems to be picking up, indicating good news for residents after Wells Fargo announced it will hire 200 new employees at its Salem call center. The 108,000 square-foot call center facility, opened in 2004 and formerly owned by a banking and financial services company called Wachovia Corp., will cost Wells Fargo 5.1 million to run annually.

Arise Partners with Remploy to Focus on Income Opportunities for the Disabled
There are over 10 million disabled adults of age above 16 in the U.K. - equivalent to 24 percent of the adult population. To help the considerable number of disabled people, Arise Virtual Solutions International Limited has partnered with Remploy, the U.K.'s premier provider of Employment Services to the disabled community.

ZORO Tools Goes Live on Hubspan Integration Adapter for NetSuite
ZORO Tools has gone live on the Hubspan Integration Adapter for NetSuite.

SaaS Markets Unveils the SaaS Commerce Network
SaaS Markets has unveiled a major global business network for Software-as-a-Service Web applications, the SaaS Commerce Network or SCN. The network, which covers at least 71 million businesses, can be advantageously used by SaaS application developers to distribute their SaaS based apps across the world.

CCS Picks SkyDox Cloud-Enabled File Sharing and Collaboration Tools
Comfort Care Services announced that it has picked SkyDox Cloud-Enabled Collaboration Platform to enhance collaboration processes among its 36 sites located in the South East of England.

CallidusCloud Unveils iCentera 9.0
Recently, CallidusCloud released iCentera 9.0, offering new features for the users of its popular mobile sales enablement platform. The iCentera solution from CallidusCloud proivides SaaS solutions for sales operations, whose single sales facilitation system now rapidly enables business users to create and distribute marketing content to sales teams, partners, and customers via iCentera's patented platform replaces static portals. The iCentera platform offers easy-to-use solutions for business users that incorporate automated content management, portal creation, and built-in trend and behavior analytics.

Sage North America Introduces New SaaS Business Tools for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups
Sage North America has developed a Web-based all-in-one application titled Sage One U.S. The software tool addresses the unique business tracking and management needs of entrepreneurs and start-ups in the United States, helping owners of aspiring businesses spend more time on innovation rather than administration.

Vertical Solutions Inc. and eBizNET Improve Data Sharing in Manufacturing Service
Vertical Solutions Inc. and eBizNET Solutions are partnering up to integrate their cloud based data sharing software solutions. The aftermarket service industry can now implement this new combination of eBizSolutions' Supply Chain Execution products and Vertical Solutions' CRM customer Service/Field Management software, VService Management.

Razorfish Announces Fluent Cloud-based Marketing Software
Digital advertising agency, Razorfish today announced its cloud-based software, called Fluent, designed to provide agencies and marketers with an integrated application for targeting, distributing and managing multi-channel digital campaigns. According to this press release from Razorfish, more than 20 of the company's clients are already leveraging Fluent technologies.

Epicor Allies with The Hada Group to Provide ERP Solution
Epicor Software Corporation, a source of business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations worldwide, recently signed an agreement with the The Hada Group (THG) for a next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with EPM. The HADA Group is a business management, operations and technology consulting firm that serves the Hospitality and Entertainment industry.

'Aspect on Demand' - a Hosted Workforce Optimization Solution for Contact Centers
To help its customers leverage its best-in-class customer interaction and its secure and managed data centers that offer workforce optimization capabilities, Aspect has introduced the Aspect On Demand hosted offering. With this offering, companies will now be able to engage with their customer using a hosted environment. This also means that companies will avoid the initial capital investments associated with installing, housing and managing their internal IT resources and other customer engagement technologies.

EASE Announces Availability of Cloud Based Version of EASEworks and RetailEASE
Now EASE customers have the flexibility to use EASEworks and RetailEASE in different computing environments. EASE Inc., a provider of powerful and cost effective suite of software products to industrial, manufacturing and quality engineers, has announced the availability of their popular EASEworks and RetailEASE software products on a cloud based platform. In the beginning of 2012, the company announced the release of V7.0 of their software earlier this year. EASE will host the newly released cloud based application in an agreement with a leading cloud computing provider.

Zoho Support Integrates Facebook and Twitter to Enable Real-Time Customer Support and Engagement recently announced that Zoho Support, the company's online customer support software, now integrates social media, including Facebook and Twitter. This tight integration will help companies improve employ Zoho Support for supporting and engaging with their customers on a real time basis through leading social networks.

ILD Corp.'s US-based Outsourced Services Get a New Moniker
Stratus Contact Solutions, the freshly minted name of ILD Corp.'s U.S.-based contact center, represents ILD's attempts to rebrand itself as an innovator bringing social media to the American contact center.

Verizon-VHT Cloud Solution Reduces Call Center Hold Times
Does it always seem like you encounter issues in call customer service at the absolute worst time? Do you always hear the recording, "We are experiencing unusually high call volume?"

Using Flex Hours in the Contact Center Helps Retain Top Performers
Are you worried about losing your top call center agents? You know, the agents who "get" everything, can adapt their methods to all situations, act as mentors to other agents and are usually the top performers?

Centrify Corp. Sells Software to Baptist Health South Florida
Centrify Corp. recently announced one of their sales, a contract where the company would deploy its Centrify Suite at the Baptist Health South Florida offices, one of the largest Florida based non-profit healthcare organizations. The sale is one of many that the company has made. This followed another series of sales that the company made in the previous quarter, along with last year's growing period, where they provided these types of solutions to many more organizations and companies, thanks to their continuing marketing campaigns.

Centrify Corp. Sells Software to Baptist Health South Florida
Centrify Corp. recently announced one of their sales, a contract where the company would deploy its Centrify Suite at the Baptist Health South Florida offices, one of the largest Florida based non-profit healthcare organizations. The sale is one of many that the company has made. This followed another series of sales that the company made in the previous quarter, along with last year's growing period, where they provided these types of solutions to many more organizations and companies, thanks to their continuing marketing campaigns.

Entiera Acquired by FICO to Increase Growth with SaaS-Delivered Marketing Solutions
FICO recently announced that it has acquired Entiera Inc, a specialist provider of customer dialogue management solutions that is based in Denver. FICO is one of the leading providers of analytics and decision management technology and will now leverage Entiera's SaaS-delivered, multi-channel campaign management platform to offer marketers a unique solution for customer-centric 1:1 marketing.

Carnival Cruise Lines to Cut Costs by Shifting Call Center Agents to Home-based Work
"Homeshoring," as it's called, is the increasingly popular model of having call center agents work from their home. It's meant to be an alternative to "offshoring," or moving call center operations to foreign shores to try and save money.

Infogroup Partners with Talend
Infogroup, a provider of data and multichannel marketing solutions has partnered with Talend, a provider of open source integration software. With this partnership, Infogroup will make use of Talend's platform to create a complete data integration framework which will be a part of its next generation solutions.

Intelecom and Cloud9 Collaborate to Deliver Cloud Contact Center Services
Intelecom and Cloud9 have partnered with each other to deliver their clientele with a comprehensive integrated and secure call recording service. For the uninitiated, Intelecom is a provider of cloud-based contact center solutions, and Cloud9 Business Analytics Ltd, is an established call recording and quality monitoring software-as-a-service (SaaS) company.

Descartes Systems Group Leads Canadian SaaS Market: Report
Descartes Systems Group is ahead of all Canadian SaaS solutions vendors, according to a list of leading SaaS companies prepared by, industry analyst firm, Branham.

Intuit Pursues Demandforce for Marketing SaaS
Intuit Inc., responsible for providing TurboTax services, has partnered with Demandforce, a company based in San Fransisco that assists SMBs with the current Internet-centric economy. Demandforce offers SaaS solutions that give small businesses the ability to make their marketing and customer interactions much more fluid through an online streamlining application.

DH Capital and SaaS Capital Team up to Offer Funding Alternative for SaaS-Based Businesses
Under the current global economic scenario, Software-as-a-Service businesses seem to have huge growth potentials. But availability of funds to support growth has never been adequate. In order to fill up this void, two companies, DH Capital and SaaS Capital have come together in an initiative, which will provide additional funding alternative to businesses seeking to fund their own growth

Siebel CRM And Oracle's RightNow CX Cloud Service Land In Gartner's Leader Quadrant
IT research company Gartner, Inc. recently released its "Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers." In the report, Gartner has placed Oracle's Siebel CRM and Oracle's RightNow CX Cloud Service in the Leaders Quadrant. To land in the Leaders Quadrant, a company must demonstrate both a clear vision for a market sector and the ability to achieve that vision.

Resco's Mobile CRM Solution to Microsoft Dynamics Gets an Update
There have been a ton of mobile solutions to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform - which essentially provide cloud-connectivity to the user's customer relations database. Such services oftentimes require middleware, or server-side clients to keep an up to date stream on CRM data. With Resco's updated Mobile CRM app however, the user's data is synced across all devices - from iDevices to Android to Windows 7 - in which the software is installed.

Connect First Adds Regional Management Features to Hosted Dialer
While many companies are finding that the benefits of outbound calling far outweigh the challenges - and the challenges are numerous - technology has stepped in as of late to make the process a little easier. Hosted dialers, so far away from the clunky, problematic dialers of decades past, have gone a long way toward making the process simpler, more efficient and easier to manage.

Indian Telecom Service Provider Selects CallidusCloud Sales Performance Management Enterprise Suite
A leading Indian telecom service provider has selected the CallidusCloud Sales Performance Management Enterprise suite to drive dealer sales management. This is the second major Indian telecom service provider, after Tata Communications, to have selected CallidusCloud for its sales effectiveness initiatives.

Cloud-based Contact Center Company Five9 Completes Funding Round
Cloud-based contact center solutions provider Five9 Inc. announced this week the successful completion of an additional round of equity financing that raised $12 million for the San Ramon, California-based company. The additional funding follows record revenue growth in 2011 for Five9, exceeding 70 percent growth over 2010 revenues. This latest financing round was led by Adams Street Partners with Hummer Winblad Venture Capital and Partech International also participating.

Genesys Introduces New Mobile Engagement Extension of Contact Center Platform
The contact center is going mobile, whether companies want it to or not. As more customers begin carrying smart phones, tablets and netbooks and initiate their customer service transactions from these devices, call centers need to be prepared to serve these increasingly mobile customers.

Orange Business Services Launches Cloud-based Video Infrastructure
As more cloud-based services continue to emerge, video-as-a-service is in greater demand based on the need for richer Internet experiences and meeting interactions. In fact, as the Internet has whet customers' appetites for compelling customer service experiences, it has also increased expectations that companies will deliver rich media customer services, according to IT analyst Gartner.
4/19/2012, Husqvarna Win Gartner and 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Awards for Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service
Online dating portal, and outdoor power products provider, Husqvarna, were both honored at the Gartner and 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Awards. Both companies were recognized at the Gartner Customer 360 Summit last month in Orlando, FA for one common factor - the Oracle's RightNow CX Cloud Service.

SaaSplaza, Assistance Software Collaborate on Hosting and Reselling Assistance PSA
Assistance Software introduced Assistance PSA for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 last year, in an effort to provide a completely integrated solution for contemporary information workers. Until now, Assistance PSA was offered as on premise, Software as a Service (SaaS) and as an on line product.

Sage Partners to Benefit from Software Link's Hosting Program Offering Cloud-Based Hybrid SaaS Solution
As customers increasingly accept cloud-based applications, Software Link's division is also stepping up its efforts to address their needs. Moving in the same direction, has launched a new partner program that offers cloud-based hybrid SaaS solution for the Sage ERP products. is dedicated to allow Sage Partners to effectively compete with any other cloud ERP solution on the market with full-function Sage ERP in a SaaS environment.

Powerful eSurveys and eMarketing Tools from Epicor Software Corporation Now Available via the Cloud
Epicor Software Corporation recently announced that its Epicor eSurveys and eMarketing tools will now be made available on the SaaS Platform. Customers adopting the cloud will hereafter be able to experience a flexible deployment and licensing model for their businesses. Epicor is a global provider of business software solutions.

DN2K's Virtual Operations Center Provides Secondary Operation Center for Mission-Critical Businesses
In an effort to facilitate continuous operations for the for critical business and industrial systems, DN2K, a provider of cloud-based data monitoring platform, introduced Virtual Operations Center (VOC) capability. The VOC can double as a secondary operations center with redundant capability for business continuation at the times of any kind of disaster.

Cornerstone OnDemand Partners with Visier to Inform Cloud-Based Workforce
With more businesses looking to workforce management and analytics to achieve greater efficiencies within their organizations, cloud-based talent management software provider Cornerstone OnDemand has teamed up with Visier to provide Cornerstone clients with cloud-based workforce analytics and planning programs.

New ReachForce Solution Designed to Improve Web Conversion Rates in Marketing Automation
While most companies have robust and even complex Web-based marketing programs, simply installing a marketing automation solution and hoping for the best isn't enough. Too many factors can render online marketing automation ineffective and fail to produce quality leads. As a result, a number of companies have brought to market solutions designed to improve the effectiveness of marketing automation solutions.

Alpine Access Joins White House in Veteran Employment Initiative
Alpine Access, a virtual contact center services provider, has been invited to the White House. No, the White House isn't planning to outsource its contact center, but instead is planning to join forces with a number of companies - Alpine Access among them - to launch an initiative assisting U.S. veterans in finding jobs.

ASG Acquires NTRglobal to Bring Cloud-based Help Desk Support to the Masses
Help Desk processes have been transitioning to a Web-based era, and now cloud-based one, for some time. Especially with the consumerization of IT, smart device owners will often use device vendors for support, reducing the pressure on internal IT and Help Desk responders. The cost savings this represents for small enterprises should not be overlooked and can be substantial. Recently, ASG Software Solutions, a recognized innovator in enterprise IT software solutions, announced that it has acquired NTRglobal, a specialist in cloud-based help desk and ITSM delivery systems for the enterprise.

Asite Expands Cloud Operations in America with Offices in NY, CA
Asite recently announced that in continuing with its global business expansion initiatives, the company has ventured into the American market with new offices in New York and San Francisco. Asite is a major European provider of collaborative cloud solutions.

YouDazzle Interface Combines Cloud Computing and Networking Marketing
YouDazzle has unveiled a straightforward, centralized interface which incorporates both web-based file sharing and online meetings. Companies and professionals of all shapes and sizes will now be able to exploit the communications power of the cloud through this interface, accessible through any device.

BlueSnap Announces New eCommerce Services
Companies these days need to rapidly adapt business models to build competitive advantages with new approaches to markets. They also need to optimize and scale the consumer experience in a compliant and reliable business environment to meet the vision of digital commerce anywhere, anyplace and anytime.

Evolve IP Appoints Cloud Industry Veterans
Evolve IP has recruited Joe Corvaia, Rich Fox, Bill Maun, Ritzcel Exconde and Greg Drake tosupport its rapid growth in the areas of cloud computing services and virtual call centers, according to company officials. "These are the latest in a series of strategic hires as we continue to meet strong demand for our cloud call center and virtualization products," said Tim Allen, chief sales officer at Evolve IP.

CT Town and School District Select Tyler's Munis ERP SaaS Solution
The town and school district of Ledyard, Connecticut recently selected Tyler Technologies' Munis enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Tyler Technologies has signed a 10-year SaaS contract with school authorities, and will be responsible to deliver hosting services, related professional services, maintenance and support.

Campus Management's Talisma CRM Deployed at USF's Tampa Campus
Campus Management Corp., a global provider of enterprise software products and services for educational institutions, recently announced in a press release that its Talisma CRM software solution has been deployed by University of South Florida (USF) at its Tampa campus. According to officials from USF, the new solution will help the university improve the undergraduate recruitment and admissions activities.

Noble Systems Emerges as a Trusted Partner for Vacation Ownership Companies
The vacation ownership market in the US is growing at a fast pace. Capitalizing on this rapid growth, Noble Systems Corporation, a provider of unified contact center technology solutions has significantly expanded its client portfolio. Five out of the ten largest vacation ownership management firms in the US are currently the clients of Noble Systems Corporation.

Does Newer Technology Really Make Your Call Center Perform Better?
Does the latest technology really make your call center better? (Here's where you think to yourself, 'I sure hope so given how much money we've spent on some of our solutions.') But have you ever wondered how much - really - the latest and most high-tech systems have improved customer satisfaction and your bottom line? So has Benchmark Portal, apparently. The contact center benchmarking, certification, training, industry reports and consulting group recently published a new report entitled "The Impact of Technology on Contact Center Performance."

New Jersey Assembly Members Praise State's Tough Anti-Outsourcing Act
While large U.S. companies and the foreign call centers who do their customer service await the fate of Congressional legislation that may put the brakes onto offshore outsourcing, wiping out any advantages companies experience from sending call center jobs offshore, many of them are passing the time watching what happens to similar legislation on a smaller basis.

Effectiveness of Contact Centers Significantly Affects Customer Behavior
The behavior of customers who give high marks to a company's call center performance translates into revenue generated, according to a study released by ForeSee, a customer experience analytics firm. For example, customers who like the call center's service are 174 percent more likely to make contact again, which creates opportunities for improved engagement as well as increased share of mind and wallet.

Fujitsu Bolsters Japanese Logistics Industry with New SaaS-Based Inventory Solutions
Fujitsu, a provider of information and communications technology (ICT)-based business solutions, announced the launch of a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based inventory operations support system (OSS) for the Japanese logistics industry.

A New Guide on the Business Case for Social Customer Service Released by immediate future
A recent study, the "Social Media Customer Service Report," conducted by TNS and presented by Sitel indicated that social media is changing the landscape of customer service. Many young people are turning to social media sites to either solve problem, or search for information, or to register complaints. Consequently, the importance of social customer service has increased.

Spanlink Collaborates with Convergys to Build Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution
Spanlink Communications and Convergys Corporation will be working together to build a new cloud-based contact center solution that will blend Convergys' expertise in operating contact centers with Spanlink's capabilities in designing and developing Cisco contact centers.

Spanlink Partners with Convergys to Create Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution
Spanlink Communications has joined forces with Convergys Corporation to provide a flexible cloud contact center solution for medium-sized to enterprise level businesses. Spanlink brings more than 23 years of experience in the unified communications and customer service solutions industry as a Cisco partner. Convergys specializes in contact center operations.

Five9 Moves Headquarters to San Ramon, Doubles Office Space
Five9, a provider of cloud-based software that facilitates the creation of virtual call centers, moved 160 employees from its 28,000 square foot office building in Pleasanton, Calif., to a 50,000 square foot space in the Bishop Ranch complex in San Ramon, Calif. The company has seen rapid expansion of late and was named to Inc. Magazine's list of America's Fastest Growing Companies both last year and the year before.

New Toronto Office for Swiss Post Solutions
Swiss Post Solutions, Inc. (SPS) recently announced that it had opened a branch office and new document processing center in Toronto, Ontario. The new document processing facility is highly secure and will assist in the delivery of Business Process Outsourcing solutions, which will enable SPS to manage clients' business process tasks like claims handling, order management, accounts payable and receivables. The company is a global provider of document processing services and currently operates more than 20 document processing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.

Conversocial Puts Customer Service in Facebook Messages
Success of any business hinges on customer service. To enhance the social dimensions of customer service with the creation of information channels, Conversocial has integrated Facebook pages' direct messages, less than a day after Facebook released the API enabling the feature.

T-Mobile to Shut Seven Call Centers and Slash Thousands of Jobs
Wireless carrier T-Mobile is looking to cut some jobs, reports today say, and many of them will come from call centers.

Customer Service Excellence in the B-to-B Supply Chain
While we often think of customer service as a business-to-consumer process, we forget that there is a large chunk of the industry that never sees an individual consumer. Business-to-business customer service is just as critical - sometimes even more so - for while a botched interaction can lose a company one customer, a botched b-to-b customer service interaction can lose a whole company, and the issues being handled by b-to-b customer service are usually far, far more complex.

Informatica Cloud Offers Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Informatica Cloud will now offer native support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Informatica Corporation's Informatica Cloud, a multitenant cloud integration service, will now be accessible on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace and the Informatica Marketplace.

North American Companies Continue to Add Call Center Employees
While the economy has yet to fully recover from the recession, a surge of hiring has begun in the call center space as large technology companies look to re-add some of the resources that were cut in 2008.

Philippines' Officials Say BPO Industry Must Better Implement Occupational Safety and Health Standards
While one wouldn't often think of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry as one heavily in need of occupational safety and health regulation, the truth is that many hazards have been uncovered in such workers. The Philippines, one of the most popular BPO destinations, is taking steps to reduce the stresses and workplace-related injuries common among BPO workers.

ActiveConversion Adds Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration
To improve customer retention and increase sales, ActiveConversion has added Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration for enhancing lead generation and management system. According to a press release, ActiveConversion specializes in sales enabling capabilities through automation rules and sophisticated lead development technology.

LiveVox Resolves Call Center Dilemmas for Mobile Solicitations
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has some pesky regulations that stifle the ability of many call centers to reach Right Party Contact (RPC) goals. LiveVox's newest solution will enable call centers to stay within mobile dialing regulations and maximize mobile dialing results. The Private VoIP providers leverage off-shore to on-shore sub-second warm transfers and global skills-based routing capabilities.

Gorilla Logic Intros Gorilla Logic Continuous QA Cloud
While building mobile apps for any type of platform, present day software engineers are increasingly making use of distributed development approaches and component assembly and deployment instead of relying on green field code writing. Though these new methods offer a lot of benefits for them, they create a large number of highly configurable systems that traditional quality assurance (QA) techniques cannot scale.

Agilis Solutions President at SaaS University
Agilis Solutions recently stated that president of the company, Eileen Boerger, presented "ISV Path to the Cloud: Moving Your Product from On-Premise to On-Demand," at SaaS University, held Feb. 28-Mar. 1, 2012 in Austin, TX.

Collection Advisor Magazine Honors SoundBite's Hosted Dialer
SoundBite stated that its hosted dialer is a comprehensive solution for any organization looking for a highly secure and flexible alternative to an on-premise predictive dialer. The solution is claimed to have garnered many accolades. Now it has been named among Collection Advisor magazine's list of Top Four Voice Broadcasting solutions of 2011.

VANAD Group, Nexxlinx Partner to Deliver Multilingual Customer Support Via Cloud-based Technology
Netherlands-based VANAD Group, a provider of multilingual call center outsourcing services as well as proprietary contact center technology in its VANAD Platform, has forged a partnership with Atlanta-based business process and marketing services outsourcing and technology provider Nexxlinx to offer comprehensive customer and technical support across the globe in 50 languages.

To Host or Not to Host
To host or not to host; that is the question of many. Depending where they are in their equipment lifecycle, many CTOs and Call Center Directors are considering moving away from premise-based equipment and moving to a hosted or "cloud based" call center platform.

Emailvision is Hiring
Emailvision, a provider of SaaS solutions for online marketing, has been burgeoning into quite a prosperous company, taking on 800 more companies as clients in the past year. As more companies demand Emailvision's innovative marketing and relationship-building expertise, the company has been seeking a talented staff from across the globe to fill the 200 positions currently open in 2012. But what many of you are probably curious to know is what kind of person fits into Emailvision's culture.

PerspecSys Unveils PerspecSys PRS Adapter for Oracle CRM On Demand
PerspecSys has introduced the PerspecSys PRS Adapter for Oracle CRM On Demand and has announced the extension of its support for the world's most popular SaaS solutions.

Executive Brief Evaluates SaaS Billing and Subscription Commerce Platforms
In an executive briefing to companies that are evaluating SaaS billing platforms, Transverse LLC made available the comparison of its rating and subscription billing platform, TRACT, with Zuora.

SAManage's SaaS-based IT Service Desk Solution Offers Social Enterprise Applications Support
The first social IT Service Desk based on industry standard social enterprise applications has been introduced by SAManage. The latest offering from SAManage has the ability to support social enterprise applications such as Salesforce Chatter and is extremely user friendly.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management Offers Fluid Inc. $24 Million in Growth Equity
Digital commerce company Fluid Inc. recently announced that Goldman Sachs Asset Management has offered it $24 million in growth equity investment to help drive expansion of the company's portfolio of SaaS-based merchandising solutions.

CSDP Introduces SaaS-based Service Relationship Management Software Solutions
A new SaaS-based Service Relationship Management (SRM) suite of solutions will be introduced by Customer Service Delivery Platform Corporation (CSDP), in a webcast titled "2012 Service Delivery Automation Benchmark Results Webinar: How to stop revenue leakage & drive more revenue from services."

Zing JMV from Azul Helps Enterprises Realize Full Potential of SaaS Applications
The Zing solution from Azul Systems, a provider of Java Virtual Machines (JVMs), is enabling companies to discover the full potential of software-as-a-service (SaaS). Zing delivers solutions that address Java runtime barriers which otherwise arrest business expansion for SaaS providers who find it extremely hard to scale up to meet customer demands while using inelastic Java Virtual Machines.

South-East European Research Centre Utilizes WSO2 Governance Registry to Enhance Its SaaS Platform
WSO2 recently announced that their open source WSO2 Governance Registry will be leveraged by the South-East European Research Centre (SEERC) as the foundation for its CAST Registry & Repository. Centrally based in the CAST cloud application platform, the CAST Registry & Repository helps sustain integrity and reliability while the platform works constantly on expanding with the addition of cutting edge components and complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings by third-party developers.

FIA Implements ACGI Software's SaaS Association Management Software
The Futures Industry Association or FIA has implemented ACGI Software's SaaS based association management system or AMS, Association Anywhere. The association management system will allow the global trade organization, FIA, to better manage and control its operations and also to provide its customers with a better overall experience.

SaaS Advertising Firm Marin Software Brings in an Additional $30 Million in Capital
A spokesperson said that this round of capital will go towards product development, customer support and service delivery on a global scale. Combined with previous funding rounds, Marin has now managed to gather up an estimated $80 million. While the company was rounding up more cash, they were apparently also adding some much needed heft to their board of directors. Frank van Veenendaal, who is currently the president of Worldwide Sales and Services at, was announced as the newest member of the board.

Artesian Solutions Raises Some $3 Million from Octopus Investments
Artesian Solutions has raised about $3.2 million from Octopus Investments for a new investment round in the company. The money will be used to grow the firm at a time when demand for social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions is increasing globally.

Global Connect Offers New Hosted Dialer Features
Hosted dialing and communication services provider Global Connect has announced new capabilities its GC1 Peak Dialer, a cloud-based dialer with predictive dialer and automated voice messaging capabilities.

J2 Global Announces Its Second Cloud Service Acquisition
j2 Global, Inc. announced that it has acquired Landslide Technologies, Inc., a Boston-based provider of online customer relationship management solutions designed for small to mid-sized businesses.

Broadsoft Chosen by CSI Technology Outfitters for Hosted Communication Services
BroadSoft, Inc. recently announced that its BroadWorks voice application platform has been chosen by CSI Technology Outfitters as the base for their hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offering to the K-12 education market.

simplyCT Launches Q1 Premise-2-Cloud Trade-in Program
simplyCT recently announced that it has launched a Premise-2-Cloud trade-in program that will operate until the end of March 2012. Organizations that are looking to migrate from on-premise legacy phone systems to the cloud, can try out simplyCT's cloud based program, free of charge for the first two months.

Fonolo Drops Price on Cloud-Based Call Center Queuing Solution
"Our success over the past few years has allowed us to build infrastructure at the scale necessary to support this breakthrough flat rate pricing," Barger explained."We've known for a long time that many companies would love to offer virtual queuing to their customers, but have simply found the process-and the pricing-daunting."

Arena Pizza Deploys Intorrent Technologies' Cloud-based Intorrent Supercell
Peter Arena, owner of Kent County, Michigan's chain of Arena's Pizza restaurants, has said that he selected Intorrent Technologies' Cloud-based Intorrent Supercell to enhance the way Arena's Pizza handles inbound call volume.

Linking HD Video Conferencing with 24/7 Call Centers May Save Lives
One vision for utilizing video conferencing in hospitals is to connect non-English speakers with interpreters. Instead of being unable to communicate pain, medication allergies and other conditions to doctors, patients can communicate to interpreters who can then pass the information on to doctors in English over an HD connection.

Vodafone Transfers B-to-B Support Jobs to Call Center Outsourcer Teleperformance
Global call center outsourcing giant Teleperformance has a new client: British mobile phone services provider Vodafone. Paris-based Teleperformance now has 207 new employees: former Vodafone customer support personnel from three of Vodafone's specialist operations teams who are being transferred to Teleperformance, along with the responsibility for providing customer care to business-to-business customers formerly supported by Vodafone's Newark call center facility in the East Midlands.

Aankhen Unveils SeeTrak 7.0 SaaS Platform
Aankhen has announced the general availability of its SeeTrak 7.0 SaaS platform. SeeTrak provides electronic devices to physically secure doors on assets such as containers, trucks and vans.

MicroAutomation's MicroMessenger Certified as Voxeo Connect Partner Application
MicroAutomation announced that its MicroMessenger has become the first Voxeo Connect Certified Partner Application after going through strict evaluation and validation processes. In a release, Scott Fischer, MicroAutomation's COO, said, "MicroMessenger offers an exciting opportunity for organizations that are looking to improve their customer communications through proactive event-based contact. By leveraging Voxeo's 100 percent uptime hosted cloud, customers can quickly and affordably create, launch and scale high-value outbound applications."

With Revenue and Sales Up, Voxbone Calls 2011 'Breakthrough Year'
If there's one thing that Voxbone took away from 2011, it was that it was a "breakthrough year." For the first time since commencing operations in 2005, the communications company experienced demand from some of the biggest names in the global telecommunications marketplace, including iBasis, Telefonica and Skype, and achieved immense growth through sales among providers of next-generation VoIP services.

Wipro Launches Cloud Based Solution to Help Customers Transform HR Processes
Wipro Technologies, the global information technology, consulting and outsourcing business of Wipro Limited, has collaborated with Oracle to launch next generation Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management Solution.

West Virginia Media Chooses Matrix's Web-based CRM and Sales Analytics Software
Matrix Solutions, the preferred provider of sales management software to the media industry, recently announced in a press release that its web-based CRM and sales analytics software has been selected by West Virginia Media, Inc., a statewide business that operates eight television stations and a weekly statewide business and leadership publication.

Why Cloud Computing is Confusing for Customers and Providers
"Cloud computing" is one of those "hyped" concepts the telecom industry runs into from time to time that is confusing both for customers and service providers alike.

Conn's, Inc. Picks Noble System's Hosted Technology Solution
Conn's, Inc., a specialty retailer of consumer electronics, home appliances, furniture, mattresses, computers and lawn and garden products, recently picked Noble Systems Corporation's cloud-based Noble Enterprise Hosted solution to improve customer support services for their collection operations.

MTC Announces Availability of Editable Grid System for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM Online
Recently, Management Technology Consulting (MTC), a Los Angeles, California-based Microsoft Gold Certified - Advanced Dynamics Partner, announced the availability of Editable Grid systems for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM Online.

Third-Party Reporting Highly Effective With Call Center Wallboards
Integrating third-party reporting into call center wallboards is considered an easy and necessary task. This can enhance the ACD reporting capabilities for the contact center and add a solution for the customized integration of information on summary reports.

SOPA/PIPA Threatened Viability of the Online Presence
If the acronyms SOPA or PIPA meant nothing to you before this week, the blackouts of popular online sites might have brought you up to speed. Wikipedia and Reddit hosted blackouts site wide on Jan. 18 in protest of the proposed legislation in both the Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

Will Mobile Apps Lead to the Death of the Virtual Call Center?
The advancements in mobile technologies suggest the useful life of the call center is limited. This assumption may be true if you consider the call center to be a room of several agents simply talking on the phone. Today's call center, however, is virtual, flexible and operating multiple channels to satisfy the customer's craving for personalized care. Is the death of the virtual call center eminent?

Intelliverse Launches Hosted Cloud Communications Solutions for Contact Centers
To empower exceptional customer contact experiences for companies of all sizes, Intelliverse, a cloud-based communications provider for enterprises, has launched its hosted solution for contact centers.

Incutio Builds a Sales Team to Boost US Market Presence
Incutio, a provider of content management, eCommerce, email marketing, search engine marketing, Internet infrastructure and enterprise sales, has recently announced two new hires.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Selects CallidusCloud's Monaco On-Demand Solution
Callidus Software Inc ., a provider of sales effectiveness and cloud computing solutions, announced that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, a not-for-profit health company, has selected the CallidusCloud Monaco Sales Performance Management solution for its compensation and agency management systems.

Altitude Software Receives Customer Interaction Solutions 2011 Product of the Year Award
Altitude Software's Unified Customer Interaction suite has been honored with the Customer Interaction Solutions 2011 Product of the Year Award by TMC, a global integrated media company.

Rite Aid Selects WorkPlace's Cloud-Based Workforce Management Services
WorkPlace OnLine, a cloud-based schedule and attendance management service, will be used by Rite Aid in all of its stores.

Readyportal Unveils New Partner Program
Readyportal, an enterprise content management platform, has just launched a Partner Program, designed to bring creative and technology communities together and deliver high-value web solutions to B2B and B2C clients by leveraging partner expertise with Readyportal's unique ECMS-on-SaaS.

Kunnect's New Software Grants Remote Agents CRM System Access
Cost effectiveness and flexibility are currently the two most sought-after attributes in the call center industry and to keep with the current trends in the industry, Kunnect, a leading provider of cloud-based hosted telephony solutions, has come up with its WebAgent 1.0 software.

Oracle Partner Network Specialized Status Achieved by CRMIT
Oracle Partner Network Specialized status has been achieved by CRMIT Solutions. The company has achieved the OPN Specialized status for Oracle CRM On Demand. Already a Gold level member in OPN, CRMIT delivers CRM solutions using Software as a Service business model and Service Oriented Architecture framework.

I.B.I.S. Teams with Scribe to Deploy its Online Integration Platform for CRM Online Practice
Business and technology service company I.B.I.S., Inc. is teaming with Scribe to adopt the Scribe Online Integration Platform for use in its Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online practice.

ZyXEL and Hitachi Speed up Deployment of On-Demand Services
Interoperability between ZyXEL's broadband CPEs (customer premises equipment) and Hitachi's SuperJ OSGi-compliant application platform offers service providers a ready solution that will simplify and speed up deployment of on-demand services.

LeadMaster Celebrates 14 Years in Business
LeadMaster, a provider of cloud computing solutions for cloud computing CRM, sales lead management, lead tracking, marketing automation and sales force automation, has said that it is celebrating its 14th year in business.

Contact Solutions Joins Hands with InfoVoter to Offer VoterLink for a Smoother Voting Experience
As campaign workers get ready to push their voter base into action all over the country, many of these folks are going to depend on a brand new service that is cloud-based to help to support their efforts on the ground. InfoVoter, is one of the noted leaders across the country that deals with development of election-related technologies.

Oracle ATG Lands in Leader Sector of Gartner's Magic Quadrant for E-Commerce
Oracle has announced today that its Oracle ATG e-commerce solution has landed in the leader's quadrant of analyst group Gartner's Magic Quadrant for E-Commerce. The Magic Quadrant was created to position vendors within a particular market segment based on their completeness of vision and their ability to execute on that vision.

U.S. Coast Guard Selects Avaya Solution for New Centralized Service Desk
The United States Coast Guard has selected Avaya's unified communications (UC) and contact center solutions for its new Centralized Service Desk in St. Louis.

Alpine Access to Hire 150 New Home-Based Call Center Agents
Alpine Access, a contact center outsourcing company that is a leader in the home agent market, is announcing that it is seeking to hire 150 new home-based agents in the very near future. The company is seeking Spanish bi-lingual agents.

TMC Honors 'TelStar Hosted Powered By Vocalcom Software' with 2011 CIS Annual Product of the Year Award
TelStar Hosted Services Inc., a provider of hosted call center technology solutions including call center services, predictive dialer capabilities and automated voice messaging, has announced that the Customer Interaction Solutions (CIS) magazine published by TMC has honored its "TelStar Hosted powered by Vocalcom" solution with the 14th CIS Annual Product of the Year Award for the year 2011.

Veeva Systems Signs New Integration Deal with Group DCA
Veeva Systems, a company specializing in cloud-based business solutions for the global life sciences industry, revealed that its Veeva CRM is now integrated with Group DCA's digital detailing platform.

Revation Systems Introduces Virtual Care Solution for Healthcare Organizations
In a bid to deliver meaningful patient interactions and other communications within healthcare organizations, Revation Systems, a provider of secure collaboration, messaging and unified communication software, today announced the launch of its LinkLive Healthcare solution.

Superior Staff Resources CEO Honored With New York Women's Agenda 'Galaxy Award'
Superior Staff Resources, a provider of workforce and business solutions for industry verticals like call center outsourcing, announced that CEO and President, Lynne Marie Finn, was named a Galaxy Award recipient by the New York Women's Agenda (NYWA).

Cloud-Based Software Start-Up Introducing New Data Replication Technology, ZoneSync
Ilesfay Technology Group, an American developer and publisher of cloud based data replication software for product lifecycle management (PLM) and other distributed work-group IT systems, announced that it is expanding its reach beyond the borders and making its flagship software application, ZoneSync available in the South American markets.

Hiring Demand for Employees with Cloud Skills Grows by 61 Percent
If you doubted whether cloud computing is impacting the U.S. job market, the latest statistics show that in the past three months, employers have placed over 10,000 job ads that included requirements for cloud computing skills and experience.

James P. Dunn, CEO of TelStar Hosted Services Inc. to Speak at ITEXPO East and Two Colocated Events in February 2012
TelStar Hosted Services, a provider of hosted call center technology and blended call center services, predictive dialler capabilities, and automated IVR voice messaging, announced that its CEO James P. Dunn, will be speaking at ITEXPO East and at the Cloud Communications Summit and Asterisk World at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, Florida February 1-3, 2012.

Cunningham Lindsey Turns to Cloud Technology to Streamline its Contact Center Service
UK's Cunningham Lindsey has started rolling out NewVoiceMedia's cloud contact centre solution as the insurance claims management service provider is gearing up to cope with the possible upsurge in call volumes during the winter season.

PerTrac Offers Cloud-based Reporting Service to Hedge Fund Administrators
Offering hedge fund administrators the ability to deliver performance tear sheets to their hedge fund clients, PerTrac, has announced a new service named RaaS.

Dell Cloud Business Applications Now Includes Salesforce Service Cloud
Dell is currently working on expanding its Integrated CRM solution for businesses that intend to grow. This solution called Dell Cloud Business Applications will now have the Salesforce Service Cloud, one of the leading companies in customer service applications, added to it.

Zurvita's ZLinked Powers Honest-1 Auto Care's Online Social Media Marketing
Zurvita Holdings, a multi-channel marketing company offering turn-key solutions for high-quality consumer and business products and services, announced that "ZLinked" the company's proprietary local search advertising and search engine directory, will be powering Honest-1 Auto Care's online social media marketing initiatives.

Latest Version of M5 Connect for Salesforce Released
M5 Connect for Salesforce version 4.0 has been released by M5 Networks. The Google Chrome browser will be supported by the new version. The new release will also support the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Tremendous Growth Experienced by AllClients CRM Software
The number of smaller businesses adopting AllClients CRM software is increasing exponentially. A robust information marketing, email, follow-up, and CRM software system are integrated by the company's "All-In-One" Web-based client management system. The system from AllClients has been specifically designed for the non-technical business owner.

Vaultas Now a Technology Partner of MyTELEPATH
Minnesota based data center company Vaultas signed a technology partnership with MyTELEPATH, a provider of managed communications services.

MyTELEPATH to Leverage Vaultas' Alexandria Data Center to Take Its VoIP Offering to the Next Level
Vaultas, a Minnesota data center company offering vendor-neutral data centers and BCDR complexes, recently announced a technology partnership with MyTELEPATH.

Fiitfu CRM Launches Affiliation Program for Its Web Based Client Management System
Fiitfu CRM Solutions Inc announced the launch of its affiliation program in order to make its new Web based client management system popular.

Bomgar Incorporates Intel Technology to Help Securely Resolve Issues beneath the OS Level
Bomgar, the global provider of secure, enterprise remote support solutions, announced a technological alliance with Intel. Under the partnership, Bomgar seamlessly integrated the widely-adopted Intel vPro Technology into the Bomgar enterprise remote support solution. The move is intended to enhance service desk efficiency in a significant manner. Bomgar is said to have worked very closely with Intel to achieve this seamless integration.

BizCloud Offers Tips to Reduce CRM Costs
Bizcloud Network, a technology media company has charted new ways that can help companies bring down their Customer relationship management (CRM) costs. The company offers valuable advice on how not to pay too much for on-demand, cloud-based CRM solutions.

Neustar Helps Mobile Marketers Reach Out to Customers Regardless of Carriers
Mobile marketing offers great opportunities for retailers to reach out to their customers during holiday shopping. According to IBM Smarter Commerce, as of 7pm ET on Black Friday, the number of consumers using a mobile device to visit a retailer's site was holding firm at 17.4 percent. Consumers want to receive deals when they are shopping and retailers definitely want to win more than their fair share of the consumer's holiday budget.

ClosetMaid Adopts Vision Chain's SaaS Solution to Enhance Sales and Category Management
Vision Chain, Inc. one of the market share leaders in Demand Signal Repository (DSR) as well as predictive analytics solutions recently announced that ClosetMaid will be implementing their Private Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. ClosetMaid is one of the leading manufacturers of home storage and organization products.

Earthlink Announces New Online Customer Portal
Bolton said the EarthLink Business network is the company's gateway to inventory management and accurate sales data and with the myLink portal can monitor and manage locations on the go.

Interoperability with BroadSoft's BroadWorks Completed by NET
Successful interoperability testing with the BroadSoft BroadWorks voice application server has been completed by Network Equipment Technologies (NET)'s VX Series. An announcement in this regard has been made by the provider of high performance networking equipment optimized for real-time communications, NET.

Partnership Between WorkSpace and AltiGen to Provide Hosted Contact Center Solution for Microsoft Lync Server 2010
WorkSpace Communications, provider of Unified Communications solutions, has announced that it will partner with AltiGen Communications, Inc., provider of integrated Microsoft-based Unified Communications solutions, for the delivery of a hosted, SaaS-based contact center solution for Microsoft Lync which will allow integration and deployment options for both the WorkSpace Communications' hosted Lync solution as well as for the premise-based Microsoft Lync Server solution. Customers leveraging the new WorkSpace Contact Center offering will benefit from the combined performance advantages of the Microsoft Lync Unified Communications offering and the advanced technology capabilities of the AltiGen MaxACD platform.

Telax Hosted Call Center Announces the Selection of Koray Parmaks as Speaker at The Third Call Center Summit for Financial Services
Telax Hosted Call Center, a provider of cloud-based business solutions for leading public and private sector customers, has announced that Koray Parmaks, Director of Client Services at Telex Hosted Call Center, is one among a group of international speakers who has been selected to speak at the third edition of the Call Center Summit for Financial Services.

BroadSoft Aids Gamma with Voice Application Platform
BroadSoft, Inc officials said that they are all set to serve Gamma, one of the United Kingdom's leading telecommunications network operators, with their voice application platform.

WorkSpace Communications Announces Partnership with AltiGen Communications
WorkSpace Communications, a premier cloud provider of unified communications solutions, signed a partnership agreement with AltiGen Communications, Inc. to deliver a robust hosted, software-as-a service-based contact center solution for Microsoft Lync.

Telstar Hosted Services Unveils New Case Study with TMCnet
Hosted call center service provider Telstar Hosted Services, Inc. announced a case study conducted in association with TMCnet on how to develop a successful survey program to generate qualified sales leads.

US Airways Brings Back Call Center Jobs from Overseas
US Airways recently announced the addition of 400 new hires to its workforce. Through this announcement, US Airways breathed fresh oxygen in an economy where plunging unemployment rate is a serious concern. More importantly, with the new hires, the organization has been able to bring back a substantial chunk of jobs that used to be previously handled outside of the United States.

Direct Response Technologies Upgrades its DirectTrack Affiliate Management Platform
Direct Response Technologies a provider of global performance marketing solutions, announced that it has added an advanced commission configuration suite to its DirectTrack affiliate management platform.

3Seventy Launches New Mobile CRM Platform
3Seventy, a leading mobile Customer Relationship Management company, recently launched 3Seventy Local, a mobile CRM platform that provides enterprise mobile solutions at small business prices. 3Seventy is offering a free trial of its Local product and monthly packages starting at $64.95 per month.

Vordel Siebel Gateway Gives Siebel Users Secure Compliant Access to CRM Data
Vordel, a provider of gateways for SOA and Cloud Computing, announced the availability of Vordel Siebel Gateway, which will enable Siebel users to get compliant access to their CRM data from mobile, desktop and Cloud applications securely.

Varolii Receives Hosted Outbound Contact Center Award from Frost & Sullivan
Varolii, a leader in cloud-based communication solutions which allow companies to reach and interact with both customers and employees, has achieved the 2011 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Share Leadership for its work with hosted outbound contact centers.

WASI Launches On-Demand Cloud Contact Center Services
Worldwide Access Solutions Inc. (WASI) has launched its on-demand cloud based contact center services that provide instant scalability for organizations demanding Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model for their call center growth.

Integrating Social Media and Customer Service to Drive Bottom Line Results
How do you control the value of your brand in a social media focused market? One misstep on your part can quickly turn into a digital lynch mob, seriously damaging your reputation. How do you avoid this landslide and ensure your social media efforts are working for you and not against you?

Answers on Providing Next-Gen Web Self-Service Found in White Paper
Quick-what's the difference between web self-service and next generation web self-service? The answer is-answers. While this sounds like a game of "who's on first," answers, or more specifically the technology that allows your organization to provide answers, are what separates next generation web self-service from traditional self-service.

DSCI Announces Deployment of Approximately 20,000 Hosted Seats from BroadWorks
The DSCI Corporation, provider of unified communications solutions for business, announced that it has gone ahead with deploying close to 20,000 BroadWorks supported hosted seats. The iPBX Hosted Communications Service from DSCI which is a fully featured hosted communications service is based on the BroadWorks voice application server which is provided by BroadSoft Inc., provider of residential and business Voice over IP (VoIP) applications.

Sytel Announces Availability of It Dialing and IVR Components for Service Provider Customers of BroadSoft
Sytel Limited, provider of IP telephony and media infrastructure software for carriers, enterprises and hosted contact center providers, has announced the availability of its dialing and IVR components for service provider clients of BroadSoft, provider of residential and business Voice over IP (VoIP) applications

Software-as-a-Service Analytics and Reporting Solution Launched by Varolii
Varolii Performance Insight for Financial Services has been launched by Varolii Corporation. Real-time insights on customer interactions for financial services organizations are provided by this Software-as-a-Service or SaaS technology, which is built on the Varolii Interact platform. A clear view of the manner in which interaction strategies impact customer service and collections communications is provided.

Terapeak Selects eCommerce Solutions Provider Avangate to Manage SaaS Online Sales
Avangate, an eCommerce solutions provider, announced that Terapeak, a provider of eCommerce market research and payment analytics, has selected Avangate as their official online vendor to help manage SaaS online sales.

Medtronic to Leverage Callidus SPM Suite to Enhance Sales Performance
Medtronic Sofamor Danek USA, Inc., a global developer of life saving technologies, signed an agreement with Callidus Software Inc., in order to gain a competitive advantage by maximizing sales cost efficiencies and increasing sales effectiveness.

Stallergenes Selects Veeva's Cloud-based CRM Solution to Support Its Global Sales Force
Stallergenes, European Biopharmaceutical Company, announced the selection of the Cloud-based CRM solution from Veeva, a provider of cloud-based CRM solution for pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, over its current on-premise systems. The company in its announcement also said that the move to the Veeva CRM solution will help in supporting its global sales force and its expanding international operations.

Siemens Enterprise Communications Unveils OpenScape Cloud Contact Center in the U.K
Siemens Enterprise Communications, a provider of enterprise communications, announced the launch of OpenScape Cloud Contact Center services in the U.K.

ITEXPO West Video: Taking the Call Center to the Cloud with TelStar
With so much talk surrounding the cloud, the reference can mean different things to different people. For TelStar Hosted Services, it is the primary delivering model for its call center solutions.

Oracle Fusion CRM in the Cloud Unveiled
Oracle, an integrated business software and hardware systems company, announced the release of its public cloud offering of Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Oracle Fusion CRM in the Cloud.

SugarCRM Highlights the New Paradigm for Conducting Business
In keeping with the spirit of change on the business horizon, SugarCRM, claiming to be the world's fastest-growing Customer Relationship Management company, has sought to address this shift in business communication by holding The Social Business Roadshow with IBM at the IBM Forum Milano on October 6, 2011.

Gartner, Inc. Positions Moxie Software in 'Leaders' Quadrant for
Moxie Software, Inc. a social enterprise software company recently made the announcement that Gartner, Inc. has positioned it in the "Leaders" quadrant of the 2011 "CRM Web Customer Service" report. Gartner identifies leaders among companies that "demonstrate market-defining vision and the ability to execute against that vision through products, services, demonstrable sales figures, and solid new references for multiple geographies and vertical industries."

Q4 Appliance Release of VMTurbo Delivers Improved Quality of Service and Policy Control for Cloud-Based Apps
VMTurbo, provider of intelligent workload management software, announced that it has introduced new capabilities in its appliance release for the fourth quarter. By extending the capabilities of the latest version of its appliance, VMTurbo has made it possible for enterprise clients and cloud service providers to ensure compliance with application quality of service (QoS) in addition to effectively improving policy control for shared infrastructures which are subject to constant upgrades and change.

SaaS Customers Rethink Cloud Strategy Due to Integration Concerns
SaaS applications are increasingly being used. The latest trend is moving towards hybrid architectures. Cloud-integration has therefore become a mission-critical priority for enterprises. Some SaaS customers are rethinking their cloud computing strategies due to the challenges faced during cloud integration. Prospective customers are therefore being deterred from adopting SaaS in the first place. SaaS users are seeking help of SaaS vendors to provide cloud integration solutions.

ThinkTel Unveils Telax Hosted Call Center as Official Call Center Software
ThinkTel Communications, a national provider of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based voice, video, and data services, announced Telax Hosted Call Center, a North American provider of hosted call center software based in Toronto, Canada, will now be its official contact center solution. Telax Hosted Call Center will help businesses that require a contact center due to increasing customer calls or need to replace their existing contact center.

AVAD Technologies Announces Enhancement to its Hosted Call Center Solution
A leading provider of Hosted VoIP Phone Service to small and medium size businesses, AVAD Technologies, LLC has enhanced its Hosted Call Center solution. These enhancements include improved Reporting a Predictive Dialer and a new Web Portal Interface, designed particularly for call centers with higher call volumes and more complex reporting requirements.

3CLogic Announces Extension of Cloud Switch Program
3CLogic, the only cloud-based call center provider on Amazon Web Services Platform, has extended the duration of its incentive based Cloud Switch program from September to December in response to the enthusiastic demand that 3CLogic received from its initial offer. Users can enjoy this broadened and extended offer and switch from current platforms to 3CLogic's Cloud Based Contact Center Service deployed on Amazon Web Services, according to company officials.

MAXIMUS Call Center Recognized for Operational Efficiency and High Quality Customer Service
Georgia Childcare and Parent Services (CAPS) call center of MAXIMUS has been recognized as a "Certified Center of Excellence" by BenchmarkPortal in collaboration with the Center for Customer-Driven Quality (CCDQ).

Birst 5 Releases First-of-its-kind SaaS-based BI Appliance
Birst, Inc. is one of the leading providers of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud business intelligence (BI). They recently announced the release of Birst 5 that brings to the industry, for the first time, a software appliance that gives enterprise-class BI competencies to customers on premise, with the speed and economy of SaaS.

Global SaaS-Based ERP Software Market to Grow at a CAGR of 24.6 Percent during 2010-2014
Worldwide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.6 percent over the period 2010-2014.

Knowledge Survey Highlights Importance of NETtime's SaaS Solution
NETtime, a pioneer of SaaS time and attendance, conducted an overtime knowledge survey and released its findings. The aim was to educate business leaders about how automation of time and attendance could help business minimize labor law compliance risk and also reduce the risk of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violations.

Data-Max Wireless Associates with Telcentris
Telcentris Inc., a specialist in cloud communications and the creator of VoxOx and VoxOx In Business, announced that Data-Max Wireless LLC, a provider of high speed residential and business broadband services, has leveraged the company's managed wholesale VoIP enablement platform and back-end infrastructure to provide a wide range of services to customers nationwide.

Customer Experience Management: The Most Misunderstood Business Concept
Can you think of an industry on which major customer-facing companies spend billions of dollars yet nobody really understands that industry - and the problems the industry is supposed to solve are still rife?

Relevance of Technology in Hosted Customer Care Highlighted at ITEXPO
James P. Dunn, CEO of TelStar Hosted Services, Inc., used ITEXPO as a platform to discuss the factors that actually triggered hosted customer care and how technology could be used relevantly to be a key differentiator.

Cassidian Communications and Mendocino County, California Renew Emergency Notification Contract
Cassidian Communications, an EADS North America company, announced that its contract for hosted emergency notification services with the Mendocino County, Calif., Sheriff's Office has been renewed. Under the terms of the renewed contract, county officials will be provided with continued remote access to the hosted The Communicator! NXT and GeoCast Web solutions. The hosted service from Cassidian has been designed to establish fast multi-modal communication with emergency service providers, the local community and others working within the public safety domain.

CallFire's New Feature Allows For Interactive Telephony at Your Fingertips
Building phone trees, virtual receptionists or custom appointment reminders is no longer the prerogative of the tech-savvy genre, as CallFire's latest addition the "Build My IVR" feature recently added its Hosted IVR service has simplified the art of IVR designing.. The new addition was in response to customer's demands and suggestions.

Greenpacket Launches its New Value Packed WiMAX Indoor Modems
Allowing everyone at home to surf, stream and share multiple contents, Greenpacket, a developer of Next Generation mobile broadband and networking solutions, has unveiled two WiMAX compliant indoor modems, the DV235 and DV360.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed with Virtual Hold Multi-channel Toolkit
Clients using technologically advanced means of communication like smart phone and their applications or websites and social networking sites often have trouble actually speaking to people through these means.

Sensee Selects CosmoCom Cloud-Based Contact Centre Solution
Sensee, a leading UK based provider of home working strategies for the contact centre market, has selected CosmoCom, part of Enghouse Interactive and a global leader in cloud-based contact centre solutions, to power their fully outsourced and homeworking-on-demand services, and to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Tata Communications Offering New Cloud-Based Contact Center Functionality
As cloud-based call center platforms proliferate, they are beginning to open up a whole new world of features to small and medium-sized contact centers - or an organization with multiple distributed contact centers - that were once out of reach: either because the solutions weren't built to scale down or across multiple locations, they were too expensive, or they only came bundled with a lot of other features smaller contact center didn't need.

CareCloud Uses Terremark Enterprise Cloud to Enhance its Healthcare Offerings
Terremark announced that it is enabling CareCloud, a healthcare management solutions provider, to develop its business and also modernize several health care practices across the United States via the cloud.

Five9 Virtual Call Center Software Wins 2011 TMC Labs Innovation Award
Five9, a provider of cloud-based call center software, announced that TMC, an integrated media company, has named the company a recipient of a Customer Interaction Solutions magazine 2011 TMC Labs Innovation Award for the latest release of the Five9 Virtual Call Center.

The Benefits of Hosted Contact Center Solutions: ITEXPO West Interview
The cloud is one of the hottest buzzwords in technology today, and is a major focus of ITEXPO West 2011, which got started early this morning at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas.

Alpine Access Plans to Hire 1000 Workers
Alpine Access has announced that by the end of 2011, the company plans to hire over 1,000 work-from-home employees across the nation.

Alpine Access to Hire 1,000 Home-based Agents
Colorado-based call center outsourcing company Alpine Access is reportedly hiring 1,000 new call center agents. And as with all Alpine Access call center agents, the new employees will work from their homes.

Specialty Answering Service Modifies Its Emergency Recovery Plan to Cope with Hurricane Irene
In a recent press release, the U.S. based live operator call center for small, medium, and large companies, Specialty Answering Service announced that it has been successful in dealing with Hurricane Irene that wreaked havoc through the eastern portion of the United States.

Outsourcing Website Freelancer.Com Reports $100M in Freelancer Earnings
The world's largest outsourcing marketplace, recently announced that the site has helped generate an income as big as $100 million for its users across the globe.

Desktone and NetApp Partner to Deliver High-Performance Desktops as a Service
Desktone, the pioneer of Desktops as a Service (DaaS), has entered into partnership with NetApp, a provider of storage and data management solutions, to provide an efficient and flexible desktop for cloud service providers.

PaperThin Announces Free SaaS, Cloud-Based CMS Giveaway Contest
PaperThin Inc and Fig Leaf Software are holding a free CMS/Web design giveaway contest for two free years of PaperThin's SaaS, cloud-based Web content management solution CommonSpot Cloud. The winner will also be awarded a $10,000 Web design from Fig Leaf Software. The winner's new site will be implemented with a $10,000 professional services allowance from PaperThin. Fig Leaf Software is a top Web design and development firm. PaperThin is a top cloud-based Web content management solution provider.

NASA Extends IT Support Services Contract with DB Consulting Group
Space research agency NASA announced that its Glenn Research Center in Cleveland has awarded a two-year contract option to DB Consulting Group, a global consulting company, for information technology services.

Blue Casa Selects Contact Telecom's Billing Data Analyzer Service
According to a recent announcement made by leading cloud-based SaaS solution provider Contact Telecom LLC, bilingual residential and business phone service provider Blue Casa Telephone has selected its Billing Data Analyzer (BDA) service. A highly scalable and modular web-based SaaS solution, BDA allows Communications Service Providers to manage and process carriers' such as Blue Casa, billing, usage, and invoice data, in addition to other business-critical revenue and cost assurance analysis and reporting services.

Blue Casa Telephone Selects Contact Telecom's Cloud-Based SaaS Solution
Contact Telecom's Billing Data Analyzer (BDA) service has been selected by Blue Casa Telephone, a bilingual residential and business phone service provider, the company has announced.

Vyatta Intros Vyatta Network OS 6.3 On-Demand Software for the Cloud
Vyatta, a company that specializes in software-based networking for physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, announced the availability of Vyatta Network OS 6.3. Vyatta offers a software-based network operating system that is portable to standard x86 hardware as well as common virtualization and cloud computing platforms. Vyatta software provides a complete enterprise-class routing and security suite that ensures flexibility, on-demand delivery and platform independence.

In-Stat: Cloud Drives Small Business Telecom Spending
Cloud computing services are the largest growth engines for small business telecom spending, according to a new research from In-Stat.

Shaw Direct Picks Nexidia's Integrated Recording and Analytics Solution
Shaw Direct, a provider of broadband cable television, Internet, home phone and other telecom services, announced that it selected integrated recording and analytics solution from Nexidia, a provider of customer interaction analytics solutions.

TelStar Hosted Services Enters into an Agreement with VOCALCOM
Vocalcom has named TelStar Hosted as the exclusive hosted provider of its products and services in North America, the company has announced.

34 New Member Companies Join Open Standard Initiative Networkedhelpdesk.Org, an open standard organization, focused on superior customer service announced its expansion with the joining of 34 new member companies from around the world.

PerformancePAM Talent Management Offers Software as a Service Option
PerformancePAM, a provider of talent management software, is providing a new deployment option for its talent management software. PerformancePAM Software as a Service (SaaS) offers all of the benefits of a custom tailored talent management software with the maintenance free nature of a hosted service.

CYIOS Simplifies Remote Working Staff Management for Enterprise Mobility
CYIOS has solved a critical problem faced by telework managers- simplifying the management of the remote working staff for enterprise mobility. Timothy Carnahan, CEO of CYIOS noted that they now have the largest knowledge portal in the world for the U.S. Army and leveraged it to build CYIPRO, a business transformation tool that utilizes the first project based operating system (OS).

Buildium Report Issues Guidelines while Selecting SaaS Vendors
Today, companies are increasingly subscribing to software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to meet specific business needs. Buildium, a provider of property management software, released a report titled "Avoiding a SaaS Disaster: Questions to ask when evaluating SaaS vendors."

QCSS Helps Keep Jobs in America
QCSS is continuing to grow even in the midst of an economic downturn. The U.S. economy is being helped by QCSS, a Call Center and Telemarketing firm based in Chicago, as it battles offshore outsourcing. Despite the call center market spreading across the world, QCSS is expanding its business ventures.

Access Northeast Delivers Parthenon Cloud Services to Micronotes
Access Northeast, a provider of data center and managed services in New England, announced it is offering cloud services to Micronotes, a Cambridge, MA-based digital marketing firm servicing the financial sector.

Zendesk Extends Cloud-Based Help Desk to Enterprise Customers
Zendesk, a provider of cloud-based help desk software, announced Zendesk Enterprise Plan, its customer support solution specifically designed for large, international, or multi-brand organizations.

Call Center Integrated into BBH Solutions' Cloud Environment
Cloud hosting services for the call center are being provided by BBH Solutions from their Network Operations Center or NOC. BBH Solutions continues to be at the top in providing cloud hosted voice, data, and video applications in the region. An announcement in this regard has been made by New York City provider of converged network solutions and IT managed services, BBH Solutions.

PowerObjects Intros a New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add-On Solution
Provider of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, PowerObjects, has launched PowerGlobalSearch, a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on solution through the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.

Vangent, Inc.: Ensuring Return on Service Improvement Efforts
Contact centers, where products are intangible and each customer may have their own requirements, can struggle with applying "traditional" quality and continuous improvement tools. It may seem like a leap of faith for a service business to consider using methods like ISO 9001, Six Sigma, Lean, and Total Quality Management which have roots in manufacturing. But the transition isn't as difficult as it may appear.

BBH Completes Call Center's Voice, Data Apps Integration into its Cloud Environment
BBH Solutions, a New York City based provider of converged network solutions and IT managed services, has completed cut-over of a national call center's voice and data applications into its cloud environment.

PC Helps Expands its Offering to Support Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprises
PC Helps, a provider of 24/7, expert, end-user support for the core office software applications and mobile devices, announced that its new offerings will now support Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises.

Cloud-Based Solution Launched by PaperThin to Make Marketers More Effective
PaperThin, Inc., provider of the leading Web content management system CommonSpot, announced the release of a SaaS version of its award-winning Web content management system, CommonSpot Cloud. Intended to enable fast time-to-Web, CommonSpot Cloud allows marketers to swiftly produce and deploy compelling Web experiences independent of IT for high impact marketing outcome.

Cycle30 Hires Wireless Industry Veteran Michael Kirk to Lead its M2M Growth
A subsidiary of General Communication Inc. and a provider of hosted order-to-cash billing services Cycle30, Inc. recently appointed wireless industry veteran Michael Kirk to the position of Director, M2M Markets.

SAP Partners with IBM to Offer Cloud-Based SAP CRM Rapid Deployment Solutions
SAP, a provider of business management software and solutions, announced the immediate availability of SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Rapid Deployment solutions over the cloud.

Matrix Solutions Deploys Web-Based Media CRM and Sales Analytics at Griffin Communications
Matrix Solutions, a provider of media sales management software, announced the launch of their Web-based customer relationship management (CRM) and sales analytics solution.

Polk Converts Analytic Solutions as a Service Using Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation
Polk Converts Analytic Solutions as a Service Using Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation

APAC SaaS Applications Market to Grow at a CAGR of 41 Percent to Touch $4321 Million in 2015
The APAC software as a Service (SaaS) market is likely to grow from $390 million in 2008 to $4321 million in 2015, at an estimated CAGR of 41.0 percent, according to a report by MarketsandMarkets.

NextiraOne Integrates NICE's PCI Solution into Contact Center Offerings
NextiraOne, which designs, installs, maintains and supports business solutions and communications services, announced partnership with NICE Systems, a provider of global integrated digital recording and management solutions, to integrate NICE's real-time PCI solution into its customer offering for new contact centers.

NextiraOne Integrates NICE's PCI Solution into Contact Center Offerings
NextiraOne, which designs, installs, maintains and supports business solutions and communications services, announced a partnership with NICE Systems, a provider of global integrated digital recording and management solutions, to integrate NICE's real-time PCI solution into its customer offering for new contact centers.

National Bank of Oman Enhances Call Center Operations with Altitude Software Suite
Altitude Software, a provider of hosted call center solutions, announced that National Bank of Oman (NBO), the first local bank in the Sultanate of Oman, has enhanced contact center operations with Altitude Contact Center suite.

Home-Based Agents File Class-Action Suit against AT&T
AT&T in Northern California is in a bit of trouble with its home-based call center agents.

Infrastructure as a Service Driven by Small Business Market: In-Stat
The worldwide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market is set to grow to roughly $4 billion by 2015, according to a survey by In-Stat. IaaS growth will primarily be driven by the small business market. Small business is likely to account for over half of the market in IaaS and software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Call Center Industry Veteran Joins TelStar Hosted Services as Director of Business Development
The hosted call center technology provider TelStar Hosted Services, Inc. recently announced the appointment of M. G. (Manny) Funtall to take over the charge of the company's sales team as director of Business Development.

West Interactive on Contact Center Hosting
As companies begin to see increased revenues, their purses are beginning to open after three years of being closed as a result of the downturn. High on this list is replacing aging outmoded inbound and outbound customer contact handling solutions i.e. IVR, ACDs and predictive or progressive dialers. Many of the applications -- and in some cases, boxes -- do not have what have become essential features such as IP enablement, chat, SMS/text and ready linkages to inbound agents on outbound calls, e-mails or texts to enable interactive automated outbound notifications.

Oracle Siebel CRM Earns Place in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Customer Service Call Centers
Inclusion in Gartner Inc.'s "Magic Quadrant for Customer Service Call Centers" is something to which vendors across in this market space aspire. The reason is inclusion affirms that the vendors have met a number of Gartner's minimum criteria which potential buyers can consider when evaluating purchases.

Outbound Call Center News
There's been a lot of outbound call center news recently, let's round it up for you. For one thing, TMC's Madhubanti Rudra reported that the pioneer of the virtual contact center model, Alpine Access, was selected by one of the nation's largest membership organizations for people over 50 to provide nationwide support to thousands of its members.

SoundBite Communications Enhances Its Hosted Predictive Dialer
In order to enable companies/organizations to build trusted, lifelong and profitable relationships with their customers, SoundBite Communications, Inc., a provider of cloud-based proactive customer communications solutions, today announced enhancements to its hosted predictive dialer including session recording, session transfer and enhanced Agent Voice Portal. These enhancements will be available on SoundBite Engage platform.

Newgen Software Promises More Efficient Automated Solutions
Newgen Software Technologies Limited, a well known provider of Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management solutions for financial institutions and banks, claims that its process automation solutions have been extremely successful.

SunGard Expands SaaS-Based Market Connectivity to NYSE BondMatch
SunGard, an IT services company, announced that it has extended its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based market connectivity to NYSE BondMatch, the European Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF).

Enterprise SaaS Adoption Almost Doubles in 2011: Yankee Group Survey
Enterprises are moving to the cloud, according to Yankee Group's 2011 US FastView: Cloud Computing Survey. Approximately 48 percent of the respondents said remote/mobile user connectivity is driving the enterprises to deploy software as a service (SaaS). This is significant as there is a 92 percent increase over 2010.

Enterprise SaaS Adoption Almost Doubles in 2011: Yankee Group Survey
Enterprises are moving to the cloud, according to Yankee Group's 2011 US FastView: Cloud Computing Survey. According to the survey, cloud adoption is up across the board, with private cloud still most widely deployed (63 percent) but public cloud and managed public cloud making gains (58 percent and 51 percent, respectively).

Augme Technologies Debuts AD LIFE v4.0 SaaS
Interactive media marketing specialist Augme Technologies, Inc has rolled out the company's latest AD LIFE v4.0 software-as-a-service ("SaaS") mobile marketing software platform.

Adactus Announces Cloud Based Claims Management Software Solution
Adactus Ltd, a technology-based consulting and mobile development firm, has introduced Pulse, a cloud based claims management software solution.

CenterStone Selects iWay Solutions
Looking to improve the speed, accuracy, and functionality of its business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce interfaces, CenterStone Technologies has selected iWay Data Quality Center (DQC) and iWay Service Manager from iWay Software.

iPerceptions 4Q Now Available
iPerceptions has launched a federally-compliant version of its terms-of-service for 4Q Free, as part of the 4Q Suite survey solution for websites. The company is a web-focused Voice of Customer analytics provider.

InSo Announces Free Month of Service with 12-month Contract
Celebrating its 11th anniversary, InSO, a full service inbound call center, contact center and business process outsourcing services provider, recently announced a free month of service to customers that sign up for a 12 month contract. A known international call center, InSo offers various services like sales, order taking, customer service, customer retention, cross-sell, up-sell, technical support, outbound telemarketing, back office support such as virtual receptionist, data entry, survey, third party verification and many more.

Amazon S3 Offers LiveTime Customers Reliable Backup Services
The addition of Amazon S3 backups for disaster recovery to LiveTime's public and private cloud solutions is a welcome value-add on for the company's many SaaS customers.

Customers Reveal Frustration with IVR Systems: Interactions Study
Interactions Corporation, a provider of patented technology for automated voice and other interactive systems, released the findings of a study on consumer perceptions of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems.

Null Joins Chatter Box as Chief Operating Officer
Chatter Box Call Center, a Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing Technology / IT company, announced that Lawrence Null has joined the company as the new Chief Operating Officer.

Dimension Data Shows Results of 2011 Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report
Recently the contact center has gained popularity among companies as a preferred channel to communicate with their customers. Now the results of the 2011 Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report are out. The report is done by Dimension Data, a $4.7 billion global IT services and solutions provider. It is based on the data collected from 546 contact centers across 66 countries in 2010. This survey has coved the region of Africa and the Middle East, the Americas, the United Kingdom and Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

Effective Hosted Contact Center Solutions to Be Delivered In France through Umanis and Altitude Software Partnership
A partnership has been agreed upon by the global leader in independent contact center solutions, Altitude Software, and the consulting and management information technology services provider, Umanis. The partnership focuses on France, providing the Altitude uCI hosted Multimedia Contact Center Solution to the country.

PLATO Learning Selects BigMachines SaaS Selling Platform
Replacing their existing quoting and pricing tool, PLATO chose to self-implement the BigMachines Selling Platform. Members of the PLATO team attended BigMachines Administrator Training prior to implementation, where they learned how to set up and maintain their BigMachines software platform. They were able to implement their new web-based selling solution in under three months with guidance from the BigMachines Professional Services team.

LiveVox Announces LiveVox Private VoIP Cloud: Cloud-Based Switching for Multi-Site Contact Centers
LiveVox, the provider of the Private VoIP Cloud and integrated contact center applications, has announced its LiveVox Private VoIP Cloud, cloud based switching for multi-site contact centers built with substantial capabilities that remove longstanding operational constraints for contact centers.

Veritape and ExoIS Partner to De-Scope Contact Centers from PCI DSS
In order to offer cloud hosting, datacenter outsourcing, compliance SaaS solutions and storage services, Veritape 's CallGuard plug-and-play technology will be the essential part of ExoIS' updated PeepSafe portal.

VI's Cloud Hosting Solutions Launched in US Market
The flagship cloud hosting product of Virtual Internet or VI will be officially launched in the US market. Conventional hosting solutions are being increasingly outsold by the recently upgraded VMware cloud servers. Reliability, cost savings, scalability, and performance are therefore delivered by VI's business-class cloud solutions. VI is a major provider of business hosting solutions in UK.

Cloud9 Announces Summer'11 Release of SaaS Forecasting and Pipeline Management Solution for Salesforce CRM Customers
The latest release of Cloud9 services addresses the one-of-its-kind pipeline management process and forecast challenges that the larger sales establishments face. Being a world leader in on-demand pipeline management and sales forecasting solutions, Cloud9's Summer'11 release is aimed at reducing and handling these challenges. The Cloud9 application tab in the SalesForce CRM system will now enable operation personnel in sales to pre-configure and sort pipeline and forecast views, and then share them with individual sales leaders or sales groups, sales analysts, and sales reps.

US Subsidiary of Leading Japanese Pharma Company Opts for StayinFront
The US subsidiary of a top Japanese pharmaceutical company has recently selected StayinFront EdgeRx platform. StayinFront, Inc., is a premier global provider of customer relationship management systems and mobile sales force effectiveness tools. Its EdgeRx platform is on-demand CRM with superior performance in the field and home office.

Chula Vista uses WhosOn Live Chat to Boost Bookings
Chula Vista, a privately owned resort dating back to the 1880s, has decided to install WhosOn Live Chat software to attract business travelers and conferences.

Veritape and ExoIS Partner To de-scocape Contact Centers from PCI DSS
In order to offer cloud hosting, datacenter outsourcing, compliance SaaS solutions and storage services, Veritape 's CallGuard plug-and-play technology will be the essential part of ExoIS' updated PeepSafe portal.

Meltwater Buzz Engage Social Marketing Tool for Businesses Unveiled
The Meltwater Group announced that Meltwater Buzz Engage, a new module in the Meltwater Buzz product suite, is available now.

Bestoutcome Joins Hands with SugarCRM to Boost Revenue from SugarCRM Activities
Bestoutcome, a provider of PM3 (project management software tool) and Programme and Project Management Company, has announced a business partnership with SugarCRM. The new partnership will help Bestoutcome generate revenue of 30% and more from SugarCRM activities.

Siemens Enterprise Communications Announces OpenScape Cloud Contact Center
Siemens Enterprise Communications announced the launch of OpenScape Cloud Contact Center, an innovative all-in-one enterprise grade offering that provides customers with advanced contact center capabilities through cloud.

EasyOperator Helps AFS Technology Take CRM to the Cloud
A new cloud-based version of EasyOperator has now hit the market. EasyOperator, the industry's leading CRM used by sales agents and brokers, is a product of one of the leading providers of software solutions to the food and beverage industry trading partners, AFS Technology, Inc.

SAManage Unveils SAManage Remote Support
SAManage has partnered with NTRglobalto to introduce SAManage Remote Support, an integrated remote access solution, the company has announced. The latest in a series of mobile market offerings from SAManage, SAManage Remote Support is a widely-used and well-regarded SaaS ITAM/ITSM product. While SAManage Remote Support is expected to be quickly embraced by users, SAManage's mobile solution suite is poised to bring a new dimension of power and convenience to IT asset and service management. SAManage engineers have been careful to ensure that it dovetails perfectly with the company's anywhere, any device mobile philosophy, in developing the new remote support system in partnership with NTRglobal.

Five9 Improves Resiliency, Scalability of Cloud-Based Call Centers with Internap Data Center
For a number of years, Five9 was growing at a rate that was faster than the on-demand call center industry as a whole. As a result, the company needed to provide reliable, geographical redundancy to support its continued expansion. The company turned to Internap to make this happen.

Advanced Communications Group Deploys Q-Suite Contact Center for Asterisk
Indosoft, a provider of contact center software and technology solutions for Asterisk, claimed that its Q-Suite contact center software for Asterisk has been deployed by Advanced Communications Group (ACG), an inbound and outbound call center service provider.

Aegis's Joplin Contact Center Team Recovers from Tornado
When disasters strike it is their impact and toll on individuals, and how they get through and recover from these horrific events that truly matter, more so than on property and businesses. Items can be replaced. People can't.

InfoCision Brings the Dream of Working at Home to Elkins, West Virginia
A common complaint of people in the workforce is often not related to the job they perform, but instead it is their commute to get back and forth from the job that raises their ire. It's not uncommon to hear working people say they wish they could work from home and cite a number of reasons, such as family schedules or difficulty with mobility or transportation, for having this desire.

Adobe Genesis Reaches Customer Milestone
Adobe Genesis has reached a key milestone after having over 1,000 customer implementations. Genesis allows for bringing data and marketing tools together in a single place to let customers "analyze and optimize campaign and conversion performance across multiple applications," according to an Adobe company statement.

Virtual PBX and PrintsMadeEasy Join Forces to Ease Devastation in Joplin
PrintsMadeEasy is located just outside of Joplin, Missouri and is currently surrounded by chaos due to the tornado disaster. The employees of the print company realized that it was very important for people to get reliable information, as it proved to be a major problem facing both victims and volunteers. The employees of PrintsMadeEasy wanted to contribute by setting up a support line, while also volunteering their time and efforts.

Prevail Introduces Reinsurance System Hosted Solution
Insurance is a key factor in the economy, and no one can deny the importance of the insurers and reinsurers who are leading financial investors and play an important role to keep the financial sector stable.

iVoice Website Gets New Look and Feel
The Sydney, Australia based provider of feature rich VoIP business phone solutions for small businesses, iVoice, recently unveiled its new brand identity. A new website has been launched as a part of this re-branding initiative.

Lumen21 Deploy BMC Software ITSM SaaS Solution to Enhance Service Delivery
Lumen21, provider of infrastructure services, managed services and application development, has enhanced its service delivery to customers by utilizing BMC Software's SaaS Remedyforce Service Desk solution.

23 Percent of North American, European Firms Use SaaS
A Forrester Research survey of 1,000 firms in North America and Europe recently found that 23 percent of firms use software as a service, with 11 percent of these respondents indicating that they are expanding usage. An additional eight percent planned to implement SaaS within a year's time frame.

Five9/NICE Systems Unite to Deliver Cloud Workforce Optimization
As the hosted contact center model becomes more and more popular, leading vendors have taken notice and are coming up with solutions to address their customers' desire to move applications off-premise so they can take advantage of the benefits offered by cloud communications and technology.

Novo 1 Contact Centers: Bringing the Customer Experience Home
The contact center space is always evolving and changing as companies demand more innovation and customers demand a better service experience. Whether the contact center operation is located onshore or off, the purpose is to support the initiatives of the organization.

AuraPortal Debuts the Marketing Campaigns Module
Using the technique of template oriented Pattern Processes, AuraPortal, a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM) has included the MC (Marketing Campaigns) Module in its Suite of Business Process Management.

ShadeTree Releases of Incite2, Sales Intelligence Software for Sales & Marketing Professionals
In the dynamic business environment of the 21st Century, sales software can be a critical tool to manage sales activities, sales tasks, customer management, and sale forecasting and analysis.

Xtera Communications Extends Value Added Reseller to Increase Sales and Support
To improve scalability and responsiveness in IP network management application, Xtera Communications' IP Networking Group, a company in network devices and providers of world class solutions for IP traffic management has extended its Value Added Reseller (VAR) program to increase sales and support of its IP network management product line in North America.

Charter Business Deploys Parallels Automation to Deliver Cloud Services
Parallels, a provider of solutions for hosting and cloud service enablement and desktop virtualization, announced that its Parallels Automation is going to help cost-effective broadband communications solutions provider Charter Business deliver Cloud services.

LeadMaster Bolsters Lead Management Solution With Speak2Leads Voice Response Technology
Speak2Leads (S2L), a provider of lead response management services, and LeadMaster have entered into an agreement for LeadMaster to incorporate Speak2Leads' lead response management service into its solution offerings.

TelStar Hosted Services Announce Several Updates to its Corporate Website
TelStar Hosted Services, Inc., a premier Hosted Contact Center service provider, has incorporated several new updates to its corporate website at

Hosted Business VoIP Systems Let Companies Stay Connected in Worst Case Scenarios
Broadview Networks has excelled in offering affordable and flexible VoIP services to businesses of all sizes. The company offers a full range of business VoIP solutions to meet the needs of the growing business. The company's OfficeSuite provides more than 40 phone, service and Web portal features that allow users to customize the systems according to their unique needs. The hosted nature of Broadview's core catalog allows additional options to be added at any time enhancing the overall system.

Redtail CRM Tool Further Empowered by Mobile Assistant
Mobile Assistant, a reputed provider of professional Mobile Dictation and Voice to Text services has entered into a partnership with Redtail Technology, a provider of web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM).

Webinar Discusses the End of On-Premise Call Center Software, Offers Insider Insight
"It is well documented that an Internet-based lifestyle is driving customer behavior, and expectations, and that success in today's economy requires increased responsiveness to those expectations."

TelStar Hosted Services Completes Equity Round, Looks to Expansion Plans
TelStar Hosted Services, Inc., completed its latest equity round on April 27th. The round closed at nearly $650,000, from a mix of prior and new investors. Initially, Telstar planned to raise $500,000 but seeing the strong investor interest, it oversubscribed the offering by nearly 30 percent. The top officials from Telstar said that additional equity will be used to escalate company's plans to expand its sales and marketing initiatives.

Five9 Showcases Hosted Contact Center Solutions at SuiteWorld 2011
Hosted contact centers have become the option of choice for many communication operations as they offer flexibility and low start up costs for anyone looking to break into the field. This year Five9, one of the leaders in the space, was a Silver Sponsor at NetSuite's SuiteWorld 2011 at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel in San Francisco.

California Introducing 'Do Not Track' Legislation
California is often on the forefront of legislation to protect consumers: the state was the first (and is still one of the only) to legislate notification by companies in case of consumer data breaches, and it was the first to launch a telemarketing "do not call" list two years in advance of the federal do-not-call legislation. Soon, it may become the first state that will give its citizens the right to stop collection of their personal information on the Internet, otherwise known as "do not track."

Virtual Call Centers Experience Heightened Interest from Older Workers
The official era of the "Golden Boomers" began on January 1, 2011. It is on this date that the first baby boomers turned 65 years old. The aging of the baby boomer cohort is causing significant demographic shifts in the U.S. According to U.S. Census Bureau forecasts, from 2010 to 2020 the number of people aged 65+ will grow more than 36 percent and will account for 16 percent of the nation's population. Rather than retiring to the beach or golf course, however, many of these older Americans are choosing to remain in the workforce.

Envista Announces Expansion of its Map-Based SaaS Solution
Envista Corporation, a provider of enterprise map-based coordination solutions for right-of-way (ROW) management via the Web, announced the launch of its new Web site,

Benefit Management Inc. Deploys Toshiba's Strata CIX Phone Systems to Improve Customer Experience
Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division (Toshiba) announced that Benefit Management Inc. has implemented its Strata CIX IP business phone systems to meet regulatory compliance requirements and improve customer service.

Customer Care and Sales Force Drive Satisfaction Levels among Mobile Broadband Customers: Survey
J.D. Power and Associates' "2011 U.S. Business Wireless Satisfaction Study" finds that small/ medium segment business customers with access to high-speed mobile broadband connections are more satisfied with their wireless service overall than are customers without broadband connections.

Free Webinar Discusses the End of On-Premise Call Center Software
Obviously these days most people who are calling your call center are living what can be fairly characterized as an "Internet-based lifestyle." And since they're customers - that's why they're calling you - they have, well, Internet-style behavior and expectations.

North Star BlueScope Steel picks Esker on Demand solution to automate processing of sales orders
Esker, the leader in document process automation solutions, will provide its Esker on Demand solution to North Star BlueScope Steel to automate processing of the company's sales orders. Apart from managing North Star BlueScope Steel's sales orders, the Esker on Demand solution will also help the company ensure higher staff productivity and order visibility while enabling prioritizing and electronic storage of orders for easy access - all without investing in software.

RealPage Cloud boasts faster performance, lower costs
Companies hosting their IT infrastructure in the RealPage Cloud can expect performance up to 10 times faster and cost savings of up to 30 percent, based on reports from RealPage, Inc. A disruptive technology, Cloud Computing is currently changing the IT landscape in almost every major industry including rental housing.

Veeva Launches First iPad CRM/CLM Cloud Application
Veeva Systems, the leader in cloud-based business solutions for the global life sciences industry, recently launched iRep, the industry's first iPad CRM/CLM cloud application for life sciences sales representatives.

Appian Achieves 200 Percent Sales Growth in Q1 2011
The Appian Corporation, a provider of enterprise and cloud-based business process management BPM software solutions, has announced that first quarter of the present year was the best quarter in the history of the company, during which it realized a growth of over 200 percent in sales of BPM software solutions when compared to the same quarter last year.

New Site to Help Keep Track of Fast Moving Cloud-based Contact Center Technologies
One of the pioneers in hosted and cloud-based contact center technologies, USAN, Inc., recently unveiled a new website that has been specifically created to help enterprises keep tabs on fast-moving developments in cloud-based contact centers.

vConstruct to Focus on Business Migration Tools for SaaS
vConstruct is a business migration architecture company that creates, constructs and delivers web-based tools that assist companies with cloud computing. vConstruct has over 25 years of combined experience in building and deploying SaaS applications and has put its knowledge and experience into a set of business migration tools and services that are designed to be easy, repeatable and secure.

InfoCision Video Celebrates Latest Company Award
Any time a company is recognized for their efforts in the market or for other company initiatives, it is important to tout those awards. InfoCision is a company proud of its achievements in the marketplace, as well as its approach to employee care. In fact, the company has created such a healthy environment that it was rated one of the best places to work in the state of Ohio.

Noble Systems' Customer Apex Wins UK Customer Contact Innovation Award
Noble Systems, a provider of unified contact center technology solutions, and its partner Nexidia, audio search and speech analytics solutions provider, announced that Apex Credit Management, its flagship customer, received the Professional Planning Forum's Customer Contact Innovation award for Integrated Outbound.

Door to Door Storage Call Center to Offer Support for Extended Hours
With ever booming markets and increasing competition, companies offering consumer products and services have been adopting newer strategies and incentives to their customers for attracting them.

Hosted Contact Center Services Provider TelStar Augments Corporate Website
TelStar Hosted Services, Inc., a provider of Hosted Contact Center services in the cloud, announced that it has incorporated several updates and new features to its corporate website, in order to create a more interactive experience for existing clients as well as prospective clients.

Cosmotec Philippines Contact Center, Adopts Ameyo Telesales Operations
Ameyo, Drishti-Soft's call center software,which powers telesales operations, has been selected by Cosmotec Contact Center, a Philippines-based BPO. Located in Pasig City in the Philippines, Cosmotec's service portfolio includes voice and non-voice services. The service delivery is optimized by a fully redundant IT infrastructure that guarantees reliable and dependable services.

Outbound Call Center Software Company Sytel Breaks Revenue Threshold
Sytel Limited, a global supplier of IP customer contact software and solutions, has reported its year-end results for year ending March 2011. The company reports that revenue from its hosted call center solutions in the cloud now represents more than 50% of total revenues. Revenue from its hosted call center and cloud software-as-a-service installations exceeds that of premise-based installations.

InsFocus Unveils New Agent Portal for Users of InsFocus BI
A new agent portal for users of InsFocus BI has recently been released by Uri Taiber, founder and CEO of InsFocus Systems, Ltd., a premier developer of business intelligence software for the insurance industry.

Healthcare Tech Firm Polyglot Systems Unveils SaaS Version of Its AVA Product
Polyglot Systems, a provider of software-based communication solutions for health care, announced the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version of its AVA product designed to enhance health insurance enrollment application process for Americans who have low-literacy or limited ability to speak English.

Sybase Connects its Replication Server to Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform
Sybase has announced that the company has connected its Sybase Replication Server to Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform.

SPM Solutions Uses PBC's Cupertino Virtual Office Space
SPM Solutions, a Small Business Marketing Firm has recently inked an office lease at PBC's Cupertino virtual office space for spacious and hassle-free accommodations.

Szeged Software Chooses Magic Software's uniPaaS RIA Solution
Looking to upgrade its pharmaceutical logistic applications, Szeged Software, a Hungarian independent software vendor (ISV), has opted for Magic Software's uniPaaS application platform.

Free Webinar Explores the Power of Hosted Contact Center Solutions
Cloud computing has been a compelling business proposition for several years, yet it is only recently that companies have begun to fully embrace the opportunities in the cloud. In the contact center space especially, an increasing number of companies are migrating to hosted contact center solutions and reaping the benefits.

Infonetics Research: Cloud/SaaS Market to Touch $17 Billion in 2015
The overall managed security services market, including customer premise equipment (CPE), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and cloud services, is expected to reach $17 billion by 2015, Infonetics Research said in its latest research report.

SureQuest Releases OnDemand Dining Management Application
To make hospitals more productive, competitive and profitable, SureQuest Systems, Inc., a provider of dietary software solutions for the healthcare industry, has introduced ThreeSquares OnDemand Dining Management Application.

Cultural Selections Picks Davinci Virtual's London Virtual Office, Telephone Answering Services
Davinci Virtual has said that an executive recruitment and business consultancy Cultural Selections is using its London Virtual Office and Telephone answering services to support their focus against providing personalized and high-caliber recruitment services targeting business start-ups and SMEs.

Support for Debt Collection Drives Demand for OBD
After the economic downturn in 2009, sales of new and add-on outbound dialer (OBD) systems used in debt collection activities have increased. Telemarketing and pro-active customer contact are the other top applications for OBD systems in Europe, the Middle East and Africa or EMEA. The largest market for OBD systems in EMEA is the United Kingdom.

Intelbras Helps Sytel and Teclan Penetrate South America
Intelligence Contact Center (ICC) is a complete inbound/outbound contact center solution driven by Sytel technology. Intelbras will now distribute ICC in South America. Intelbras is a top Brazilian manufacturer of PABX systems and both TDM and IP handsets.

Ntractive Unveils Elements CRM 3.1
Ntractive, the Mac CRM Business experts and the developers of Elements CRM for the Mac and iPhone, launched version 3.1 of its Elements CRM, which is said to come with new features and bug fixes along with the release to the Mac App Store.

Call Center's Antiquated Technology Blamed for Failure of Abuse Hotline
The death of a 10-yer-old Florida girl and the horrific injuries sustained by her twin brother may have been prevented had the operation of the call center that is responsible for taking child abuse hotline calls been run more professionally and with more advanced technology, according to testimony from the Florida Department of Children and Families' new secretary David Wilkins.

European Provider Chooses ECT for Cloud-Based Service Offerings
European Computer Telecoms (ECT), a vendor of complete solutions for value-added services in the voice and multimedia domain, was the top pick for a major European network provider looking for new cloud-based contact center products.

TCS Debuts Hosted Commercial Mobile Alert System Service
Helping carriers to comply with the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) Warning, Alert and Response Network Act (WARN Act), TeleCommunication Systems has introduced its hosted Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) service.

API Outsourcing Picked by Avendra to Outsource and Automate Invoice Processing
Avendra has selected API Outsourcing, Inc. a provider of finance and accounting outsourcing services (FAO) for outsourcing and automating its invoice processing requirements. Robert Heaton, CFO of Avendra, said in a release, "After reviewing various options, we selected API not only for our own processing, but as the designated provider of outsourced accounts payable services for our clients."

More U.S. Businesses Show Work Flexibility Benefitting Employees
Regus, a provider of workplace solutions, conducted a survey on the availability of flexible working by companies and the value derived from associated benefits. According to the research report, 85 percent of U.S. companies now offer their staff some form of flexible working. The majority of those same companies are finding that flexible working is bringing them significant benefits, including reduced overhead expenses, improved staff productivity and work-life balance.

IntelePeer Cloud Communications Boosts Real Estate Agents' Sales
IntelePeer's cloud communications services have been selected by ShowingTime for its Appointment Center. An announcement in this regard has been made by IntelePeer, Inc. at the ATA Convention and Expo 2011. ShowingTime is a technology and service provider for the real estate industry. IntelePeer is a top company in the delivery of communications via cloud-based infrastructure.

Vindicia and GlobalCollect Optimize Online Marketing and Payment for Digital Merchants
The need for a comprehensive billing system is recognized by many online merchants today. For a very long time, Vindicia, a provider of SaaS billing solutions, has been helping these digital merchants optimize customer retention and customer acquisition.

Hosted Contact Center Platform Launched by Telcentris
The commercial availability of hosted contact centers from Telcentris was announced by the company at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo. Inbound and outbound call center management will be possible with this next-generation hosted solution.

Telcentris Debuts New Hosted Contact Center Platform
Telcentris has unveiled the company's latest Hosted Contact Center solution, specifically designed for hosted inbound and outbound call center management.

Unified TelData Unveils Total Care+ Managed Services Product Portfolio
Unified TelData Inc. specializing in providing intelligent solutions for world-class communications announced a new managed services product portfolio known as Total Care+.

Telax Lands GSA's Federal Supply Schedule Contract
Telax Hosted Call Center, a Canada based hosted call center solutions catering to North America, has recently announced that the company has been awarded the Federal Supply Schedule Contract.

Tyler Technologies Offers ERP SaaS Solution to Columbia County
Dallas based Tyler Technologies, a provider of end-to-end information management solutions and services for local governments, has announced that it has entered in to a seven-year software as a service (SaaS) contract in Columbia County, N.Y., for Tyler's Munis enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Telefonos de Mexico to Split Off Rural Operations
Nothing in the communications business is quite as predictable as disputes between buyers and sellers of capacity, interconnection and termination services. Put simply, buyers think they pay too much, while sellers insist the charges are based on actual costs. The situation is no different in Mexico than in the United States or elsewhere.

Home Agent Contact Center Services Provider Doubles Revenue in 4Q
With the offshore outsourcing model declining in popularity and practicality, many companies with contact center services needs have been welcoming alternatives. One of them, contact centers that employ agents who work from their homes, eliminating a lot of the overhead costs and allowing them to compete with offshore centers in cost and exceed them in quality, has been raising its profile lately. And the numbers are bearing out the success of this "homeshoring" model.

Century Payments Deploys Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
Century Payments, a leading electronics payments provider, has recently announced that the company has deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online over In 2009 Century Payments had switched from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and has saved more than $300,000 since then. This has helped to increase end-user adoption and overall company productivity, as a result of the switch. Recently, Century Payments was recognized and ranked as the 11th on the Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Companies list.

TechCFO Rolls Out SaaS Optics Solution
TechCFO has unveiled the latest reporting, tracking and financial management system called, 'TechCFO SaasOptics' for recurring revenue businesses that is far superior to traditional spreadsheets.

Open Source Platforms Drive Mobile Innovation: Black Duck Software
Android is leading the mobile open source development platform, but Apple iOS is still in the race, according to Black Duck Software, a provider of products and services for automating the management, governance and secure use of open source software.Black Duck KnowledgeBase analyzed data from 9,000 mobile, free and open source software (FOSS) projects.

AtHoc IWSAlerts Software-as-a-Service Accredited as NIST Compliant
AtHoc, a dealer in providing network-centric emergency mass notification systems, has unveiled a new NIST Compliant secure public cloud offering of its emergency mass notification system.

Camstar Systems' CamstarSQN Manages Quality and Compliance
Camstar Systems, a provider of solutions for manufacturing execution, process planning, enterprise quality management and supply chain quality, has launched CamstarSQN, a cloud-based supplier quality network that is designed to help brand owners and component suppliers work together on quality at the source and proactively make sure that the incoming components are up to par.

SaaS Professional Service Organizations Achieve Strong Growth: SPI Research
Nineteen SaaS PS organizations achieved net profit of 23.1 percent in 2010 compared to eight other industry segments' average net profit of 6.6 percent, according to SPI Research's "The 2011 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark report."

Dynamics CRM 2011 Integrates Seamlessly with the Microsoft Platform
ERS Computer Solutions is a Microsoft Gold and Citrix Silver Partner specializing in CRM, SharePoint, Virtualization and general IT Support. It announced its Online and On-premise versions of Dynamics CRM 2011.

Nuance Launches Healthcare Development Platform for the Cloud
Nuance Communications, a provider of speech technology, announced that its medical speech recognition capabilities and advancements in Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) technology will be available through the Nuance Healthcare Development Platform.

MessageSolution Integrates Parallels' Automation Platform
MessageSolution, Inc., a provider of enterprise e-mail, file systems, and SharePoint Software as a Service (SaaS), announced its integration with Parallels' provisioning and billing system, Parallels Automation platform.

Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular Are Customer Service Champions: J.D. Power
Three wireless phone service providers - Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular - are among the 40 companies identified as Customer Service Champions, according to J.D. Power. For businesses, understanding and recognizing which industries, aside from one's own, provide the highest level of service is key to elevating customer service standards, according to J.D. Power's industry report titled "Achieving Excellence in Customer Service."

Citibank Closing Contact Center, 700 Agents to Work From Home
Normally, the closing of a 750-seat contact center is bad news. With Citibank's new announcement, however, the news is good for most of the agents themselves, though perhaps bad for the City of Albuquerque. Citibank has announced its intent to shut down a major Albuquerque contact center facility, but it's not eliminating most of the jobs: about 700 of the employees will continue to work as representatives for Citibank, but they will work from their homes, reports

DGScreen SaaS Solution, a Simple Communicating Platform, Unveiled
Transforming any digital screen or even the TV into a powerful communication platform may sound like fiction, but DGScreen Ltd. assures us that it isn't so. It has plans to launch its flagship DGScreen SaaS digital signage solution, capable of such a transformation, at the DSE show in Las Vegas, Feb. 23 to 24.

Foundation Source Online Platform Connects Nonprofits with Private Foundations
Foundation Source, a provider of support services for private foundation,s announced the launch of Foundation Source Access; a new online platform that brings together non-profits with private foundations.

Telax Hosted Call Center Launches Skype integration
Telax Hosted Call Center, a North America provider of hosted call center solutions, has launched Skype integration to allow the Telax Hosted Call Center platform users to route and manage incoming calls received from a Skype ID.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Brings Competition to Online CRM Marketplace
TotallyCRM, a video blog that helps potential CRM buyers make educated choices, said that the launch of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has brought competition into the online CRM marketplace. In order to manage contacts online, aales and marketing professionals have to choose from three options - NetSuite, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

StayinFront Releases Consumer Goods Version of On-Demand CRM and Analytics Solution
StayinFront, a provider of enterprise-wide customer relationship management software, mobile sales force effectiveness and on-demand CRM solutions, has released a consumer goods, industry-specific version of its on-demand CRM and analytics solution, StayinFront EdgeCG.

Autobase Announces Unification With AVV And @utoRevenue
Autobase, a Dominion Dealer Solutions division and the leading provider of CRM solutions for auto dealers nationwide, has announced the unification with its sister companies, AVV and @utoRevenue. The new organization, which would become the largest and most experienced provider of CRM solutions for auto dealers in the automotive industry, would be led by Bryan Anderson, the founder and general manager of Autobase, while Ed Braunbeck and Brice Englert, general managers at AVV and @utoRevenue respectively, would continue in the senior leadership roles.

Host Analytics Announces Impressive Growth in SaaS CPM in 2010
Host Analytics, a provider of on-demand corporate performance management (CPM) solutions, announced a record fourth quarter with double the bookings in Q4 2010 over Q4 2009, and 56 percent growth in bookings quarter over quarter. It was the sixth consecutive record-breaking quarter for the company. In Q4 2010, Host Analytics signed new customers such as Ferrotec, Gaco Western, LumaSense, XIOLINK and The University of Washington.

US Phone Selects Telastic Fully-Managed Hosted VoIP Product
US Phone, a next-generation communications provider based in California and serving customers worldwide through offices in Brazil and Columbia, has announced it has selected Telastic fully-managed hosted VoIP product from Pac-West to expand service offerings.

Survey Underscores Issues Involved in Adopting Open Source Tools
Sonatype conducted its annual Software Development Infrastructure survey and announced its findings based on answers from over, 1,600 software developers, architects and managers across all industries, company sizes and geographic regions. According to company officials, software development organizations rely on Sonatype to deliver better software faster, while adhering to internal standards and policies. It the becomes incumbent on the company to deliver innovative solutions and also identify the issues that bother corporate software development organizations.

CompanionLink Allows Sync, Backup for PC to Google
CompanionLink Software , a provider of data synchronization solutions for mobile phones and CRM software and services, announces two-way sync and backup between PC and Google.

FrontRange Solutions' New Saas IT Line Does Hosting Right
The software-as-a-service (SaaS) aka hosting delivery model is gaining clientele as it promises low or no capital costs, reduced support expenses and greater flexibility. Yet successfully hosting especially complex applications such as IT support tools is much more than installing software onto a server and connecting it to a network that is linked to clients and their users. It requires carefully architecting the solutions for the hosted environment.

Take Control of Your Company's IT Tasks Through a Managed Services Provider
The prospect of handing off the tasks of an internal IT team to a managed services provider (MSP) can be daunting for any business. But with IT budgets remaining static or shrinking in today's market, while technology grows by leaps and bounds, outsourcing the way you deliver your IT services offers a great compromise and value. Handing off vital IT functions to an MSP does not mean you will lose control of an in-house process. You will actually gain greater control of that process by handling it more cost effectively and efficiently through an outsourced provider.

Steton Technology Group Introduces Update for SaaS Product
Steton Technology Group has released an update for Steton 360 Enterprise Edition, its popular Web-hosted, software-as-a-service product.

MBS Partners with the Luxury Institute
Over the last two decades, the global market for luxury brands has seen tremendous success. To drive unique consumer insights and deliver business intelligence to decision makers across the luxury market, MBS, a provider of customer database marketing solutions within the GSI Commerce and Global Marketing Services division, has done a strategic partnership with the Luxury Institute, a provider of independent primary research and consulting services to the luxury marketing sector.

Fiorano Cloud Integration Platform Selected by World's First Hotel School
A provider of enterprise middleware and peer-to-peer distributed systems Fiorano Software announced that Fiorano Cloud Integration platform has been successfully deployed by Swiss based Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL), the world's first hotel school.

OKI Delivers CTstage 5i Call Center System to Keiwa Business
Tokyo-based OKI Networks, specializing in the design and manufacturing of telecommunication products, announced the delivery of its "CTstage 5i" call center system to Keiwa Business, an outsourcer in the field of various information processing services.

Cloud Services, SaaS Helping Businesses Affordably Meet Customer Service Level Goals
Technology is often touted for its potential ability to help businesses do more in less time at lower costs. Nowhere is this more pertinent than in the area of customer service.

Meraki Debuts Networking as a Service Pricing Program
Eliminating upfront hardware costs for the users, Meraki has announced Networking as a Service, a new pay-as-you-go pricing model for cloud-managed network infrastructure products.

St. Bernard Software Re-branded with Expanded Portfolio
St. Bernard Software, Inc., a provider of secure content management solutions, entered a new phase of expansion that changed the name of the company to something more befitting and more representative of its expanded portfolio.

Alorica Awarded for Analytics Tool and Management Service Platform
Alorica Inc., a provider of outsourced customer contact management services, announced that it has been selected as winner of the 2010 Product of the Year Award for both Alorica Analytics, its proprietary, state-of-the-art analytics tool, and Helix by Alorica, its Web-based technology management service platform.

SPB Software Introduces New Migration Tool
Mobile software developer, SPB Software has announced the launch of its SPB Migration Tool.

2010 was a Breakout Year for SaaS BI Provider Oco
Enterprise-class Software-as-a-Service business intelligence (SaaS BI) solutions provider Oco has announced that it had a breakout year in 2010 including triple-digit sales growth, continued SaaS BI product innovations, and a large rise in new customers.

Medallia Posts Revenue Growth of 45 Percent Year-Over-Year in 2010
Medallia, a provider of SaaS Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, announced record results for 2010. The company posted revenue growth of 45 percent year-over-year, the sales pipeline grew 250 percent, and the customer base grew 68 percent.

NaviSite Positioned in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure, Web Hosting
NaviSite, Inc., a provider of enterprise-class hosting, managed application, managed messaging and managed cloud services, has been positioned as a challenger in Gartner's "2010 Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and Web Hosting Magic Quadrant" report.

AMI Forecasts Growth in Indian SMB SaaS Spending
AMI-Partners, a specialist in IT, Internet, telecommunications and business services strategy, venture capital, and actionable market intelligence focusing on global small and medium business (SMB) enterprises, has recently published its report on "2010-2011 India SMB State of the Cloud Market Overview."

HarbourVest Partners Picks Informatica Cloud
Informatica Corp. has announced that independent global private equity firm HarbourVest Partners has deployed Informatica Cloud to synchronize their full range of back-office client information with its customer relationship management (CRM) implementation.

LodgeNet, DOCOMO, Nomadix Enter Strategic Alliance
Electronic e-commerce and information technologies have helped tourism companies manage organizational structure and information systems within an organization. Under a strategic partnership, LodgeNet Interactive Corporationwill market Freedom Internet, the newly released hospitality enterprise software developed by DOCOMO interTouch, along with Nomadix's full range of access gateways.

2011 Remote Agent Summit Shows How to Bring Contact Centers Home
The future of contact centers arguably lies at the agents' doorsteps: their homes. Home agent, i.e. telework, programs promise to deliver cost savings, greater flexibility, productivity gains and strengthened business continuity. They also enable organizations to become part of the environmental solution rather than contributing to the problem by eliminating commuting.

Telecom Revolution Providing Branch Offices with Sophisticated Communication Tools
For large enterprises, the manner in which they communicate internally and with their customer base has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Companies that used to run all of their communications through TBM-based PBXs are now embracing IP- and cloud-based technologies, which lower their operating costs and provide them with more flexible and scalable solutions.

Verecloud Enters into Partnership with Intalio
Verecloud entered into a partnership with Intalio, the Cloud Company to deliver CRM cloud services to communication service providers (CSPs).

CPM Marketing Group Launches Mobile ICRM Call Center Software Tool Kit
CPM Marketing Group Inc., the market leader for healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) and strategic marketing solutions, extends its activities to mobile devices by introducing Mobile ICRM tool kit for smartphones and mobile devices. By means of the new tool kit, smartphone and mobile device apps can be connected to their CRM database and predictive models.

Advanced Cloud ERP Features Released by Acumatica to SaaS Customers
Acumatica is one of the global providers of Cloud ERP software. The company recently announced the Release 2.0 of its Acumatica ERP suite. This latest release from Acumatica includes new functionality and enhancements to track fixed assets, manage shipping activities, deliver integrated ecommerce, improve customer fulfillment processes and more.

Talisma Showcases Higher Education CRM Software at BETT
The comprehensive CRM suite for higher education, Talisma CRM will be showcased at the 2011 British Education and Training Technology or BETT show. An announcement in this regard has been made by a Campus Management Corp. company, Talisma Corporation Pvt. Ltd. BETT, the world's largest technology-in-education event will be held at Olympia, London from Jan. 12-15.

Autotask and Cloud Services Depot Offer Data Services Integration
Cloud Services Depot, which distributes private-label services for IT solutions resellers, is offering data integration services for managed service providers (MSPs) that use the hosted IT business management software, Autotask.

Call Center Services: Magic Software's iBOLT Chosen by Shikun & Binui of Israel
Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. announced that it will deploy an integration system based on its iBOLT platform for the Israel-based Shikun & Binui, a leading infrastructure and real estate company and part of the Arison Group.

LeadMaster Updates Sales Lead Management CRM SaaS Solution
LeadMaster CRM has unveiled a new update to its application, which allows users to sync LeadMaster and Outlook contacts bi-directionally, the company has announced. LeadMaster offers a variety of cloud-computing software solutions to its customers.

Launch of SaaSTenant 2.0 Announced by LeoTechnosoft
The indigenous SaaS framework, SaaSTenant 2.0 has been released by LeoTechnosoft. ISVs will be able to build SaaS business applications in months instead of years with SaaSTenant 2.0. LeoTechnosoft is Cloud Computing R&D Center for product development, IT services and infrastructure management.

LBi Software Releases CaseManager4.0 With Cloud Support
Using LBi's upgraded HR Desk and knowledgebase solution, CaseManager4.0, CSR's can easily enter information about employee calls, as well as efficiently track issues to completion. LBi added several new features in the latest release, which can now be hosted in the Cloud that includes Manager Dashboard, Wiki Knowledgebase, Feedback Survey, Document Cabinet and Task List.

For Benefits of Premise-Based Cloud, Look to 'True Cloud' Solution
Cloud computing offers a host (no pun intended) of benefits for enterprise business solutions, particularly in the contact center. Hosted applications stored on someone else's servers - either the application provider's or a third-party hosting company - mean that contact centers can use as much or as little application as they need, scaling up and down according to need, and can allow anyone in the greater contact center, from branch offices to personnel on the road to home agents, to access and use the application easily.

ConnectWise Recognized as One of the Best Channel Vendors
ConnectWise, a business management solution designed exclusively for IT service providers, VARs and MSPs, was selected as one of the best channel vendors by Business Solutions readers.

Really Simple Systems Free Edition Gets 1,000-Plus Signups
More than 1,000 users have signed up for Really Simple Systems Free Edition, announced Really Simple Systems , the largest U.K. vendor of Web-based CRM systems, in a press release. The huge figure of 1,000 sign-ups indicates the popularity of Really Simple Systems Free Edition that was launched in October this year.

Homeworking Increases Productivity of Contact Centers
VoIP-enabled system and broadband are helping contact centers a great deal during wintry conditions, one of those being Canterbury City Council. The contact center has been able to improve its overall productivity, at a crucial time for local authorities, by homeworking.

Really Simple Systems Free Edition Has More Than 1,000 Signups
According to a recent announcement made by Really Simple Systems, more than 1,000 users have signed up for Really Simple Systems Free Edition, the company's free cloud CRM offering.

OSSCube's SugarCRM Training Offers Money Back Guarantee
The best SugarCRM training programs will be delivered by OSSCube. The company has a strong team of experts for the training programs. Organizations will be therefore able to maximize the return on its investment in SugarCRM. An announcement in this regard has been made by the key solution provider in SugarCRM solutions, OSSCube.

Property and Insurance Agents to Take to the Cloud via Hyper Desktops
The Kotter Group, a provider of secure, cost-effective virtual desktop services to the insurance agencies, claimed that more independent property and casualty agents are utilizing its Hyper Desktop to take their computing to the cloud. With Hyper Desktops the agents can eliminate the IT burden while at the same time realize high application availability, data security and the flexibility to work from anywhere using an Internet-enabled device.

Motive Systems Introduces Cloud-based Document-Driven CRM
The availability of M-Files for Salesforce CRM for deployment on AppExchange 2 has been announced by Motive Systems. Tightly integrated with Salesforce CRM, M-Files for Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based, professional document management solution. M-Files easy document management software and the Cloud-based document management service M-Files Cloud Vault have been developed by Motive Systems.

QHR EMS Division Signs New Services Contracts
QHR Technologies Inc., a company in the Canadian Healthcare Information Technology sector, reported that its EMS division QHR Software (QHR) signed new services contracts valued at $900,000 from new and existing clients in addition to the $1 million in services contracts.

Hosted Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report Released
DMG Consulting LLC, a provider of contact center and real-time analytics market research and consulting services, announced the release of its 2010 - 2011 Speech Analytics Product and Market Report and its 2010 - 2011 Hosted Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report.

Rapitel to Receive Integrated Contact Center Solution from Telax Hosted Call Center
Rapidtel International, a full service Canadian telecom company that specializes in services for consumers and small business, has entered a partnership agreement with Telax Hosted Call Center, a cloud-based contact center solution provider based in Toronto, Canada.

UniTek Canada to offer FTTH engineering and construction services on behalf of Bell Aliant
NetProspex Inc. has raised $5.5 million in a Series B financing round, the business to business lead generation company, has announced.

TIBCO Brings Loyalty Management Company Loyalty Lab Into Its Fold
TIBCO Software, Inc., a provider of enterprise software that facilitate service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management (BPM), today announced that it has acquired loyalty management solutions provider Loyalty Lab, Inc., for $23 million in cash plus debt.

PETCO Integrates Monetate Technology into Website
Leading independent provider of testing, targeting, and personalization for websites, Monetate, announced an expansion in its customer portfolio. In a press release, this Philadelphia based company, serving several consumer websites and Internet Retailer Top 500 companies, announced that PETCO has deployed Monetate's SaaS technology platform.

LiveOps Reports Satisfaction with Dreamforce 2010 Gold Sponsorship
LiveOps, a gold sponsor at the recently-concluded Dreamforce 2010 event, was joined by "a number of customers who shared their experiences of using LiveOps Contact Center Cloud in their own business operations to achieve better performance and efficiencies."

NaviSite Releases First Quarter Fiscal Year 2011 Financial Results
NaviSite, Inc., a company specializing in enterprise-class, cloud-enabled hosting, managed applications and services, released its financial results for the first quarter fiscal year 2011, which ended Oct. 31.

Navajo Systems Virtual Private SaaS Finds Use in IBM's LotusLive Integrated Apps
Security is the major issue, which may hinder the growth of cloud computing. In this evolving cloud computing system, large and medium enterprises are investing in data privacy and data protection. To keep away the security issues that affect customers and providers, IBM has added Navajo Systems' Virtual Private SaaS (VPS) for LotusLive cloud security solution to its LotusLive Integrated Apps list.

Informatica Debuts Informatica Cloud Express
Informatica launched Informatica Cloud Express, the first cloud data integration service with usage-based pricing.

Faith Call Center to Upgrade Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing Services
Providing outsourcing services, Faith Call Center is planning to upgrade its computer-aided telephone interview services so as to make it more competent. As part of the upgrade, specialized training will be imparted to all related employees at regular intervals with the implementation of a multi-tier quality control and tracking system.

New Web-Based CRM Solution from Strategic Sales Systems Empowers KaMin
Strategic Sales Systems is a select Sage SalesLogix Partner providing technology and business consulting services that focuses on customers' CRM needs, and relationships with their customers. It plans to implement Sage SalesLogix for KaMin LLC, a manufacturer of kaolin clay.

Contact Center Solutions: New Web-Based CRM Solution from Strategic Empowers KaMin LLC
Strategic Sales Systems is a select Sage SalesLogix Partner providing technology and business consulting services that focuses on customers' CRM needs, and relationships with their customers. It plans to implement Sage SalesLogix for KaMin LLC, a manufacturer of kaolin clay.

Kinaxis Enhances Brand Presence and Market Awareness in Japan
Kinaxis appointed Richard Lord as vice president of Asia-Pacific Japan, and Toshiya Kaneko as president and representative director of Kinaxis Japan. The company is a provider of RapidResponse, the on-demand supply chain management or SCM and sales and operations planning software service.

BMC Software Introduces Three New Apps on
BMC Software, a provider of Business Service Management software, announced it has launched three new applications to the BMC ServiceDesk on solution. The new applications are change management, problem management and configuration management database (CMDB).

Fanatical Support, Open Source and Standards Key to Cloud Computing Success
In the world of cloud computing, there are a lot of very new companies vying for a successful spot in the on-demand services market. There are also some players who have been around for quite a while, successfully transitioning from traditional hosting to newer concepts.

IP Telephony Pioneer Drishti-Soft Enters Strategic Partnership with Vietnam Based DQN
Drishti-Soft, one of the pioneers in IP Telephony in India, entered into a strategic partnership with Dinh Quang Limited Corporation, Vietnam for a mutually beneficial marketing strategy for Ameyo, its call center software.

B2B Soft, OFFWIRE Offer Unified VMI Call Center Software Solution for Wireless Dealers
Specializing in business management and POS solutions for the wireless/cellular retail industry, B2B Soft entered into a strategic partnership with OFFWIRE to offer a unified Vendor Managed Inventory solution (VMI) for wireless dealers. Wireless retailers can now leverage the innovative VMI solution to remotely manage and automatically restock inventory, thus saving significant time and money.

American Well Team Expands Agreement with IBM
In an effort to protect patient information that is collected and exchanged as part of live Online Care consultations with healthcare providers, American Well entered into an expanded partnership with IBM.

AT&T Signs Global Strategic Agreement with Omnicom
AT&T, a premier communications holding company, entered into a global strategic relationship with Omnicom, a global leader in advertising and marketing communications. The partnership also includes a new contract for its products and services worth at least $57 million.

Skylight Integrates Google Docs into Collaboration and Business Management Solution
In a high-speed business, global firms are constantly on the lookout for technology solutions that are easy to install and implement. With this in mind, Skylight is now offering Google Docs integration for users that are already used to saving 50 to 80 percent on the IT overhead associated with business expansion.

Microsoft IIS Users to Achieve Greater Visibility into Granular Configuration Information
Evolven Software Inc., the company of granular configuration automation solutions, expressed their support for Microsoft IIS. Evolven will enable customers to achieve greater visibility into the granular configuration information of Microsoft IIS which can affect the availability and performance of IT environments running Microsoft IIS.

Capital ID's ID Manager Released as Software as a Service
Capital ID has released its ID manager suite as Software as a Service (SaaS). To support the marketing life cycle, the SaaS version of the software comprises the basic applications and is suited for companies that are looking to use this software without much customization.

Call & Call Enhances Call Center Services with IBM and Wyse Offerings
IBM has revealed that Call & Call, a large call center which serves clients across Italy has expanded its cloud computing initiative to reduce the organization's desktop PC operating costs by 50 percent in the past six months. Call & Call will migrate nearly 1,000 additional workstations from among five sites across Italy to a centralized location using IBM Smart Business Desktop Cloud and technology from Wyse a provider of cloud client computing.

Ariba to Acquire Quadrem
Ariba, Inc., a provider of collaborative business commerce solutions, will acquire Quadrem, a privately-held provider of one of the world's largest supply networks and on-demand supply management solutions.

BackOffice Associates Delivers Boring Go Live Data Migration to Kraft Foods
BackOffice Associates, LLC, a provider of ERP Data Migration, Data Governance and Master Data Management solutions for Oracle, SAP and other ERP vendors, has announced to have successfully enabled Boring Go Live data migrations for seventy-three of plants of Kraft Foods, a well known confectionary, food and beverage corporation based in the United States.

Aspect Joins Microsoft Lync Server to 1,600+ Employees
Aspect not only literally talks the talk on unified communications and collaboration (UCC) it walks the walks on the technology, whether its employees are taking their strides in its corporate offices or at their home offices, or/to from their mechanized transportation means, regardless of where in the world they are.

Accenture and BMC Software Expand Relationship with Two Technology Agreements
Accenture and BMC Software expanded their services delivery cooperation by signing two new technology agreements. One agreement requires the companies to jointly develop and implement BMC Business Service Management (BSM) solutions and another is for the provision of consulting and integration services to BMC's Professional Services organization.

Premier Technologies to Acquire Veteran Business Development Manager
Former senior sales consultant at Alcatel-Lucent, Silvio Marusic is all set to come aboard Premier Technologies as business development manager.

IntraLinks Announces New Study Management Software
IntraLinks, a provider of critical information exchange solutions, announced enhancements to its study management offering with the release of IntraLinks for Study Management.

Astreya Partners Invests in Infrastructure Services Division
Multi-national IT services provider, Astreya Partners has made significant investments in its Infrastructure Services division. The strategic move will enable the company to capitalize on long-term trends among organizations that outsource select portions of their IT infrastructure support.

Five9 Offering Self-Service IVR for Inbound and Outbound Call Centers
Global provider of on-demand call center software, Five9 Inc., announced a product enhancement for its Five9 Virtual Call Center Release 8 product line. In a press release, Five9 revealed that Self-Service IVR, an on-demand Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with Speech Recognition may be ordered from Five9 as a standalone product or in combination with either the Five9 Inbound Call Center or Blended (Inbound and Outbound) Call Center.

Leveraging the Value of the Hosted Contact Center Model
The value of the hosted (also referred to as "cloud-based" or SaaS) contact center model continues to grow, providing more and more companies, including some of the largest enterprises, with a favorable alternative to premises-based operations. Global market research firm Gartner named cloud computing one of its Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2010, declaring the service an evolution of business no less influential than e-business. They predicted that 95 percent of companies using SaaS will expand or maintain their investments in 2010.

Bunzl Distribution USA Chooses Park City Group as SaaS Customer
Bunzl Distribution USA, a leading provider of outsourced products for processors, supermarkets, retailers, convenience stores and other users, has selected Park City, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of unique supply chain solutions for retailers and their suppliers, to provide comprehensive hosted solutions.

Convergys Offering Seasonal Home Agent Positions
To the delight of those looking for some extra cash this upcoming holiday season, the global relationship management leader, Convergys, launched a manhunt across the country. Convergys announced that it is on the lookout for candidates from around the country to fill seasonal Home Agent positions.

LiveOps on Hosted vs. On-Premises Solutions
The next fiscal year begins in less than two months for many organizations, and they are figuring out how best in today's still-challenging economic climate to provide customer-retaining/attracting quality service while decreasing costs and improving the bottom line.

6fusion Partners with ConnectWise
6fusion, a provider of utility billed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for the channel, announced a partnership deal with IT solutions company, ConnectWise to participate in the ConnectWise Developer Network program.

Sales-I Will Help Auto Aftermarket Warehouse Distributors Grow
Good news for Auto aftermarket warehouse distributors and jobbers! A new service called Sales-I was unveiled at the 2010 AAPEX/SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Sales-I was a proven platform in the U.K. automotive market that is being brought to North America through a strategic agreement between WebLink Solutions Corporation and Sales-I. Through this service, Auto aftermarket warehouse distributors and jobbers will now be able to improve customer relationship management, identify new sales opportunities, monitor sales activity and improve customer service with a new cost-effective on-demand service.

Illuminetic Unveils New Version of crm-now/PS CRM On-Demand System
Illuminetic, a national provider of cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) systems and related services, in association with crm-now, a developer of CRM systems for small and medium enterprises, launched the latest version of the crm-now/PS cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Call Britannia Contract with HomeServe Creates 10,000 Call Center Jobs
Call Britannia, a U.K. call center that aims to create 10,000 jobs for the unemployed, has won a contract with HomeServe, Britain's home emergency repair experts. Officials with Call Britannia said that the company's team will be supporting HomeServe's in-house team handling inbound calls from its customers.

ESilicon Chooses Oracle CRM on Demand for Efficiency, Knowledge
In order to improve security and data access along with new reporting and integration goals, Oracle officials said, eSilicon Corporation, an independent semiconductor Value Chain Producer (VCP), recently implemented Oracle CRM On Demand.

Fractal Systems Selects KVH IaaS for SaaS Platform
Fractal Systems selected KVH IaaS as its platform for "CX SaaS," a new software service for commodity futures trading businesses to be launched on Nov. 1.

Planview's Go-to-Market Strategy Improved with Datalink's Help
Planview selected Datalink to redesign its data storage and protection environments. An announcement in this regard has been made by the top provider of data center infrastructure and services, Datalink. The key facet of Planview's go-to-market strategy is information technology. The company's strategy has now evolved to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. The data center, therefore, needs to support the requirements of an on-demand, hosted computing environment.

Intelligent Notification Solution to Be Demonstrated by Benbria
Benbria is a provider of intelligent notification solutions and the official SMS alerts provider at BroadSoft Connections 2010, along with BroadSoft, a worldwide provider of IP-based communications services, and Polycom, one of the global leaders in unified communications. The company will be demonstrating the power of cross-media intelligent notification at BroadSoft Connections 2010.

Silicon Valley, San Jose Business Journal ranked IntelePeer No. 25 In Annual List of 60 Fastest Growing Private Companies of 2010
IntelePeer Inc., a communications company, enabling carriers, service providers and enterprises to access communication services from the Cloud, was incorporated in the list of the top 60 fastest-growing private companies in the Silicon Valley area of 2010. The list has been compiled by Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal that ranked IntelePeer Inc. No. 25 in its annual list, known as the Fastest Growing Private Companies List.

IBBS Deploys NetVantage Powered By Monolith Software
Integrated Broadband Services or 'IBBS,' a provider of fully-integrated data, voice and technical support that simplify the delivery of advanced communications into the residential and commercial marketplace, has announced that it has deployed IBBS NetVantage, a comprehensive web-based network tool that is powered by the capabilities of Monolith Software. Monolith Software is a developer of network management software solutions for service provider and large enterprise networks.

Ovum Ranks Varolii Hosted Customer Outreach Solutions Leader
Ovum, an independent research and analysis firm rated Varolii Corporation, a provider of hosted customer communication software system, as the highest in two of the three category rankings, based on Varolii's combined strength in technology, positive customer feedback and firm financial footing.

Teleperformance's New Desktop Solution Enhances Performance, Security
An industry leader in outsourced CRM and contact center services, Teleperformance recently released the latest version of its Teleperformance Desktop solution, which provides the core application framework for many of Teleperformance's suite of secure communication tools.

Strategic Products and Services Serves Heritage Nortel Users
Platinum certified Avaya Global Connect channel partner Strategic Products and Services (SPS) is set to launch a new business division focused on heritage Nortel users.

Secure-24 Supports SAP Applications with Hosting, Management Solutions
Secure-24 is showcasing its capabilities at the SAP TechEd 2010 Las Vegas conference, being held through Oct. 22, at the Venetian/Palazzo Congress Center in Las Vegas.

Make-A-Wish Foundation Increases Employee Availability with Mitel's Solutions
Mitel, a provider of unified communications software solutions, announced that Make-a-Wish Foundation has deployed Mitel solutions to enhance communications at its national headquarters in Arizona.

Equalizer OnDemand Virtual Appliance for Hosted Cloud Computing
Coyote Point Systems is a reputed provider of application delivery and acceleration solutions for the small to medium enterprise. The company recently announced the availability of Equalizer OnDemand, a robust Application Delivery Controller that runs as a VMware virtual appliance. Equalizer ADCs can now be deployed as hardware or software to provide content routing, load balancing and application acceleration and control VMware to optimize application performance.

DiscountASP.NET Launches SaaS Solution for Source Control and Bug Tracking
Web hosting service provider DiscountASP.NET has announced TFS Basic hosting, which the company says enables NET developers save money and time using a hosted SaaS solution for source control and bug tracking, freeing up their resources to focus on developing code.

Orange Austria Selects Convergys to Meet EU Mandates
Orange Austria, the third largest mobile network provider in Austria, has selected the Convergys' Smart BSS Solutions to comply an EU mandated timeline, Convergys announced in a press release.

Orange Leap Records Remarkable Sales Growth
Dallas-based Orange Leap is known for its innovative, yet simple-to-use, software-based solutions. According to the company, its products and solutions are designed to "energize" nonprofit organizations. The company takes pride in the fact that nonprofits, big and small and with a wide range of missions and constituencies, choose Orange Leap to move their organizations forward.

New Low-Cost SaaS-Based E-Procurement Solution
Budget conscious businesses or small-to-medium sized businesses, which want to transit antiquated, paper-based procurement methods to low-cost, efficient e-procurement systems, can now leverage the new SaaS-based e-procurement solution, ABN Xpress Suite Fall '10 from Active Business Network.

Experian QAS integrates with QAS for Oracle CRM On Demand 1.0 and Oracle CRM On Demand
Experian QAS has achieved Oracle Validated Integration with QAS for Oracle CRM On Demand 1.0 and Oracle CRM On Demand, according to a recent announcement. A leading contact data management software and services provider, Experian QAS believes this integration will benefit its customers from Experian QAS's data quality tools with the Oracle CRM On Demand solution, providing increased accuracy of customer intelligence, improved communications, and more informed decision-making.

NTRglobal Simplifying IT across the Campuses
For today's students, life without computers, laptops, smart phones and other wireless devices is difficult to imagine. Thus one of the most important concerns of the IT managers, CIOs and other high level administrators at campuses is how to reduce the computing costs and make the IT services more cost effective! The IT administrators are thus in the constant lookout for more-efficient and more-cost-effective ways to bring computing power, applications and IT services to students, faculty members and institution staff.

ORTS' OnDemand Solution with Pack&Go Option
OTRS, the leading open-source service innovation suite, launched OTRS OnDemand, an easily deployed help desk solution with a Pack&Go option. Instrumental in providing help desk and ITIL V3-certified IT service management solutions, OTRS has developed this solution to help businesses retain the versatility and configurability of the standalone OTRS platform, which is used in a wide range of business scenarios, but is quick to set up and run as an SaaS solution in the cloud.

eZuce Introduces EZ Partner Program and Benefits to Accelerate Access to openUC
Ronco Communications & Electronics, Inc. is an integrator of communications products and services, with a strong focus on IP communications and unified technologies.

Server Centre Selects CloudLinux to Enhance Customer Experience
Software company CloudLinux, Inc., announced that managed hosting provider Server Centre is expecting to add CloudLinux to its dedicated server and VPS solutions.

Shaw Industries Implements Informatica Cloud to Boost Sales Productivity
Informatica, a provider of data integration software, announced that Shaw Industries Group, world's largest carpet manufacturer, implemented Informatica Cloud Services to help drive sales productivity across multiple lines of business.

Webinar Discusses Customer Service Advantage of Faxing
"Organizations moving legacy fax technologies into the cloud have realized significant cost savings while adding value by bringing fax into the business application layer," say officials of a recentWebinar devoted to the topic, finding that sales, marketing and support departments are using customer relationship management applications in the cloud "to deliver a superior customer experience."

Cbeyond Enhances Customer Experience with Hosted Microsoft Exchange
Cbeyond, a provider of IT and communications services to more than 53,000 small businesses, has started to provide customers with full Hosted Microsoft Exchange interoperability with devices such as the iPhone and Android smartphones.

Zultys Offers Call Handling and Agent Performance Insight
The latest solution from Zultys leverages about 50 call detail record (CDR) fields through an easy to use drag-and-drop report builder interface. This interface, according to Zultys, enables managers to create and output their own custom reports, which can also be generated into spreadsheets and other document formats.

William Fritcher of O'Currance Teleservices Wins 'Call Center Home Runs' Contest
William Fritcher, vice president of sales at O'Currance Teleservices is the proud owner of an iPad. Transera, which offers virtual call center technology on a SaaS basis, declared him as the winner of the "Call Center Home Runs" Contest that ended on Sept. 1, 2010.

1&1 Internet Unveils Offers for Hosting Packages
1&1 Internet, Inc., a company that offers a complete range of web services for every need, skill level and budget, unveiled new competitive offers for its shared hosting packages and eCommerce solutions.

New Discussion on the Development of SaaS: Cherwell Software
Cherwell Software, Inc., a developer of Cherwell Service Management, revealed its plan to discuss new developments in SaaS, where the company's CEO, Vance Brown will be presenting on the subject together with Eveline Oehrlich, the Forrester analyst in the IT service management market.

nTelos Wireless, Telespree Introduce Self-Care Functionality on Mobile Handsets
nTelos Wireless launched a new on-device self-service account management capability provided by Telespree Communications. Telespree enables nTelos subscribers to access their account information directly on their handsets without calling customer care. The information can be had by using an automated voice response system and doesn't require dedicated retail assistance.

Esker Strengthens R&D Team
Looking to respond to the growth of its on-demand solutions offering, Esker, a provider of document process automation solutions, strengthened its Research and Development team.

Early Adopters Deploy Over 60 Percent of Business Applications in the Cloud
At the recent VMWorld 2010 in San Francisco, Calif., cloud computing innovators from Armada,, RightScale, Apigee and enStratus hosted the first Executive Advisory Council on Cloud computing. As the attendees explored and debated the key issues that are defining the future of cloud computing, the panelists concluding that early adopters are now deploying 60 to 70 percent of their business applications in the cloud.

Akabis and Telax Partnership Enhances Product Portfolio
In an effort to complement its portfolio of digital communication services, Akabis Inc. entered into a partnership with Telax Hosted Call center, which delivers advanced hosted call center solutions with more functionality than traditional hardware at a fraction of the cost.

Saba Selects Carpathia Hosting for Compliant SaaS Solutions
Saba, a provider of people systems, has selected Carpathia Hosting as a strategic cloud infrastructure partner, supporting U.S., Canadian and EMEA operations.

CDC Software Reports Approx $11.3 Million 2010 3Q Application Sales Revenue
CDC Software Corporation: The Customer-Driven Company, recently announced that the third quarter 2010 application sales is expected to go up to approximately $11.3 million based on current financial projections and estimates. Due to the increased license sale in the EMEA region and CDC factory products, the current estimate shows an approximate 49 percent increase in comparison to the $7.6 million sales revenue reported in the third quarter of 2009. Both license revenue and the Secured Total Contract Value (STCV) for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sales are used to estimate the approx figure for third quarter of 2010.

eGain Adds New Midmarket Partners
Resellers are the key to marketing, delivering and enabling customers' success with vendors' sophisticated, value-rich technology solutions. They are the professionals that work with buyers to assess needs, find the right products and features, do the lifting on the installs and provide that one-call-away for questions, support and for making modifications and supplying enhancements.

Free Webinar Explores Value of Fax
It is easy to assume that with the advent of e-mail, IM and even videoconferencing, fax technology would become obsolete. Within the business environment, however, it is still much a part of the critical communications strategy.

CIBER Announces 'Ready For 2011' Assessment
CIBER, Inc. recently announced "Ready for 2011," its offering to assess customers' readiness for implementing or upgrading to Microsoft's Dynamics CRM 2011. The two-week assessment provides new and existing customers with a GAP Analysis, As-Is Inventory, Migration Strategy and Findings & Recommendations, and evaluates a number of areas that are critical to determining the customer's Dynamics CRM functional and deployment needs.

Telax Offers Social Media Management for Contact Centers
Telax Hosted Call Center, specializing in hosted call center solutions, announced the launch of a 3.0 call center offering at the Metaswitch Forum 2010 in Orlando, FL.

Xactly Selects Birst to Provide Single, Consistent View of Key Operational Data
Xactly Corporation, the leader in on-demand sales performance management (SPM), has chosen Birst, a leading provider of on-demand solutions for business intelligence (BI) and analytics, to provide a single, consistent view of key operational data generated by multiple SaaS applications. This combined information from internal sales, marketing, financial, and billing applications will help Xactly employees make better, faster decisions

Gryphon Network's PrivacyAdvisor Integrates with Oracle CRM On Demand
Gryphon Networks, a provider of on-demand contact governance solutions, announced that its PrivacyAdvisor for Oracle CRM On Demand 3.2 solution has achieved Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle CRM On Demand Release 16.

ITEXPO West Speaker: The Innovative Products of Aastra
The most interesting things within the communications environment today are the different trends that emerge and the way in which they change. According to Tim Whittington, Executive vice president and general manager with Aastra USA, the most significant trend today is an increasingly mobile workforce. Whittington recently took part in a TMCnet interview with TMC CEO Rich Tehrani in anticipation of the upcoming ITEXPO West 2010 event.

Infonetics Research Recent Security Survey Reveals That Businesses want Hybrid CPE/SaaS Solutions
Infonetics Research has announced the release of a market research study of security buying plans of 240 U.S. and Canadian small, medium, and large organizations from a wide variety of vertical markets. This latest report is named, Threat Protection and SaaS: North American Enterprise Survey.

Mission Mpower Partners with Online Tech for SOX Compliant SaaS Hosting
Online Tech will be the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosting partner for Mission Mpower Inc. Applications of Mission Mpower will be hosted in SAS 70 certified data centers of Online Tech. An announcement in this regard has been made by the New Jersey-based provider of administration and financial reporting software, Mission Mpower Inc.

Idea2 Cloud-Based CRM Solution Available on Google Apps Marketplace
Idea2, a provider of cloud-based customer relationship management or "CRM" solutions for growing businesses, announced the launch of its Web-based customer data management solution on the Google Apps Marketplace.

Incontact Selected As the Winner for the 2010 TMC Labs Innovation Award
inContact, a provider in the cloud-based call center market, has recently announced that its cloud based platform has been named by Technology Marketing Corporation "TMC's" Customer Interaction Solutions magazine, as the winner of this year's TMC Labs Innovation Award.

RingCube Enhances its vDesk Solution and Offers Hardware-Assisted Workspace Virtualization
RingCube Technologies, a provider of managed virtual workspaces announced a new desktop virtualization innovation in the RingCube vDesk solution, including the availability of the hardware-assisted workspace virtualization for enhanced performance, security and cost savings for enterprises.

Presence Technology's Lucy St. Philip on Communications Trends
TMC representatives recently spoke with Lucy St. Philip of Presence Technology. We discussed trends in the communications market, the growth of social media, and other IT industry developments.

Internap Helps ecenta Deliver Improved Productivity to SMBs
Internap Network Services Corporation , a provider of end-to-end Internet business solutions, and ecenta, a consulting firm specializing in advanced projects involving implementation of SAP solutions, announced today that Internap's Performance IP and Managed Hosting solutions will be utilized as the foundation for ecenta's new hosted contact center solution.

Successful Virtual Contact Center Implementations Presented During Free Webinar
Today's virtual call center technology, "allows you to manage multiple centers, tie in the best talent wherever they may be, lower costs and so much more," Webinar presenters say, adding that however, despite the obvious benefits, "operational and technical challenges can limit your success and profitability."

SAP Enhances Business Students Curriculum with On-Demand Technology
SAP AG in an effort to provide business studies students with a practical work experience, has announced the start of a pilot project that incorporates the SAP Business ByDesign solution into the curriculum for universities taking part in the SAP(R) University Alliances program.

Internap - ecenta Joint Venture Benefits SMEs
Internap Network Services Corporation, a leading provider of end-to-end Internet business solutions, and ecenta, a leading global consulting firm specializing in advanced projects involving implementation of SAP solutions have entered into a joint venture.

Rainmaker Announces Availability of its Next Generation E-commerce SaaS Platform
Rainmaker Systems, Inc., a global provider of e-commerce solutions and telesales services that grow revenue for clients and their channel partners, announced the general availability of its next generation e-commerce SaaS platform.

DesktopDirect Enables Needham Employees get Remote Access
DesktopDirect from Array Networks Inc. seems to be a hit with Needham Bank employees as usage of remote access is said to have tripled after employees found that with DesktopDirect they could access all files and applications anytime and anywhere without compromising data.

On-Premise, Cloud-Based Information Systems Integrate with iWay EIM Suite
iWay Software, an information builders company and a company of enterprise integration solutions, announced that CHG Healthcare Services, a provider of healthcare staffing in the U.S., is improving the accuracy and efficiency of its information systems with integration and data quality technology from iWay.

Webinar Tackles Transforming Customer Feedback Into Profits
As a critical customer touch point, your contact center is an ideal place to capture customer satisfaction information, Webinar presenters say. The challenge lies in making it easy for customers to provide the right level of feedback at the right time, and ensuring that feedback is acted upon on both an operational level (fixing their individual problem) and a strategic level (evaluating your business processes and determining whether changes are needed).

Pharmaceutical Company Picks Veeva for CRM
After a comprehensive 3-month review and selection process, the global company with approximately $2 billion in revenues chose Veeva's complete CRM suite, including VBioPharma, VInsights, and VMobile Tablet Edition.

RingCube Technologies Adds BPO Expert to Team
Officials with RingCube said that the company delivers vDesk - a high-performance virtual desktop solution for secure remote access in Work-At-Home computing environments.

Stellar Recovery Deploys LiveVox Inc.'s Integrated IVR and On-demand Payment Lines
Receivables management firm Stellar Recovery Inc. has simplified multi-site PCI compliance by deploying LiveVox Inc.'s integrated Interactive Voice Response "IVR" and on-demand payment lines.

Database Solution for SaaS and PaaS Offered by Continuent
The general availability of Continuent Tungsten version 1.3 has been announced by Continuent Inc. Significant improvements for customers running MySQL and PostgreSQL-based applications and solutions are offered by this solution. Continuent Tungsten solution is also well suited for SaaS and PaaS vendors running on MySQL.

Ebix to Acquire A.D.A.M.
Ebix, Inc., an international supplier of On-Demand software and e-commerce services to the insurance industry, has signed a merger agreement with Atlanta based A.D.A.M., Inc., a provider of health information and benefits technology solutions in the United States.

Storage Fusion to Deliver Storage Resource Analysis SaaS Solution for Arrow ECS
As the first distributor in U.K. which offers a Software-as-a-Service solution for storage analytics, Arrow ECS has signed a U.K. agreement with Storage Fusion for delivering its Storage Resource Analysis platform. The SRA platform is an efficient, service-based solution which allows customers in better managing their storage usage and needs.

MySaveology Helps Work-At-Home Entrepreneurs Maximize Productivity and Profitability, a multi-channel, performance-based marketing network, has announced an innovative approach to entrepreneurs who want to benefit from a pay-for-performance business opportunity.

Appian Makes Major Enhancements to Appian BPM Suite
Appian, a major player in enterprise and on-demand business process management (BPM) technology, has immediate availability of the latest release of the Appian BPM Suite.

Model Metrics Unveils the First Mobile Cloud Platform for the Enterprise
Allowing users to take critical business functionality with themwherever they go, Model Metrics has introduced the first mobile cloud platform for the enterprise.

Grid Dynamics Teams Up with Virtual Ark So Software Vendors Can Change On-Premise Software to Software-as-a-Service in Cloud Deployments
Grid Dynamics is an international authority on enterprise systems scalability and cloud enablement. Virtual Ark is a well known global managed application services provider in next-generation SaaS for ISVs. Both these companies have recently formed a partnership. With this partnership, Independent software vendors (ISVs) now have the ability to rapidly change on-premise software to software-as-a-service (SaaS) in cloud deployments.

Autotask Announces 12-City International Road Show to Share Best Practices
Autotask Corporation, a provider of IT hosted management, recently announced the beginning of a 12-city international "Autotask IT Service Success Tour" designed to promote best practices among IT Service Providers worldwide.

Silver Networks Intros Enhanced Hosted Call Center Solution
Silver Networks, a provider of call center solutions and services, has announced its latest "Hosted Call Center" suite of services for seamless integration with existing phone systems of enterprises.

Noble Composer 9.2 Streamlines Agents' Desktops: Wherever They Are
The easier and faster it is for agents for navigate their desktops, with less chance of foundering the more productive they will be.

Really Simple's CRM API Allows Direct Integration of Web Applications
CRM is the pivot around which organizations revolve in order to succeed. Managing customers, increasing base, maximizing loyalty are the tenets on which companies are built. Deploying a hosted CRM offers the flexibility and freedom to meet business needs simply, easily and in a cost-effective manner.

C7 Data Centers Inc. Raises Capital to Enhance its Offerings
C7 Data Centers Inc., a privately held company focused on providing high-value data center solutions, has decided to raise an additional $9 million in growth capital to fund its new expansion plans and provide high-quality inventory for customer operations.

Japanese IT Solutions Consultancy Picks Verizon Business to Deliver Cloud Services
Verizon Business announced that Information Services International-Dentsu or "ISID," a Japanese provider of financial, enterprise management and human resources solutions to enterprises, has selected Verizon Business for a cloud-based solution that gives the company the high-capacity computing power it needs - anytime and anywhere.

Outbound Call Center Solutions Indicate a Buoyant Market
With a sustained rise in requests for products on a subscription basis, more and more companies are making the transition to software as a service, and Stratogen, a reputed SaaS hosting provider has witnessed strong growth in the 2nd quarter of 2010.

Agio Technology Declares the Introduction of 24/7/365 Service In-House
Agio Technology is well known in the provision of managed IT services for the foremost hedge funds. The company recently announced that it has introduced its 24/7/365 Service in-house. With the launch of this service, Agio will be offering a true follow-the-sun support via its operational headquarters in Norman, Oklahoma. Also, a satellite office in Hong Kong that is dedicated to US client support is ready to come online in the fourth quarter of 2010. Both locations will be ensured with continuous availability of highly experienced engineers. These engineers possess deep technical know-how in the hedge fund space.

Optaros Intros E-Commerce SaaS Solution
OCentric provides functionality traditionally found in e-commerce, Web content management and community platforms all in one package so companies can implement new retail concepts that are popular today, such as group buying, private sales, deal-a-day and more.

Magento Enterprise Platform to Power the OCentric SaaS Solution from Optaros
Ecommerce solution provider Optaros has announced that its OCentric SaaS solution will be powered by the Magento Enterprise Platform. OCentric is unique in bundling together the simplicity of SaaS and the flexibility of open source. The benefits of OCentric come at the same cost as standard storefronts from existing ecommerce SaaS vendors.

Turning a Profit with Customer Care
How virtual contact centers are boosting revenue and changing expectations

Cadence Aligns Workforce to Deliver on EDA360 Vision
Cadence Design Systems, Inc., a provider of global electronic design innovation, has announced it will align product development to deliver on the EDA360 vision.

Timetrade Systems Introduces Industry-First Appointment Cloud Solution on SaaS Platform
Personal interaction with the customers can help businesses expand their client base and there is no doubt, customer appointments have been playing an important part in American business culture. No wonder, the markets for customer-driven online appointment scheduling solutions are growing worldwide. TimeTrade Systems was founded with an aim to offer customer-centric companies a reliable and scalable platform for providing instantly confirmed appointments with millions of consumers, businesspeople and others who are increasingly turning to the Web as their principal destination to learn, buy, and receive service and support for products and services.

'Oracle's All Encompassing CRM Suite' Projected as a Boon for Organizations
Forrester Research is a technology and market research company that provides pragmatic advice to global leaders in business and technology. With hundreds of analysts and coverage areas, it is perhaps the only company that creates forward-thinking research specifically for the organization.

EvoApp Chooses Hosted Solutions' Stratus Trusted Cloud
Hosted Solutions' Stratus Trusted Cloud has been selected by EvoApp, a provider of business intelligence solutions for enterprise customer service teams ranging from small and mid-sized enterprises to Fortune 100 corporations.

Lingotek Unveils Version 5.0 of Collaborative Translation Platform
According to company officials, this solution will help enterprises, government agencies, and other organizations perform translations rapidly, accurately and cost effectively - when compared to many other traditional solutions and translation services.

Romtelecom, Telekom Malaysia Deploy Oracle Communications Order and Service Management Solutions
Important offerings included as part of Oracle's rapid offer design and order delivery solution are Oracle Communications Order and Service Management, Oracle's Siebel CRM, Oracle Product Hub for Communications and Oracle Application Integration Architecture for Communications.

NTRglobal Develops SaaS to Resolve Technical Issues on Remote Computers
With the help of the company's remote support and system management, businesses with distributed locations can reduce costs associated with IT troubleshooting while delivering problem resolution and uptime, said company officials.

M800 and Converged Solutions Offer Virtual Call Center Solution
M800 Limited is a large IDD wholesaler in Hong Kong and a multichannel toll-free service provider in China. The company provides the supporting infrastructure for quality voice services to improve Converged Solutions' Call Center SaaS offering.

LiveOps Proves Value of At-Home Agents in Live Telethon
The telethon proved out once again the effectiveness at-home agent programs on a large and visible scale. One of the long-touted benefits of having agents in home facilities rather than in employer-subsidized bricks-and-mortar premises is the ability to ramp up and respond quickly. LiveOps received confirmation on a Wednesday for the telethon the following Monday. The call volume remained pretty consistent after about 15 minutes into the show says the firm; there were about 2,500 calls every 15 minutes.

Taleo's Talent Management Solutions Understand Logistics of Talent
Organization are juggling with HR processes and technologies to find a business-centric functionality on a management platform that ramps up the level of performance. However, the factor that ultimately makes a business succeed is its people and the way they adopt strategies.

Davinci Virtual Constructs New North American Headquarters in Salt Lake City
Davinci Virtual, a premier provider of global virtual office solutions, is looking forward to complete the construction of its new North American Headquarters by Oct. 1, 2010.

Tech Support to Increase Due to Consumer Demand for Remote Services
Parks Associates, an internationally recognized market research and consulting company specializing in emerging consumer technology products and services, found out that the progress of online solutions will add to the growing premium tech support industry, counting service providers and retailers.

Black Box Recognized in the COPS Magic Quadrant
Gartner, Inc., announced it has positioned Black Box Corporation -- a provider of voice communications, data infrastructure and product solutions -- in the Challengers quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Communications Outsourcing and Professional Services North America.

West Interactive Enhances IVR Platform with TuVox Acquisition
Hosted and managed automated customer contact solutions provider, West Interactive has announced the recent acquisition of TuVox, a provider of on-demand speech and IVR solutions. TuVox is known for the creation of a unique and agile development methodology for speech applications that will produce a superior caller experience in less time and with less risk when detailed requirements are difficult to specify in advance.

PeopleCube Has Acquired Several Fortune 1000 Companies as Clients
PeopleCube is a provider of intelligent on-demand workplace management solutions that are widely used by enterprises to reduce their costs on real estate and travel requirements.

Outsourcing Market Slow To Shine, With Brightness From Cloud Computing: TPI Report
When financial circumstances are challenging organizations often turn to outsourcing to offload direct personnel, facilities and IT costs. So one would think outsourcers do well in difficult times, like today. Yet if overall demand is low, so will be the volume and value of projects and programs outsourced, and vice-versa.

Home-based Arise Certified Professionals Set to Increase Rapidly
Arise Virtual solutions, the world's leading provider of virtual business services, pioneered the work-at-home business model in 1997 and developed several industry firsts and key innovations. It announced that it plans to add to its network of 12,000 Arise Certified Professionals.

Unilever Extends Outsourcing Contract to BT for Developing World's Most Modern Corporate Network
Through a recent press release, BT announced that it has been awarded a $220 million worth of extension to its outsourcing contract with Unilever.

Ariba and Hubspan Partner to Connect Companies in the Cloud
By utilization Hubspan's cloud-based business integration platform, Ariba can provide companies a seamless connection to multiple ERP and other backend systems. Hubspan will enable integration and interoperability across all major ERP, Supply Chain, and CRM systems. These include SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel,, Baan, among others.

Post University Selects Oracle CRM On Demand
Officials with Oracle said that Post University will begin implementing Oracle CRM On Demand to improve efficiency and customer service within its admissions department, followed soon after by deployment in its financial aid, student services and registrar offices.

Streamcore Ensures Greater Visibility and Performance Control for Cloud Service Providers
Streamcore solutions enable IaaS and SaaS providers to offer new personalized visibility, monitoring and performance control services so that customers can access data centers located in the cloud.

Altico Advisors Unveils Microsoft Dynamics User Group on LinkedIn
Altico Advisors, a provider of business, financial, and customer management software solutions for mid-sized companies, has launched a Microsoft Dynamics User Group on LinkedIn where Dynamics GP (Great Plains) and CRM users can interface, share information, and exchange ideas. The User Group is open by invitation or by request.

BRM Systems to Launch Cloud-Based Billing and CRM Software
BRM Systems announced an innovative cloud-based software application that gives companies a new way of managing their billing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs. Built on the technology and engineering running the largest players in the industry, it is the first of its kind to help companies of all sizes understand exactly where they stand in terms of revenue growth, receivables aging, credit and collection performance, and much more from anywhere, on-demand.

ViVOconcepts Introduces ViVOxm, the First Multi-Tenant SaaS Product
ViVOconcepts, the major player of Web 2.0 SaaS applications & IT Services has released its 3G Portal Solution, called as ViVOxm, the first Multi-tenant SaaS product.

New Sepaton Solution Protects Data In the Cloud
Secure multi-tenancy based on Sepaton's Storage Pool technology and DeltaStor deduplication it says enables cloud providers and enterprises with private cloud infrastructures to cost effectively protect data for multiple customers or business units on a single Sepaton S2100-ES2 data protection appliance.

Teleperformance Announces Fraud Risk Assessment Solution
Teleperformance, a provider of outsourced CRM and contact center services, has introduced its Teleperformance Fraud Risk Assessment Solution.

TenderTidings.Com Gets New Owner
It becomes easier to strike a balance between your home and career, when you know that your kid, your elderly parent, or your pet is safe back home. And Tender Tidings, Inc., a Texas- and Connecticut-based secure visual communications company, has been helping a number of its customers build a connection between work and home life with the help of its high-level camera equipment, installation customer support and innovative and secure web camera solutions through an advanced network.

MacroSolve's ClubInsight Mobile App Secures 5 New Contracts
The recently launched product from MacroSolve - called ClubInsight -- has secured five new contracts, the company has stated in a press release.

CloudApps Accelerates the Market Shift to Cloud 2.0
CloudApps, a provider of enterprise solutions helping companies reduce operating costs, comply with global climate change reporting requirements and engage with their key stakeholders to enhance brand and realize value from their carbon asset, has unveiled CloudApps Carbon Summer '10 edition on's ChatterExchange.

NaviSite Achieves Platinum Partner Status, the Highest Level of Membership Recognized Within the Oracle PartnerNetwork
NaviSite, Inc., a premier provider of cloud-enabled enterprise hosting and application management services has been designated as a Platinum Partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

StarTek Recognized with the Best Outsourced Provider Award
The award for the Best Outsourced Provider from the 2010 Call Center Excellence Awards has been won by StarTek.

Unfazed, Verizon Business Surges Forward and Maintains Leadership Position
For the fourth consecutive year, Frost & Sullivan has recognized Verizon Business with the research and consulting firm's coveted North American Market Leadership Award for Hosted Contact Center Services.

IQPC Best Technology Solution Provider Award Goes to Virtual Hold Technology
Some of the world's leading companies say they have used Virtual Hold Technology's virtual queuing solutions for increasing their customer satisfaction, without increasing contact center costs.

SAP Certifies Verizon Business CaaS Platform for the Delivery of SAP Applications
Verizon Business is the first global provider to receive SAP certification of its cloud services.

Verizon Business Introduces New Cloud Based Offering
Verizon Business, a unit of Verizon Communications and a global player in communications and IT solutions, has introduced a new cloud-based offering, Verizon Cloud Storage, and a complementary suite of data-retention IT consulting services.

Webinar on Performance-Based Routing across Call Centers
During the Webinar, attendees will learn how to make their outsourcers compete for calls by routing based on performance, gain real-time visibility to vendor and agent actions, and get immediate access to reports, recordings, and more.

CDC Software Projects Double Digit Growth in Application Sales
CDC Software Corporation, a hybrid enterprise software provider of on-premise and cloud deployments, declared that based on the initial financial projections and estimates, the company is anticipating second quarter 2010 application sales to be in the range of around $10.2 million to $10.9 million.

Medallia Intros Second-Generation Mobile CEM Application
Medallia, a provider of SaaS customer experience management solutions, has announced its second-generation mobile CEM application.

Infosys Launches iEngage
Officials with Infosys said that Infosys iEngage empowers businesses to deepen relationships, accelerate innovation and grow revenues with the convenience of single point of accountability.

NetApp Expands Partner Program
NetApp, a company specializing in storage and data management solutions, has announced a key enhancement to the 2010-2011 NetApp Partner Program with the integration of service providers as part of the broader NetApp partner ecosystem.

Open Mobile Deploys Interop Technologies OTA Provisioning Solution
Interop Technologies, a provider of core solutions for messaging, device management, and connectivity gateways, unveiled its plan to provide Open Mobile with its hosted CDMA Over-the-Air (OTA) solution. Both the companies will work together to ensure that the OTA solution integrates easily into Open Mobile's existing infrastructure.

Demandware Announces Availability of Summer '10
Demandware, a dealer in on-demand ecommerce, has stated that they have released the seasonal release of their Demandware eCommerce on-demand platform - Summer '10. The company claims that the newly announced upgrade offers new efficient optimization abilities that will help maximize conversion and average order size across Web, mobile and call center channels.

SysAid Technologies Releases SysAid IT Mobile, New iPhone Helpdesk Application
A new iPhone Helpdesk Application, SysAid IT Mobile, has been launched by SysAid Technologies Ltd., a premier global provider of help desk software solutions and Customer Service Support software.

Convergys Fills 60 Positions for At-Home Employees
Convergys, a Cincinnati -based international provider of outsourced and integrated billing and customer care services for major companies, has hosted a job fair to add 60 more at-home employees to its call center in McGregor, Ohio.

IBM: The Business Approach to Cloud Computing
At Interop this year, TMCnet had the opportunity to speak with a number of key industry players, including Dr. Kristof Kloeckner, Chief Technology Officer for Cloud Computing Unit with IBM. Dr. Kloeckner visited the TMCnet media booth for an interview captured on video.

Aamcom Boosts Quality with Avidian CRM
Small teleservices companies provide high-touch-and quality programs, such as telephone answering and telemessaging for professionals and businesses such as physicians, dentists, attorneys, roadside assistance, building maintenance and contractors, especially after-hours when their patients, clients, residents and customers need immediate assistance. Assuring, helpful interactions with well-trained experienced and empathetic contact center agents make the difference in their experiences.

Free Webinar: Best Practices for Planning a Multi-Site Call Center Deployment
Choosing the right technologies and delivery model to support a distributed call center strategy requires careful planning.

Frost & Sullivan Chooses LiveVox as the 'Best Brand' Among Hosted Outbound Customer Contact Solutions
Based on a recent research report titled '2010 U.S. Contact Center Market: Trends in Contact Center Strategies, Operations, and Technologies' by Frost & Sullivan, LiveVox Inc. has won the 2010 U.S. Frost & Sullivan Award for Contact Centers' Choice: Best Brand of Hosted Outbound Customer Contact Solution in the U.S. Market.

Due to Lawsuit, Collections Call Center Must Now Pay $1.5 Million to Man it Attempted to Collect From
A jury has awarded a Texas man more than $1.5 million in a lawsuit over profane voicemail messages allegedly left by a collections agency.

SOURCECORP to Showcase Claims and Policy Management BPO Solutions
In a recent release, SOURCECORP has informed that it would be present at the 2010 ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum on May 24-26, 2010 at Mandalay Bay Resort Las Vegas to showcase its flexible and fully integrated claims and policy management solutions.

Alteryx Delivers Geographic BI Technology Platform to Wider User Communities
Alteryx, LLC(formerly SRC), has delivered the Geographic Business Intelligence technology platform for wider user communities through improved Web services capabilities. They presented this at the ICSC ReCON global retail real estate convention held on Las Vegas, Nevada.

RightNow Expands, Launches Mobile Service
RightNow, an on-demand helpdesk service provider, announced a new arm to its service offerings: RightNow Mobile.

Unica Announces Advancements in SaaS Architecture
The Unica architecture improves productivity by speeding application responsiveness for marketers. For businesses, Unica's utilization of cloud computing technology delivers an even higher level of reliability and scalability. And finally for the consumer, the Unica architecture provides a better web site experience by accelerating the delivery of personalized web site content, landing pages and other online assets.

iTeknologia Unveils a New Website
By partnering with companies as their virtual CIO and IT department, iTeknologia allows the company to focus on running their business, not their technology.

Blue Frog Enables Electronic Delivery of Insurance Policies
The open architecture solution provided by Silanis has the flexibility and the configurability that can enable the agents to provide a unique customer experience, said Greg Reynolds, vice president of Technology at Blue Frog.

Use Five9's Virtual Call Centers for Work at Home Agents
On a recent radio show in Mendocino, hosted by Sharon Davis, who runs a "work at home" blog as well, guest speaker MJ Willard, who runs the National Telecommuting Institute, discussed the benefits of virtual call centers and, specifically, why hosted contact center and call center on demand software provider Five9's Virtual Call Center Suite is such a great product.

Total-Apps, TransGrade CRM Team to Benefit Small to Mid-Size E-Commerce Merchants
Total-Apps and TransGrade CRM have said that their partnership will benefit small to mid-size e-commerce merchants as they will now have greater access to enterprise level CRM and payment processing solutions that was previously only available to large organizations.

Veeva Systems Launches Simple and Cost Effective and Life Science Industry's First SaaS CRM Application Network
Veeva Systems has forged strategic partnership with VeevaWeb and the alliance enables Veeva CRM customers to easily extend the use and reach of their multi-tenant SaaS CRM systems without the typical system integration complexities or corresponding costs. With Veeva Web, customers can integrate with a pre-screened network of relevant life sciences applications at no extra cost.

Meltwater Group Launches Meltwater Press
Officials with Meltwater claimed that Meltwater Press is the only media database that offers intelligent search of recent media coverage to identify the most accurate contacts where competing products provide search through a journalist's pre-defined beat.

XWAuctions Launches Integrated Live and Online Auction SaaS Platform for Real Estate industry
Company officials pointed out that the other advantages of this new version software is that the code has been completely rewritten and optimized for faster more robust performance and high quality audio/video streaming is offered.

Demandbase Intros Real-Time Business Identification Platform
"B2B marketers have been telling us for years that one of the biggest headaches is converting visitors on their websites," said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase.

TCO for SaaS CPM Solutions Lower Than On-Premise Solutions: Study
In addition, the report said that in the SaaS model, application software costs such as subscription fees account for roughly 62 percent of the total solution cost. In the on-premise model application software costs including the upfront license fees and annual maintenance fees, comprise just 17 percent of the total solution cost.

Manage Mobility Expands With New Headquarters
Manage Mobility recently announced the expansion of its customer support capabilities with the addition of a new corporate headquarters located in Alpharetta, Ga.

Shadow Financial Systems Sees Growing Demand for ShadowSuite as Service Offering
Shadow Financial Systems, developer of ShadowSuite, reports increasing demand for its Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. ShadowSuite is a global securities processing, reconciliation, clearing, treasury and accounting system.

Verizon improves its 'In-Home Agent' self-help tool with the addition of 'How-To Videos On-Demand'
Verizon's innovative In-Home Agent now provides the feature "how-to videos on demand." This new feature will allow the customers to resolve setup and service questions without calling a service representative for assistance.

Oracle CRM On Demand and Zoominfo Integrate to Improve CRM Database Accuracy, Reach
Sakonent, a CRM 2.0 consultancy that focuses on the new generation of collaborative CRM solutions, has announced that ZoomInfo, a comprehensive directory of business information on people and companies, has now been fully integrated with Oracle CRM On Demand.

A Platform Based Multi-Tenant HR Service Delivery Solution, Republic launched by Caliber Point
The launch of Republic, multi-tenant HR services delivery solution was announced by Caliber Point Business Solutions Ltd and a Hexaware Technologies subsidiary. This ready to use platform is built on the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, it will cater to multiple clients under a secure and shared environment. After this launch Caliber Point will be identified as one of the first BPO service providers in India and one of the few in the world that will provide a complete platform-based BPO service.

IPscape is a 2010 BRW Fast Starter
The 2010 BRW Fast Starters list has recognized Australian cloud contact centre technology provider, IPscape for its rapid business growth. The 2010 BRW Fast Starters are richer, faster growing and have higher turnover and more confidence about their success than ever before.

Telax Whitepaper Makes the Case for Hosted Call Centers
Call centers have come a long way since their launch 20 years ago when agents used a technology that was restricted to multiple independent systems without any integration. These systems were not only very costly but also operated separately of one another. As a result, the agents had to access multiple platforms for completing a customer request.

Sage SalesLogix To Float on Amazon Cloud
Cloud-based platforms are a boon to small-midsized businesses because it gives affordable, scalable access to enterprise-competitive tools that grow and evolve as they do. With the economy beginning to grow, scalability and ease of entry is the key for them to take advantage of new opportunities.

CGS Taps O'Malley to Address Growing Demand for European Call Center Services
Computer Generated Solutions Inc., or "CGS," has added Robert O'Malley, a prominent outsourcing services veteran, to manage its Contact Center Solutions sales across Europe.

ManageEngine Intros Help Desk, Asset Management Suite in SaaS Model
The beta availability of ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand which is an ITIL-ready help desk and asset management solution delivered as an online Web service, or "SaaS," was announced by ManageEngine, the makers of a globally renowned suite of cost effective network, systems, applications and security management software solutions.

AdvancedMD Enhances Medical Practice Optimization Software Platform
AdvancedMD Software, a provider of Software-as-a-Service, or "SaaS," electronic health record, or "HER," and practice management, or "PM," software platform, has enhanced their medical practice optimization software platform.

Cbeyond Selects Razorsight Analytics to Automate Margin Management
Cbeyond, a provider of IT and communications services, has selected Razorsight Corporation's Profit Enhancement Center, or "PEC," Application Suite.

Consona Solutions Take To The Cloud
Consona Corporation's CRM and ERP software have taken flight to the cloud a.k.a. software as a service across all of its CRM software applications on a hosted basis, following a flight plan announced in October 2009. Yet for customers who prefer to have their CRM and ERP operate on the ground, with on-premise licenses and installations, Consona continues to make them happen in those environments.

Lionbridge Makes Translation Workspace Available Through its Geoworkz.Com Ecommerce Platform
The world has become a global village but a truly global language for communication is still awaited. This allows the translation industry to flourish and with the expansion of the industry, demand for translation software and applications have increased dramatically. But managing multiple versions of expensive desktop translation memory software has been a challenge for translators, agencies and global enterprises. Lionbridge's newly launched Translation Workspace is expected to fill this void. With the launch of Translation Workspace, the industry gets a flexible, SaaS-based translation productivity platform.

ManageEngine Unveils the Beta Version of ServiceDesk Plus
As companies employ various forms of communication, managing all of them seamlessly can be a herculean task. To help them in this area, ManageEngine has introduced the beta version of ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand, an ITIL-ready help desk and asset management solution.

Callfinity's ContextIP System INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine Product of the Year Award
Rochester, New York.-based Callfinity, Inc. has announced that its ContextIP system has received a 2009 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation's, or "TMC," Internet Telephony magazine.

Citrix Systems Picks CDI IT Solutions as Prime Vendor
CDI IT Solutions, a division of CDI Corp. and a company providing information technology consulting, project outsourcing and staffing, has been selected as a prime vendor by Citrix Systems, Inc. to provide IT staffing and direct hire services.

Look Who's Working from Home
Top Five Ways At-Home Workers Have Changed Over the Past Decade

Real-Time Operational Intelligence Earns Momentum
Teradata Corporation, a global company specializing in enterprise data warehousing, recently announced that active data warehousing, a term used synonymously with real-time operational intelligence, is gaining momentum among organizations across Europe. Research shows that the adoption of leading-edge technologies such as web analytics and integrated web intelligence is rising.

Esker Launches SaaS-Delivered Sales Order Automation Solution
In an attempt to make it easier for companies to automate sales order processing and control costs, Esker has launched a new software-as-a-service-based solution.

SAS Teams up with Teradata to Optimize its Marketing Automation
Teradata has teamed up with SAS to optimize SAS Marketing Automation for Teradata. This will help the customers to enhance their marketing campaigns and gain competitive edge over the competitors, the companies believe.

Fujitsu-SAP Teams Up For Japanese Version of SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand
Fujitsu Limited and SAP AG today announced they are jointly developing a Japanese-language version of the recently launched SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand solution, which will be made available to the Japanese market using the cloud environment of Fujitsu.

Connection Broker 6.4 Desktop Virtualization Support Solution Unveiled by Leostream
The Leostream Connection Broker is the software management layer that ties desktop images in the data center to appropriate end-user devices - thin clients, laptops, workstations or Web pages - delivering a user experience the maker says is as good as or superior to that of a conventional desktop.

Just In Time For Spring Showers, APC Announces New UPS for Teleworkers, Small Businesses
APC by Schneider Electric has come out with the Back-UPS Pro models, an uninterruptible power supply system designed to protect home offices and businesses, just in time for the spring and summer storm season. They also save workers, and companies, money by reducing energy consumption that bolsters the units' ROI.

Aspect Enterprise Now Niche Player in Energy Trading and Risk Management Platforms: Gartner
Software as a service, or "SaaS," trading and risk management solutions provider Aspect Enterprise Solutions, or "AES," has announced that it has found a place in the in the niche player quadrant of Gartner's "Magic Quadrant for Energy Trading and Risk Management Platforms" evaluation report published March 24, 2010 by Keith Harrison and David Furlonger.

DundeeWealth Picks Oracle CRM On Demand as Core Platform
Canada-based DundeeWealth, an independent wealth management company that oversees $67.9 billion in fee earning assets, has selected Oracle CRM On Demand to integrate and deploy business processes throughout the company for increased topline revenue and optimum customer visibility and service.

Oracle On Demand Release 17 Features New Forcasting, Analytics
Oracle has also unveiled the Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Edition, which supports for rapid sales presentations plus simplified sample management and reporting. With the product, pharmaceutical companies can make every interaction count, reduce costs, increase distribution, and deploy everywhere. The Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Edition offline client is sales representative and customer facing.

Software Company Launches IVONA Text-to-Speech
With the use of IVONA Text-To-Speech mobile technology, creators will be able to make any applications, Internet-connected devices and Web sites more attractive and usable within seconds.

Freedom Communications Migrates DTI Circulation Solution into the Cloud
DTI Cloud is Digital Technology International's cloud computing strategy for providing SaaS and encompasses the full suite of innovative DTI multimedia solutions and includes the hosting and provisioning of application modules and data services.

RingCube Launches vDesk Version 3.0
RingCube Technologies has released vDesk version 3.0, a high-performance enterprise desktop virtualization solution. The vDesk 3.0 simplifies the creation, access and management of Windows desktops.

Skytide Announces Next Generation Reporting and Analytics Solution
Looking to support the innovative business models coming from CDN providers and resellers, Skytide has introduced the next generation of its Insight for Content Delivery Networks reporting and analytics application.

RingCube vDesk 3.0 Makes Windows-Based Desktop Virtualization Easier
Desktop virtualization has become a vital tool to support home workers and mobile staff by enabling them to see and access their applications and files from whatever device they are on.

Callidus Software Launches On-Demand Sales Performance Management Solution
Callidus Software released a fully featured on-demand Sales Performance Management, or "SPM," solution called Monaco Propel. With the ability to deloyed within six to eight weeks, Monaco is a new, fast track implementation option for Callidus' SaaS sales performance management suite. The solution enables businesses to quickly recognize the value of Callidus' best in class SPM suite at a reduced cost, with minimum risk.

Call Center on Demand Training & Certificates Now Available with Five9 Online University
Call center on demand and hosted contact center provider, Five9, has launched an online portal offering training and certification for users of Five9 virtual call center software.

Constant Link Offers 7-Day Guarantee for Virtual Receptionist Service
Small businesses and professionals looking to save money but have been pondering whether to work from home and leave traditional and costly offices--and with them the expensive and stressful (and air-killing) hassle of driving to them to work--now have an incentive to "go home."

LiveTime Software Announces New SaaS-Based Cloud Deployment Options
LiveTime Software, a vendor of Web 2.0, Open Standards based ITIL service management, help desk and support software, has stated that they have announced new SaaS based cloud deployment options including Google App Engine, Amazon EC2 and Rackspace Cloud.

Five9's Call Center on Demand Improves Business Over Premise-based Solutions: Customer Spotlight
For call center on demand and hosted contact center provider, Five9, success is often measured by more than just end of year revenue and pats on the back. Specifically, listening to customers talk about how and why they implement Five9's services is a direct way to assess the performance and reliability of its call center systems.

Serendio Debuts SaaS-based Customer Experience Analytics Solution
Serendio, a provider of Text Mining software products and solutions, has launched its Customer Experience Analytics, or "CxA," solution under a SaaS model.

OnState Solutions Now Available Through Google Apps Marketplace
OnState Communications, a provider of on-demand virtual call center and virtual PBX business communications solutions, has made its solutions available through the Google Apps Marketplace, Google's newly launched online storefront for Google Apps products and services.

Cloud Computing Beneficial for Traditional Enterprise Setups, Not Useful for Virtualized Centers: Report
Everest Group, a global consulting and research firm that comprehensively serves the outsourcing and offshoring market, has announced that according to a study conducted by the firm, cloud computing as an IT outsourcing, or "ITO," strategy presents a viable business case for companies with traditional enterprise platforms, although the technology doesn't seem to be that useful when compared to a virtualized setup.

Convergys, Sonda Partner to Serve Mexican Assisted/Self-Service Market
The Mexican market continues to grow: with 111 million residents it is largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. While labor costs in Mexico are low relative to that in the U.S. they represent a fair expense for Mexican businesses, which is creating a market for high-quality end user-and-contact-center-agent-friendly self-service and assisted-service solutions.

CIMCO Communications Adds New IP Talk Hosted Contact Center Application
The new network based integrated telephony and automatic contact distribution solution is designed to help small and medium businesses use technology that, once upon a time, was only available to larger contact center customers.

Dolphin Inks Deal with Brainware for SAP Invoice Automation Solution
Dolphin, a provider of business process optimization and information lifecycle management for customers using SAP solutions, signed a collaboration agreement with Brainware, Inc., a provider of intelligent data capture and enterprise search solutions to deliver SAP Invoice automation solution to a global manufacturer.

Officescape Releases Distributed Call center Software
Officescape released a new software, which helps companies use a distributed call center model to reduce overhead expenses, recruit optimally and also retain top talent. This new software encompasses the functionality of a robust call center software module with Officescape's advanced Unified Communications Server for creating a solution suitable for work-at-home agents or WAHA or distributed call center requirements, company sources said.

How to Migrate to the Cloud: Five Things You Must Know to Do it Right
Lost in all of the hype surrounding cloud computing is one critical question: how do you get there from here? Sure, you'd like to realize cloud computing's benefits - operational efficiency, reduced costs, application flexibility - however, you're probably worried about the problems and costs associated with the transition.

Apps Associates Selects InfraDesk ITIL SaaS Service Desk
InfraDesk - SaaS ITIL Service Desk Solution creates a Web-based help desk to ensure the most efficient way to resolve issues without compromising quality. Apps Associates Selects InfraDesk ITIL SaaS Service Desk

EGain Finds Customer Service 'Shockingly' Poor
EGain has been tracking and reporting on the state of customer service in North America and Europe over the last several years through a mystery-shopping multichannel research study, providing research intended to assess "the state of multichannel customer experience" within and across phone and eService channels.

LG Electronics Selects On-Demand Insight from TARGUSinfo
TARGUSinfo's services can be used in IVR platforms, agent desktops and automated call-handling processes so companies can improve customer interactions and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Cashier Live Offers Point Of Sale Software To Help Independent Retailers Rebound From Recession
According to Thomas Greenhaw, co-founder of Cashier Live, now small local business can take advantage of the same technology, and get the same benefits, for a fraction of the cost.
2/17/2010 Selects OrderDynamics eCommerce SaaS Solution, an online shoe retailer, selected OrderDynamics SaaS eCommerce solution to streamline operations and convert more traffic., which specializes in comfortable footwear through more than 30 retail locations, has been operating U.S. and Canadian B2C eStores for more than seven years. The company has achieved strong search engine placement for highly competitive keywords for the shoe brands they carry.

Engine Yard Selects Terremark for Cloud Service
Engine Yard, a provider of Ruby on Rails automation and management technologies delivering both private and public cloud offerings, reportedly has selected Terremark's Enterprise Cloud for the customers who require a private cloud service. Terremark officials said that the company's Enterprise Cloud was the ideal Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Engine Yard private cloud-based on its proven track record of providing enterprise and Federal government customers industry-leading reliability, scalability and security.

Global Connect Enhances Hosted Dialer Platform to Address Collection Industry Demands
Global Connect, a provider of hosted dialing and communication services, has announced a set of new features aimed specifically at providing collection operations with additional tools to manage the issues affecting the ARM industry.

DocuSign Launches New Partner Program to Accelerate eSignature Services Adoption
The new partner program also offers an ideal platform for the company's channel partners to add value to their business or technology solution offerings. In addition, the initiative helps in building a long term, synergistic partnership with solution providers offering complementary technologies.

Five9 Awarded Product of the Year for Cloud Computing Platform for Call Centers
Call center software provider, Five9 Inc. won an award for its cloud computing platform by TMC's 2009 Product of the Year Customer Interaction Solutions magazine, the leading publication covering CRM, call centers and teleservices since 1982.

LiveVox Launches Dynamic Preview with Real-time Cellular Number ID
In addition, after the call is attended to, the system returns the agent to the predictive dialing queue. This process ensures that accounts are handled more efficiently by a single workgroup and updated upon contact instead of preview and predictive campaigns being worked separately and risking contact attempts by each group on the same account.

Teleperformance Expands Tools
BPO firm Teleperformance has come out with a set of solutions to ensure just that: Teleperformance Tools 3.0. It includes agent management, analytics, communications, operations, agent authentication and security capabilities and functionalities. Here are the details:

Pingsta Expands Internet Expert 'Workforce In The Cloud'
For more than 10 years companies have been able to tap "contact center agents in the cloud" via firms such as Arise, LiveOps and Working Solutions, to name a few that arrange calls to be handled by independent well-qualified home-based individuals that paid to be set up on a shared-agent basis.

InnoPath ActiveCare Ships on New Phones
The over-the-air customer care solution from InnoPath enables operators to combat the rising cost of supporting sophisticated new phones while providing better support for their subscribers.

Davinci Debuts Live Web Chat Services
Davinci Virtual specializes in the provision of office solutions to more than 6,000 companies and entrepreneurs across the countries of Canada, Europe Central America, Asia, Australia and the U.S. It offers prime selections among virtual offices in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles or Chicago.

TMC Honors MegaPath for Managed SSL VPN Services
Technology Marketing Corporation's Customer Interaction Solutions magazine has honored MegaPath's Managed SSL VPN services with a 2009 Product of the Year award and recognized the service as one of the most innovative solutions for 2009.

Virtual Premise SaaS Solution Selected by a Major Bank
As banks strive to provide improved facilities to their customers, the use of non traditional banking assets such as ATMs and banking kiosks have been on the rise. While these assets definitely provide improved service to the customers, managing and tracking them can be a real nightmare for the banks. Now, to ease that problem, a major banking customer of Virtual Premise has expanded its relationship with the company.

OnState Unveils Winter '10 Version of its Virtual Call Center Solution
OnState Communications, a provider of on-demand virtual call center and virtual PBX Business Presence communications systems, has reportedly launched the Winter '10 version of its virtual call center solution with added features and more management insight and control. The company believes that these features can improve the end-user experience.

SMBs Becoming 'More Sophisticated' Technologically
Small and mid-sized businesses are becoming "more sophisticated" in their technology purchases, trying out software-as-a-service (SaaS) and managed services, new research from the Computing Technology Industry Association finds.

Five9's Products Featured in 'Best in Class' Research Report
While press announcements and comments from the media can solidify the success of a company, there's nothing like having a definitive research to offer up more concrete evidence of the progression of a specific organization.

UniteU Technologies' E-Commerce Platform Helps Online Merchants to Grow Businesses
UniteU Technologies, Inc., a provider of integrated, on-demand e-commerce applications, reported that the online merchants who are leveraging company's UniteU ecommerce platform reported higher sales growth during the 2009 holiday season.

ProTracker Intros 'Cloud' for Hosted Remote CRM
We like including unusual business locations whenever they crop up, and today's winner comes from Hampton, N.H., home of ProTracker Software, a vendor for the financial services industry, which has introduced ProTracker Cloud, a hosted remote client relationship management tool.

Successfully Building and Scaling an At-Home Agent Program
The key issues lie in the people management and in scaling the program successfully beyond the pilot stage according to a new white paper by Knowlagent, Building Blocks for a Solid At-Home Agent Program published on

Saving Money with Varolii Outbound Call Center Technology
A new white paper from Varolii, "5 Reasons You're Losing Money with Predictive Dialers," describes the important reasons why predictive dialers are no longer the desired technology in call centers. Other methods such as proactive, automated communications can better serve the purpose of improving the productivity of call centers in a more cost effective manner.

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing
Is your company eyeing cloud computing as a potential way to save money and resources? If so, then you may be interested in the results of a recent survey from research firm IDC on the pros and cons of cloud-based services.

IP Communications Enabling the Contact Center: ITEXPO Session
While moderating today's ITEXPO East panel session, "What does IP Communications Enable in the Contact Center?" I looked out into the crowd and watched the interesting faces listen to the panel speakers educate the attendees about how IP communications system can improve contact center companies.

SysAid's New CSS 2.0 Offers Free On-Demand Support Platform
CSS 2.0 features reportedly the support industry's first ever free on-demand platform for small and medium-sized businesses or "SMBs" that features live chat capabilities and includes a comprehensive set of CSS functionalities - previously only available to large enterprises. The new functionalities it says will not only allow for greater efficiency, but will fundamentally alter the way SMBs approach and manage their customer service departments.

Alibaba Group Selects StepStone Solution
Alibaba Group, a provider of online trading, retailing and transaction platforms, reportedly has selected the StepStone e-recruitment solution to automate and optimize recruitment processes.

Internet Brands Selects Five9's Virtual Call Center Suite
After reporting a record 2009, it's not surprising to see that call center software provider, Five9 Inc., keeps the success coming in the New Year. In fact, the company just announced that Internet Brands, an Internet media company, has selected the Five9 virtual call center suite for its automotive customer care department.

What's Next for 2010: Five9's Van Everen Discusses Company's Goals
With the New Year underway, many companies in the call center industry are looking to make 2010 a memorable one, especially after dealing with the economic recession in 2009. For call center software provider, Five9 Inc., last year proved to be more successful than other years, solidifying the company as a front runner in the telecom space.

LiveVox Introduces Manual-Dialing Curfew Management
Curfew management becomes trickier for manual-dialed calls. There the agents have to think, and with a myriad of new area codes it becomes next to impossible to match exchanges with time zones. And then on top of that different states have variations on when to and when not to call. One slip and the next call may be from the FTC, FCC or a state attorney-general's office.

Hosted Call Center Provider USAN Gets Top Ranking in DMG Report
DMG Consulting, a market research firm covering the call center industry, recently released the results of a customer survey that rates vendor USAN's hosted call center solution a 5 on a five-point scale, based on its ability to deliver a superior customer experience.

Amazon to Enter Contact Center Hosting Business?
What is old is new again' goes the saying. A decade-plus ago direct marketers such as cataloger JC Penney were offering contact centers as services to boost revenues, increasing the ROI from their existing solutions. Now, according a story by Eric Engleman, senior technology staff writer for Seattle, Wash.-based TechFlash and the Puget Sound Business Journal, hometown online marketing giant apparently is following in the same footsteps, but going to the next level, hosting its SIP/VoIP-enabled platform.

What's Hot in CRM: Week in Review
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.

Five9 Reports Record Year in 2009, Releases Industry First Product
With all of the headlines call center software provider, Five9 Inc., announced over the past year, it was no surprise with Five9's CEO Mike Burkland told me in a recent interview that the company had a record year.

Cbeyond Adds Virtual Receptionist to its Suite of Productivity Enhancing Applications
Cbeyond, Inc., a provider of communications and IT solutions to small businesses, reportedly announced the addition of Virtual Receptionist to its suite of productivity-enhancing applications.

Deadline COB Friday for APTA's Call Center Challenge
Contact centers that are for mass transit is literally where the rubber meets the road, or the rail hits the steel. The helpfulness and courtesy of contact center agents, and speed of answer can make a big difference when someone calls or texts to obtain route, schedule or fare information in whether they take a bus, train, or ferry instead of driving. In addition to the farebox impact customers' experiences will have ballotbox impact: in whether they support continued or increased transit system funding.

AT&T to Drop the iPhone after Google Purchase?
While the smartphone segment continues to grow, so does the intensity of competition between key players like Apple (iPhone) and Research in Motion (BlackBerry). These two power players continue to enjoy great success, but the Google Android may emerge the industry winner, according to Matt Florell, president of the ViciDial Group.

Contact Solutions Integrates Pay-by-Web Functionality with Pay-by-Phone Application
Contact Solutions announced that it has integrated pay-by-web functionality with its existing pay-by-phone application to create new savings for a state health insurance program.

Cincom, Syrex Announce Contact Center Agreement
Cincom, an IBM Premier Business partner, replaced Syrex's existing dialer with Cincom Synchrony Express on the IBM Smart Business Platform. Express is intended to be a way to provide Syrex with an all-in-one contact center software suite, replete with multi-channel inbound/outbound interaction management, universal queuing, skills-based routing, predictive dialing, campaign management all the bells and whistles.

OnState Teams Up with to Offer the Cloud Call Center
As the demand for on-demand call centers picks up, OnState Communications has teamed up with, a nationwide data and CLEC voice provider to offer its clients a fully on-demand call center solution. According to OnState officials, this new facility will make use of's FlexNetwork.

LiveVox Adds New Enhancements to State Dialing Compliance Suite
San Francisco based hosted-dialer solutions provider LiveVox Inc. has reportedly enhanced its compliance suite. The new features allow credit and collections organizations to tailor campaigns to meet state dialing restrictions.

VinSolutions Announces 112 Percent Revenue Increase
VinSolutions, an automotive CRM and software provider, reportedly announced a 112 percent increase in new business sales revenue over last year. Company officials attribute the increase to offering a comprehensive automotive CRM, ILM and Web site product.

Call Center Software Provider Appoints Industry Veteran as SVP of Enterprise Sales
In response to a growing demand for more system and upgraded solutions, call center software provider, Five9 Inc., has appointed a leading industry veteran to join its staff – and improve sales and services.

Webinar on Five9, Integration Helps Consumers Implement and Understand Software
Telecom companies, especially those in the call center and customer relationship management, or “CRM,” industries offer software systems that can often be, for lack of a better word, confusing. Consumers looking to implement these software systems are regularly caught up in the “how-to’s” versus implementing the software to start proving results.

Azzurri Communications Secures Contract with AA
Azzurri Communications, a managed services provider in the U.K., has reportedly secured a contract with the Automobile Association or “AA” for the development, implementation and on-going support of a new Contact Center solution.

Ifbyphone Works with DiabetesAmerica on Call Center
Using Ifbyphone's Virtual Call Center software to bring its outsourced call center in-house, hsa saved DiabetesAmerica "over 50 percent," while integrating interactive voice response echnology to increase patient access to its health centers, according to Ifbyphone officials.

InContact Announces Healthcare Customer Expansion
InContact, a vendor of on-demand call center software and agent optimization tools, has announced the expansion of its healthcare customer base with the implementation of two new nursing and physician call center customers using the inContact automated call distributor.

LiveVox Expands Carrier-Grade Platform to Reduce Carrier
LiveVox, a provider of hosted-dialer solutions for the credit and collections industry, reportedly expanded its carrier-grade Session Initiation Protocol architecture of the patented LiveVox platform. The new platform lets clients substantially reduce intermittent and unpredictable carrier downtime associated with legacy hardware dialers, LiveVox officials said.

NTI Selects Five9's Virtual Call Center for Work-at-Home Call Center Market
call center software provider, Five9 Inc. announced that the National Telecommuting Institute, Inc., or "NTI," a non-profit organization that provides work-at-home jobs for Americans with physical disabilities, will be using Five9's Virtual Call Center technology for its work-at-home call center agents.

LiveVox Bolsters Service Reliability with MultiCarrier Dynamic Failover
Hosted and virtualized platforms are only as good as the carrier connectivity between them and the contact center agents using them, regardless of their location. For downtime as a result of connections issues costs money that enterprises can ill-afford to waste. This is especially a critical issue for outbound customer acquisition and collections calls where agents are literally dialing for dollars.

ClickSoftware Gilds Support for SMBs with ServiceTycoon Version9
Customer support, whether by contact centers and, or field service is golden for it is the key to customer retention and loyalty. To help SMBs become wealthy by delivering higher quality customer service at much lower costs ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd has rolled out ServiceTycoon Version 9.

Davinci Virtual Completes Office Expansion
Davinci Virtual, a supplier of virtual office solutions, recently announced that it had completed the expansion drive for its Utah-based North American headquarters to make room for the rapid growth trend expected for the company.

Varolii's New Platform Enables Outbound Program Benchmarking, Customized Reporting
The Varolii tool includes customizable benchmarking and comparison reports that provide context to determine what to adjust and when in campaigns and programs and supply results evaluation over time or against the aggregate results of similar campaigns run by companies operating in the same industry

Figi Picks Alpine Access for Virtual Call Center
According to officials with Alpine Access, Figi was looking for a company that could train experienced employees quickly and present them as a large-scale production environment.

SatuitCRM Signs up SAM as Client
Satuit Technologies officials have announced that Sanderson Asset Management has deployed SatuitCRM to facilitate client relationship management for the company's global institutional and private customers.

Self-Service, KM Tools Enabling Handling More IT Support Issues: HDI Report
IT support organizations are doing more with what they have and the increasingly popular tools of choice are self-service, knowledge management and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) according to HDI's just released 2009 Annual Practices & Salary Report.

Oberthur Technologies Complete M-Commerce Security Deployment for Zain
Right now, the service enables Zain's customers in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to receive and send money to friends and family as well as to receive money from any bank account and send money to other bank accounts around the world through their mobile phones. Customers are also able to top up their own, or someone else's, airtime account and manage their bank accounts. More than 100 million people in East Africa now benefit from Zap. The service will be rolled out soon in all of Zain's operations across the Middle East and Africa.

Sendmail, Osterman Detect E-Mail Cloud Trends
Sendmail, a vendor of e-mail and messaging infrastructures, with Osterman Research has announced industry survey results from a recently hosted Webcast on how businesses are reacting to e-mail infrastructure being migrated to the cloud.

Verizon Business Enhances Online Billing Ease of Use
Given the significant increase of online billing use, Verizon Business is trying to make online bill payment and analysis even easier with updates to its Verizon Enterprise Center.

Five9 Showcases Cloud Platform at Dreamforce 2009
Call center software provider, Five9 Inc., attended's Dreamforce Global Gathering Event 2009 to present the Five9 Adapter for, an integration built with the Five9 Cloud Computing Platform for call centers.

You Can Have Your 'Care' Any Way
You want to be treated as an individual, not one of the crowd. There is a reason that the Apple Store with its Genius Bar is one of the most profitable in terms of sales per square foot, a reason that almost every bookshop now serves lattes to hold on to you for just a few more minutes, and a reason that Disney is re-imaging its own stores (with Apple's help) so you don't feel violated by Woody every time you walk in. In the same way, the average smartphone user is not only looking for a differentiated experience on the handset, but also when calling for support.

Aerospace and Defense Industry Selects VeriSign Managed Public Key Infrastructure Service
VeriSign, Inc., a provider of Internet infrastructure for the networked world, reportedly announced that its Managed Public Key Infrastructure or PKI service has been selected by aerospace and defense organizations to deploy a PKI solution cost effectively. The company's Managed PKI reduces customer risk and minimizes up-front costs involved in acquiring systems, software and people to operate an in-house Certificate Authority for cross-certification with CertiPath.

CosmoCall Universe Now Certified Interoperable with AT&T, Global Crossing and XO Communications SIP Trunking
CosmoCom has announced that its SaaS-based contact center solution, CosmoCall Universe, is now certified interoperable with the SIP Trunking services of AT&T, Global Crossing and XO Communications.

Enterprise Customers Flocking to Jigsaw Data Fusion
Jigsaw, a Data-as-a-Service, or "DaaS," provider, has announced that more than 75 companies have adopted Jigsaw Data Fusion, a cloud-based automated system for acquiring and managing sales prospect records.

Five9 and Bluewolf Partner to Ramp Up Cloud Integration Services for Call Centers
Call center software provider, Five9 Inc. has partnered with Bluewolf, a leader in agile consulting, in efforts to enable customers to realize improved marketing, sales and customer care processes based on its call center systems in the cloud.

Free Webinar Offers Insight in SaaS
Now, as technology option has proven to be viable, practical and secure, more and more companies are finding SaaS delivers the promised benefits and so much more.

Oracle CRM on Demand Users Can Boost Productivity with Kadient Sales Playbooks
Kadient, a leading provider of sales automation products has reportedly announced the release of Kadient's embedded Sales Playbooks. The Sales Playbooks are now built on a well known Oracle CRM platform to benefit the sales personnel who are used to Oracle CRM on demand. The embedded sales playbooks are designed rich with contents and coaching tools to let sales personnel master the tricky nuances of sales and allow them to close the sales transactions easily.

EF Johnson Technologies Receives $6.1 Million Order for Mobile Radios
EF Johnson Technologies, Inc has reportedly received a new state-wide multi-year contract and an order valued at $6.1 million from a large state police force. As part of the contract, the company would provide ES Series of Project 25 compliant mobile radios and accessories.

Callidus's SaaS Chosen by European Mobile Telco Vendor
The Callidus Monaco SPM Suite "enables business users to implement and deploy a sales performance solution without reliance on IT, say Callidus officials. The application automatically handles user creation and permissions."

AbilityCRM Offers CRM Cloud Version to Arizona Council
AbilityCRM, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Certified Partner, and the Arizona Technology Council are reportedly offering members its CRM Cloud version, The Arizona Technology Council is a nonprofit trade association that connects, represents and supports the state of Arizona's expanding technology industry. Both partners are offering this solution at a significantly lower rate via the Council's member-to-member discount program.

Additional Features of Five9's Release 7.3 Upgrades User Experience
The Release 7.3 Virtual Call Center from call center software provider, Five9 Inc., has many new and upgraded functionalities that give existing customers added benefits to using the improved software system.

inContact Emerges Leader in Hosted Contact Center Implementations
DMG Consulting has released a report that shows significant growth in the near future for the hosted contact center software market. One standout in the industry is inContact Inc., which enjoyed the most contact center implementations in 2008.

Contact People Predicts Recruitment Boom, Increasing Difficulties
Sydney-based Contact People, a specialist contact center consultancy in recruitment and home agent managed services, claims that, with the predicted recruitment boom next year, the time to get your ducks in a row is right now.

ShareMethods Puts ShareSpaces on AppExchange
ShareMethods has announced the availability of ShareSpaces for AppExchange on the AppExchange.

Samsung Electronics Collaborates with Microsoft for Efficient Usage in Computers
Samsung Electronics has announced that it will collaborate with Microsoft on efficient energy usage in computers.

Psytechnics Introduces New Service Desk Feature
The new capability enables service desk staff at service providers to get first level call information on people that contact the desk so they are better able to help address their concerns. The Service Desk Manager also allows service providers to create workflow rules to ensure various problems are escalated to the appropriate divisions and people elsewhere in their organizations.

Psytechnics Improves IT User Support
The newly announced Service Desk Manager helps level one service desk staff quickly and easily identify and acknowledge IP voice or video calls and service quality incidents, and offers the necessary data to facilitate escalation to the right support group for immediate, first time resolution.

Famous Dave's Utah BBQ Picks Telesphere
Famous Dave's Utah Barbeque reportedly selected Telesphere, a Phoenix-based managed telecommunications and Internet services provider, to provide fully hosted voice and data services to its Salt Lake City call center. That's right, Utah barbecue. Two words that go together like "Relaxing" and "New York City," "Polite" and "Paris" and, oh, "Utah" and "Jazz,"right? We call Virginia home when we're in the states, and haven't had much call to sample barbecue outside of the Smoky Pig out Route 1 in Ashland, as it's difficult to imagine any could be all that much better.

Western Canada's Calgary Board of Education Launches Telax Hosted Call Center
Western Canada's largest school board, the Calgary Board of Education, or "CBE," has launched the Telax Hosted Call Center that will support the growing service demands on its IT Department Helpdesk.

Convergys Renews Relationship Management Contract with Telecom Company
Convergys Corporation, a provider of relationship management solutions, has reportedly signed a contract of renewal to provide technical support to a tier one telecommunications company. This contract is signed for a value of approximately $55 million.

Five9's Inbound Call Center System Offers Agents Improved Communication Abilities
For companies in the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry, managing calls that are received to a call center are just as important as the outbound calls sales agents place to potential and existing clients.

NTT America Extends North American Presence to Denver
Company officials said that the new Arcstar PoP enables NTT America to provide multi-national corporations in region with high-capacity, efficient networks to support their global operations, particularly to the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

Nortel Intros Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning Resource Center
The company said that its portfolio of solutions and services delivers the foundation that companies require to be prepared for the worst. And, the new on-line solutions resource center consolidates a detailed, holistic view of best practices and solutions.

LeadMaster Announces Certification for SaaS System
LeadMaster, a vendor of cloud computing products for sales lead tracking, lead management and online CRM, has announced a certification program for lead generation and lead providers designed to let users have sales leads flow in real-time into LeadMaster's Web-based, SaaS system.

Five9 Assists in Aberdeen Survey to Offer Insight on Call Center Sales
Call center software provider, Five9 Inc. has participated in research company Aberdeen Group's "Inside Sales Enablement: Let Them Drink Coffee!" survey by reviewing the format and inviting the company's customer base to participate in the survey.

Advebs's Flowlett Launched
"It's vitally important now more than ever, to continually stay on top of proposals that are in the pipeline, and to reduce any logistical friction that may exist for customers to accept proposals," said Ramesh Pai, founder & CEO, Advebs.

State of the Virtual Call Center Industry: Has the model reached mainstream adoption?
Sometimes executives fall into the trap of looking at their business environment through a narrow lens, only seeing what they want to see.

G2iX Debuts Morph CloudServer
G2iX has reportedly unveiled the Morph CloudServer, described by company officials as an appliance using open standards to create custom Platform as a Service environments -- for "developing and deploying software on a massive scale." The idea, company officials said, was to give businesses a way to "pilot new ideas, facilitate global expansion, and decrease time to market." The market opportunity they see here is the one Gartner Research Vice President Phil Dawson talked about when he said "for now, private cloud computing will not just be a viable term, it will be a significant strategic investment for most large organizations" recently.

Nomadesk Integrates Enabling Technologies
Nomdesk has reportedly integrated the state-of-the-art cloud technology into its existing software and hardware offerings. The company has brought together licensing its API to select software developer partners to bring file sharing, synchronization, encryption, backup and storage to any existing software offering.

inContact Remaining a Leader in Hosted Contact Center Implementations
DMG Consulting has released a report that shows significant growth in the near future for the hosted contact center software market. One standout in the industry is inContact Inc., which enjoyed the most contact center implementations in 2008.

Cabinet Extends Document Management to QuickBooks
Cabinet NG, or "CNG," has launched a document management solution that supports filing of QuickBooks documents either locally or in a hosted environment. CNG's document management software moves manual paper-based processes into efficient electronic workflows.

EDL Consulting Partners with BigMachines to Better Serve Cloud Customers
BigMachines enables sales teams, channel partners and resellers to quickly configure products, generate quotes and proposals, manage complex pricing, generate legal contracts, and submit and manage orders.
10/7/2009 and Cisco Partner to Deliver New Face of Customer Service and Cisco share a common vision to move technology into the cloud and leverage social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google to deliver services to their customers where they are already collaborating.

PlantCML Selected to Provide Next Generation Call Processing Solution
There are nine call processing positions that service a population of over 109,000 in the city and the emergency call center will benefit from this IP-enabled computer telephony integration solution.

Autotask Announces Stimulus Package for IT Professionals
The minimum user amount for Autotask Go!, the company's fully hosted service management software, was dropped to a single user license priced at $29 in the U.S. Through this new stimulus package, new or start up IT professionals can access the IT business management platform hosted in the cloud and upgrade their IT service management capabilities.

Hosted Contact Center Releases an Industry First: Cloud Computing Platform for Call Centers
In addition to the call center software providers' announcement of the 7.3 Release, Five9 has also made headlines today with an industry-first cloud computing platform for call centers that enables building native software integrations between Five9 on-demand call center software and other enterprise software applications.

Call Center on Demand Provider Releases New On-Demand Call Center Software
Five9 Inc., a call center software provider, is introducing Release 7.3 of the company's Virtual Call Center Suite for general availability.

AtNetPlus Acquires VirtuMark
Information Technology services company AtNetPlus, Inc., has reportedly acquired VirtuMark, LLC, an IT Solution company that provides custom programming, Web applications, Web hosting, network consulting, and online ordering tools for most industries. Jeff Phillip owner of VirtuMark, joined AtNetPlus as Web Services Manager and will oversee all aspects of Web development and hosting-services.

SocketLabs Intros New Hosted E-mail Delivery Service
SocketLabs, Inc., provider of high volume, on-premise marketing and transactional e-mail delivery solutions for the Microsoft Windows platform, has reportedly introduced a new hosted email delivery service called, Email On-Demand. This new monthly subscription service is a fully managed and hosted SMTP relay service designed to increase the delivery rates for companies sending marketing or transactional bulk e-mail.

Alphanumeric Expands Call Center Operations
According to company officials, the new call center implementation offers the company the ability to give clients the very highest level of customer service via multi-tiered support levels, 24x7 remote monitoring, on-site support, quality assurance of infrastructure and best practices and first call resolution.

Nefos Selects Magic Software's Business, Process Integration Suite
Magic Software Enterprises has reportedly partnered with nefos GmbH, a consulting partner of located in Zurich, Switzerland. Under the agreement, nefos will use iBOLT, Magic Software's business and process integration suite to integrate the on-demand application with their customers' existing on-premise applications.

HardMetrics Perfects Data Analytics
HardMetrics, provider of on-demand and enterprise versions of analytics solutions for contact center driven businesses, reportedly announced the latest enhancements to its HardMetrics Performance Manager solution. The solution includes increased throughput and retrieval performance and increased dimensional and hierarchical analysis capabilities in a "cube-less" architecture.

Recession Spurs Growth in Hosted Contact Center Infrastructure Market: DMG Consulting
Driven by the downturn, contact centers are moving at a quicker pace to similar choices i.e. hosted solutions for their infrastructure: routing, IVR, CTI, knowledge management, speech analytics, and workforce management for likewise sound reasons.

NewVoiceMedia Intros Contact Center Solution in the Service Cloud
NewVoiceMedia has introduced a hosted contact center solution that is integrated into the Service Cloud, the next generation customer service application from As a result of this integration, customers can now run their entire customer service business in the clouds.

Ramsell Technologies' Tele-Adherence Helps Patients Manage Treatment
A study by the National Pharmaceutical Council and American Hospital Association revealed that only 25 percent of patients with chronic diseases take medication as directed. This results in disease progression, an increased number of subsequent doctor visits and hospitalizations or even death.

1-800-FLOWERS' Home Agent Savings Bloom with Nectar Managed VoIP
Going to home-based agents saves money and boosts productivity by $20,000 per agent/per year compared with forcing staff to commute to costly-to-provide cube row warehouses, plus it provides unparalleled flexibility in meeting variable demand. Going to managed voice over IP from traditional TDM/PSTN to support these virtual workers saves even more resources and permits greater ability to control contact flow to meet changing needs.

Adding 'Service' to Service Plans: Home-based Contact Centers Help Communications Companies Connect with Customers
The ability to communicate when and where we want is seen as a basic human right by many of us. Not only is on-demand communication part of our societal foundation, it's quickly becoming an obsession. Even during these tough economic times, consumers continue to spend an astonishing amount of money on the ability to connect with each other.

Open-Xchange and Rack-Soft Integrate Collaboration and UC
Open-Xchange is extending its collaboration software with Rack-Soft's unified communications software to give end users telephone, fax, presence, instant messaging integrated with e-mail, contacts, calendar and task information.

Teleperformance Uses Genesys for New On-Demand Contact Center Service Offering
Teleperformance, a global provider of outsourced customer service, is using software from Genesys to launch a major new hosted "Contact Center On Demand" solution that allows enterprises to quickly and cost effectively scale operations and add robust multi-channel capabilities.

Answering Launches Web-based Answering Service
AMO reportedly announced the launch of an innovative Web-based answering service from Answering, AMO's wholly owned business vertical, as a majorly significant part of its latest Software as a Service, or "SaaS" call center solution, My Receptionist. Officials at the company said the reason behind the release was to guide businesses away from traditional "small-minded" answering services to incorporate state of the art technology the telephone answering system industry has yet to promote just ahead of Google Voice's release.

Terremark Offers Hosting of SAP Solutions Through Enterprise Cloud
Terremark Worldwide has reportedly become the first service provider to offer hosting services for SAP solutions on its cloud computing platform the Enterprise Cloud. The company's secure top-tier data centers have access to massive and diverse network connectivity. Terremark will use its Enterprise Cloud infrastructure

Work from Anywhere with Aastra's CC:LifeLine Hosted Call Center
Aastra, a provider of IP telephony and contact center solutions, is positioning its new CC:LifeLine hosted call center solution as ideal solution for H1N1 flu preparedness and business continuity for call centers of all sizes.

VoiceNation Launches Georgia Call Center
VoiceNation, a voicemail, virtual PBX and phone system host, has announced the launch of their Next Generation call center in Atlanta, Georgia. This new center was established to steer businesses away from traditional "Mom and Pop" answering services and to integrate state of the art technology the TAS industry has yet to fully engage.

NetApp Displays Channel Partnerships
Hosted i.e. 'cloud delivery' of sophisticated value-rich IT solutions may require the expertise of experienced partners to help make them work for customers, just as these professionals are needed for premise-installed products.

Netage Solutions Upgrades Dynamo
These enhancements will make it easier for clients to shape their product roadmap with a new Ideas Form right within Dynamo. All ideas and requests are automatically added to the list of enhancements being considered for future Dynamo releases.

Intaglio Intros CRM Jump Start Services
Guilford, Connecticut-based INTAgLIO Business Solutions (sic) has introduced CRM Jump Start Services for small and mid-size companies that "favor, but don't have the in-house staff to manage the project and can't afford high priced system integrator fees."

Duvall Announces Call Center for Customers
Duvall Investment Group, Inc., reportedly announced it has launched a VoIP based call center in mid July at 704-731-5560 so that its managers can move on the field and resolve customer's problems and answer queries.

LiveVox Adds New Monitoring, Recording and Coaching Capabilities to its Hosted Dialer Platform
Driven by strong demand from the credit and collections industry, hosted dialer provider LiveVox has reportedly upgraded its ACD suite with new capabilities allowing real time monitoring, recording and coaching of call center agents.

Four of Five Convergys Clients Utilize Home Agent Solutions
The firm reports that four of Convergys' five largest clients have chosen to utilize the business process outsourcing firm's home agent solutions as part of their wider customer service offering.

Echopass Answers Overstock's Customer Service Passion
Known for its distinctive big red "O,", headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is not just another online retailer. Overstock differentiates itself with great prices and, says Carter Lee, vice president of information systems and technology, great passion for customer service.

CoreMatrix Credits CRM for Q2 Growth
CoreMatrix Systems, a consulting company in the cloud computing space, reportedly announced a 51 percent increase in revenue in Q2 2009 over the same period last year, crediting "the tripling of customer service and support-related CRM revenue" for fueling growth. Company officials said they see a shift to cloud-based IT services resulting from the economy and tightening IT budgets, since cloud computing allows companies to hit the ground "without significant hardware or infrastructure investments."

IContact Partners with HostGator to Serve Small and Medium-sized Businesses
HostGator, a provider of shared, reseller, and dedicated Web hosting services has reportedly signed a partnership agreement with iContact, a provider of e-mail marketing services to small and medium-sized business, for using iContact for all of its e-mail marketing needs and to offer iContact services to all its customers.

Call Center On Demand: Integrated Software Delivers Optimal Customer Experience
To try and empower companies to bridge the gap between a cost center and corporate benefits, proven providers are now offering on-demand call center software. Through an on-demand platform, call centers can utilize a number of powerful tools within the software, without expending beyond the corporate budget.

TIE Technologies Debuts WhirlwindHosting Service for SMBs
TIE Technologies, Inc reportedly announced the introduction of "WhirlwindHosting" a service designed to provide a fully integrated Web site hosting, ecommerce and loyalty promotion service suitable for small and medium sized businesses and e-retailers.

Sant Goes Into the Cloud has announced that The Sant Corporation, vendor of proposal and sales document automation software, has switched to running its entire business in the cloud with Salesforce CRM.

Alpine Access to Create 100 Home-Based Call Center Jobs in Wyoming
The next 100 jobs will be arriving in Wyoming over the next year. According to Christopher Carrington, Alpine Access CEO, the company was drawn to the business friendly environment and high broadband connectivity.

CallCopy Releases Version 4.0 of its cc: Discover Software Suite for the Contact Center
CallCopy has released version 4.0 of its cc: Discover software suite for the contact center, which bundles call recording, quality management, screen capture, speech analytics and performance management on a single, Web-based platform.

Strategy Partnership Formed Between Cicero and Contact Centers of America
Cicero Inc., a provider of desktop automation and integration solutions, has announced a partnership with Contact Centers of American. This partnership dictates Cicero will provide a desktop that integrates applications and automates processes to improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

WORKetc Online CRM Addresses CRM Info Usability
Sydney-based data management expert David Taber recently stated that SaaS CRM software is only as useful as the data put into it is relevant.

RightNow Picked by, which trades in postage online and shipping software, has picked the RightNow on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) to provide customer service via the Web, phone and e-mail.

PreVisor's At Home Agent Solution Identifies Most Qualified Job Candidates
PreVisor, a provider of on-demand employment assessments and talent measurement solutions that help clients connect employment decisions to business results has reportedly launched a new At Home Agent solution. And the new tool identifies job candidates who are most qualified and who have the ability to work from home.

Symmetry Announces SAP Hosting Partner Certification
Symmetry Corporation, which sells basis and security services in support of SAP, has reportedly announced it is now an SAP hosting partner offering SAP-certified hosting. Dan Wilhelms, president of Symmetry Corp., said the certification is "confirmation of Symmetry's methodology for managing SAP application-based environments, adding that concepts like cloud computing are "driving the IT industry towards a centralized, hosted model."

A Formula for the Shakes: More Smartphones, More 'Help'
Helpdesk calls, more and more common with the proliferation of smartphones, the Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone, and now Android devices, even outside the enterprise, are placing a burden on both the operator and on the subscriber. Long, drawn-out care calls do nothing for customer satisfaction, and if by chance the problem is not resolved, the chance that the subscriber will go looking for another operator next time around greatly increases. And, users blame all parties, with the handset vendor taking collateral damage as well when it comes time for a new phone. The impact on the operator is just as dramatic.

Sword Ciboodle Delivers CRM to Vistaprint
Sword Ciboodle officials say they have delivered a CRM system to online marketer Vistaprint, designed to "help the company enhance its customer service capabilities."

Eloqua Selects Helpstream for Customer Central Community Portal
Eloqua, the category leader in marketing automation, has selected implemented Helpstream's community-driven customer service solution for its customer central customer service portal.

Citrix Online Report Intros 5 Steps to a Virtual Workplace Program
In a new report titled, "5 Simple Steps to a Virtual Workplace Program," the Worldwide Workplace Council has introduced a set of guidelines designed to help companies enable their employees to work independently. The Worldwide Workplace Council a group of thought leaders and advocates for a location-independent workforce brought together by Citrix Online.

Online Tech Support a Must Have Back-to-School Item
While spending in most back-to-school categories is expected to decrease this year, spending on electronics is still gaining momentum.

Avaya Contact Center Agent Tool Expands Features
Video collaboration is part of Avaya one-X Agent's growing set of multi-modal / multi-media capabilities which also include Instant Messaging and teletype scheduled in the next release later this year.

Microsoft, Yahoo Forge Search Partnership Deal
Under the 10-year agreement, Microsoft's new Bing search engine will power searches on In return, Yahoo will serve as the worldwide sales force for both companies' search advertisers. The deal is expected to close sometime in early 2010.

Cisco Data Center Improves Data Security, Disaster Recovery
Cisco has enhanced the capabilities of its data center portfolio to better protect information, enhance resiliency, and reduce cost and complexity for storage-area networks.

Genesys To Bring CounterPath's SIP VoIP To Contact Centers
Customers of Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories deservedly renowned workflow solutions will now be able to extend VoIP into their contact centers thanks to a partnership with CounterPath

Datacraft Tapped to Design Data Solution for Tesco
The global services arm of Tesco, HSC is providing comprehensive support for its internal customers throughout the world. Datacraft was tapped to design a solution that could extract key data from the established "Cisco Unified Contact Center" infrastructure and present it in a dashboard format for easy review.

CosmoCom Helps Deliver Hosted Contact Center Capabilities across Mexico
IT and telecommunications solution provider Connector-Plus is using the CosmoCall Universe all-IP contact center platform to deliver hosting and integration services to government and enterprise companies in Mexico.

Fortune 500 Finds a Secret Weapon in SaaS-based Contact Centers
SaaS-based contact centers resolve the demands to cut costs and do more with less while also satisfying the competing requirement to improve customer service.

New Virtual Call Center Service by Ifbyphone
Ifbyphone today announced the introduction of its latest innovate product, Call Distributor. The service enables small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) to create virtual call centers, complete with advanced automated call handling that enables customers to instantly route inbound calls to any phone, anywhere.

On Demand Call Center and CRM Solutions Increase Success at TMone
In a bid to increase the quality experience, agents are delivering for customers, the company recently deployed a combined on-demand call center and on-demand CRM solution.

eTelecare Signs Agreement with Telecommunications Service Provider
The service provider said that the program is expected to be fully implemented in 2009 in one of eTelecare's Philippine contact centers.

1010data Launches New Version of its Hosted Analytics and Reporting Platform
"The new functionality validates our ability to deliver unrivaled insights directly from raw data via a hosted services model," said Joel Kaplan, chief executive officer at 1010data.

Mailprotector Offers 'Quota-Free' Hosted E-Mail Services
Mailprotector, a vendor of e-mail security services, has unveiled quota-free hosted Exchange services. The new service is being pitched as going "beyond alternative hosted Exchange offerings" by "eliminating downtime resulting from mailbox limits that are exceeded quickly, preventing e-mail access."

Georgia Perimeter College Hosted Contact Center Solution from Nortel
Georgia Perimeter College is a public, two-year college; the third largest institution within the University System of Georgia. With current enrollment at more than 23,500 students, GPC's population is the most diverse in the system, welcoming hundreds of students from more than 150 countries to take classes online or on one of four campuses and one site in the metro-Atlanta.

Infosys Launches Banking Solution
Officials at Infosys say that the company also offers complete operational partnership along with the solution including consulting, implementation, and BPO.

Cross Channel Finds Traction in Contact Centers
This is not to say that live conversations will not still play a key role, but will be diminished in the overall reliance for the center. In order to drive the use of more than one channel, companies need a way for customers to move between these channels without losing information or having to repeat themselves.

Cisco Announces Contact Center Cooperation with Xceed and ITIDA in Egypt
The new contact center is already serving Cisco's customers in the Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and emerging markets in seven languages including; Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Host Analytics Launches 9.0
The launch of v9.0 caps a busy spring for Host Analytics. Last month the company announced it closed a Series B financing which they say raised "multiple millions of dollars," and in April Host Analytics passed the 8,000 paying-user milestone.

Tricension Gets Microsoft Certification, Services Provider Licensing
Noting that companies today are "increasingly selective about their technology spending, putting pressure on value added resellers to provide one-stop value for software products and professional services," Tricension officials have announced that the organization has achieved Microsoft Business Solutions Certified Partner and acceptance in the Microsoft Services Provider Licensing program.

West at Home Enhances Desktop Security for Home-Based Agents
The Locked-Down Desktop Security Environment offers peace of mind by remotely controlling 100 percent of the applications and traffic on a home-based agent's desktop. Version 2.0 also now offers restriction on use of wireless connectivity and unauthorized ports or virtual machines.

The Greensheet Deploys AltiGen's Unified Communications Solution
Michael Joplin, general manager of e-Commerce at The Greensheet, said that with nearly half a million monthly Web visits and over two million monthly readers of our print publication, we needed a solution that could integrate all of our operations while dealing with high call volumes.

Nortel Releases Solutions for Business Process and Application Integration
Nortel, a provider of communications capabilities, announces enhancements to its Agile Communication Environment and Media Processing Server, in addition to the upcoming global availability of Contact Center 7.0.

Call Center Outsourcing Continuing to Prosper
According to Frost & Sullivan and analysis in the firm's EMEA Contact Outsourcing Markets, the market earned revenues of $15.2 billion and anticipates that this will reach $19.9 billion in 2014.

Apptix Pushes Forward with Client Excellence
Apptix, a provider of hosted email, voice and collaboration services to small and medium businesses, recently announced a best in class 100 percent uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) for its hosted services via the Apptix OnDemand Platform. Apptix has also brought in Harold McGann, Jr. as vice president to drive the new SLA initiative.

TMCnet Contact Center Week in Review
Welcome to the latest edition of TMCnet's Contact Center Week In Review. This week, a number of new call center solutions have been announced to help companies further improve their operations and succeed in the current marketplace.

MAXIMUS Call Center Designated Certified Center of Excellence
BenchmarkPortal Inc. completed a rigorous review before the award certification process. This firm is the custodian of the CCDQ best practices and the repository of the world's largest database of call center operations and management.

Echopass awarded Partner of the Year by Genesys
Echopass, a provider of SaaS-based hosted contact center services to the enterprise sector, recently announced that Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories has chosen to bestow its Managed Service Provider Partner of the Year award to the company.

DMG Consulting Identifies Coming Changes in IVR Market
Based on the strength of new applications, rapid deployments and product innovation, sales of IVR solutions are growing rapidly. DMG expects a four-year CAGR of 13.4 percent for the hosted/managed inbound IVR sector and 18.7 percent for the outbound IVR segment.

Hidden Costs in Telecom Bills for Dialer Customers
This has challenged the traditional view that low long distance rates would compensate the initial upfront payout for acquiring and deploying site-based dialers rather than opting for hosted service providers.

UDS Group Signs Exclusive Agreement with NSG Group
UDS Group, Inc., a provider of delivery management solutions to businesses and communities worldwide, has signed an exclusive agreement with the NSG Group to implement and outsource call center services and solutions for UDS.

Telcordia Solution to Counter Broadband Churn, Reduce Costs
The company's Home Network Assurance is part of its award-winning Service Assurance portfolio. It combines Telcordia's consulting and integration support, an auto-configuration server, as well as a second-generation CPE-based application. All of these components work together or individually to monitor, configure and repair end-user devices.

Alpine Access Hiring Over 100 Home-Based Agents in Minnesota
These home-based employees will help the company to meet increasing demands from new and existing customers and will further increase the amount of diverse and qualified customer care agents needed to meet their clients' needs.

newScale Releases the FrontOffice Suite for the Virtual Data Center
Helping clients to manage the complete service lifecycle of virtual, physical and cloud server environments, newScale has announced the next release of the newScale FrontOffice Suite for the Virtual Data Center. The company claims that with its new release, clients can balance business justification and demand for new servers.

Client Engagement: CRM for the Rest of Us
Depending on the software vendor's positioning, the vendor either focused on backend integration with ERP and SCM systems, or it focused on the front end user needs for mobility and desktop application integration. Few vendors could cover all areas well and eventually most failed when the SaaS model lured so many to the ease and affordability of web-based applications.

CRM On-Demand vs On-Premise: Four Considerations to Help You Decide
The arguments for and against on-demand and on-premise business applications have been a long-time mainstay in corporations among business users and IT. If you're considering an investment in or renewal of a customer relationship management (CRM) or sales force automation (SFA) solution, then you've likely heard these discussions. Before making a decision (including selecting a hybrid solution) and narrowing down your option of vendors, following are some clear-cut definitions to help you navigate the options.

Report: Consona KM Solution Most Implemented
Consona Corporation has announced that its Consona Knowledge Management (KM) solution, formerly known as KNOVA, has been declared one of the most practically used customer specific knowledgebase applications according to a recent survey conducted by the Service & Support Professionals Association (SSPA).

Report:'s Cloud CP Beats JAVA and .NET To The Draw has announced that Nucleus Research's latest industry research note report titled, " Drives Faster Development" has found that its Cloud Computing Platform is 4.9 times faster than JAVA or .NET for premise application development.

nGenera CIM Keeps Musicnotes In Tune With Customers
And that playing and singing from the same sheets includes with its customers. This is possible through multichannel customer care performed by Musicnotes' contact center staff on hosted customer interaction management (CIM) instruments being provided by nGenera.

Pluris Marketing Helps Communication Companies Improve Sales Performance
Mark Voboril, SVP of Professional Services for Pluris commented, "We were careful not to create another rules-based, sell and walk away, software solution. Our services team carefully considers the science behind the offer and tunes our analytics to optimize conversion."

Report: Americans Willing to Take Pay Cut to Work from Home
recent study on workplace trends by Citrix Online reveals that not only are Americans looking to gain the ability to work from home, but they are even willing to take a pay cut in order to be offered the opportunity.

Salvage Direct Optimizes Alloy Navigator to Streamline its Help Desk Management Processes
Salvage Direct is an Internet-based company and nearly a third of its workforce works remotely. According to Jerry Millin, Director of Information Systems for Salvage Direct, his company required an IT service desk management solution that could help manage issues and requests about its hardware assets better.

Clarity Consulting Helps SMBs Improve Customer Experiences
This new offering is a hosted software and services solutions that is based on Microsoft Unified Communications platform and makes it possible for smaller companies to deliver quality services at a much lower price point.

New Step to Call Center Management Kit Unveiled
Hani Masgidi, a call center manager intending on setting up his own call center, has come-up with a new solution, Step to Call Center management Kit, which is a single source of information that caters to all the needs of people - who want to start a new call center or are already in the call center industry.

Hosted Solutions Can Breathe New Life into Legacy Systems
Hosted or SaaS solutions help businesses control costs and offer speed-to-market advantages; notably: on-demand capacity, easier activations and integrations with shorter timelines and business flexibility that comes from fully loaded solutions.

Fortune 100 Company Renews Convergys Contract
The relationship management provided by Convergys includes customer service, customer acquisition, BSS/OSS solutions, and customer retention. The Customer Service Solutions include comprehensive outsourced business and consumer customer support functions, as well as services for in-house contact center operations. Those solutions, provided by the company, are designed to identify and attract high-value consumer and business customers, maximize sales conversion rates and increase revenue per customer.

ClickFox Intros Three CEA Products
With the ability to aggregate data from all touch points and other analytics sources, ClickFox offers speech analytics, Web analytics, quality monitoring and others as cross-channel offerings. "Specifically," company officials say, the products consist of "software and services that provide customer experience mapping and analysis, business process re-engineering, reporting and portals." The purpose here is to allow business case reporting along with monitoring and measuring the impact of cross-channel customer experience analytics using the ClickFox CEA Enterprise 2.0.

Clarity Touts Integrated Service Operations Center
The demonstration complements the launch of the white paper "Service Operations Center – An Essential Necessity – An Executive Brief Featuring Clarity," by Frost& Sullivan's Telecommunications Strategic Forecasting practice, Stratecast.

Pentron Chooses SafeData/TR Ordering, Shipping Solution
Now, Pentron can route incoming calls to any phone number with the help of SafeData/TR voice recovery services. Changes can be made remotely to the recovery solution as needed and sales representatives can take the customer orders no matter where they are located.

PlayPhone Selects Fuze for Self- Service Answers on Web Site
PlayPhone can now customize the look and feel of its knowledge base by using pieces of code (widgets, gadgets, and so on) to call Fuze Web Services. The company will also be able to control the knowledge base content that is extended on each site. This agreement will help PlayPhone to economically present a different look and feel for its seamlessly integrated knowledge base on multiple sites.

Chordiant Releases IBM WPS Connector to Manage Live Customer Interaction
Chordiant Software, Inc announced the availability of the Chordiant Connector for IBM WebSphere Process Server (WPS), which is a new linkage capable of improving the process of managing customer conversations as a larger business process.

IQ Services: Performance and Load Testing for Screen Pop and Call Routing
IQ Services is a provider of end-to-end, customer experience testing services for complex unified communications and contact center solutions. Its patented technologies and methodologies go beyond component level testing, company officials say, to deliver end-to-end performance testing of integrated solutions from the end-user perspective.

CCI Partners with inContact to Launch Contact Centers in Lebanon
This new level of operations was made possible by an agreement reached with InContact Inc. The two companies have entered into an exclusive two-year contract to build and operate cutting-edge contact centers in Lebanon.

TeleTech to Hire Up to 500 Temp Agents in Niagara Falls, NY
New employees will provide inbound customer support from May until mid-June. The company will provide inbound customer support and is not hiring for telemarketing or sales-related services at this location.

IAOP Names Softtek in 2009 Global Outsourcing 100 List
The Global Outsourcing 100 and its sub lists recognize the best outsourcing service providers in the world. Before honoring the companies, IAOP carries out a rigorous review about the service provided by the company by an independent panel of judges. IAOP uses criteria such as excellence in growth, global presence, customer references, company recognitions, company certifications, employee management and executive leadership to evaluate the companies.

Concentrix Decides to Offer Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM
"The hosted model bests suits the requirements of some organizations. We're getting more and more inquiries about hosted, or software-as a-service CRM," says John Odell, Senior CRM Consultant at Concentrix, describing the firm as "product agnostic."

Sitel Picked by Cricket Wireless for Care, Support
The BPO vendor provides customer service for over 16 wireless companies across North America, EMEA, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. The company has 60,000 associates in 27 countries, using on-shore, nearshore and offshore locations across 155+ facilities around the world.

FREE WEBINAR: Testing Multi-Channel Contact Center Solutions from the Customer Perspective
IQ Services' mission is to encourage companies to deliver the best possible experience to their customers through flexible and responsive remote testing services for contact center and communication solutions.

On-Demand Solutions Gaining Traction in Contact Center Market
As the recession continues to find comfortable accommodations in the global market, companies are taking a closer look at their approach to customer retention as finding new customers is more difficult than ever before. With the on-going recession, companies have also had to endure tighter budgets, putting a limit on the technologies they are able to deploy.

Planning for Success in Contact Centers
In fact, it's mistakenly believed that contact center failures "just happen" or are isolated happenings. Ric, however, contends that they actually tend to be symptoms of larger, earlier failures — failures in strategic planning.

eTelecare Among Top 50 in Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine's Teleservices Agency Ranking
eTelecare Global Solutions, provider of complex business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions, has reportedly announced that it has been ranked the sixth largest global aggregate inbound teleservices agency in the 2009 Top 50 Teleservices Agencies Rankings.

Knoa Software Recognized in CRM and Contact Center Markets
Knoa recently announced that they have been selected as a winner of the 2009 CRM Excellence Awards by TMC's Customer Interaction Solutions and have also been named as a finalist in the category of Best Technology Innovation Vendor Solution for the Top Ranking Performers in the Contact Center Industry Regional Awards.

SPEC Intros SPECpower_ssj2008 V1.10
The Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. (SPEC) has reportedly unveiled the latest SPECpower_ssj2008 V1.10., a benchmark that measures power consumption in relation to performance for server-class computers.

Extreme Networks Launches Unique Partner Branded Offering
The company said that PartnerWorks is a premier services platform available to certified reseller partners who wish to remain the primary point of support for their end customers.

DataSphere Announces Web Suite Availability
DataSphere, a Software as a Service Web technology company, has announced the availability of the DataSphere Web Suite, which lets companies create and run Web sites based on catalogs, media or other data on a scalable, multi-tenant SaaS platform.

Salesforce Makes Gartner's Magic Quadrant has announced that it's been positioned in the Leaders quadrant of Gartner's CRM Customer Service Contact Centers Magic Quadrant. According to Gartner, the magic quadrant "looks at contact center desktop software for customer service and support best suited for different economic situations, including a recessionary period." Noted vendors, the analyst firm said, "are showing how their products can lower costs while driving customer loyalty."

LiveOps Picks Up Customer Interaction Solutions Award
LiveOps's On-Demand Contact Center Platform has received a 2009 CRM Excellence Award from Technology Marketing Corporation's Customer Interaction Solutions magazine.

Bay Bridge Decision Technologies' The Importance of Strategic Planning Webinar
Just a reminder that the first session of the Bay Bridge Decision Technologies' three part Webinar hosted by TMC is soon approaching! The three part Webinar series will talk about strategic planning for contact centers presented by Ric Kosiba, co-founder and president of Bay Bridge Decision Technologies'.

AboveNet Joins Equinix Financial eXchange
AboveNet, a provider of fiber optic connectivity solutions for business and carriers, has joined the Equinix Financial eXchange community in Equinix's London-Slough (LD4) International Business Exchange (IBX) data center.

Manage Effectively with Knoa Software Experience Performance Manager (Continued)
In light of Knoa Software's recent announcement TMCnet had the change to speak with Lori Wizdo VP of Marketing at Knoa Software who, over the past 25 years, has helped launch several new technologies in emerging markets.

Manage Effectively with Knoa Software Experience Performance Manager
In light of Knoa Software's recent announcement TMCnet had the change to speak with Lori Wizdo VP of Marketing at Knoa Software who, over the past 25 years, has helped launch several new technologies in emerging markets.

TMCnet Contact Center Week In Review
Welcome to another edition of TMCnet's Contact Center Week in Review. This week brings lots more good news on the contact center front and TMCnet has a review of all the biggest stories.

Ensim Partners with Intrface Worldwide to Distribute Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition
Ensim Corporation has entered into a reseller agreement with Intrface Worldwide to provide and support Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition. Ensim provides user provisioning and access control software to its customers.

It's Not Just Peanuts: How Rapid Customer Response Can Protect Your Brand
Customer service has the power to escalate or diffuse a crisis situation depending on how it is performed. With today's technology tools, unhappy customers can instantly broadcast their complaints to millions of people in under a minute. Try to cover up or evade the truth and you could create a tsunami of negative response. On the other hand, most consumers will be reasonable and understanding when provided with quick access to truthful information. In the heat of the moment, all those years of high customer satisfaction scores no longer matter. Instead, customers care about what you are doing to fix their immediate problem.

B Wyze Holdings Acquires Virtual Support Options, Enhances Virtual Support
Prior to the acquisition, B Wyze Solutions was the exclusive partner for Virtual Support Options in Canada, selling and delivering the innovative products and solutions of Virtual Support Options for the support industry's remote workforce.

New SMS Service Alerts for IT Help Desk and Customer Support Staff
With text messaging continuing to grow beyond social networks and expand into business, community and government applications, customer support staff and IT Help Desks can now also make use of the technology to improve their response time and overall productivity.

Sipera Systems' Secure Teleworker Solution is Now Avaya Compliant
The UC-Sec Teleworker solution from Sipera is now compliant with key IP telephony solutions from Avaya, Sipera announced recently. Sipera is also a member of the Avaya DevConnect program.

Sprint Forms New Unit for Business and Government Customers
Sprint has reportedly formed a new unit to address the needs of business and government users of communications services. Named 'Sprint Business Markets Group,' the new unit is composed of more than 4,000 sales, support, marketing and operations personnel focused on meeting the needs of enterprise, general business and public sector customers.

Five9 Honored for CRM Excellence in 2009
In its 10th year, the CRM Excellence Awards use "hard data, facts and figures" that show the improvements a winner's product has made in a client's business. In addition winners are chosen for their product's ability to improve and CRM for the entire enterprise and lifetime of a customer.

FREE WEBINAR: CRM and Life Sciences/Pharma: Proving Strategic Value with CRM Analytics
TMC is bringing you yet another free Webinar on Thursday, April 30, 2009 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT. Register Now!

CRM Industry Receives $37.5 Billion Bailout
According to reports out of the White House, President Barack Obama has determined that as Customer Relationship Management is "absolutely crucial to the nation at this time," he has authorized a $37.5 billion bailout of the ailing industry.

CosmoCall Universe v 6.0 Includes Screen Recording for CosmoCorder
The screen recording feature captures an entire user desktop during contact sessions of all channels like telephone, email, and chat. It also provides a record of both what is said during a call, and also what is done. This information helps in compliance recording in dispute resolution and for agent training and coaching.

Contactual Awarded Patent for Contact Center Innovation
Contactual has been awarded a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office U.S. Patent No. 7,426,267 to the company's method of simplifying management of a multimedia, skills-based contact center.

Storage Cloud Offered by Houston Hosting Vendor
Houston-based The Planet, an IT hosting vendor, has announced the general availability of its new Storage Cloud service. Customers can choose from an on-premise local node in The Planet's Dallas D2 data center, or from locations on the East or West Coasts and Europe or Asia, through its partnership with Nirvanix. The company also offers Storage Cloud options for organizations that do not require hosting.

CosmoCom Intros Virtual Outbound Calling with CosmoCall Universe V6
CosmoCom has announced that its new Version 6 of CosmoCall Universe supports virtual outbound calling.

Telework Programs Deliver Significant Financial Benefits for Consumers/Companies
According to a new Telework Savings Calculator, U.S. companies alone could add more than $390 billion a year to their bottom line by implementing a telework program. Consumers could collectively save $345 billion – or from $2,500 to $11,000 a year per person, by eliminating the daily commute.

Home-Based Businesses Increasingly Looking to SaaS Solutions
Home-based businesses are growing in the U.S. and so is the number of those businesses turning to software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. In fact, the number of home-based businesses using such solutions nearly doubled in 2008, growing 92 percent to 2.3 million HBBs.

Promero Partners with Oracle for Low Cost Hosted Call Center Solution
To build a robust solution, Promero incorporated Oracle's Contact Center Anywhere v8 call center software and its own proprietary software, ProStar Lead Manager. Bundled together, these two solutions are expected to provide a complete inbound and outbound telemarketing solution.

How To Get Satisfaction From SaaS
In the March issue of Customer Interaction Solutions magazine, we surveyed several firms on issues and best practices with hosted/Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. The questions were:

Ciena Aids Korea Exchange with Data Center Consolidation
According to Ciena officials, the solutions provide high-performance connectivity in KRX's data center architecture to ensure the delivery of time-sensitive applications and reliable business continuity and disaster recovery services, while reducing overall network bandwidth consumption.

CallTek to Launch Hosted Provisioning, Monitoring System for Cable Operators
CallTek specializes in providing technical support and network monitoring for broadband and cable TV services, mostly to the multi-dwelling and hotel industries. Promptlink produces software applications for managing of cable broadband networks and equipment.

Five9 Uses SuiteCloud for More On-Demand Call Centers
On-demand call center software provider Five9 has made it possible for any company to turn their sales, marketing, customer support or finance departments into a call center thanks to a partnership with NetSuite for their SuiteCloud offering.
3/19/2009 Celebrates a Decade of Business, founded a decade ago, recently celebrated its ten year anniversary. The company currently has more than 1.5 million net paying subscribers at 55,400 companies around the world, thanks to its cloud computing model.

Transera Raises $17M for Customer Acquisition, Market Partnerships, Development
In a healthy sign of confidence in these challenging economic times, Transera Communications has raised $17 million in funding from Accel Partners, Apax Partners, Lighthouse Capital Partners, and Storm Ventures. The funds will be used to accelerate the company's rapid growth and fuel investments in customer acquisition, go-to-market partnerships, service infrastructure, and product development.

eTelecare to Help Support Peek's Growing Customer Base
eTelecare Global Solutions, a provider of complex business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions, has signed an agreement with Peek, the creator of an email-only mobile device.

Officescape Announces Global Launch of Virtual Incubator Services
Through the Officescape's Virtual Incubator program, incubators, research parks and other business development centers can serve incubator clients that were previously not qualified, not located near the incubator location, or denied because of physical office limitation.

Current State of Economy Spurning Growth in Contact Center Industry
The reality is that the decline in the economic conditions has been a positive shift for contact centers. In fact, forced cost cutting and layoffs by larger organizations has initiated the increased outsourcing of services that were previously provided by contact centers located in-house.

Medical Information Call Centers Find In-House Call Centers More Advantageous
While outsourcing – especially to offshore locations – has been gaining in popularity, especially as companies are facing cost cutting and budget restraints due to the current state of the economy. Despite this trend, medical information call centers have resisted the tide of outsourcing.

Mikogo Rolls Out Mac Beta Version of Online Meeting Software
Mikogo, a free online meeting tool suitable for anyone looking to organize online meetings and web presentations, with many features enhancing the user's desktop sharing, has announced the release of its Beta version for Mac users.

Interact Incorporated Offers 'Usage Based Pricing' Plan for SPOT Interpreter Set
Interact's SPOT offers a better solution than traditional open based solutions that tend to overload the CPU. SPOT uses a unique architectural design that virtually eliminates application load and memory penalties that result in overloading of CPU, thereby allowing applications to scale smoothly. The design promotes faster call processing, better scalability, and significant performance gains.

eGain SLaaS(hes) Customer Service Software Implementation and Risks
Software-as-a-service (SaaS) a.k.a. hosted software is becoming popular in especially cost-conscious contact centers for delivering customer care solutions thanks to an appealing value proposition consisting of low/no-upfront costs, scalability, and minimal maintenance.

OKI Announces D-Compatible Visual Nexus Video Conferencing System
OKI Electric Industry , Japan's first telecommunications manufacturer, launched "Visual Nexus ver4.0 HD," the new version of its video conferencing system that is compatible with high-definition.

AIS Extends Network into San Diego Data Center Campus
AIS Data Centers provide network and service uptime, and the company's chief technical officer, Richard Sears, is currently laying out plans for extending the carrier neutral, performance enhanced network into the newest facility.

TMCnet Contact Center Week In Review
Welcome to another edition of TMCnet's Contact Center Week In Review. If you're as eager as me for Spring to come, this weekend pushes us closer to that realization. Incase you want to sleep a little more before you lose an hour, take time to catch up on all the latest contact center-related headlines right now.

Syntellect Launches New Version of Communications Portal
Syntellect, a provider of contact center management solutions, has launched Syntellect Communications Portal Version 7.2.

CompuCom Systems Named to Leaders Quadrant for Help Desk and Outsourcing Services
The company's solution provides tightly integrated infrastructure processes and technologies so organizations have on-site, remote and self-assisted solutions. This helps dramatically reduce costs while continuing to maintain high levels of satisfaction and service quality.

EFM to Complete CRM If Done Right
Enterprise feedback management (EFM), according to Wikipedia, "is a system of processes and software that enables organizations to centrally manage deployment of surveys while dispersing authoring and analysis throughout an organization."

inContact Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
The inContact platform is a set of on-demand contact handling applications that are designed to enhance the customer contact experience, improve agent performance and increase profitability. The platform offers several benefits of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system.

Mediware Software Helps Improve Blood Donor Recruitment Efforts
The offering are being provided through ITxM's LifeSource and Central Blood Bank business units and will aide recruitment efforts in Illinois, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Amdocs Reports 'Expansion' for 2008
Additional highlights from 2008 include new wins and expansion agreements with Tier 1 and Tier 2 service providers in Europe and North America.

RightNow Emphasizes Product Registration for February '09 CRM
The company's belief is that since the Internet has created massive changes in the way consumers buy, whether it's an outdoor grill or a digital camera, consumers are now going directly to manufacturers for service and support.

Alpine Access Bringing Jobs to Louisiana
The company is launching this expansion in response to the increasing demand from new and existing customers. The majority of home-based customer care professionals are expected to be hired from New Orleans, Shreveport, Baton Rouge and the respective surrounding areas.

Five9 Partners with Leads360 to Deliver Optimal Hosted Communications and Predictive Dialer Technology
Hosted communications are gaining in popularity as companies are discovering the scalability and flexibility of such a platform. The low cost alternative to premise-based solutions provides a company with enterprise-grade solutions even when operating on a shoestring budget.

DTV Call Center CAN Handle Calls
The call center works, everybody the call center works! Now, this could be just my little problem but, when I heard that the Federal Communications Commission announced that the federal call center, which was put in place to help viewers through the shutdown of analog broadcast TV signals by various stations this week, has been able to easily deal with the volume of calls so far, my immediate reaction was, "Great, that's what it's supposed to do."