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TMCnet Outbound Call Center Week in Review

February 16, 2013

It was a very busy week in the outbound call center space last week. Let’s take a look at some of the top stories!

First came news from New Hampshire. The Bedford, New Hampshire police department rolled out a new call center, featuring new technology, furniture and workflow procedures. It will include a new automated system that routes calls based on emergency and non-emergency status, which would make the system far more efficient, freeing up agents to deal with the most important calls as top priority.

Also this week came a story about a company that recommended heavier use of Twitter (News - Alert). Nevahold, a company that claims to have created a better way to pursue help on products and services by use of the “collective voice of the community,” suggests that this is a better way to get fast responses to issues. “By signing up as an advocate, you can help other consumers get responses by re-tweeting consumer’s questions or praise to brands from your twitter account once a day,” said Kena Amoah, founder and CEO of Nevahold. “The cool part is you can opt out at any time and also choose the industry you feel needs better customer service.”

Finally this week came an article that reminded outbound call centers to keep compliance in mind. The article stressed the need to involve corporate counsel in dialer related issues to avoid being out of compliance. Companies need to be aware of rules related to answering machines, unanswered calls, account ownership, call routing, cell phone scrubbing and right party identification.

There you have it! It was an exciting week in the outbound call center space. Check back soon for more news and information!

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