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Sears Canada Sheds Jobs by Outsourcing With IBM

January 20, 2014

While there are countless call centers seeing reasons to expand their base of operations, there are some others who are seeing real problems with red ink. Sears Canada is one company that is having quite a few problems when it comes to generating revenue enough to justify its own dedicated outbound call center. The company has taken a number of steps in order to keep the call center going, but in the end a deal has been struck with IBM (News - Alert). The deal will end up seeing Sears Canada shed as many as 1,600 call center and warehouse jobs.

The deal will outsource the work being done by three different contact centers. The transition will be seamless when it comes to customers though, for the bulk of the job shedding will come from these call centers. The move underlines struggles that have seized a number of Canadian call centers in the last few months. Sears is just one company that is having real problems getting the kind of revenue that makes sense to keep their contact centers running.

The partnership with IBM means that Sears can now focus on its retail core. The leaders of the firm have decided that this is the best way to maximize revenue in its Canadian branches. The company pointed out that using IBM to handle its call center business means that the centers will have better processes, controls and tracking and there will be better customer experiences overall.

"The changes we are making to our Customer Contact Centers will allow us to streamline the support structure of our organization while enhancing the overall customer experience. Our partner will bring tools and technologies that will allow us to operate more effectively without the ongoing investment in and maintenance of legacy proprietary systems," Sears Canada President and CEO Doug Campbell said in a recent statement.

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