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[24]7 Delivers on the Omni-channel Promise

April 17, 2014

There’s a movement by large businesses to deliver better and more consistent customer experiences. That means not only putting in place chat, email, self-service, and other customer service and outreach platforms, but to integrate them in a way that makes sense and is seamless to the customer. But breaking down the silos that have traditionally existed between such platforms has been a slow process, at least in part because the organizations that use them don’t want to abandon those investments.

To address that issue, a company called [24]7 offers solutions that drive the cross-channel experience, but work with customers’ legacy CRM, IVR, and other systems, explains Kathy Juve, chief marketing officer.

The 12-year-old company got its start by delivering a chat platform, now called

[24]7 Assist, that has a data prediction model on the back end. [24]7 now also offers a smart IVR solution that leverage natural language technology, and automated services. These solutions are delivered via the software as a service business model.

The company got its IVR solution through the purchase of Microsoft’s Tellme (News - Alert) business. Around the same time, in early 2012, [24]7 bought speech application development company Voxify. Juve says the integration of those companies has been successful, and that [24]7 – a profitable, $230-million private company – is open to additional acquisitions in the future.

[24]7’s overarching goal is to make it easier for large enterprises to give contextually relevant experiences to consumers across channels. It does just that more than 50 of the largest companies in the world and their hundreds of millions of end users, says Juve. Among the company’s customers are such big names as Avis, Lenovo (News - Alert), and United Airlines, as well as a large credit card company, and a major telephone company out of Australia.

“The omni-channel is real, and what we mean by omni-channel is the ability for the consumer to have a smart conversation with the enterprise every time on any device,” says Juve.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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